Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Strapping It On For Him-Part One

When it comes to my sexuality and my playtime in bed, I have one motto:
"I'll try anything once and some things twice".

Recently I had a chance to try something new, which is always exciting. I think the more you try, the more you grow in your lovemaking expertise.

A few weeks ago CJ received a package, but didn't reveal it's contents to me. It really didn't raise any suspicions because it was close to Christmas. I like surprises so I didn't probe. Life went on as usual, including life in the bedroom. Until I came home from work one evening and CJ was sitting in a chair, stroking himself. His cock was rock hard and handsome as ever. Just the sight of it, so handsome, so ready, entranced me. I just stood and watched for moment, he stared at me as he kept stroking and tugging.

He made his wants and needs made clear immediately.
"Do that nice strip I like whore"
I put down my purse and gym bag, and even though I was wearing my workout clothes, I made my strip as sexy as possible. I kicked off my sneakers easily along with my terry ankle socks.
I massaged my tits on top of my t-shirt and CJ keep stroking, but was inpatient.
As he cupped and tugged at his balls he told me to step it up, as he leaned forward and pulled at my clothing. It was a turn on, knowing that he couldn’t hold himself back when he wanted me.
I let my hips sway and I slowly moved my body as I stripped down to my bare warm skin. CJ was obviously pleased. His had taken is hands off his cock and it twitched as he watched me dance naked.

“Now baby, I have a special present for you”, he said as he got up and went to the closet. I watched him as he took out the package that came a few weeks earlier.
He sort of caught me off guard when he said to me, “We love and trust each other, right?”
I agreed and asked him what he was talking about.
I pulled a strap-on out of the package and told me that he wanted me to give it to him. He wanted to get fucked the way I was and he thought I might enjoy it too.
To me it was just a new playtime and I was turned on and excited by the whole idea.
I quickly read the directions and got it strapped onto me. It was very realistic looking. All of a sudden I was more dangerous than ever, I had a cock!
And do you know what I wanted CJ to do first? I wanted him on his knees and sucking me. There were plenty of times that CJ had feasted on my pussy, but this was different. I pushed him to his knees and commanded him in the same way that I’ve heard for a good portion of my adult life.
“Come on suck my cock, blow me babe”
He tentatively opened his mouth and I pushed my new found cock past his lips. They wrapped around my life-like shaft and he began to suck. As I looked down on him, ran my fingers through his hair, and pumped his mouth I began to understand men in a way I never had before. It was very thrilling. I rocked on my hips to move in and out of his mouth.
I guess I got a little too excited or didn’t know my own size and he gagged. I pulled back and told him to get on his hands and knees.

As I positioned myself behind him I saw his handsome heavy balls. They sometimes turn me on more than his hard cock does. He always has them shaved for me and I consider them a real treat. I massaged his ass cheeks as I dove in to lap at those balls. I let his nuts roll over my tongue over and over again. My moans almost matched his as we both enjoyed what I was doing.
To help him get used to what was coming next I eased my thumb into his ass. He bucked a little, but eased back onto me. I got some of my favorite water based lube out of my toy drawer and gave a small squirt on my thumb so I could spread him more.
I leaned over from behind him and whispered in his ear, “I’m gonna fuck your ass, you want that don’t you?”

“Well don’t you?”

I guess we shall see

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Anonymous said...

That is an rather interesting gift to give/receive. Have you had Part Two yet and if so how did it go?