Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Debbie Does CJ

Ah yes, one of my favorite things to do for CJ - give him a Debbie Deluxe. Actually last time when these pictures were taken wasn't a true Deluxe. A true Debbie Deluxe ends up with me swallowing his hot goo. This was used strictly as foreplay. In the end I needed CJ in me. As soon as Mr. Happy was free from the confines of CJ's briefs and jeans my head was pushed down on top of him.

I felt all the sensations of his manhood:
The heat.
The stiffness.
The different textures, from his smooth spongy cockhead, down his bumpy well-textured shaft, to his smooth tight balls.
The light tickles of the hair at base of his dick.
The musk I know him by.
Finally, just the subtle taste of salt, musk, and pre-cum.

Once I take in all these sensations I fall totally into them. I devour him. I gain that special intimacy that giving good head affords both he and I.
It's special.
I want and need to please to him.

I suck on his cockhead as my tongue play with it. As I move down him inch by inch, he holds onto my hair and we get closer to each other. My tongue explores his hard meat in different ways, sometimes flat against the underside as I bob up and down on him. Other times small straight licks tracing around and around him.

My hands move up the underside of his thighs, massaging and lightly scraping with my fingernails until one hand meets his smooth sack. I lightly play with his nuts, lift my head off his cock and run a few quick licks across his well shaved balls. But long lollipop licks soon have me back up at the summit of his twitching cock. I bathe it some more with my saliva and take him all in.
Instinctively CJ fucks my face.

Even though we are close to each other and both enjoying this blow job we need more.
Soon he lifts my head off him, rolls me onto my back and slowly introduces his well lubed cock to the tight walls of my steaming cunt.


Brewhaha said...

That was absolutly pornographic!
I love it!! CJ, you lucky dog...

Suze said...


What have you been up to? Great narrative and even better shots. Wow!

I have a bit of sexual dilemma going on at the moment.

I love to swallow but I need him to ejaculate inside me. To feel the twitch of his cock as he shoots his cum deep in to me.

"To swallow, or not to swallow?, that is the question"

Wish I could have both. That's just greedy isn't it?

Suze X

Anonymous said...

suze...what have I been up to?
Actually nothing out of the ordinary: my usual 'bad' self.
The camera has turned me on and I am exploring a new side of me with it.
Some things a girl just shouldn't have to go without and for me it's CJ.

As for your dilema:
If you'll excuse the pun it seems as though you want your cake and to eat it too.
I don't think you're greedy.
I guess you'll have to either switch off, swallowing one time, having him inside you another.
Or, find a way to get him to cum more than once in one session.

Good luck and keep enjoying him.

stretch td said...

Wow! Incredible pics. CJ is one lukcy man.

Thank you for sharing the pics ... and the story!

Aragorn said...

Ah, a ‘Debbie Deluxe’ … who would not completely surrender to such attention and desire … Love the details, the pre-cum, the shaving, everything. Great and hot writing ! Thanks !
Hugs - A

pantylines said...

Sounds like the perfect blowjob....thought about teaching a class??? (hehe)

The Venting Housewife said...

mmmmmmmm I love it Debbie...Dirty Dirty Dirty. Its nice to not have to have the mental image, and just be able to see you doing it. Very nice indeed.

Rogue said...

What a treat to read such enthusiasm. :) Your man is lucky to enjoy such a darling tart as you. And excellent pictures. Meow.