Thursday, March 22, 2007

Objectification and Feminism

1. To think of or represent an idea or emotion as if it were something that actually exists
2. To reduce somebody, or something that is complex and multifaceted, to the status of a simple object

When it comes to my writing, it’s been more contemplative than inspired lately. One subject that keeps coming to the front of my mind is objectification.

I have been putting pictures of myself, with corresponding fact or fantasy, on this site for almost two years now. I really didn’t think much of it because when the pictures were taken. I was with my lover in the physical act of love, as they say.

Lately I have been getting my cyber pleasure in a chat room on I belong to a group there called “Talk Dirty To Me”. When it gets to cybersex, I find a lot of like-minded people, men and women there.
Things are a bit more nasty than the one on one chatting I’ve sometimes described here as stories.
Many times cams are involved and I enjoy getting the guys off and watching them cum. I rarely cum in these sessions, I’m very turned on, but that’s it.
It helps me in my writing. There is usually no small talk, no interesting chat beforehand. We all know why we’re there and we get down to it. Below are some one line examples. They are all from one night’s encounter.
I am there just to be plucked and fucked.

I am objectifying myself on purpose.
How can I be a free, liberated, feminist woman and do that?

I especially pose these questions to female bloggers out there that including pictures of themselves on their site.

Am I a hypocrite because I’m an exhibitionist at heart?

Why do I want to be treated as a lady and be fucked like a whore? At least it feels that way sometimes.

I don’t have any answers here. I’m sure there isn’t just one right one. I needed to rant a bit.

Now for those examples I promised:
debs be our spunk bucket empty our balls
debs want to make me come
ooh honey! your so so sexy, will you lick my cock clean now debs
debs, you licking my drooping happy cock clean is getting me hard again already
loved cumming over your face debs, you were sooo good<>
Your unbelievable, debs! I love fucking u, I'm thrusting harder and deeper now, wanna hear you moan when u cum
scream out my name debs!
I'm still thrusting you hard debs, your unbelievable sexy lady
Yeah honey, luv to make you cum, it's what I was born for
oh god Debs you sure no how to nibble a clit hon don't u
OOOOh Debs, your taking my breath away!
Thanks debs, yet again you were a goddess
my dick is rock hard for you now!


Anonymous said...

hmm. This is a really interesting topic. I have wondered that myself. Why do I want my husband to dominate me in bed, but not in real life? Why do I love it when he talks dirty to me, pulls my hair and calls me his whore?

I totally want to be "treated like a lady and fucked like a whore."

I guess I have more questions than answers for you. You've got me thinking, so perhaps I will have to come back later or post on this myself at some point, if you don't mind. Great post!

Man Misbehaved said...

How about Debs, I wanna fuck your hole so hard you can hardly walk after that? LOL

Holy Visile said...

So you are questioning how one can be so slutty online versus a feminist in IRL? Because your online behaviors are just freelance fun, no one knows who you are (except the site admins)and that frees you from the expectations of daily life.

With that said, the sexiest thing I do online is read and comment on blogs. With that caveat my opinion is freely given and that may be all it is worth. Still, please keep writing I enjoy your site.
-The Holiest

Sirthomas1980 said... - the membership is not free, Is it?

Anonymous said...

Lots of interesting comments and things to think about. It's good to know that I'm not the only one out there thinking about it.

Sir thomas: you can get a standard membership on for free, you just sign up. I happen to be a gold member for now because of some extras I want.