Wednesday, August 30, 2006

CBW #32 - A Fine Donation #1

As many of you know from my last CBW, I have a fetish involving hard cocks escaping the confines of their pants. I made a plea for some good cocks out there that would satisfy my fetish. My first donation came from Gettin' Sum. Thanks for givin' sum this time.
I bet the nice bend tickles g-spots very efficiently.

As for anyone else who would like to donate...I'm always open. I'll post them in the order I get them.
For a description of what I like, check out CBW #31

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sex Bed Sunday #2

I didn’t expect to be doing another entry before the move, but CJ really inspired me this time.
I’ll do the description fairly quickly.

We had spent most of the day starting the serious packing, taking things off the walls, and packing and labeling plenty of boxes.
In the early afternoon we were running out of steam. We met up in the downstairs office and began those soft knowing kisses we enjoy. I opted to take a shower and invited CJ to join me. It’s be a while since we showered together. I got in while he shaved. He finally joined me. Once we decided on the temperature of the water I started moving my soapy, slippery hands over his body. I think it’s a healing sort of thing to wash someone. This was just a quick version of what I would do for healing purposes. My hands moved all over him as he turned to make it easier for me. At last I made it to his cock, it slipped easily between my hands. Even though I had already washed myself he returned the favor.
Once out of the shower we dryed off and headed for the bed.

I was wearing only a tee-shirt so CJ went straight for my pussy, my clit started throbbing almost immediately. He played with me from clit to my aching hole. I felt like being especially bad and rolled over to pull my favorite toy out of my toy drawer. It’s been featured in Toy Drawer #3.
He really played with me using that, bringing me to the edge a couple of times.
His cock was hard and handsome by now, but we were interrupted by a message from our daughter. CJ quickly text-messaged her back then said to me “Look what happened” Yep, Mr. Happy didn’t look quite as happy anymore. I was instructed to fix it. I quickly moved between his thighs and started licking and sucking. The past couple times we have made love things have become so urgent that I didn’t take the time to taste CJ. Now I had a fucking feast. The best kind of all, the feel of cock hardening in my mouth. I let him out of my mouth and climbed up on CJ. I eased myself onto his cock and began the fun of screwing myself all around it....just plain riding him. Oh that is sooo good!

Once his cock was well oiled with my pussy juices I asked for permission to suck his cock again. It was quickly given and I moved to his cock. I started with long lollipop licks this time, I wanted to taste ‘us’ on his cock. He’s just so damn yummy though I soon had that cockhead parting my lips so I could seriously eat him some more. I couldn’t stop moaning and slurping all over that delicious cock. He slipped out of my mouth and as he did he took his hard tool in his hand and started stroking. I wasn’t about to move from my sweet spot. I nuzzled, kissed, licked, and sucked his balls while he jerked. It wasn’t long before he rolled me over and just slammed his rock hard cock inside me. He held me very close with one hand around the back of my head and I loved the feeling of becoming one with him.
Putting it plainly we fucked hard and came hard, together....creating this Sex Bed Sunday.

Sex Bed Sunday

Friday, August 25, 2006


I see that through his comments on the last post CJ has brought our readers up to date on some things that are going on.
I guess soulmates do think alike and I was going to post anyway, just a quickie for now, but as we all know many times they can be just as satisfying.

At this very moment CJ is in our nation's capitol taking a second test for his dream job. I would give anything to see him get this one, not as much for the monetary gain, but for the chance for him to follow his bliss.

As for the sheepskin...yes very romantic, and as it looks from the comments, it's getting very crowded. But I always say the more the merrier! We have a beautiful oriental rug that I inherited from my father that will look wonderful on the new Pergo flooring in front of the fireplace. I actually did most of the decorating of the current apartment around it.

Packing is going along slowly only because there is no need for urgency. We get the keys to the place on the 1st and have to be out of our place on the 8th, so we can take stuff over bit by bit.

The other big news was my birthday was on Tuesday. I came home to our daughter visiting and a great dinner prepared by CJ. One thing he made was Bleu Cheese Deviled Eggs. I love them and will have to post the recipe soon. What makes it so special is that bleu cheese is one of the few foods CJ doesn't eat, it absolutely makes him gag, but he got through making them for me.
Isn't he sweet? Presents were opened. CJ gave me a beautiful Japanese tea set and tea that will be perfect to share on a cool evening at the new place. He also got me an autographed picture of Dr. Ruth, my hero.

There's my quickie, enjoy the weekend everyone.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Another Big Event

CJ and I finally got fed up with the dirty gray city. We found a place out towards the 'burbs.
It's green. We'll have a fireplace! We'll have a nice balcony to sit on and listen to the bugs and birds.
Why am I telling you all this?
It's all happening very quickly. We can start moving in on the 1st of September, and should be fully moved by the 8th.
This may cause my posts to be a little less regular than usual (if you can call them regular now).
Please stand by.....

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

CBW #31 - More Release

My regular readers know how I love an unleashed cock. Here is this week's.
I'm going to start running out soon so I will gladly take contributions from my readers.
It should be a semi-hard to hard cock straining to get out of some confines or being taken out of pants, like this week's....yummy!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Zagat's Gives It Five Stars

I want you to have me tonight.
I want to be taken by you and driven wild.

You've already used your charm and smooth talking to finesse me out of my clothing. You are still clothed, but seeing you standing in our bedroom still just turns me on.
"Get on the bed", you ask gently.
I comply and lie on my back, you watch my every move, leering and smiling.
"I starving baby, and I want to eat out tonight."
Knowing how much I like to be tied up you lean over and tie my wrists to the brass-work on the headboard.
You don't join me on the bed quite yet; you strip for me first. You know me so well along with all my triggers that even though you're naked you still aren't on the bed.
"I want juicy pussy to eat" you say in sultry way that turns me on.
You walk around the bed and come closer to me. Standing next to me you hold your cock firmly in your hand. It's stiff and handsome and my pussy throbs for it. You slowly stroke it for me and I moan and beg for it as you get stiffer and I watch as your cockhead points to the ceiling.
"No cock for a while hon, remember I'm hungry", you say as you crawl onto the bed with me.
"You bad girl, I can smell your wet cunt", you say harshly.

"Now let me have that yummy pussy", you say as you spread my legs wide and your face disappeared between my thighs.
You hold my legs down at the knees, keeping me from squirming as your tongue splits my outer lips and takes a long slurp up my hot, wet slit. That simple action caused me to fill the room with my moans.
Taking your time to spend another twenty to thirty minutes just enjoying your meal, which included:
Slow circles around my inner lips at different speeds and pressures. All I am able to do is scream and squirm. Since I can't hold your head, I close my thighs in closer to your face and you kiss and tickle my pussy more with your tongue. Your rough, warm, wet tongue then moves to pay special attention to my clit. Nibble, suck, flick. I cum on you. I'm so wet that I can feel my juices dribbling out of me. Finally, your tongue stabs inside my hole and I buck against your face, fucking it. Your nose rubs against my clit and I cum on your face again.
Your hands move under my ass and push my pussy up to you as you continue your feast, moaning into my hot hole. The room is filled with the sounds of slurping and moaning.
I am weakening from my orgasms. I am light headed. My pussy is swollen, wet, and spent. You know that you have hit the point where my sensitivity has gone over the limit and pull away from me.
You give me a wet sticky kiss and tastes purely of me.

Your cock is throbbing and dripping with precum.

"Thanks for the great meal babe, another five-star rating", you say to me lovingly. I smile back and say "No, thank you. Remember you're always welcome at this establishment"
Then I tell you that you really shouldn't waste that handsome cock.

With that you move between my still spread legs, put my feet and your shoulders and slam every inch of your cock into me, my pussy hugs your dick, we both moan out and know that...

It's all yummy.....

Friday, August 11, 2006

Tagged Again

It's been awhile so I had no compunction about complying with this tag.

Ken over at Dirty Couple In Virginia tagged us the other day and here is my reply:

A) Four jobs I have had in my life: Nurse's Aide, Pizza Maker, Telephone Interviewer and Programmer (none of which I do now)

B) Four movies I could watch over and over: Sideways, The Princess Bride, Dune, and Star Wars (New Hope)

C) Four places I have lived: Media PA, Toledo OH, Ashland OH, and Baltimore MD

D) Four TV shows I love to watch: The Daily Show, LOST, House, and Medium

E) Four places I've been on vacation: London, Paris, San Francisco, the Jersey shore

F) Four of my favorite websites: Wikipedia, IMDb, The S Spot, my daughter's artwork site

G) Four of my favorite foods: Mac and Cheese, Steak, Pizza, and any good deli sandwich

H) Four friends I will tag: Joe and Dee, Him and Her, Arkay, and California Gal and MCB

I) Right now I would rather be: Traveling on an old train.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

HNT #20 Perchance To Dream

CJ and I just got new sheets with a 400 thread count. Very sexy feeling.
So I thought our new sheets could join in the fun for HNT.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Breaking In The Sheets

We just bought some brand new, 400 thread count sheets for our bed. They are a striking combination of burgundy and ivory.
Last night CJ unexpectedly decided we should break them in. I was surprised because he had to get up early for a trip to New York City. I figured my kiss goodnight would be that and only that, but it wasn’t, not by a long shot.

In the darkness of midnight with the ever-present jazz playing on the radio next to me, CJ moved closer to me, kissed me goodnight and kept kissing me. Our warm wet tongues danced together, teasing, and then satisfying. I kept running my fingers through his soft familiar light brown hair with one hand, while the other held his hand behind my neck. As we held and caressed each other, I felt as though I was hanging on for dear life – my dear, my life.

My hips rocked as his hands moved to my bare breasts. One hand kneaded and fondled a tit while he moved his mouth to the other’s nipple and began suckling. That is my true weakest. My nipples are hard-wired to my pussy and I started to melt away. Even the sound of his suckling turns me on along with how he looks with his face buried in my tits. The feel of his tongue across my nipples just makes me ache. And last night I was aching. I swear I could feel my clit and lips swell and swell more as they glided against those smooth new sheets.

I know he was enjoying my moans as he ripped the sheets off the bottom half of me. My legs were spread wide. It was so natural. His hand moved to explore my pussy and there he found a very wet hot slit and a very sensitive clit. He was expert in his play, teasing my body more, bringing it to a critical mass. That absolute need to be stuffed full of his cock. I didn’t beg this time although I could have. I just told him how beautiful he made me feel. He answered telling me that I was beautiful.

Then somewhere between my sighs and moans he entered me. His stiff cock easily rode inside me, splitting my puffy pussy lips, on the juices he forced out of me with his foreplay. Every inch was so hot I couldn’t hold back from telling him so
”You’re dick is so fucking hot!”
He moved in and out of me, slowly for a while, driving me wild and making me ‘bad’. I started bucking up against him and telling him “to screw me…just screw into me”.
Then I felt it, the shiver that cause me to start scratching and pounding on him, moaning out in a warm fantastic orgasm. CJ just keep pumping me, now faster, now wanting his release. He wasn’t far behind me when he came I shivered and came again.

No last night wasn’t fucking, it was marvelous love making. It was followed by ‘I love yous’. It was the perfection of soulmates.

I even had one of my ‘aftershocks’ and it’s been a while since I had that. Ladies out there do you know what I’m talking about here? They are like little flutters rather than orgasms that I get sometimes after a guy has pulled out, but I’m still in a state of heightened sensitivity.

When I woke up this morning CJ was already gone on his train trip to New York, but he left me a little note that said LUV U ! - CJ
On my drive into work I had something else happen to me that hasn’t happened in literally years. When I thought back to last night, I felt a shot of electricity run down to my pussy and I got one of those flutters I described before.
How yummy is that?

He called to let me know he had safely arrived a couple of hours later and I missed him even more.
Baby I loved it, and I’ll always want more. You’re so yummy!

Stay tuned to HNT for a nice shot of our sheets.

CBW #30 My Fetish

It's just some weird fetish of mine, but I do like pictures of cocks struggling to be out in the open....searching for some warm tight place to visit. So here's this weeks's submission.

Saturday, August 5, 2006

The Descent Into Puritanical Hell

Tell me, especially the moms out there, what's wrong with this picture:

I'll tell you what I think is wrong with it: NOTHING
I'm a mother that breastfeed her baby. What I see is natural and beautiful. It's a great photo that shows love and bonding between a mother and her baby. From what I read apparently I'm in the minority among moms out there.
Read this article from Baby Talk magazine to see what I mean.
Women all over the country were outraged by this cover. Words like disgusted and gross were used by some.
Sex was read into it. Have people gotten so uptight that they have forgotten what things like breasts are for? Have breasts become such a universal fetish that we can't see the true splendor in them? What we see above is a breast doing what nature intended. We are mammals, therefore we feed our young with milk.

What has this regime of reactionary idiots done to us? What are we becoming? What things about ourselves are we forgetting? This hypocritical puritanical society sometimes drives me mad.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

HNT #19 - The Harvest

In my relgion August marks the feast of the first harvest, Lammas.
Here's a little sample of my peaches to celebrate.
Happy HNT.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

The Sleeping Pill

It was midnight and time to retire to the cool, 360 count Egyptian cotton sheets on our king-sized bed upstairs. I was going to bed, not as much because I was tired, but because I knew I should. I’m an incurable night owl and if it were possible I’d stay up another two hours. Night owls pay the price at 7:00 in the morning. So off to bed I went.

I washed up, took two valerian root capsules, turned the radio on my night table to the jazz station, and crawled into bed with CJ. After our usual 15 minute before bed chatter, I turned out the light and we kissed good-nite. I laid on my back, enjoyed the sultry jazz and waited for sleep. In no time CJ had turned on his side and was snoring lightly. That man falls asleep like an innocent baby.
Trust me, he is neither a baby, nor innocent.

Sometimes to help me fall asleep I go to the guestroom downstairs, read a good story on a fellow blogger’s site, and jerk off, but I didn’t feel like doing that tonight. To I looked over at CJ’s bare back (we both sleep in the nude), listened to that sultry music and started tugging on my nipples. It was if a little devil hopped on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, “Go for it Deb”.
It didn’t take long for that angel to show up on the other shoulder saying “Let him sleep”
I struggled for maybe five minutes before there was a POP in some primal part of my brain that said “Do it Deb, you know you want it”, and said it loudly.

From there on things were sort of on autopilot. I moved what sheets he had on him down and spooned up against him. I nuzzled his neck and licked at his earlobes. He stirred and softly moaned out. One of my arms moved across his chest, the other across his pillow, over the top of his head.

Suddenly I was startled!

He had been playing ‘possum. He was wide-awake. He flipped me onto my back as he rolled on top of me. He got up from me, spread my legs and kneeled between them. His cock was rock hard when he showed it off to me, stroking it for me.

Next…well, I’m sure you can imagine what happened next.

Do you think some day they will be able to squeeze all that kissing, teasing, licking, sucking, moans, heat, hardness, wetness, fucking, and final muscle spasms into a pill?

I know, at least for me, I would be relaxed and worn out. It would be a great sleeping pill.

CBW #29 - Free At Last (Again)

I don't know why, but there is something about those cocks that are straining to get away from the confines of a good man's briefs or boxers or even thong, that makes me wet!
Another CBW yummy.....

Now take a look at the article below and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

What Is Sex For?

Oh sure that sounds like an easy question, depending on your point of view. Sex is for making babies, sex is for feeling good, sex is for showing the greatest affection, sex gives me something to write about in my blog.

Wondering why I've chosen to speak about all this tonight?
It's something I overheard at work while a group of people were taking a break. Forgive me if the following discussion seems vague, but I want to keep people as anonymous as possible.
A younger woman was speaking to an older woman about certain things going on in her life. A focal point of the discussion was things that her husband wouldn't do. No I'm not talking about in bed, I'm taking about in the home and some of his outlooks on life. The older woman's advise was actually to withhold sex from him. I couldn't believe it! It sounded so archaic. I couldn't hold back in making a comment.
"I vowed a long time ago never to use sex as a weapon"
I didn't expound on it. I saw the woman's face drop just for a second. I knew I made my point.
It's true. I have never refused or held sex back for a certain amount of time to get something I want. The whole thought of it disgusts me.

On the other end of the scale I have never had make-up sex either.
I have had break up sex. When I broke up with guy I was seeing to get back together with CJ there was a lot of guilt (I had already cheated on him) and crying. Then for some reason I got very turned on. I told him to fuck me like in the beginning. The relationship started out as fuck buddies and had gotten more involved. It was pure hard hot fucking, then good-bye.

So other than good old lovemaking, what kinds of sex have you had?
Do you use sex as weapon?
What do you think?