Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Good Day

No plan
A pitcher of margaritas
A fine dinner
A walk around the neighborhood
My top pulled up
My bra pulled up
Played with and kissed
Do it again.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Let's Finish The Buffet

Be sure to enjoy the first part of the buffet here:

CJ moved onto the bed and sat me back on Mr. W’s face. I put my arms behind me and leaned back on them, as Mr. W’s tongue entered my tight snatch, CJ put the camera down and started lapping at my clit. He just can’t stay away from a big swollen clit. I had never felt two tongues on my pussy before. I was in heaven. The sound of two men slurping at me was driving me closer to the edge; I was getting ready to cream two faces.
They weren’t going to make it that easy for me though. They both stopped. CJ picked up his camera again as Mr. W. pulled on my ankles, forcing me to my back.
“I want to work your tits while I fuck you”, Mr. W said as he started to mount me.
The time for teasing was definitely over. He pushed his cock inside me, moving easily into my slippery tight hole. Then he shoved himself inside me to the hilt, his balls resting on my ass. I screamed out as his dick stretched my pussy, my back arched as I could feel his heat all over the wet walls of my pussy.
CJ, even though he has the best view, puts the camera on a tripod and joins us again. CJ licked at my asshole as ‘W’ went deeper into my pussy.
With that, CJ stuck his thumb up my ass.
I screamed out, “Fuck me”.

CJ’s thumb pushed against Mr. W’s rock hard cock as he began to fuck me. ‘W’ nibbled at my tits as he pushed deeper inside me.
CJ’s cock by now was at rock hard attention and dripping as he pleasured the both us. I was hitting the point where I was drunk on cock, drunk on fucking.
I felt bad because CJ’s cock was so hard and handsome, but it wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. I let ‘W’ know it too, and told him to suck off CJ. He slowed down his strokes, but stayed inside me as CJ pulled his thumb from me, stood over me and gave ‘W’ his dick.

‘W’ started by sucking on his swollen knob. CJ moaned and was smiling; just seeing him that way turned me on. The both of them looked fantastic. As I Iooked up, CJ was straddling me; I could see his balls were tight and surely aching from Mr. W’s sucks. Still he managed to keep fucking my pussy with each thrust into me I heard a slurp and suck on CJ. Mr. W was actually making the both of us moan. ‘W’ took him all the way down and CJ’s balls were resting on his chin as he fucked me harder and deeper. I pushed and screwed my pussy right back onto his hot shaft. My pussy clamped around his meat and pulled him deeper into me, filling me up. He found my g-spot and rubbed it with his cock, sending me closer to the edge of ecstasy.
CJ was focused on seeing another man’s cock disappear into my cunt.
“Fuck my whore ‘W’”, CJ moaned out as he fucked his face.
I was getting so close to cumming I told ‘W’ I was ready.
He let CJ’s cock drop from his mouth and leaned over to bite my nipples, knowing that would do it for me.
My body began to tremble as he rubbed my g-spot and sucked my tits.
Finally, my entire body shattered over his cock, soaking it to his balls with my juices.
He went back to CJ, who immediately shoved his cock into his face and began to hammer it. A heard that familiar louder moan of CJ’s and watched as he loaded up Mr. W’s mouth with his hot cum. He instantly kissed me and gave me a taste of CJ’s spunk. It’s a familiar taste.
‘W’ is fucking me even harder now, rubbing my snatch with his dick. My fingernails began to dig into his back. I raise my ass up off the floor to meet his thrusts as I feel his balls slap my swollen pussy lips. In no time, he was draining his nuts into me as I had one more shiver of orgasm around his stiffness.
It was no surprise when we all collapsed on the bed, spent and satisfied.
Three has always been one of my lucky numbers.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Baby Can You Wear Your Man?

I have gotten bored with my workday wardrobe. Right now I can’t afford to buy anything new, it’s not in the budget. Therefore, I asked my fashion advisor (my daughter) for any ideas. She told me most people accessorize when they feel they’re in a clothing rut. That only goes so far in a work environment.

CJ is the one who came to the rescue. Have I ever told you how much I like men’s clothing? Or how much I enjoy the men’s department of a fine store? Perhaps it all ties into that fetish I have of seeing a fully dressed man with his stuff cock escaping his suit.
However, I digress.

Today I went to work in a totally new outfit; light tan pants, a black ribbed tank, and a wonderful washable silk shirt. That silk shirt wasn’t mine. CJ suggested it from his side of the closet. It’s perfect for the summer.
In the past, I have bought men’s shirts to add to my wardrobe, but it’s not the same as wearing your lover’s.
Not only have I gotten several compliments throughout the day, but that silk against my skin constantly reminded me of the sexiest man I’ve had the pleasure to know. No it’s not just the 96-degree weather that’s making me hot today, it’s the feeling of a constant embrace of CJ’s arms.

One of my best friends one time shared a kink along the lines of wearing your man. Her husband wore boxer shorts and sometimes when they made love, she would put them on. He would fuck her through the fly in the shorts. Although I’m not a fan of boxers, when she told me that I thought it would be a great turn on.

So baby, can you, or do you, wear your man?
What do you wear of your mans?
Shirts, shorts, cologne, or something else?
Let me know.

CBW #57 Attention

First, I want to thank all the guys that sent in submissions for CBW. Some of them, like the guy below, had already given me pictures. It's even more fun the second time around, just ask CJ.

This man seems to be bending over backwards to get my attention, and with that stiff cock, he got it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

TTT #5

Time for another terrific Tuesday and that means tits.
Today we have a nice clean woman presenting her nipples. Let's get soaped up and join her.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Let’s Enjoy the Buffet

It was one of those nights when just one man wouldn’t do and I thought if Mr. W (I’ve spoken of him before) and CJ could step up to the plate that we’d all enjoy each other.
I made the plans to have the guys in the bedroom and ready for me at the end of one of my hard days.
I walked through the door and sighed, thinking that neither of the men had showed up. I walked to the bedroom planning on a shower and was pleasantly surprised. My guys were there, in all there glory, each in his birthday suit and a grin. I told them that I needed a shower and moved to the master bathroom.
I had a brief but enjoyable hot shower then joined the boys in the bedroom, and like them, wearing nothing but a grin.

CJ wanted to get off by watching and making a video, so he was comfortably seated on a chair at the foot of the bed with the camera.
Mr. W was obviously anxious pointed downward and said, “On the floor”.
I knelt before him as I’ve done several times before, looked up at him as he said,
“Lick the head”
I flicked my tongue across his throbbing head, lapping at his cockhead as a teaser while CJ watched through the display of a digital recorder. All I did was love his knob, nibbling at the underside. Mr. W leaned down and tugged at my nipples, just making my pussy ache more.
He lifted me up off the floor and escorted me to the bed. Then he leaned in, took a long suck on my hard nipples, and nibbled across my tits. He pulled and stretched at my nipples with his sucks and bites, and I loved it. My chest heaved with my moans. I watched as Mr. W. got all nasty on my tits and he looked so damn good doing it.
“You’re tits make me want to cum”, he whispered in my ear. I smiled and giggled then he said, “First I’m going to work on your ass a bit”
I turned and around and presented my ass to him, knowing he wanted it as his own plaything. Being the gentleman he was in bed, he even thanked me.
A warm wet feeling then ran the length of my crevasse, my pussy tightened and tingled with the sensation of Mr. W’s tongue on me.
I spread my knees apart wider and I reached back to spread my ass cheeks apart for him.
“Such a pretty hole”, he tells me.
His tongue began to explore my rosebud asshole ever so slightly. I felt goose bumps over my ass cheeks. The more he played, the more relaxed I became and his tongue tip ventured farther.
“That’s good, more tongue babe”, I softly moan.
With my request, he goes deeper, and then removes it. My clit was aching and my pussy was dripping already. I felt as though my juices would run down my thighs soon. Mr. W. went back to his ass play, rubbing my cheeks as he licked at my cherry bud. It didn’t take too long until he moaned that he wanted to suck my pussy and I needed him to eat me. He licked and nibbled at my pussy lips.
It was about at this time that CJ chimed in that he wanted to get a good look at the meal.

I straddled Mr. W’s face and faced CJ, his cock was rock hard and he stroked it as I lowered my swollen hot pussy onto the tongue of another man. I reached down and spread my lips as I did it, exposing my swollen clit.
I leaned forward to get another taste of his hard cock as I rubbed my snatch over Mr. W’s face. He holds back, teasing me, just to make me squirm on his face to paint it with my pussy juice. I teased him too, sucking just on his knob as I looked into CJ’s eyes, or at least the camera’s eye, and watched him slowly jerk his cock. Seeing CJ turned me on even more and I rocked on Mr. W’s face, needing more. I was soaking, dripping onto his tongue as he nibbled and licked at my love nib. He was driving me wild and I stopped sucking his cockhead long enough to lift my head up and beg to be eaten with wild abandon. After that I felt a beautiful pain, as he nibbled harder on my clit, then sucked at my slippery slit. I moaned out,
“More, please, more”. This time my pleas included those of CJ’s as he let him know what to do “Just eat my whore”.

The feast continues next time…

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Back To "Normal"

The big move is done. CJ and I are now really empty nesters. We moved our daughter 200 miles to the north on Monday. Everything went fairly smoothly and I think that we are all adjusting to a new set of circumstances.

I thought that when I got my privacy back I would just start posting here again and that would be the end of it. To the contrary, something actually happened that was appropriate to talk about here on my blog yesterday morning.
CJ and I woke up in our daughter’s apartment on the air bed that we had brought with us. It’s queen size, so it’s a bit smaller than the king sized bed we are accustomed to. We spooned for a while, something that we haven’t done for a long time and something I had missed. I do enjoy that special way that CJ pushes his cock against my ass cheeks as I hold on to a hand grind against him.
He rolled me over and started playing with my tits, including sucking and biting my nipples. We heard the alarm go off in the other room, but thought nothing of it. It usually took it going off twice to rouse the kid from her bed.
Oh yes, you know what’s coming, and it isn’t me.

We continued our play. I took CJ’s hard cock in my hand and stroked, his meat was so hot. I tugged at his cockhead and told him that I wanted to feel his smooth tight balls so I moved my hand down to massage his warm nuts.
He swiftly positioned himself over me and shoved his cock down my throat. I remember thinking I have to keep my eyes open in case the kid showed up. Usually she goes right to the bathroom.
I closed my eyes.
When I opened them I saw the movement of a darkly clad body backing out of the hallway.
I shoved CJ off me.
At the age of 22, not only did our daughter see us having sex, but mommy was going down on daddy!
Oh my god the embarrassment!
Later that day one her best quotes was “I’m not as wigged out as you are”.
Luckily, we have a very good rapport and a mutual respect that made this a fairly stressless situation. We’re open about sex. I’m sure she probably blogged about it.

Now for a romantic aside.
If we were still married, Monday would have been our 25th anniversary. Yes it was our silver anniversary.
While we were spooning that morning, the day after, CJ said we were celebrating the first day of the next 25 years. Being a romantic slob that really made me smile and filled me up more than any piece of his anatomy ever will.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Privacy Matters

I bet it's hard for you, dear reader to believe, but I have a couple of stories that I've started and haven't finished.
This time it's not because of writer's block or problems in my personal life, it's a lack of privacy.
CJ and I live in a nice two bedroom condo. Our daughter recently graduated college and got an internship in New York City that starts next month. She's staying with us until she's set up in her own place. I'm surprised at the effect this has had on my blog reading and writing. I'm just not comfortable writing with her so close by. It may be silly, but I can't seem to get into that smooth writing frame of mind.
It won't be long, maybe another week or so, and I'll be in my own special erotic space.
Even I look forward to seeing what the explosion will be like!
Keep enjoying each other until I can join in.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sabbatical Teachings #2

Another Sunday has rolled around and it's time to share some information I came across while on Sabbatical in April.
This information I really could relate to and totally believe in. It's about sperm addiction.
"Hello my name is Debbie and I'm an addict"
"Hi Debbie"

So gals, let me know what you think of this:

In perhaps the best titled article ever, "Crying Over Spilled Semen," Psychology Today reports on a study that basically says women are addicted to semen.
The finding that women who do not use condoms during sex are less depressed and less likely to attempt suicide than are women who have sex with condoms and women who are not sexually active, leads one researcher to conclude that semen contains powerful—and potentially addictive—mood-altering chemicals.

Study author Gordon G. Gallup, Ph.D., a psychologist at the State University of New York in Albany, also found that women who routinely had intercourse without condoms became increasingly depressed as more time elapsed since their last sexual encounter. There was no such correlation for women whose partners regularly used condoms.

Gallup also found that women who did not use condoms were most likely to initiate sex and to seek out new partners as soon as a relationship ended: "These women are more vulnerable to the rebound effect, which suggests that there is a chemical dependency."

Gallup also says he's planning on examining whether "semen withdrawal" places women at an increased risk for depression. Yeah. Well I guess the best way to avoid semen addiction is to never get started. I'm sure that will go over well.