Monday, November 27, 2006

A Sunny Saturday

The day started innocently enough, but it sure didn't end up that way.
CJ and I were enjoying our first day home together and alone since Wednesday.
I was talking about plans for Christmas and looked over at CJ on the sofa. He was smiling at me, with his stiff cock sticking out of the fly in his pajama pants.
The site of that handsome piece of meat always takes the rest off the world away from me. I stumbled, forgetting what I was saying, a stupid smile stuck on my face, while a come hither smile was on his.
I moved towards him, playing, asking, “Can I touch it?”
As I wrapped my hand around his hard-on I felt that familiar mixture of heat and steely-ness.
I moved my mouth up to kiss him, but he made me bad right away.
“Suck my cock now”, he said firmly.
I didn’t move immediately so he got even more stern.
“Isn’t that what you want bitch, isn’t that what you do? Suck my cock now”.
I got on my knees on the floor in one movement. I was so turned on because of stimuli on so many levels: the sight of his hardness, the fact that he had talked to me so dirty already, my special little fetish was being satisfied because he was pushing through the fly of his pj’s, and the thought of sucking him off.
I was getting wet as I dropped my head down on his cock and felt my mouth instantly filled with his hot meat. I snaked around his shaft a couple times and soaked his cock so my mouth could easily glide up and down. I just let him fuck my face swallowing him deeper and deeper.
I came up to the sensitive cockhead and flicked my tongue across it. I stopped all this briefly to reposition myself, but CJ was on top of the situation, again reminding me, I was his slut. He harshly commanded me to take my clothes off. Again, I didn’t move instantly and he makes his request again, this time louder and harsher. I was only in my pajamas, so without any flare I took off my top and then my bottoms. I stood in front off CJ as he still sat on the sofa, his cock stiff and glistening with the saliva of my blowjob.
His commands continued, he said we wouldn’t be too comfortable on the sofa and said: “Get the bed and present yourself to me”

I ran to the bedroom, through the sheets to the foot of the bed, spread my legs, and took one hand to pull apart my puffy pussy lips and present my whole hot snatch to him. He climbed on the bed and took me fast and hard. It was like a hot pipe rammed into my steaming pussy. I started pumping him like there was no tomorrow. He continued what I call his “whore talk” to me with “That’s it, fuck me like a pro, make it so I don’t have to work, fuck me”
I keep tilting my hips up towards his and I did just that I fucked him like a pro.
He joined the rhythm, it was hard and fast, and it was fucking great. Then he pulled back and started to tease me. He fingered my now soaking cunt; he deftly played with my clit, adding some of his saliva to make his fingers move around my love nub more easily. This quickly made me cum again.
Soon I needed cock again and CJ knew it. He slammed his hardness back inside my dripping cunt.

Our naughty drawer is the lower drawer of my nightstand. Soon after CJ entered me he leaned over and opened that drawer. He pulled out my three-speed vibrator and the Astro-Glide. He lubed up the vibrator, turned it on high and shoved it up my ass. He was slowly fucking me with the vibrator humming away in my asshole. God! How delicious! How naughty! How fucking wonderful!
He easily hit my g-spot a few times and I came for a third time, or was it the fourth? I had lost count by now.
I was being his absolute whore by now. I had sucked his cock on demand, presented my pink aching pussy for him, let him stick my vibe in my asshole, and I had my heels digging into his shoulders as he fucked me.
Yep, CJ absolutely wore me out on Saturday, even to the point of me saying “no, stop” not something he often hears.

Afterwards we showered and ventured out to do some Christmas shopping and have some lunch out.
The whole day seemed sunnier.

A note here readers. I don't have any pics for our latest romp because I haven't been trimming the bush as I should.
I thought about it while we were in the bedroom, but didn't feel comfortable. And it's all about comfort isn't it folks?
CJ should help me soon and I promise new pics as soon as we do it.


MikeCindynJoe said...

Very hot! Thank you, sweetie.

Anonymous said...

hot stuff! So what dooes one need to do to get on your blogroll babe? ;-) Have a dirty day!

Anonymous said...

That was filthy... I loved it. Except now I'm horny with no-one to shag! Damn it.

Woody said...

Sounds like CJ launched it deep into your nether region. Lucky man. If creativewriter was close i'd suggest we shag together. I'm now in bad need also.