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Secret Sins: Chapter 3 "Meine Ehre heist Treue"

"Meine Ehre heist Treue" Part 2 of 2

It was about then that Doris arrived with our drinks.
Doris was much older than I thought she was when I came in the front door of On the Rocks, and after looking at her for a moment, it appeared that she had applied her makeup hurriedly, and with a trowel or paintbrush I imagined.
"Fast enough for ya shit head? Got sum fresh meat today, eh" grinned Doris. This comment immediately earned her a backhand bitch slap across the face from my ham handed host. "Shut yer fuck'n mouth and mind yer goddamned business ya drunken used-up whore!" screamed Dagger as the words and spit of anger shot close into Doris' face.
Doris, having seen it all I guess, simple wiped her face off in one fell swoop, put her head back and laughed like a woman possessed by demons (which I suppose was entirely the case in a manner of speaking), turned on spike heals, and headed back to her domain.
"She's a backdoor beauty, but I wouldn't touch her with a 10 foot pole" growled Dagger, "Owns the bar here after she slit her 'ol man's throat with a butcher knife a few years back and blamed it on one of us.
'Points' took the fall for it to save the old bitch, and after a couple of well placed bucks, the charges were dropped. "Insufficient evidence" was the final outcome. That's 'Points' over there." Dagger gestured towards a skinny, older guy with muscles bulging from his sleeveless vest.
"Doris got the place and the insurance money so to thank us, lets us use the place as a clubhouse and drink at cost. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Lots of fun too when they have weekend furlough at 'Pendleton - get to beat up lots of those snotty flyboys from Oceana when they wander in all cock sure and spoiling for a fight. Guess they think they're all Tom Cruise or something.
Those other swabbies from the Seal base are motherfuckers 'though. We respect them bud/s, especially those guys from team 6. There was this guy named Snake that we made an honorary Pope after he..."
Dagger's voice trailed off. "Shit. Let's drink", he said as he downed two of the Jack shots one after the other, and chugged a beer even before I could toss mine down. The Jack Daniel's hit pretty hard, but the beer was like sweet nectar after the ride to the bar.

Dazed suddenly as the whisky hit me, I think I crossed my eyes for a second and returned, only to see Dagger whispering to one of his outlaw brothers. The greasy biker leaning into the booth was leering at me as he palmed over something to Dagger and walked away, giving him a 'thumbs up' as he did.
"Heh heh heh. Diablo is always good for some blow, ya know? Want some?"
Dagger then opened his palm to show me a baggie the size of a large white stone, and a powdery stone at that.
"Is that what I think it is?” I asked.
"It sure is baby, it sure is.” said Dagger, his eyes glistening and a bit glazed over as he opened the baggie, then dumping the whole thing out on the cigarette scared table.
A pile of white powder the size a shape of a huge walnut lay in front of me, and I surmised what it was and where it was from, but I just had to ask. "Is that cocaine?" I said innocently.
"You bet yer double D's it is baby. Have some."

Dagger had pulled out his namesake, buried it into the pile, and then lifted the shining blade to my face. I winced a bit, but he reassured me, telling me to snort from the razor sharp edge. ""Gives it a double hint of danger, don't it?"
The coke stung my nose for a second, then everything went all shiny, just like Dagger's blade, and a rush came over my head as it tipped, almost involuntarily backwards. I blinked hard and cleared my nose, blinked hard, again then looked back at Dagger, my eyes swimming in my head from the almost pure powder.

His knife still in front of me, the point outstretched, I saw with sharpened eyesight that the blade had something etched on it.
"What's that on your blade there, the inscription?"
"Oh, that's German. It means, uh, 'My honor is my loyalty'. It's my motto."
Dagger flipped the knife around on his hand in a well practiced move and with one blow, drove it point first deep into the pile of coke, scattering it everywhere. "It's what I live by, my code. It's all that I am." he said again, staring hard at me before pulling his hair back and putting his face on the table to snort up whatever grains and clumps of coke were there.
If I was pretty fucked up by now, that much coke must have put him right over the edge because the next thing I knew, he had pushed back the booth he was sitting on, stood up and with his fists pounding a non-existent enemy in the air he screamed
"Meine ehre heist treue, meine ehre heist treue" at the top of his lungs.

All conversation and movement in the bar stopped for a second. Deadly silence filled the space. No one moved. I almost pissed my pants.
"Ah, shut the fuck up Dagger, sweet jesus fucking christ!" laughed one biker bigger than Dagger, and who I later learned was their club president."
He continued roaring and said "Yo! Diablo! Did you feed Dagger that crap we're trying to sell or the uncut shit? Goddamn-Jesus-fucking-kee-rist!”
About then the entire bar erupted in peals of laughter, the biker brothers hitting and slapping themselves on their arms and backs as they pointed and hooted at Dagger and me.

If I hadn't been so fucked up by this time, I suppose I would have slumped down in my seat in abject horror and humiliation, but whatever the stuff was that he gave me was indeed good, and all I could do was grin happily as my eyes swam around in my head.
"I have to pee." I said, and oh indeed I did, but just then I wanted to get to someplace where I could clear my head.
"Round the side of the stage" muttered Dagger as sat down and allowed his head to hit the table with a resounding thud.

Passing the stage with its blue lights, dirty, carpeted walls, and the well-worn but quite shiny brass poll, I felt my stomach going a bit sour and so hurried to the rear of On the Rocks to find the bathroom. In retrospect I suppose that it wasn’t such a brilliant idea hopping on the back of a passing biker after not eating all day. With Dagger doing a header onto our table, I could feel the heat of many eyes staring a hole in my butt, but no matter – business first.

The ladies bathroom, if you could call it that, was behind a door with a wooden vagina tacked up on it, which I almost hesitated to push open. Inside was what you would expect: two stalls, a sink, knotty pine walls and grimy floors very in need of some attention. I guess Doris didn’t come in here much or didn’t care; I’m not sure which bothered me more.
My head still swimming from the Jack and coke, I sat down hesitantly on the toilet and peed like there was no tomorrow until the waves of nausea hit me again and I hopped off to put my head in the toilet to relieve my aching belly. “Not good Deb, not good” I thought to myself, but wiping my mouth with the sandy toilet paper that was there, I was then startled by what I saw: a cock sticking out of a hole in the wall. Oh. My. God. This must be one of those infamous “glory holes” that I’d read about.

The more I looked away in revulsion, the more I thought of that cock sticking out the hole. Fairly long and skinny, it bobbed up and down as I knelt there, and God help me for all that I’d been through, it looked like a tube steak sandwich – good enough to gulp down in one bite. Sitting on the dirty floor for a second, I gazed back at the cock and thought to myself, “Well, why not. You came down here for an experience didn’t’ you?” Taking a deep breath, I decided to go ahead and just taste it. You know, kind of like just taking the first lick of an ice cream cone.
Like a tootsie pop, one lead to another and soon I was slurping and slobbering all over the cock in the wall like the champion cocksucker I had pretensions of being.
A few minutes later, after the sound of some groaning and moaning from the other side of the wall, I felt the cock head swell, and I knew that my efforts were soon to be rewarded. Pulling the swollen member in as far as I could, I was pleased to finally receive the explosion, almost choking on the size of the load. “Yup, tastes like sweet nectar” I thought as the cum sped down my throat .
A few quick licks and slurps later, and Mr. Happy went limp and withdrew.
Trying to see who it was, I peered through the hole only to see blackness.
Damn! Was it Dagger or someone else? Damn!

Gathering myself together, I washed my face off and gingerly stepped through the door back towards the bar.
The bikers and odd people that were there before were pretty much in the same place. Not expecting me, no one had their eye on me, nor paid much attention that I was there. I was baffled.
Arriving back at the table, Dagger had his head back up off the table and gave me a big grin as I sat down. “Took care of business did ya?” he asked.
“Yeah” I intoned. “But I really need to get back to town, ya know? I’ve, uh, gotta meet my friends for dinner, and I haven’t really eaten anything today.”
“Made an offering to the porcelain God did ya?”
“Ok, hows ‘bout we go for a ride? I’ll take ya back downtown”
Not wanting to offend this big biker by asking him to call me a cab, and frankly wanting to get some air and away from whomever I had just serviced (Was it Dagger?) I agreed.
Gathering his leathers, he motioned for me to follow as we made the rounds of his friends and club mates to say goodbye when Doris yanked Dagger by the lapels of his jacket over the bar as far as she could given Dagger’s size, and hissed at him “No charge today.”, then tossed back her head in raucous laughter.
Personally, I thought the big biker was going to pull out his namesake and give Doris a piece of it’s steel, but instead, he grabbed her hand off his lapel and told her to fuck off. This made Doris laugh even harder.

After heading out the door and getting on Dagger’s huge hog (that’s what they call them isn’t it), I hugged him around the waist and as we roared off, I heard myself thanking him. “Wot for kid?’ he asked in his gruff voice.
“For giving in to my adventure, the drinks, the coke.. but most of all, for getting me out of there.”
Hearing no response, I put my head on Dagger’s back as we tooled down the highway back to town, soon finding ourselves back on the main drag of Virginia Beach. Stopping in front of my hotel, he set the Harley down on it’s kickstand and leaned forward so I could get off. The stares of the tourists and townies alike was enough to tease a bit a laugh out of me, and I turned back to Dagger to thank him again.

“Thanks Dagger. I hope I can see you again.”
Dagger pulled out his wallet and handed me a club business card. On it was his handle (Dagger), a phone number, and the club logo: A Pope’s miter rising from a flaming bed of fire.
“If you’re ever in trouble with another biker or need help in an emergency – and I mean a REAL emergency – show them this card or give me a call.
“I really liked the time you showed me, especially in the bathroom.” I said.
Dagger just looked back at me blankly.
“I mean” I said with a bit a blush and taking my voice down a notch or two, “you have a really nice cock and I’d like to see it again.”
Dagger just looked back at me for a minute, drilling deep into my head.
Finally, he spoke. “That wasn’t me. I had an ‘accident’ back in ‘Nam.”
“But, but, but.. who?”
The traffic and sound of Dagger’s bike cut off my voice as he put up the kickstand and cracked it into gear. Giving me a wink and starting his U-turn out into traffic I heard him say something, something that I didn’t quite catch.
“WHAT???” I screamed at him as he sped away.
Then I heard Dagger, his voice fading into the distance.
“Itt …wasss…. D... .. o.... ... .r ... .... ... .i .”

Maybe it was then that I realized I had an addiction to cock.
Then again, maybe not.

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