Monday, February 16, 2009

The Unlocked Door-Part I

It was another lonely Saturday afternoon. I thought I’d at least have some fun. I got comfortable in my chair, and opened up my little lavender mesh bag that holds my pocket rocket, it’s the perfect vibrator for afternoon playtime with Debbie. Next to be opened was two websites that join me at playtime. First, the site that helps to keep the erotic writer in me going, and Redtube. It is a wonderful mixture of erotica of the mind and the pornography of the body.
Through my words I was enjoying heightening the sensual sides of the men and women I was chatting with. Of course, they were doing the same for me. Soon my scooped neck t-shirt was up and my tits were out of my bra, draping over the underwire.

I had pulled and twisted on my nipples in between chats and they were now at attention and hard as pink erasers. The chat room had gone quite, but I was aching and soaking and needed to make my pussy explode in waves of pleasure. Now, I would take what I consider the cruder and quicker way to get there, my favorite porn. As I watched a blonde bitch suck and fuck a very lucky man I almost mindlessly pulled my pants down. No worries about panties, on weekends I don’t normally wear them unless I’m going out. My pocket rocket was humming along as the small bumps on the tip tickled my swollen clit and inner lips perfectly. Soon I was on the edge and cumming. Being alone I could be totally uninhibited, so I moaned out and screamed obscenities as I came.

Not too long after that I heard the familiar sound of the door opening. I hadn’t realized that it was getting close to the time that CJ would be coming home. I didn’t hear CJ’s normal greeting, rather I heard heavy steps coming towards the living and a man’s voice saying “Are you all right ma’am?”
My answer consisted on a small “um-huh”.
As he turned into the room he started to say,
“The neighbors are….worried”.
I was there in my chair, pants at my knees, my tits hanging out, and a vibrator in my hand. I looked at him and just smiled. As many women will tell you, there is something about a man in uniform. I just sort of melted and waited. He stood and stared.
I finally got up enough courage and said,
“I guess they thought I was being hurt in here, I was only cumming…hard”.

I smiled again, making no attempt to cover myself. He didn’t look like he thought this was all fun, he seemed more upset. I worked at pulling up my pants and as I did he grabbed my laptop from me. Part of my last chat was still on the screen. He read the screen for a couple moments then took out his handcuffs. He told me to move over to one of the dining room chairs. As I started to sit down he moved to the door quickly and locked it. As he came back he insisted that I totally strip before sitting down. I always love a surprise, but this was a little weird. I wondered if I had to scream whether anyone would do anything, especially since a cop car was outside my condo. Once I was in the chair he handcuffed my arms behind me and set another chair right across from me. What he did next was almost torture.
He started to read to me the most recent session I had in my favorite chat room.
My readers know that I believe the brain is the largest sex organ and what happened next proved my theory.
Read about what I heard and saw in Part Two.

Why is it that there is never a cop around when you need one?

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