Saturday, March 7, 2009

For The Love of a Leo

I found the following information about the sexuality of a Female Leo at Sex Astrology and just had to add it to my blog. Once you read it, you'll know why.

She is beautiful, sexy, lazy and very proud of herself. Want to gain her attention? Adore her, pay compliments to her, say how beautiful she is and let her know how much you love her. She will never get tired of your praise, as she considers herself to be the best woman in the world.

Keep in mind that she always needs admiration if you want to get in her bed. Have you become her lover? Always remember that no tricks in bed will be appreciated more than sincere compliments and other displays of admiration.

Being eager to hear compliments she cares much about appearance. She does like beautiful sexy lingerie. Let her know you like the way she looks.

Sometimes her desire to dominate acquires quite unusual forms. For instance some women Leos like role reversal.

She does like oral sex (cunnilingus) especially feeling of the tongue in the vagina. Most women who love oral sex prefer being caressed with fingers, but women who were born under the sign of Leo want only lips and tongue. Most of them feel like real queens when enjoying oral sex.

The desire to dominate makes her pay attention to young boys as they are more likely to be obedient and adoring. In return she teaches them the art of love.


Anonymous said...

I presume that you are a Leo?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm a Leo....very much so! LOL
I guess I assumed that every one's that for a typical Leo.