Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Fantasy Roleplay - Part Two

Enjoy the beginning here first.

Jack started to speed in the direction I described then commanded me to get in the back and get naked.
I climbed over the seats and stripped down to my bra and panties. Then I moved back to the front and sat down next to Jack as I took off the rest of my clothing.
I leaned over and bit his ear then whispered, “I’m wet Jack, I’m soaking for you already”.
My hand moved up his inner thigh to his crotch. His cock twitched under my hand this time.
Just then we entered the park and Jack tucked the truck away out of sight from the road.
I spread my legs as I sat in my place letting Jack’s gentle finger brush against my clit. It was so swollen already I was aching for the touch of a man. I automatically started playing with my tits as he tickled my clit.
He stopped playing with me to get out of the truck, instructing me to stay where I was. He seemed to disappear for a brief time, but to my surprise when he came to open my door, he was as naked as I was.
He opened the door, swung my right leg out, and pulled me towards him.
His cock was already at attention for me, and being outside made it feel so right and wrong at the same time. I lost all inhibition and said, “Make me bad Jack”.
He leaned in and began passionately kissing my lips, my neck, and my tits.
It was one of the most exciting times I had ever been with a man. I had met him about an hour ago and now I was naked with him in the woods. Not to mention that this man was almost twenty years younger than I was.

He pulled me even closer putting his arms around the small of my back then bent down to suck at my nipples, going from tit to tit with his mouth. I was enjoying his sucking so much I moan out and push his face into my massive tits. My god he was making me feel so good. I scratched at his shoulders as he continued and leaned my head back as I enjoyed his mouth and the cool breeze over my skin.
His cock poked at my thigh, I could feel his precum against my soft skin.
I reached down and began stroking his cock, lubing it up with his dripping precum, tugging at his spongy cockhead.
My cock play seemed to drive him forward and he started biting my nipples, grabbed a fist full of my hair, yanked my head backwards, and slid two fingers into my wet pussy.
I moaned out again and squeezed his hot shaft as my pussy clamped onto his fingers and I began to rock against his fingers. This time it was his turn to moan out, he moved his mouth to my neck, sucked at it and pulled my hair harder.
By now I was sensitive all over, not just my clit or nipples, but my neck, the skin on my thighs, everywhere.
I pulled myself closer and started jerking him again. He was so hot and hard in my hand.
He pulled me totally out of the truck and pulled me to him, we started kissing wildly, mouths open, tongues flailing at one another. Our bodies pressed against each other and I could feel his warm damp skin all over my body.
He breaks the kiss after several moments and turned me around. I bent over against the truck and braced myself on the seat. I present my aching shaved pussy to Jack. My pussy lips are swollen and now I’m even wet on my inner thighs.
“Debbie, think you can handle some young cock?”, Jack barked at me.
“Yes, yes Jack, fuck me with it”, I answered.
He came up behind me and ran his cockhead up and down my hot slit. After a few teases he guided his cockhead into my slippery hole, grabbed my hips, and gently thrust toward me.
I moaned out in the woods, it was wonderful as my warm velvety pussy hugged and loved his cock. I pushed back towards him to meet his first thrust and screamed, “Fuck me”
He leaned over and whispered to me to take his throbbing young cock. I was so tight and wet that his cock easily glided into me and he began to fuck me in long, hard, slow strokes. His thick throbbing cock stretched my pussy and I moaned out with each thrust. I was savoring every inch of his dick.
My hard nipples grazed against the seat of the truck.
His hips slapped against my ass as his strokes came became faster and longer. He gripped my hips strongly as his moans and groans of pleasure became more audible.
“Take my tight cunt”, I cry out as I reached underneath and tugged his balls as they slapped against my swollen clit.
He began to spank my ass cheeks as he told me what a fucking dirty whore I was. That just made me hotter, as he reddened my bad whore ass I fucked him back just as hard.
Then he breathlessly asked, “What kind of dirty whore meets a guy at the store that is almost twenty years younger than her and lets him drive her married ass to the woods to fuck!?”
It was so hot the way he talking to me it just made me want him more, so I answered him with, “A horney whore that likes young hard cock and wants to fuck it, and eat it, and make it cum”
He spanked me harder when I answered and demanded I tell him whom I belong to.
I bucked right up against him and was moaning and begging to be fucked harder to cum on his cock.
I didn’t answer him immediately so he pulled on my hair, pounded me harder, and repeated his request, “Tell me who fucking owns your whore ass!?”
“You do, it’s all yours because of that fine cock”, I answered.
By now the truck is shaking from our fucking.
I was on the edge and I let him know it.
“Ah yes Debbie, you dirty bitch, I love fucking you.”
He slammed deep into me and stirred my pussy with his hard cock. My hot snatch clamped down on his meat as waves of orgasm move down my pussy and over his cock. I came all over his cock and drenched his balls, I knew I would, I had been aching for it for too long.
My body kept shivering and bucking as I moaned and came.

Then he pulled out of me, easing his cock from the clamps of my cunt. He kicked away leaves and twigs and told me lie down on the ground.
I lie down, feeling like a goddess, a nature’s daughter on the earth, as I spread my legs, bent my knees, and showed off my pink wet pussy to Jack. Beautiful folds of a freshly fucked pussy lips draped my hole. My red swollen cit poking through, my pussy still wanted more.
Jack lay on top of me and darted his cock back inside my steaming snatch. He pounded me even harder with deep fast strokes. I tilted my hips up against him; I was taking him so deep.
He grabbed my left hand and pulled off my wedding ring then held it in front of my face asking if I could see it. I nodded, then he threw it into the distance as he told me, “To hell with him, you belong to me now”
I swear I got even more wet when he said that, thinking of being his whore bitch.
I wrapped my legs around his back, dug my heels in and let myself go, letting Jack fuck me into oblivion.
He leaned forward, he was panting and I could feel his hot breath as he kissed my neck.
He grunted, “Your tight twat is going to make me cum babe”.
I swear it felt as though his hot cock was getting thicker and he stretched my pussy more. He lightly grabbed onto my throat and fucked me harder, if that was possible.
“Beg me to cum deep inside you whore”, he commanded.
I rocked and twisted my hips as I begged for his man milk.
“Tell me who you love”, he panted.
“I love the man that can fuck me right and that’s you”, I said breathlessly.
That was the moment; he drove his cock deep inside and groaned out, and planted his seed deep inside my cunt as I started to cum again. We exploded together in the woods, it was wonderful.
He stayed inside me as we held onto each other. Then we pulled apart from each other and got dressed.
We hopped in the truck with new found energy. We left the park and headed back to the café so I could get my car.
We discussed how exciting the role-play was and what a turn on it was for the both of us. I was so glad that he liked it, I wasn’t sure he would since it was our first time, but it was fine.

When we got to the parking lot I discretely kissed him on the cheek and got into my car. Jack beeped his horn as he drove away. I sat there for a moment in the car before going home wondering to myself….
How do explain how I lost my wedding ring to my husband?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

CBW #56 - But I Need More !

I held off on posting this fine specimen as long as I could, but it was submitted over a month ago and I couldn't hold back any longer.
Chuck did a superior job because of how well he understood my fetish. I could easily take a long slurp from those tight balls to the tip.
My problem guys is that this the last submission I recieved.
I know I can find examples out there on the web, but I really enjoy seeing my readers at their best.
Read below for what I'd like to see. If it sound good to you, email me (it's on my profile page) and show yourself off.
Show Dirty Debbie what you've got.
I don't care about size or whether you're shaved, or anything other physical feature.
What makes me wet is the site of a cock popping out of the confines of pants or shorts and ready for fun. Chuck's picture is a perfect example, but you can be creative.
I look forward to staring down your one-eyed monster....yummy!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Fantasy Roleplay - Part One

I had recently met and become involved with a man that was about six years younger than me. Our relationship is definetly no strings attached and we have a lot of fun.
Lately I’ve helped him discover the fun of role-play and how it can enhance a couple’s sex life.

One day he came up with an idea he wanted us to try out so I listened, liked it and we ran with it.
Let me tell you what a good time we had.

We had recently moved out of the downtown area and were still setting up our new place, even though it had been several months. My husband had already started his new job in the area so it was up to me to set up house. There was a cute little grocery store nearby that had become my favorite place to get produce so I decided to stop in to stock up one day. I started out with the fruits, doing the simple innocent task of picking out grapes when from behind a voice said:
“I prefer the seedless ones myself”
His hand came from around my side and grabbed a bag of green seedless grapes. He was wearing a polo shirt and Dockers and smiling at me.
I felt like playing so I gave him a provocative answer, “I like them all, there are many different ones depending on your taste or mood”.
The young man extended his hand and introduced himself as Jack.
I told my name was Debbie and just smiled.
Jack told me that he had just moved this past weekend, so we made small talk.
“How do you like it here so far?”, I asked.
“It’s great so far, and this is the best looking produce section I’ve ever seen”, he said boldly.
His boldness continued, but rather than turning me off it had the opposite effect.
He knew that he may be out of line, but he said he needed a tour guide to the area. He was especially interested in cafes and jazz bars.

I saw that his glance moved from my eyes to my hand, and the gold wedding band on my finger.
I pretended not to notice.
I told him that I had to finish my shopping but he could follow me to a great nearby café.
He agreed, but only if I allowed him to buy me lunch. That seemed fair and I think you’ll like he place I told him.
I did the rest of my shopping quickly, getting both red and green grapes, strawberries, peaches, and some cucumbers. I hurriedly moved through the express line and went to the parking lot. I gave brief directions to Jack and told him to follow me.

It’s not a long trip to the café, only about five miles, but during that brief time the wheels in my nympho brain were already turning. I had been alone in the house a lot since my husband started his new job and I hated it. I shouldn’t have to be away from the company of a man for any long period of time. I was looking forward to having some fun with a man and my speedometer proved it; I was already going 10 miles an hour above the speed limit.
Finally I reached our destination, The Daily Grind, it was the middle of the day and there were only a few customers inside. I park and head inside, Jack followed behind. I could feel his eyes running up and down my body.
We got a booth in the corner and started looking over the menu.
“It seems like a nice place Debbie”, Jack says politely.
We ordered our coffee and lunch and when the waitress walked away Jack seems to get serious.
“Can I ask you something?”, he says
“It’s the ring isn’t it?”, I said casually.
Jack laughed nervously and said it was. I explained that I noticed him looking at my hands earlier. I explained that my husband was away a great deal of the time because of business. When he was home I wasn’t exactly the center of his attentions.
“So you understand Jack?”, I asked.
He put his and on my thigh, rubbed it, and said, “Yes Debbie, I do, at least I hope I do”
I knew that he would and I put my hand on top of his and looked directly into his blue eyes.
We sipped at our coffees, and the next thing he said made me tingle.
“To be honest, the moment I saw you in the store I had to have you”, he whispered to me.
I felt myself blush and almost gasped, it was obvious that he knew I needed the comfort of a man.

He unzipped his pants and put my hand on top of his hard cock right there in the booth! He wanted to show me how badly he wanted me.
I did everything in my power not to moan out loud then whispered in his ear, “yummy handsome young cock, we need to leave, soon, I’m creaming my jeans”.
He zipped back up and pulls himself together. He paid the check by throwing a fifty-dollar bill on the table and motioned to me to come with him.
We practically ran out of the café and I start towards my car. Jack says no, opens a door to his truck and tells me to come with him.
I hopped into the truck, my stomach in knots. My emotions were a mixed bag of anticipation, hope, and anxiety about where the next series of events will take me.
Jack got in and asked me where the closest private wooded area was.
“There’s a wooded area on this side of the park, up the road a bit on the right”.

Next, fun in the woods...

Monday, May 28, 2007

Never Forget

I'm not going to say Happy Memorial Day because there is nothing happy about it.
I've bared all so to speak on this blog, but today is a day that I can't hold back from letting my politics and beliefs show.
If you ask anyone that knows me they know that I am a great lover of this country, I stay optimistic about it. I have actively participated in politics and government for a large part of my life. I am believe that to be a good citizen you have to.
I believe that our young people, most of them from the poorer classes serving in the Army to be able to pay for college or medical care, shouldn't be paying the ultimate price in another country's civil war.
I believe it's wrong.
I believe we need to make this country worth fighting for before go across the world spreading our doctrine.
I believe we have become the new Roman Empire.

Disagree? That's fine, I won't get rid of your comments because it's your right [Amendment I: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.]

Below are some reminders about loving your country.

You're not to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.
Malcolm X (1925 - 1965)
Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
Samuel Johnson (1709 - 1784)

My country, right or wrong. In one sense I say so too. My country; and my country is the great American Republic. My country, right or wrong; if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right.
Carl Schurz (1829–1906)
Please visit the Iraq Page to remember those who have lost their live in the Iraq War from 2003 to 2007.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sabbatical Teachings #1

While I was away on sabbatical I explored many more areas of sexual wonders.
I traveled to exotic sexual beds and other places. I studied wise teachers and will be recounting some of my learnings over the next few weekly posts.

As I mentioned last month I wanted to share some of the things I learned while I was on my sabbatical.
My constant study of psychology and sex makes me search out interesting topics on the web.

The first one is an article I found interesting becuase it explores the always complex intereaction between mind and body when it gets to sex for women.
As you've heard me preach here before, the brain is the largest erogenous zone in the human body.
Women's minds are not wired the same as men's. It's why there is sometimes a tricky balance in the bedroom.

Many women enjoy the intamcy of sex, but are not really enjoying it on a physical level.
the article I read addresses some of the reasons that's happening.
The following information is from C-Health on the Canadian Canoe Network.

Why Don't I Enjoy Sex?

The reasons that women may not be enjoying sex are numerous and often complex.

Sexual experiences reflect the mingling of the mind and the body. What goes on in the mind is affected not only by what is going on sexually and nonsexually between the partners, but by everything that has gone on in the woman's life. Sometimes even experiences from childhood can be relevant.

The rest of the story is here.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Walls Have Ears - Finale

Be sure to enjoy Part Two before the finale.

My pussy had been tortured almost beyond it’s limits by now. I was aching in different ways all over. My arms and legs ached from being stretched, my pussy ached from the teasing and attention, and even my nipples were aching from being so erect.

CJ knew I was perfectly ready for him. He got on the bed and ran his cockhead up and down my wet, hot slit. I moaned out and Mike started stroking his cock, it seemed as though his loved the sound of moans and sighs. CJ slapped my swollen clit with his cockhead and it made me start to beg for it.
“Fuck me, stop teasing and just fuck me!”, I moaned out
The next feeling was that of fleshy hot steel parting my soft pussy lips. I screamed out this time as CJ thrust deep and hard into my cunt. My tight wetness hugged him and easily fell into the pace he created for us.
But remember we weren’t the only ones in the room. Mike was as close to the bed as he could get and was tugging faster on his dick. I watched Mike as I was fucked and he really enjoyed it, but wanted more from me, “Moan bitch, and let him know you love that cock”.

That wasn’t hard for me, and I aim to please.
“Fuck I need that cock”, I moaned out to CJ.
He bent over and sucked my tits without missing a beat. I was writhing against my bonds now and both CJ and Mike were picking up the pace.
I was close to the edge and moaned out that I wanted to cum.
“Bathe those balls baby, you know I love to make you cum”, CJ said breathlessly in between thrusts.
He slowed down, pulled halfway out of me and started playing with my clit. I moaned more as he played with that special spot and stirred my pussy.
“You damn slut”, Mike yelled at me as he massaged his balls. I could see his leaking and throbbing cock; he needed to cum as badly as I did.
CJ kept playing and smiling at me then slammed into me at just the right time. I moaned out in ecstasy, that was it. I came all over the fucker’s nuts.
Mike stroked and stroked harder.
CJ told him to drain his balls on my face.

I kept my face turned towards Mike as CJ kept pounding me. He was definitely enjoying my cunt and was about to shoot his hot goo into it.
Mike was stroking so fast it was making me hotter, if that was possible. There is something about the sound of a guy beating his meat that I find an extreme turn on.
I bucked against CJ’s thick cock and moaned out as he hit my g-spot again and I was cumming for a second time. Just as I opened my mouth Mike unloaded on me. He hit my tongue and lips with marksman like ability, and then sprayed the rest of my face.
I turned back towards CJ and licked my lips, eating Mike’s cum. Well that must have done it for CJ, he groaned and plunged one last time into me and exploded. His nuts drained into my hot pussy.

CJ pulled out of me and I went limp against my bonds.
“I hope this all you expected Mike”, I said as he was pulling up his pants.
“Oh yes and more, it was amazing to finally see the two of you in action”, he answered.
“You’re welcome anytime, maybe even join in if you want”, CJ said.
“That would be an honor”, Mike replied.
Mike quietly showed himself out as CJ began to untie me. Once untied I sat up and licked at his cock to clean him up.
As I sucked his balls clean, he started to get hard again.
But, as always, that’s another story.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

TTT #4 - Cheers to CJ

This week's TTT is in honor of CJ for two reasons:
1. He is most certainly a breast man.
2. He is a lover of olives in his drinks, there can never be enough in his gin.
So CJ, enjoy and drink this one down.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Walls Have Ears - Part Two

Enjoy Part One first

As I lay on the bed, vulnerable, the air from the slow moving ceiling fan gliding across my hardening nipples, I knew that tonight would be very exciting, for everyone involved.

CJ propped my head up on two pillows then kept up his sweet torture. It began with attaching my chained nipple clamps. He licked across my nipples several times then tugged at the chain. I moaned out, not loudly, in sheer delight.
I knew that CJ was enjoying himself; I could see the bulge that proved it. CJ saw me look at him and he rebuked me for it.
“It’s not time yet bitch, you know that”, he said sharply.
I replied with a simple a nod.
He leaned over and kissed me, he’s one of the best kissers I’ve ever known, always so warm. I remember one time I came by just him holding me and kissing me. It is always such a turn on for me. His kisses made my hips move towards him and I gave small tugs at my restraints. I could feel the heat of my pussy rising as I was falling into my pleasure zone.

He lifted up off me and said, “Now it’s time bitch”
He stood and took off his shirt, unzipped his pants and took them off, then grabbed at the elastic of his shorts, pulling them down, His stiff thick cock jumped out at me, my pussy ached more.
He yanked harder this time on my nipple clamps and insisted that I tell him I liked his cock.
Another soft moan escaped before I answered, “Yes sir, yes you have a fine hard cock and I want it”
“Not yet, you know that bitch”, he answered.

I know that first he wanted pictures of me. He went over to his night table and pulled out the video recorder this time, usually its just stills he wants. He put it on the tripod leaning against the wall. His cock was bouncing with his movements, his balls were tight, and fuck I wanted it all.
“Now show the camera that pussy baby”
I lifted up my hips high, straining against the cuffs as he leaned in with the camera. He spread my lips wide and kept filming my damp pink pussy.
When he had enough of me tied up and my wet cunt he put the camera back on the tripod, still running and dove without warning into my pussy. His tongue split my swollen pussy lips and slurped up and down my hot slit.

This time my moans were not soft. This time I screamed out in ecstasy. I squirmed against the cuffs, it drove me wild, not being able to squeeze his head with my thighs, or run my hands through his hair, or dig my ankles into his neck. Yes, sweet torture. I moaned and sighed with each expert lick at my inner lips, with each suck on my hard clit, and with each time his tongue entered me.
Then I heard it, two knocks and the door closing.
CJ nodded and softly said, “I know”.

Mike found the bedroom, probably by following my moans. His eyes popped out when he saw me tied to the bed, but I smiled to let him know that everything was all right.
“We’ll need a photographer tonight Mike, that OK with you?”, CJ said.
Mike seemed to just stammer his answer, “Yes, of course, I just wanted to watch you guys”
“Oh and Mike you look very uncomfortable in those pants all of a sudden”, I said.
He seemed to tear off his clothes in a flash. His cock was handsome and almost at full attention for me.
“We’re all yours buddy”, CJ said to Mike.
Mike told CJ that he wanted to see what he did that made me scream that way I do.
He moved behind the camera and zoomed in on CJ diving down on me again. I squirmed against my restraints as he slurped at my pussy and inserted one finger, then another. His tongue flicked around my clit as he finger fucked me. I moaned out. Mike was filming us, turning me on more, making me feel even sluttier, and his hand moved to his balls. Mike started playing with himself as CJ brought me to the edge and then pulled back, teasing me, continuing his torture.
I think that Mike was aching as much as I was by now, I could see his precum glistening and my pussy felt like it was soaking.

“Now how about I really make her scream, that sound good to you Mike?”, CJ asked.
“Damn straight”, Mike answered.
CJ climbed onto the bed and put a pillow under my ass, this made me strain against the cuffs, but gave a better entrance for him. Mike changed the position of the camera to get a better shot. CJ told him to just let it run and to come over to the side and watch us.
“This is what I wanted to see”, Mike said as he eagerly took his place beside the bed.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Slutty McStar Boob

Some people have all the fun at their graduations, huh?

I imagine this Masters graduate's parents must be quite proud!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Walls Have Ears - Part One

A note, thanks to Mike for giving me an idea that I ran with, making this story possible.

Sometimes the written word can’t truly express some things that go on in the bedroom. One thing that isn’t usually expressed here is the fact that I’m a screamer. Most of the time it’s as though the waves I feel exploding through out my pussy move their way upward, fill my lungs, and move out of my mouth in glorious loud moans. They leave any man I’m with no question that I have been fully satisfied.

Naturally, this can cause embarrassment if not contained when necessary. Examples include when you’re staying at your mother’s home, or have a roommate, or as CJ and I have experienced, live in a condo. We love the place we moved into last fall, it’s out of the city, is more family friendly, there is more green around us, but there are still 11 other units in our area.

So I really sing out when I have sex, so what. My version of a love song is even more intense when it has been a week or so since my last encounter with CJ. One of these love-making encounters just happened the other evening and I think I’ve begun to worry CJ.
The next day when I got home from work CJ told me that he was starting to think about what the neighbors must think of us. I suppose at times it must sound as though I’m being tortured, but my torture is sweet and enjoyed like nothing else. He continued to let me know that he asked the neighbor next to us, Mike, if he had heard us.
I immediately got offended that he would do such a thing, but that quickly wore off and I became fascinated.
“So what did he say?”
To quote Mike, “Duh! Yes I had”, CJ answered
CJ wondered if I shouldn’t tone things down as long as we’re living in a condo unit.
I said, hell no. I don’t change myself for that.
“Plus I bet he’s loving it”, I said teasingly.

We continued expressing our love to each other in the bedroom with no restraints. We kept seeing Mike on the stairs or in the hallway every so often and I always smiled knowingly at him.
Finally, one evening when I was feeling especially frisky I stopped him in the hallway and told him that I knew CJ and asked him about my moans of pleasure.
He broke down at admitted to me that he had been waiting for me to say something to him. He had been listening for weeks and it had been turning him on for just as long. He felt as though something had been awakened that he had never known existed. I knew what that something was; he was a voyeur and had never indulged his fantasies before.
Once finding out there was a man nearby that was turned on, I had to help. I thought for a moment and came up with a plan. I told him that the next time he heard my moans to come over to our place, knock twice and let himself in with the key I gave him.

Our next love-making evening came only a few days later and it was especially ‘interesting’. CJ played with me like a toy, in one of my favorite ways.
We finished a bottle of wine after dinner and CJ over took me. He insisted that I go to the bedroom and strip naked. I explained to him that I wasn’t quite ready this evening, I hadn’t shaved for a couple of days. He kindly offered to do it for me, in time.
Then he whispered the ‘cue word’ to me. CJ and I have cue words that let one or the other know that they wanted to play one of our set scenarios. The word he spoke to me was “bitch”. This was one of my favorite cues. I smiled said “I love you”, and continued with what I had to do.
I stripped down, while CJ was telling me that I wasn’t moving fast enough. I quickened my pace and moved to the bed, lying on my back. By now, CJ had gotten my special electric razor. He gave me a few small kisses between my navel and my landing patch, and then started his trim job. He deftly moved around my pussy lips and trimmed up my patch. I was smooth and more sensitive as ever.
“Assume the position bitch”, CJ commanded.
I moved to the middle of the bed and CJ walked around it, at each corner he pulled out the under bed restraints that were always there. Each corner had a cuff attached to a connector strap underneath.
He tied me down to the bed, spread eagle and began his torture.
I knew tonight would be full of moans and I knew what that meant.
The moans continue next time...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Back To "Normal"

I haven't been posting for these last couple of days because of so many things needing my attention here in my family.
My mother came down to visit for Mother's Day and because our daughter (one of the best things CJ ever gave me) graduated from college.
I am very proud of her. She graduated with two honors: cum laude and wore special tassels as a student leader.
There were presents and tears and celebration. Most of it was almost surreal.
There are now new beginnings to look forward to.

One thing my readers may enjoy hearing about was that during the actual commencement ceremony one of the students tore off her gown and was wearing only pasties and black lace panties. The gasp almost took the air out of the auditorium. CJ had a good laugh and of course took pics.
I guess there's one in every crowd.

I am planning on getting back to writing within the next day or two.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I wanted to wish a happy day to all the mom's out there. I'm sure if you're reading this you're a real MILF too.
You go gals!
Two good things for me this Mother's Day:
1. I'm lucky enough to have my mom here at my place this Mother's Day.
2. I'm getting a great present from my child, she is graduating from college on Monday, cum laude.

Now for some interesting facts about mom:

I Love Mom
  • 88 percent of adults say their mother has had a positive influence on them.
  • 92 percent say their current relationship with their mother is positive.
  • 88 percent of all mothers say their family appreciates them enough.
  • 53 percent of adults say their mother had more influence than their father had.
  • 60 percent of women say their mother was more influential than their father, compared with 45 percent of men.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

For The Love Of Tits

I had gone away a few days ago to visit my mother and while I was there got a run of the mill stomach flu. I stayed until I felt better, even at my age it still feels good to get some motherly love when you’re sick.
Once my strength was regained, I knew I needed to get home because my libido was growing and I need some of that special kind of relief.

When I got home and walked through that familiar door I felt so at ease that I could feel my muscles relax and I started about my usual daily routine.
The blinking red light on the phone was the first thing that caught my eye. I made some fresh coffee and settled in to listen to my voicemails.
The second one was the one that put a smile on my face.
It was the deep sexy voice of Michael, my lover, letting me know that he would still be around when I needed him.
Michael is a brilliant lover and knows me well. We have a special friendship.
He asked for a return call when I got home. I’ve never denied him anything, so why start now?
I dialed the phone and my heartbeat quickened when he answered. I told him I had gotten his message and asked him over for some of the fresh coffee I had just made. He thought that sounded good and said he’d see me in twenty minutes.
I took a quick shower and put on my favorite long silk robe.
I went to the kitchen and opened a bottle of Beaujolais because to me that is happy, celebratory wine.
I was pulling the glasses from the cabinet when I heard the knock at the door.
I excitedly opened the door and there he was wearing that sexy smile that warms my heart, and other places whenever I see it.
I practically pulled him inside and we embraced then kissed deeply.
We talked and moved to the kitchen to get our wine. Soon we were on the couching laughing and enjoying each other’s company.
Then he leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, “You haven’t forgotten me have you Debbie?”
Of course not I assured him, I remember everything about you and what you do to me.
“You know what I remember Debbie?, your slippery hole”, he whispered back to me.
A small gasp escaped from me when he said that and I snuggled up closer to him. Everything about what he does to me was burned into my brain via my pussy.
He continued to tease me and he obviously had a plan. He took my hand and led me to the bedroom. I sat at the edge of the foot of the bed as Michael stood in front of me.
“Debbie I’ve been wanting to tell you what I’ve been thinking about while you’ve been gone”, he told me.
I looked up at him and with my look told him to go on.
He told me how my tits turned him on, how much he liked them. The thought of them draped over his face, moving from nipple to nipple made him want me more. The ability to play with my smooth, shaved snatch while he sucked at my nipples made him think of making me squirm.

“Now Debbie, it’s your turn, tell me how you feel right now, after I told you those things”
At that moment I wanted to spread my legs and at least put my hand on my pussy. I didn’t hold back and I told Michael this. Since I didn’t want to do that I just kept squeezing my pussy lips together, feeling their wetness. I told Michael what I was doing and he wanted me to spread my legs and show him my waiting pussy.
I went ahead and spread them and told Michael how my clit was warm and throbbing just thinking of his returning to me.
Michael told me that first he needed to nibble and bite my tits, that he could see my firm nipples pushing through the satin robe. As I said earlier, Michael knows me and he knew that those nipples ached for him.
He untied the belt to my robe as I leaned forward and undid his belt and zipper. His pants fell to the floor and he stepped out of them as he took off his shirt. Michael always looked so yummy to me when he was naked.

I told him that I had something special for him.
“In the toy drawer next to the bed Michael is a small jar, get it out.”
Michael took out the jar, it was nipple gel. I could see his cock harden as he came closer to my breasts. I explained to him that if he rubbed the gel on my nipples it would feel cold to me and taste like mint to him. He dipped a finger in and painted my hard nipples with it, then finished off each dab with a twist. The feeling was hot and cold at the same time, I loved it, and it made me ache all over.
Michael continued, not letting up for a minute, listening to my moans, knowing that he was making my snatch steam.
“Fuck Deb that’s the way I like those tits, you’re nipple are so hard”, Michael said as he lowered his face onto my tits and gave me teasing licks across the nipples, tasting the mint.
I always enjoy watching Michael suckle my tits and he began to love them, kissing, licking and gently biting all over. At the same time I could feel his cock hardening. I didn’t forget at all how handsome his hard bouncing cock was and I let him know. When it came to my tits he was always intense.

“I want to fuck your tits upside down Deb”, he said as he began to position himself.
He kneeled over my face and positioned his cock in the deep crevasse of my cleavage. He told me of the heat he can feel around his stiffness.
As he slowly moves between my tits he pleads, “Lick my ass honey”
I start my licks at the base of his musky tight balls then move to his asshole.
Michael moans out telling me to take it easy because even though his ass begs for my tongue he doesn’t want to pop his load too soon.
I flick my tongue around his sensitive asshole, rimming it just right to drive him wild.
Soon Michael was moaning, “ooh god!”

The sweet musk of his balls was calling to my pussy and making it wet. Michael could always tell what I wanted, let alone what I needed. He leaned forward and swirled his tongue around my clit. Now it was my turn to moan. I began to gently buck against his face, making it wet.
My moans echo against his asshole and I push my face against him, rocking on him.
The more I licked and tickled at Mike’s ass, it seemed the hotter his cock felt on my soft tits, he was rock hard and leaking on them.
I need more of his face and tongue and spread my legs wide like a slut for him.
As I do that he lifts his face off me, calls me his cock pig, and commands me to suck his balls. I slurp at his hot balls then suck them into my warm hungry mouth. As he moans out he dived into my hot wet cunt and tongue fucked it hard. I naturally buck against it fucking his expert tongue.

Michael moved back and upwards as he temporarily. “I want to cum in your mouth my cum pig”, Michael told me.
Then he lowered his hard cock into my open mouth and I began to eat him up, first tasting his salty precum, then his hard hot flesh. I suck at him wanting to empty those balls I tasted earlier down my throat. As I began to suck with my special diligence, his face was back on my pussy, my swollen puffy outer lips parting easily for him to get the hot hole needing his tongue.
Soon we were fucking each other’s mouths, moaning stifled by mouths full of our favorite treats.
I moved my hand up to Mike’s ass and pushed a finger into his still wet asshole.
I could feel his moans through my pussy then that twitch that told me a split second later I was getting a mouthful of his hot goo. Michael truly exploded this time, squirting, and then squirting again. I swallowed his cum down hard, almost taking his cock with it!
What a fucking a turn on! He sucked at my clit as he came and I moaned out as I came on his face.

He rolled off of me, we sighed and smiled at the lovely mess we made.
“I didn’t forget a thing Mike”, I purred at him.
“And I can never forget you my dear”, he answered.
I asked him to spend the night so we could see what the morning might bring.
He agreed, we got under the covers, and we soon feel into a happy sleep.
I can’t wait for breakfast!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

CBW #55 - The Cocks Return

It's been a while since I've showed off the lovely submissions I recieved.
The picture below was attached to an email entitled "Baby you can turn me on..."
What's even better is that this was taken in his office!
Thanks again and remember to keep on giving guys.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Celebrate !

Don't forget that May is National Masturbation Month.
Celebrate in your own fashion with yourself.
One site that will make you smile is Joy of Masturbation.
Another will teach you about the myths and realities of masturbation.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Bad Tooth and Bad Karma?

I haven't been posting lately because I have been in some real pain.
I had a toothache for about 4 days, then the pain finally kept me up on night so I called the dentist. It was extracted on Tuesday. By Thursday I had a temperature of 101.1 and returned to the dentist. I'm now on antibiotics.

Here's the kicker. When the tooth was pulled I was given 14 Vicodins for the pain. I used them spareingly because they hit me hard that first day. I had the bottle on my desk at work on Friday and somebody (probably a patient, considering our clientele) stole the bottle. Not good. Not good for me and not good for the probable addict I gave access to them. I feel awful. I'm sure my boss isn't happy. To add to all this I'm in pain again. Arrghh!

To say the least it's put a bit of a damper on my mood and writing skills.
I should be fine in a few days and back in rare form.