Thursday, January 31, 2008

Four Five Six-Play Part II

Be sure to see how this romp all got started at:
Four Five Six-Play Part I

I was made to be CJ’s cocksucking whore and I relished being on my knees for him, I always do. I looked up at him with my mouth full and in doing so, CJ was encouraged to pull his schlong out to cock slap his bitch, some of my mouth juices dripping off my face as he spanked my lips with his turgid salami And I begged for more.

“I’m naked why aren’t you?” is all he said to me at that point.
Gasping, I stood up and quickly stripped off my clothes faster than greased lighting in front of the bedroom door; the entrance to our wonderful playground.

It was here in the bedroom that CJ played with me because it turned him on.
He kneeled to the side of my face and told me to keep sucking his cock.
Wanting more details about what I did with the other guys, he played with my body, making me feel even more intense as I divulged details of my chats between slurps on his cock.
He kneeled between my spread legs and leaned in to hold me close.
Then one of the most fascinating foreplays began between the two of us.

“You had sex with other men today didn’t you?”, CJ started
“Sort of”, I answered shyly and explained that it was just cybersex.
“Debbie does love cock doesn’t she?”
“I want yours”
“I should bring guys in here to fuck my whore shouldn’t I?”, he asked me.
“Yes, while you take pictures”
I then went on to tell him exactly how “C” and “P” did me.
“I sucked off one guys while the other licked and fucked me from behind”
I could tell that CJ was getting off on hearing all this too so I begged for his cock and he gave it to me. I was soaking and his hot thickness easily slipped inside me. I was especially filthy during this session. I told him that others in the room, both men and women watched me too.
“I love the way you stretch my hole”, I moaned as he fucked me so deep and hard while I played with my swollen clit. Honestly, I thought I would start cumming and not be able to stop. I pulled my ankles up over his back and rocked on his cock all while I whispered more of what I did during the afternoon.
I slowed down and asked, “Can I put a toy on my clit?”
He leaned over and opened the toy drawer from me and I pulled out my pocket rocket. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a small one-speed vibrator with bumps on one end. With his cock thickening inside me, he hit my clit just right with the pocket rocket. I ultimately took it from him and rubbed myself as he fucked me deeper.

We both just sort of went wild with the thoughts of me being a slut that CJ owned.
I started cumming when the toy was added and came several times before we both collapsed. At one point I asked if my clit was swollen and when CJ answered ‘yes’ I firmly told him to lick it. He dove between my legs and not only licked my engorged clit, but he sucked it and licked my pussy.
By now I was absolutely soaked, my thighs were damp from my wetness. I wanted to taste myself on his face and in his mouth. I told him to kiss me.

It was then that we kissed, deeply, collapsed, took deep breaths and enjoyed a mutual ‘Wow”. I had my trademark ‘aftershocks’ for a while. They are the subtle feelings of multiple orgasms I have sometimes. We took a shower together afterwards and finally had dinner.

I think I will tell CJ about my romps in the afternoon again.
I definetly had my pipes cleaned this evening.

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