Wednesday, November 8, 2006

The Twins

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This story was inspired by something I said to CJ while we were making love the other night, the whole story is here.
When CJ said to me “How do you want it?” I moaned out in my passion “If I could I would have two of you so I could feel your cock in my mouth and my pussy at the same time”
It made me think of the perfect threesome, the perfect Debbie sandwich, me with two CJ’s.
I can so easily picture myself naked, strewn across our bed, ready to take all of CJ in, everywhere.

Instead of the one perfect CJ that I am used to, the universe I’m in now has CJ and his twin.
As I open my eyes, one CJ is near my head, on his knees, smiling lovingly down at me. KC is kneeled between my legs, with the same calming smile on his face.
Two cocks at attention for me, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

The one closest to my face began to kiss my face, neck, and lips. The other began to lick at the inside of my thighs and my knees. My skin began to feel warm, and I was moist all over.
Soon they had moved to more “sensitive” areas, my tits were being suckled and my pussy was being parted easily by KC’s tongue to take long licks up and down my hot slit.
Fuck, it’s incredible! My back arched and I proceeded to have my first orgasm of the night.
When they spoke to me it was as thought I was hearing him in stereo. They spoke right after I finished cumming and proceeded to tell me what a whore they knew I was.
“You slut, only filthy girls like to be played with like this”
CJ quickly straddles my tits. I could see his precum forming and it was glistening.
“A bad girl like you should like this” he said as he began to jerk off. Once he said this the other one started eating my pussy again. He played my clit with his tongue, but then would plunge his tongue into my wet hole, fucking me with it. It caused my moans to be constant. I came again. It was all quite a turn on for the CJ as he beat his meat faster; finally, he moaned out and sprayed my face and open mouth with his hot, gooey cum. He laughed and KC stopped tongue fucking my pussy.

Next all I heard was “Eat my cum bitch” I swallowed what hit my mouth and licked what I could reach with my tongue. His cum is fucking nectar to me.
Even though he had recently cum, he was semi-hard. He had instructions on how to get him hard again.
“Let me watch my twin fuck your bad ass while you suck my balls whore”
He kneeled over my face, facing his twin as his smooth balls rested on my chin.
KC positioned himself inside my spread legs and teased my swollen pussy lips with his dripping cockhead.
I could smell the sexy scent of CJ’s balls over me and as soon as KC plunged his stiff cock into my waiting hot cunt, I licked at them.
At almost the same time, but for different reasons both CJ and KC moaned out.
My hips titled up to meet each of KC’s thrusts so I could feel him deep inside me as I gently lapped at CJ’s balls, so smooth and tight, fucking delicious.
Man meat everywhere I like to have to have it, I came again quickly and KC pounded me harder. CJ got up and changed position on me. My ball sucking seems to have worked and he was rock hard again. He shoved his cock down my throat as KC stirred my pussy with his cock and gently rubbed my clit.

I couldn’t stand it, I started to shake and moan and came again, the hardest of the night. I was feeling drunk now, drunk from the smell, taste, and feel of cock.
Drunk from the way good cock makes my pussy quiver and shudder in orgasm.
They both quickened their pace and I could tell they were coming close to their explosions. I sucked harder on CJ’s cock as I tightened and hugged KC’s with my soaking cunt.
Within minutes they both moaned out and injected me with what seemed to gallons of cum.
We flopped down besides each other, very satisfied.

I woke up with only one CJ next to, but in reality that is more than enough man for me. Yummy!


Naughty Seductions said...

Very nice pics and post!

Anonymous said...

great pix!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I've got great pics becuase CJ's cock is so photogenic!

Kitty said...

mmmmm I dream of a perfect bs sandwich also. Nice fantasy hugh.

Andy said...

Love the photo, and yes, very photogenic!

Anonymous said...

great story..what a cock!