Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fantasies Can't Always Come True

Robby was kissing me passionately as his hand pushed against the small of my back.  I could feel his cock searching for me underneath his khakis.  Robby was definitely in the top five list of my lovers.  One of the major reasons he held this position (excuse the pun) was that he enjoyed exploring his sexuality.  He was fearless and confident in bed.  Tonight as we fell into bed, half dressed, he told me he had a new idea that may be a turn on.  He continued undressing me then pulled back letting his eyes soak in his lover as he pulled off his pants, letting that masterful cock of his free.  Joining me on the bed, he nuzzled my neck then said, “Deb, can I tell you now about my idea?”
“Of course Robby.  This is our safety zone.  You never have to ask permission”, I answered softly, assuring him.
“You know Deb, fantasies can’t always come true.”
“Yep, that’s why they’re called fantasies silly”, I replied with a smile.
“What if we talked through a fantasy of mine; right here; right now?”
The excitement and expectation were obvious on his face.  After saying it, he flicked his tongue across a nipple, making me sigh.
“Go on”, I said.  He licked the other nipple eliciting the same response.
“No, tell me your idea”, I explained, wanting to hear what fun was playing around in his brain.
“OK here goes”
Robby proceeded to tell me a dream he had that was so vivid it woke him up in the middle of the night with a rock hard erection.
“You know the stairs on the first floor of the building that faces the garden?”
We lived in a condominium with three floors and three units on each floor.
“I would show you off and humiliate you there.”
He continued and his description became increasingly detailed.  Tired of me smiling and winking at the men in the complex he dragged me down the stairs, yelling at me, telling me I’m nothing but a ‘whore cock-tease’.  My whimpers and apologies didn’t help.  When we got to the landing, he opened the unlocked utility closet and grabbed the nylon rope there.  Using his entire body he pushed me against the stairs, pulled my arms above my head and tied me to a railing.

Rob’s eyes were widening and he told me to lie longwise on the bed with my arms above my head.  Using my silk scarves, he tied me to the headboard.  Pulling up a chair, he sat and the foot of the bed.  Leering at me, he continued his story…

This area is nowhere near private.  First, he told me to shut up, and then he just stood next to me.  His eyes constantly scanned the area.  Our next-door neighbors were headed towards us.  They were a friendly, fun couple in their 30’s.

At this point Rob went to his bureau and took a small knife from the top drawer.  I trust Robby so I was only curious, not afraid.  Standing at the foot of the bed, he moved on with his fantasy…

Stopping the neighbors he explained loudly, “I’m teaching my wife to behave, want to watch?”  The man had a knife in his hand, what else could they say but ‘yes’?
After finishing that strange sentence he cut my blouse off me, it fell in shreds to the concrete ground.  I could feel the heat rise to my face and I blushed deeply.  Once this happened our neighbor Janet ran up the stairs, but Dave stayed to see what would happen next.  They didn’t have to wait long.  Our upstairs neighbor, Barb, approached about ten minutes later.  Rob said the same thing to her and she stopped to watch.  This time the knife slit my skirt up the middle and it was the next piece of my clothing to fall in shreds to the ground.  Barb looked at me in my underwear and decided to stay.

Rob was moving the knife as he described his actions to me…

Within the course of two hours, about four more neighbors showed up.  It only took two people to make me totally naked.  Both my bra and my panties were easily destroyed.  Rob was delighted in my humiliation.  In spite of my blushing and crying when I felt the cool breeze across my skin it felt good.  Rob started preaching to the group of neighbors gathered near us.
Rob came onto the bed, leaving his knife on the chair.  He started looking around the room as though he was speaking to each person in his fantasy.
The sermon was the same as before, “This is my cock tease whore wife and she’s being punished.”  However, there was more, “Since she wanted to show off to you guys so badly I thought I’d let you see what you’re missing Check out what’s all mine.  She’s got great tits doesn’t she?”
Rob bent over and with one big hand under each of my breasts; he lifted them as though he were showing them off to the spectators.  I was so glad he was touching me that I squirmed against my restraints.  He smiled and sucked each nipple into his mouth.  As I felt them cross over his gentle warm lips I moaned out, my pussy dampened some more.  “Shall I continue?” Before I could answer, he was back into character.
“Now for her little whore cunt.”  Rob smacked my thighs and forced me to spread my legs.
“Look she’s even got one of those landing strips giving directions to her slut hole.  Now guys I bet you’d like to feel that hugging your dicks.”  They started to laugh and jeer.  The tease kept rolling across my hot cheeks.
“Go ahead, check her out”
Rob had them file past me.  Five people ages 25 to 55 walked by and I could see everyone had a tent forming in their pants.  Rob instructed them on what to do to me.  “Go ahead and smack that naughty pussy.”
Each guy gave me a stinging smack, strangely enough making my clit swell.

Rob spread my legs saying to me, “Let’s see what those guys did to you.”  I think he wanted to be sure that his fantasy story was turning me on as much as it was him.  Using just his thumb and forefinger he slowly spread my inner pussy petals and exposed my swollen little sex knob.  “Deb, your clit is absolutely blooming in a wonderful shade of deep pink; imagine that!”  He laughed, licked his forefinger and circled my sensitive clit with it.  It made sparks flow throughout my body.  I have enjoyed his technique since we first made love.  It’s just gotten better and better with time.

After the guys went by me and had their turns Rob noticed Barb hanging back.  He had forgotten about her.  “Barb you seem intrigued.” She just nodded “You get a turn too.”  Barb walked up to me with a sympathetic look on her face.  She went ahead and smacked me only with a lighter touch than the others.
“Had enough Deb?  Have you learned your lesson?”
I answered ‘yes’ through my sniffles.  Rob cut me down as he thanked everyone for helping him take care of his wife.  I picked up what was left of my clothing and Rob spanked my as he lead me up the steps and back to our apartment.  Barb left in the other direction, but the guys followed us.  Dave was the first to speak up, “Rob you fucking bastard, you can’t leave us like that”.  The others cheered out in agreement.  “Your wife’s a bad enough cock tease now you are too.”  Again cheers rose.  We stopped outside the door.  I shivered from the cold, the arousal, and the horror. Rob assured them a private show in our own home.  Everyone filed in.
“Everyone listen up, you have to understand this will be the first and last time you get to have my wife.”  A shout came from the group, “Tie her up again!”  Rob told them he had something they’d really enjoy.  We went to the bedroom; Rob pushed me on to the bed.  “Assume the position bitch.”

Now things really began to meld between fantasy and reality.  Rob untied me.  ”I’ll show you how my fantasy continues Deb.”  He went to each corner of the bed and pulled up restraints that he had placed there earlier.

I was tied down as the guys watched.  My naked body created an X made of flesh across the bed.
“She’s all yours guys.  Show me what you’ve been thinking of doing to her when she teased you.”
All the guys seemed to pull off their pants at the same time.  The room was full of testosterone.  I saw fine cocks circling the bed and varying in hardness from semi-erect to rock hard.
Rob stood next to me by the bed, stroking his cock as he elaborated on his fantasy.  I watched as he rubbed his pre-cum over the head of his dick.
Dave’s cock was the hardest and he spoke up first.
“I’m simple Deb.  I want you to suck my balls until I’m ready to cum, then I’ll finish off in your hair.”

As Rob described Dave he kneeled over my face, playing Dave – “Taste ‘em, suck my balls.” Rob’s heavy balls rested on my lips and I lapped and sucked at them, imaging they were Dave’s.  “They’re loading up with cum babe.  Use your tongue to fill them up.”  I keep sucking, licking and kissing them.  He moaned out and lifted up off me.  Cock in hand he stroked quickly and shot a massive, gooey, hot load into my black wavy hair.  Rob whispered in my ear, “Can you hear them applauding Deb?”  Rob climbed off the bed and moved on to describe the next man.

Dave backed off, but didn’t leave; he just became part of cheering crowd.  Each guy had his balls or his cock, or both, in his hands looking with wrapped attention as Jim was the next to step up.  “Rob, the way you spread her out here is perfect for what I want.  Ever since I saw her in her bikini with a camel toe I’ve wanted to split her lips with my tongue.”

Rob now became Jim.  Kneeling at the foot of the bed, he ran his tongue the length of my wet slit.  When his tongue hit that swollen clit he described earlier, he slurped at it causing me to fight my restraints as I screamed out. 
I could tell he was a real man because real men eat pussy AND do it well.  He kissed my lips gently then went back to servicing my clit as two fingers slipped inside my soaking snatch.  He kept finger fucking me as he flicked his tongue on my clit.  He was driving me wild; all I could do was try to get free of my restraints and moan.

The cheering crowd loved it, one guy even yelling out, “Impressive Jim.”

Rob removed his fingers; putting a thumb on my clit, he replaced his fingers with his tongue.  In no time, I driven was over the edge and fed him my love juice.  This time it was Rob’s face covered with cum.  I was practically breathless.  Rob moved on to tell me about man number three, Tony.

Tony was the oldest of the crowd and the one with the most experience.  By now, my pussy ached for more and I was dripping.
“Rob, I’m gonna fuck your slut wife like a whore.  Quick and hard.”
The crowd gasped, and then urged Tony on.  When I took a better look I saw his cock was thick and was the type of hard-on I call a ‘diamond cutter’.  It twitched as he climbed onto me.

I couldn’t believe Rob was this hard already.  I think his fantasy had been brewing for a long time.  Rob was now Tony as soon as he was back onto the bed.  Holding onto my hips he slammed into my cunt balls deep immediately.  He barely looked at me as he took deep fast strokes in and out of me.  I tilted my hips so he could go deeper.  Soon he quickened his pace even more, his moans turned into groans as his balls slapped against me.  One final deep thrust and he shot me full of his load.  I think it took all of three minutes.  This time as Rob got off me he whispered in my ear again, “I think I’ll just describe number four to you honey.  I have to sit this one out.”

Now it was Chris’s turn.  Chris was the youngest at only 25.  Rob told him, “Chris I think Deb had the most fun teasing you.  Show us what you were thinking when you jerked off to my wife!”
Chris answered him with no delay in his voice, “I wanted to tease her right back, make her beg for my cock.”
This really seemed to strike the rest of the crew.  They were stunned at first and then cheered Chris on.  Chris was young and well endowed.  His stiff cock was the largest as were his nuts.  I thought what a good porn star he would make.  He got close to me and showed off his handsome package, “Your such a tease, do you know how much I thought of fucking you?  I was jerking off after every time I saw you.” There was annoyance in his voice.  “I can tell you like cock, but I want to know you need mine.”  Chris began to smack me on the face with his cock.  It was hot and hard and it stung.  I closed my eyes and he smacked them.  He began to leak and rubbed his cock head over my lips.  The crowd was now yelling at me to beg for it.
He eventually moved away from my face and rubbed his cock up and down my wet slit as I ached for relief.  The taunting continued.
“Well slut?”
I pleaded again, “Please just stuff it inside me”.
It was horrible.  I was becoming more sensitive so my pleading became louder and more intense.
“Do you need it Deb.  Are you feeling the way I would when you bent over in your short skirts?”
The teasing with his cock stopped, but he continued in other ways; coming up to my tits, he held them and then brought his face to one very erect nipple.  I thought he was about to put me out of my misery.  I was sure if he bit down on my nipple I would cum.  I could feel his warm breath, but he pulled back saying again, “Well?”
“Yes, yes, please touch me!”
The spectators didn’t have to say it but they helped him to be strong, “Don’t do it Chris!”
“Maybe her pussy would be better?”, he asked jokingly as his face went between my moist soft thighs.  I tilted my hips so far that my restraints actually hurt.  As before the closest I came to a man’s touch was his breath on my pussy saying, “This whore cunt ain’t gonna get my tongue.”
I groaned and yelled at him, “Fuck you, bastard!”
The group of cocks laughed.
“No bitch never, I’ll go home and fuck the decent woman in my bed.”

Rob’s eyes looked deep into mine, sympathetic, “I’m sorry honey, but this is my fantasy; are you ready for the finale?”

Rob called up Todd to the bed.  He had been patient, but now he was drooling, from his cock, that is.  Todd’s cock head was shining with his pre-cum.  Rob thanked him for sticking around and asked him the question of the day, “So Todd, tell us your thoughts about what you want from my slut wife.”
Todd’s request was different, “I want to watch and take pictures, pictures I can keep, Is that OK Rob?”
The group didn’t say anything; they just looked at each other.  I looked over at Rob; he was taking some time to answer.  Eventually he agreed as long as it was for personal pleasure only, no Internet postings.  Todd promised and Rob trusted him.

Rob got up and went to the den.  He returned to the bedroom with our new digital camera and a tripod.  I watched as he set it up.  It was programmed to take pictures at intervals.  For the second time Rob completely immersed himself in the fantasy, telling me to imagine Todd behind the camera.  I agreed and was drawn in with him.

Todd asked for pictures of only me first.  Rob said, “Go ahead, go wild Todd”.
Todd was an expert with a camera.  I felt I was a model at a shoot or at least what I thought it would be like.  I turned my head to the side as he took a full-length shot, then my tits, my snatch, and my lips, asking me to lick them.
Rob was taking those pictures as he described Todd’s actions from behind the camera lens.
Todd morphed into a director, quickly instructing Rob, then me on what he wanted to see and capture on the SD card in his camera.

The fantasy faded away.  Jim, Todd, Dave, and Tony all became shadows, ghosts that had enhanced our sex lives.  Rob was playing and speaking both parts, not describing the fantasy just “being” it.  I followed him right in. 
“Rob how about you bite her nipples and tug on them?”
Rob leaned in and did just that.  I screamed out in pleasure, and then he did the same to the other.
“Now both at the same time.”
Robby smashed my big breasts together and sucked hard on both.
“Kiss your way down to that slutty landing strip.”
Rob’s gentle kisses worked down my abdomen, tickling me, I even giggled aloud.
“Now show me how you slurp at her whore cunt.”
Rob bent his head and sucked on my swollen lips.  He knew to deal with me carefully because of the stimulation I’ve had over the past two hours.  His fingers lightly spread my swollen outer lips as he started to just barely flick his tongue over the length of slit.  Usually I would play with my tits as he ate me, but I was tied down.  I couldn’t.  My twisting against the leather straps made my tits move back and forth, but it wasn’t the same.  The tip of Rob’s tongue explored the length of my slit.  At one end my clit was sucked, at the other my asshole was tongued and tickled.  I had to plea with him to be gentle.  I was so sensitive it would have a sensory overload.  Then Todd made another request, “Spread her pussy, show me how wet she is.”
Robby softly blew on my wet pussy as he showed off my bald cunt.  Todd then directed me, “You owe him something.  Let’s get a pic of your tongue pressed up against Rob’s peehole.”
I did it and held it, tasty salty pre-cum and feeling the spongy texture of the head.
“Go as deep as she can take you Rob.  I want to a pretty picture of Debbie choking on cock.  It’s what she deserves.”
I wasn’t in the best position to take all of Robby, but I got him about two-thirds of the way down my throat.  Todd took a few more shots to show I was sucking on Rob’s dick by having his cock pressed against the inside of my cheek.
“That’s enough”, Todd told me and Rob popped his cock out of my mouth.
“OK buddy fuck your horny wife, but go slow at first so I can get a pic of cock filling her hole.”
Robby entered me slowly as Todd took pictures.  It was pure instinct as I clamped around his cock and pulled him inside me with my love hole.  I was worn out from being used up in Robby’s fantasy.  Now the world faded away and Rob and I became ‘us’, being one again.  As I lay there, tied to our bed I freely gave myself to him.  Our lovemaking was intense and loud.  Right before Todd became a ghost, he wanted a money shot, so Rob pulled out and came on my stomach after making me cum over and over.  Rob untied me once Todd was through and we spooned.
“Debbie I love you so much.  Thank you for indulging me.”
“I love you Robby, of course I would indulge your fantasies, but it’s my turn next time.
Within minutes, I was asleep in his arms.

When I woke up the next morning, I ached, but I was all right.  I started to think about the day before.  After all that screaming, vocalization, moans and groans I was sure that some of those neighbors that had entered Rob’s fantasy heard what they unknowingly did to us.

That evening we looked at some of the pictures the automatic camera had taken of us.  We edited some, trashed others, and savored most.  Once we decided on the ones we liked and wanted to keep, we went through them slowly and carefully.  As we did, we masturbated each other until I soaked Robby’s hand and my arm had his warm cum on it.
For one fantasy, the pleasure was tenfold.