Thursday, June 8, 2006

Naughty Schoolgirl Part III-The Blessing

Be to check out Part II before moving on

Damn! What had I gotten myself into? Sure, the cyber sex was great, and yes, I had wanted a costume fantasy as well, but this; this was beyond my expectations.
Sure, I knew lots of girls at Catholic school that had priest sex fantasies, just about as many as wanted to commit the cardinal sin of putting a stake through the chest of one of those penguins that chastised us for every little thing, just to find out if they really DID have a heart.
But this?
Strangely, I was really really turned on…

Shuddering, I pulled away from Priest Jim while I dragged my arm across my mouth to wipe the last remnants of his orgasm that had escaped my mouth. It was then that I saw the erstwhile Father shuddering in spasms from cumming in my mouth. He seemed to be in some ecstatic state with his shoulders thrown back and his arms hanging limp in what seemed a backwards half falling state. Slowly he straightened himself and when he saw me still kneeling there in supplication, he put his hand on my head and said, “Bless you, child” very softly.

It was at this point that something came over me. Something buried deep down inside me, something of a raw primeval nature.
Jim had slumped down on the sofa looking pretty wiped out when I jumped up off my knees and moved in towards him. The look on my face, and the fire in my eyes made the eyes behind his mask and the visible part of his face tremble with a look that I can only describe as fear.
“Oh no, Father, bless YOU!” I screamed as I tore open the cassock that now fell half open as he lie there, and began to tear off the panties that had covered my now very juicy pussy.
“Look Father, look! Look at this bald pussy! Is this what you want? Is this what you’ve always wanted? I’ll make you stop sucking little acolyte’s cocks when you smell THIS!” as I shoved my hairless pussy into his shocked face. “Now YOU lick it, you cock sucking heretic!” Jim had little choice but to comply, which he did at first with hesitation, and then gusto.

Ripping my blouse apart (and popping several buttons in the process), I tossed it and my bra across the room as I ground my sweaty wet pussy into Jim’s face. Grabbing his hands that were lying flaccid at his sides, I placed them on my heaving breasts with their nipples so hard and at attention that they seemed to be screaming, and forced him to squeeze them and give them the attention that they deserved.
After he complied with my demand, I reached around and grabbed his semi-hard cock and began to pull at it with all my might while screaming invectives at him that came from somewhere deeply buried in my soul.
All the anger and frustration of my school years came tumbling out of my mouth in a torrent of rants that I now realize, were the result of religious mental abuse visited upon me so many years ago.

Pulling my now horribly wet pussy with its impossibly engorged clitoris away from Jim’s face, I slid down over him in one motion and planted my cunt on his cock as hard as I could, and began to ride him like a bucking bronco at a rodeo.
Five minutes, ten minutes, I don’t know – time seemed to stand still as I fucked all the anger and frustration of the week out of his cock. I don’t know, but I probably came about four times, maybe more before I felt Jim’s back heave upwards off the sofa as he came also with an anguished cry.
There was that look once on his face once again: half pain, half ecstasy as he came for what seemed an eternity inside me. I could feel it, and I could feel HIM.
I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a potent release of energy before.
Collapsing on him in a heap, I began to sob quietly.
“Hey Debbie, are you OK?” Jim asked softly. “Did I go to far?”
“No, no, it’s ok. It’s just that I had all this emotion pent up inside me for so long, and this week was so crappy that I’m just drained.”
“Yeah, me too. It was a shitty week, and that Buford account damn near killed me with all of their stupid demands.”
Horrified, I looked at him.
“Buford?!” I heard myself say, knowing that my firm works with Buford too.

Sitting upright rapidly, I saw Jim’s face under the mask wince as I pinched his dick backward.
It was then that I reached up and tore the mask off Jim’s face to reveal to my horror the visage of my boss.
“Jesus Christ!” I screamed. “Bill? What the fuck??”
A sad yet sly smile spread slowly across his face as he told me “Well, I had no idea as well who I was chatting with online, and when you came to the door, I thought I’d play out this little fantasy that I’ve had about you for sometime. Are you mad?”
Thinking quickly back to the astonishing release that I’d just had, I was dumbfounded to say the least, but answered that no I wasn’t angry, just surprised.
“I mean, shit Bill. At work you’re Mr. No Nonsense with an office that looks so sterile and bland that, well, I thought you had no taste at all!”
“Yeah, well, it’s all an image for the company. I spend my money on living well as you can see by the apartment.”

It was then with a quizzical expression on my face that I queried him “so you weren’t really doing a video conference with Buford, you were in there sending me a picture of your dick?”
“Yeah, and I jerked off and tossed my spooge on the conference room carpet as well!” he laughed. “I didn’t know that I was sending the picture to the next room… let’s hope the IT guys at work didn’t get a hold of that.” he grinned sheepishly.
“And what about busting our balls this week dumb ass? I queried more than a note of sarcasm dripping from my voice.
“First of all, it’s ‘Dumas’, and secondly, I couldn’t tell anyone that if we land this new Buford contract that we all get a pretty hefty raise! So for that, I apologize.”
Duh. I felt stupid at all the bitching I’d done last week at work, and at the same time glad that I and my team had performed remarkably well under stress.

We talked for some time after that, and as it turned out, Bill’s alter ego “Jim” had wanted to find someone to play with for some time, but he was as apprehensive as I in engaging a partner over the Internet.
Both us agreed that we would try some roll playing in the future, and to not speak of such things to anyone in the office ever ever ever.

Needless to say, I screwed up my face in a wry little smile when I saw Bill / Jim again on Monday morning with thoughts of that Friday still fresh in my mind. He was his normal bland bitchy self, but I knew the truth: sometimes people wear masks and are not always what they seem to be on the outside.
I should know.

The End.


Desireous said...

Great story Deb! I just love school girl stories!


Anonymous said...

Thanks,but again all the thanks go to CJ on this one.

I love it when he gets so makes him even sexier...

Richard said...

A very erotic photo. All of that love juice dripping out of you is very arousing.

drc said...

Great story CJ, I loved the part of the built up anger and frustration coming out, talk about some hard fucking! Nothing like getting a raise from the boss!!

CJ said...
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CJ said...

To all: this was a "fantasy" story - it only occured in my warped little mind.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

And what a wonderfully warped mind that is. Loved the story and the way it ended.


Anonymous said...

Glad you guys liked it, we worried there for a bit that it may offend.

Then we came to our senses...LOL

nx said...

Nice pic...I love it.

Anonymous said...

Great story. I loved it. The picture was a real turn on too!