Sunday, April 8, 2007

One Night Does Not A Groove Make

One night does not a move make, but admittedly, it’s a start.
The ‘block’ that has caused me to go on this extended sabbatical was not just a writer’s block. I had lost my muse. My stories are not of my creativity alone. For the true ones, I need actual situations, and for the fantasies, I need my muse. That muse is CJ. He cannot be replaced by a porn movie, a guy jerking off for me on his cam, or cybersex. I have tried, and it’s not the same, there is no soul to it.

So after nine weeks without being made love to the tides turned last night. I don’t know why, at the same time I don’t care why.
Everything started out slow and the sensations were very enjoyable. Long passionate kisses, breathing in each other’s deep breaths, massaging and caressing each other. I was over taken by the smells, tastes, and the warm feeling of the body of my soul mate.
Our feelings, both physical and, I believe, emotional became more urgent. CJ unzipped his pants as I lie on my back on the couch and knelt over be with his very hard cock popping out, seemingly straining to be with me again. I smelled his musk and seemed to become more animal than partner. I was in the perfect position to suck and lick his balls, and that’s what I did first.

His taste is so familiar, so necessary for me I give into my need to eat his meat.
He takes aim with his cock head and pushed it past my lips. I started to salivate and drool on that familiar knob. I sucked and hummed on that wonderful cock like it was the first time I had eaten it. Slurps, pops, and hums loved his cock as I deep throated it. CJ almost choked me last night; his cock was thick in my mouth. After a while the position a bit uncomfortable, so we stood up, stripped, and I he walked me towards the bedroom.

Once pushed down on the bed he entered me in no time. I screamed out in absolute ecstasy. His stiff thick cock stretched my pussy for the time in a long time and that wonderful fully fucked feeling over took me. I became a whore, his whore, instantly. I tilted my hips upwards to him, my cunt begging for more as he kept pounding me. I came easily over his cock, but he held me hold by the wrists as I came, making it much more intense, I couldn’t squirm, it was almost a feeling of bondage and it turned me on even more. Yes, I came hard. It had been a while, I had jerked off during the ‘dry spell’, but nothing beats the real thing.
My back arched and I escaped his bonds. He then rolled onto his back and soon was pulling me on top of his juicy hard cock. I continued where he left off and began to ride him. My mouth was as filthy as any whore out there as I whispered in his ear as my hips rode him. I told him, no almost promised him, that I would soak his balls with my cum. That I was going to fuck him hard and to take my cunt. My hard nipples grazed across the hair on his chest and I held on to his shoulders as I continued stuffing him inside me.
We spoke of being inside each other, my pussy becoming even more slippery with each thrust.
I then got the overwhelming to just embrace ‘us’. I sat straight up on him, and rubbed myself from my stomach to my tits and nipples, moaning out softly and squeezing my pussy to hug him, inside me.

I was then commanded to get on my hands and knees.
I do so in a heartbeat, because I knee what that meant, I was about to get that glorious cock like a bitch, my favorite way, doggie.
CJ mounted me from behind and pounded me hard, I met up with every deep pounding, taking it all and fucking him right back. Screaming and moaning like the whore he made me, the bitch begging for cock, getting it seemingly three times over. He grabbed my hips and soon I heard his moaning mixing with mine.
I told him to keep it up reminding him of my promised, that I was going to paint those balls with my juices. By now I had cum twice and my pussy was slippery, he easily glided in and out of me. My pussy hugged at him and pulled him deeper inside me. I cried out how I feel his balls slapping my swollen lips.
One more moan and he exploded inside me, but I kept fucking him, telling him I was going to drain those balls.
It had been too long.

We stayed up for a while, I continued to have those little weak ‘after shock’ orgasms I have when I’m well screwed.
Again, it had been too long.

Does all this get me back in my groove?
I can’t answer that yet. I don’t know what the future will bring. I need my muse to be in that groove with me. I know that I don't want to wait another nine weeks to find out.
It’s a start.


Sirthomas1980 said...

Great blog....What a coincidence...we (me and my wife) never had sex in more than 3 weeks.

Gosh, this post turned us on...and did everything mentioned...Thank you, debby! :)

Anonymous said...

You're very welcome sir thomas, take a trip through the archives with your wife and you'll find a lot more things to turn you on.
Keep enjoying the blog and each other!

ArtfulDodger said...

welcome back, I sure hope this means your muse is back, sure have missed ya. ;)

Anonymous said...

Art...thanks, I'm getting there. As for the muse being back, I have to wait and see. I had to start somewhere, right?