Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fantasies Can't Always Come True

Robby was kissing me passionately as his hand pushed against the small of my back.  I could feel his cock searching for me underneath his khakis.  Robby was definitely in the top five list of my lovers.  One of the major reasons he held this position (excuse the pun) was that he enjoyed exploring his sexuality.  He was fearless and confident in bed.  Tonight as we fell into bed, half dressed, he told me he had a new idea that may be a turn on.  He continued undressing me then pulled back letting his eyes soak in his lover as he pulled off his pants, letting that masterful cock of his free.  Joining me on the bed, he nuzzled my neck then said, “Deb, can I tell you now about my idea?”
“Of course Robby.  This is our safety zone.  You never have to ask permission”, I answered softly, assuring him.
“You know Deb, fantasies can’t always come true.”
“Yep, that’s why they’re called fantasies silly”, I replied with a smile.
“What if we talked through a fantasy of mine; right here; right now?”
The excitement and expectation were obvious on his face.  After saying it, he flicked his tongue across a nipple, making me sigh.
“Go on”, I said.  He licked the other nipple eliciting the same response.
“No, tell me your idea”, I explained, wanting to hear what fun was playing around in his brain.
“OK here goes”
Robby proceeded to tell me a dream he had that was so vivid it woke him up in the middle of the night with a rock hard erection.
“You know the stairs on the first floor of the building that faces the garden?”
We lived in a condominium with three floors and three units on each floor.
“I would show you off and humiliate you there.”
He continued and his description became increasingly detailed.  Tired of me smiling and winking at the men in the complex he dragged me down the stairs, yelling at me, telling me I’m nothing but a ‘whore cock-tease’.  My whimpers and apologies didn’t help.  When we got to the landing, he opened the unlocked utility closet and grabbed the nylon rope there.  Using his entire body he pushed me against the stairs, pulled my arms above my head and tied me to a railing.

Rob’s eyes were widening and he told me to lie longwise on the bed with my arms above my head.  Using my silk scarves, he tied me to the headboard.  Pulling up a chair, he sat and the foot of the bed.  Leering at me, he continued his story…

This area is nowhere near private.  First, he told me to shut up, and then he just stood next to me.  His eyes constantly scanned the area.  Our next-door neighbors were headed towards us.  They were a friendly, fun couple in their 30’s.

At this point Rob went to his bureau and took a small knife from the top drawer.  I trust Robby so I was only curious, not afraid.  Standing at the foot of the bed, he moved on with his fantasy…

Stopping the neighbors he explained loudly, “I’m teaching my wife to behave, want to watch?”  The man had a knife in his hand, what else could they say but ‘yes’?
After finishing that strange sentence he cut my blouse off me, it fell in shreds to the concrete ground.  I could feel the heat rise to my face and I blushed deeply.  Once this happened our neighbor Janet ran up the stairs, but Dave stayed to see what would happen next.  They didn’t have to wait long.  Our upstairs neighbor, Barb, approached about ten minutes later.  Rob said the same thing to her and she stopped to watch.  This time the knife slit my skirt up the middle and it was the next piece of my clothing to fall in shreds to the ground.  Barb looked at me in my underwear and decided to stay.

Rob was moving the knife as he described his actions to me…

Within the course of two hours, about four more neighbors showed up.  It only took two people to make me totally naked.  Both my bra and my panties were easily destroyed.  Rob was delighted in my humiliation.  In spite of my blushing and crying when I felt the cool breeze across my skin it felt good.  Rob started preaching to the group of neighbors gathered near us.
Rob came onto the bed, leaving his knife on the chair.  He started looking around the room as though he was speaking to each person in his fantasy.
The sermon was the same as before, “This is my cock tease whore wife and she’s being punished.”  However, there was more, “Since she wanted to show off to you guys so badly I thought I’d let you see what you’re missing Check out what’s all mine.  She’s got great tits doesn’t she?”
Rob bent over and with one big hand under each of my breasts; he lifted them as though he were showing them off to the spectators.  I was so glad he was touching me that I squirmed against my restraints.  He smiled and sucked each nipple into his mouth.  As I felt them cross over his gentle warm lips I moaned out, my pussy dampened some more.  “Shall I continue?” Before I could answer, he was back into character.
“Now for her little whore cunt.”  Rob smacked my thighs and forced me to spread my legs.
“Look she’s even got one of those landing strips giving directions to her slut hole.  Now guys I bet you’d like to feel that hugging your dicks.”  They started to laugh and jeer.  The tease kept rolling across my hot cheeks.
“Go ahead, check her out”
Rob had them file past me.  Five people ages 25 to 55 walked by and I could see everyone had a tent forming in their pants.  Rob instructed them on what to do to me.  “Go ahead and smack that naughty pussy.”
Each guy gave me a stinging smack, strangely enough making my clit swell.

Rob spread my legs saying to me, “Let’s see what those guys did to you.”  I think he wanted to be sure that his fantasy story was turning me on as much as it was him.  Using just his thumb and forefinger he slowly spread my inner pussy petals and exposed my swollen little sex knob.  “Deb, your clit is absolutely blooming in a wonderful shade of deep pink; imagine that!”  He laughed, licked his forefinger and circled my sensitive clit with it.  It made sparks flow throughout my body.  I have enjoyed his technique since we first made love.  It’s just gotten better and better with time.

After the guys went by me and had their turns Rob noticed Barb hanging back.  He had forgotten about her.  “Barb you seem intrigued.” She just nodded “You get a turn too.”  Barb walked up to me with a sympathetic look on her face.  She went ahead and smacked me only with a lighter touch than the others.
“Had enough Deb?  Have you learned your lesson?”
I answered ‘yes’ through my sniffles.  Rob cut me down as he thanked everyone for helping him take care of his wife.  I picked up what was left of my clothing and Rob spanked my as he lead me up the steps and back to our apartment.  Barb left in the other direction, but the guys followed us.  Dave was the first to speak up, “Rob you fucking bastard, you can’t leave us like that”.  The others cheered out in agreement.  “Your wife’s a bad enough cock tease now you are too.”  Again cheers rose.  We stopped outside the door.  I shivered from the cold, the arousal, and the horror. Rob assured them a private show in our own home.  Everyone filed in.
“Everyone listen up, you have to understand this will be the first and last time you get to have my wife.”  A shout came from the group, “Tie her up again!”  Rob told them he had something they’d really enjoy.  We went to the bedroom; Rob pushed me on to the bed.  “Assume the position bitch.”

Now things really began to meld between fantasy and reality.  Rob untied me.  ”I’ll show you how my fantasy continues Deb.”  He went to each corner of the bed and pulled up restraints that he had placed there earlier.

I was tied down as the guys watched.  My naked body created an X made of flesh across the bed.
“She’s all yours guys.  Show me what you’ve been thinking of doing to her when she teased you.”
All the guys seemed to pull off their pants at the same time.  The room was full of testosterone.  I saw fine cocks circling the bed and varying in hardness from semi-erect to rock hard.
Rob stood next to me by the bed, stroking his cock as he elaborated on his fantasy.  I watched as he rubbed his pre-cum over the head of his dick.
Dave’s cock was the hardest and he spoke up first.
“I’m simple Deb.  I want you to suck my balls until I’m ready to cum, then I’ll finish off in your hair.”

As Rob described Dave he kneeled over my face, playing Dave – “Taste ‘em, suck my balls.” Rob’s heavy balls rested on my lips and I lapped and sucked at them, imaging they were Dave’s.  “They’re loading up with cum babe.  Use your tongue to fill them up.”  I keep sucking, licking and kissing them.  He moaned out and lifted up off me.  Cock in hand he stroked quickly and shot a massive, gooey, hot load into my black wavy hair.  Rob whispered in my ear, “Can you hear them applauding Deb?”  Rob climbed off the bed and moved on to describe the next man.

Dave backed off, but didn’t leave; he just became part of cheering crowd.  Each guy had his balls or his cock, or both, in his hands looking with wrapped attention as Jim was the next to step up.  “Rob, the way you spread her out here is perfect for what I want.  Ever since I saw her in her bikini with a camel toe I’ve wanted to split her lips with my tongue.”

Rob now became Jim.  Kneeling at the foot of the bed, he ran his tongue the length of my wet slit.  When his tongue hit that swollen clit he described earlier, he slurped at it causing me to fight my restraints as I screamed out. 
I could tell he was a real man because real men eat pussy AND do it well.  He kissed my lips gently then went back to servicing my clit as two fingers slipped inside my soaking snatch.  He kept finger fucking me as he flicked his tongue on my clit.  He was driving me wild; all I could do was try to get free of my restraints and moan.

The cheering crowd loved it, one guy even yelling out, “Impressive Jim.”

Rob removed his fingers; putting a thumb on my clit, he replaced his fingers with his tongue.  In no time, I driven was over the edge and fed him my love juice.  This time it was Rob’s face covered with cum.  I was practically breathless.  Rob moved on to tell me about man number three, Tony.

Tony was the oldest of the crowd and the one with the most experience.  By now, my pussy ached for more and I was dripping.
“Rob, I’m gonna fuck your slut wife like a whore.  Quick and hard.”
The crowd gasped, and then urged Tony on.  When I took a better look I saw his cock was thick and was the type of hard-on I call a ‘diamond cutter’.  It twitched as he climbed onto me.

I couldn’t believe Rob was this hard already.  I think his fantasy had been brewing for a long time.  Rob was now Tony as soon as he was back onto the bed.  Holding onto my hips he slammed into my cunt balls deep immediately.  He barely looked at me as he took deep fast strokes in and out of me.  I tilted my hips so he could go deeper.  Soon he quickened his pace even more, his moans turned into groans as his balls slapped against me.  One final deep thrust and he shot me full of his load.  I think it took all of three minutes.  This time as Rob got off me he whispered in my ear again, “I think I’ll just describe number four to you honey.  I have to sit this one out.”

Now it was Chris’s turn.  Chris was the youngest at only 25.  Rob told him, “Chris I think Deb had the most fun teasing you.  Show us what you were thinking when you jerked off to my wife!”
Chris answered him with no delay in his voice, “I wanted to tease her right back, make her beg for my cock.”
This really seemed to strike the rest of the crew.  They were stunned at first and then cheered Chris on.  Chris was young and well endowed.  His stiff cock was the largest as were his nuts.  I thought what a good porn star he would make.  He got close to me and showed off his handsome package, “Your such a tease, do you know how much I thought of fucking you?  I was jerking off after every time I saw you.” There was annoyance in his voice.  “I can tell you like cock, but I want to know you need mine.”  Chris began to smack me on the face with his cock.  It was hot and hard and it stung.  I closed my eyes and he smacked them.  He began to leak and rubbed his cock head over my lips.  The crowd was now yelling at me to beg for it.
He eventually moved away from my face and rubbed his cock up and down my wet slit as I ached for relief.  The taunting continued.
“Well slut?”
I pleaded again, “Please just stuff it inside me”.
It was horrible.  I was becoming more sensitive so my pleading became louder and more intense.
“Do you need it Deb.  Are you feeling the way I would when you bent over in your short skirts?”
The teasing with his cock stopped, but he continued in other ways; coming up to my tits, he held them and then brought his face to one very erect nipple.  I thought he was about to put me out of my misery.  I was sure if he bit down on my nipple I would cum.  I could feel his warm breath, but he pulled back saying again, “Well?”
“Yes, yes, please touch me!”
The spectators didn’t have to say it but they helped him to be strong, “Don’t do it Chris!”
“Maybe her pussy would be better?”, he asked jokingly as his face went between my moist soft thighs.  I tilted my hips so far that my restraints actually hurt.  As before the closest I came to a man’s touch was his breath on my pussy saying, “This whore cunt ain’t gonna get my tongue.”
I groaned and yelled at him, “Fuck you, bastard!”
The group of cocks laughed.
“No bitch never, I’ll go home and fuck the decent woman in my bed.”

Rob’s eyes looked deep into mine, sympathetic, “I’m sorry honey, but this is my fantasy; are you ready for the finale?”

Rob called up Todd to the bed.  He had been patient, but now he was drooling, from his cock, that is.  Todd’s cock head was shining with his pre-cum.  Rob thanked him for sticking around and asked him the question of the day, “So Todd, tell us your thoughts about what you want from my slut wife.”
Todd’s request was different, “I want to watch and take pictures, pictures I can keep, Is that OK Rob?”
The group didn’t say anything; they just looked at each other.  I looked over at Rob; he was taking some time to answer.  Eventually he agreed as long as it was for personal pleasure only, no Internet postings.  Todd promised and Rob trusted him.

Rob got up and went to the den.  He returned to the bedroom with our new digital camera and a tripod.  I watched as he set it up.  It was programmed to take pictures at intervals.  For the second time Rob completely immersed himself in the fantasy, telling me to imagine Todd behind the camera.  I agreed and was drawn in with him.

Todd asked for pictures of only me first.  Rob said, “Go ahead, go wild Todd”.
Todd was an expert with a camera.  I felt I was a model at a shoot or at least what I thought it would be like.  I turned my head to the side as he took a full-length shot, then my tits, my snatch, and my lips, asking me to lick them.
Rob was taking those pictures as he described Todd’s actions from behind the camera lens.
Todd morphed into a director, quickly instructing Rob, then me on what he wanted to see and capture on the SD card in his camera.

The fantasy faded away.  Jim, Todd, Dave, and Tony all became shadows, ghosts that had enhanced our sex lives.  Rob was playing and speaking both parts, not describing the fantasy just “being” it.  I followed him right in. 
“Rob how about you bite her nipples and tug on them?”
Rob leaned in and did just that.  I screamed out in pleasure, and then he did the same to the other.
“Now both at the same time.”
Robby smashed my big breasts together and sucked hard on both.
“Kiss your way down to that slutty landing strip.”
Rob’s gentle kisses worked down my abdomen, tickling me, I even giggled aloud.
“Now show me how you slurp at her whore cunt.”
Rob bent his head and sucked on my swollen lips.  He knew to deal with me carefully because of the stimulation I’ve had over the past two hours.  His fingers lightly spread my swollen outer lips as he started to just barely flick his tongue over the length of slit.  Usually I would play with my tits as he ate me, but I was tied down.  I couldn’t.  My twisting against the leather straps made my tits move back and forth, but it wasn’t the same.  The tip of Rob’s tongue explored the length of my slit.  At one end my clit was sucked, at the other my asshole was tongued and tickled.  I had to plea with him to be gentle.  I was so sensitive it would have a sensory overload.  Then Todd made another request, “Spread her pussy, show me how wet she is.”
Robby softly blew on my wet pussy as he showed off my bald cunt.  Todd then directed me, “You owe him something.  Let’s get a pic of your tongue pressed up against Rob’s peehole.”
I did it and held it, tasty salty pre-cum and feeling the spongy texture of the head.
“Go as deep as she can take you Rob.  I want to a pretty picture of Debbie choking on cock.  It’s what she deserves.”
I wasn’t in the best position to take all of Robby, but I got him about two-thirds of the way down my throat.  Todd took a few more shots to show I was sucking on Rob’s dick by having his cock pressed against the inside of my cheek.
“That’s enough”, Todd told me and Rob popped his cock out of my mouth.
“OK buddy fuck your horny wife, but go slow at first so I can get a pic of cock filling her hole.”
Robby entered me slowly as Todd took pictures.  It was pure instinct as I clamped around his cock and pulled him inside me with my love hole.  I was worn out from being used up in Robby’s fantasy.  Now the world faded away and Rob and I became ‘us’, being one again.  As I lay there, tied to our bed I freely gave myself to him.  Our lovemaking was intense and loud.  Right before Todd became a ghost, he wanted a money shot, so Rob pulled out and came on my stomach after making me cum over and over.  Rob untied me once Todd was through and we spooned.
“Debbie I love you so much.  Thank you for indulging me.”
“I love you Robby, of course I would indulge your fantasies, but it’s my turn next time.
Within minutes, I was asleep in his arms.

When I woke up the next morning, I ached, but I was all right.  I started to think about the day before.  After all that screaming, vocalization, moans and groans I was sure that some of those neighbors that had entered Rob’s fantasy heard what they unknowingly did to us.

That evening we looked at some of the pictures the automatic camera had taken of us.  We edited some, trashed others, and savored most.  Once we decided on the ones we liked and wanted to keep, we went through them slowly and carefully.  As we did, we masturbated each other until I soaked Robby’s hand and my arm had his warm cum on it.
For one fantasy, the pleasure was tenfold.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Overlook - A Reader's Guest Post Continues

I have a new regular reader that did me the honor of writing a story a while ago, this is a continuation of the characters created in that story.If you're interested in being a guest poster in this blog see the details at the end of the story. 
Now on with our couple...

Tyler Anderson had finally had his dream fulfilled when his neighbor Ken had come to him offering his wife Debbie to the 24 year old.  As a 50th birthday present for Debbie, Ken had talked their neighbors son into fucking her with his big cock to fulfill a fantasy of hers.  Unbeknown to him, the boy had fantasized about Ken’s big-breasted wife since hitting puberty 10 years before.
That fateful morning Ken had not only given a boy whose masturbation fantasy of choice was his pretty wife Debbie, a fix by letting him screw her silly on his kitchen table, Ken had shown Tyler her weakness and how to get this sexy wife again.

Once having sampled Debbie’s charms, Tyler was driven by the experience to have her again.  Debbie, being friends with his parents, had given him the chance he needed to get her alone rather easily.  He knew every Thursday night her husband Ken dropped her off at the English class she taught on his way to work.  Tyler’s mother was her ride home an hour and a half later.  This Thursday Tyler told his mother since he would be downtown shopping, he would have no problem bringing Debbie home for her.  Tyler’s mom readily agreed and he set his plan in motion.

That evening waiting in the parking lot, Tyler’s hand stroked his long thick length to life.  He had decided to start with visual stimulation on the sexy 50 year old.  He wanted to trigger her memory of what had filled her tight cunt several weeks before.  When she stepped from the building after class his thick 9 inches were obscenely displayed across the front of his tight sweats.

Debbie came out of her class looking around for her ride as Tyler pulled up and rolled down the window, “Mom asked if I would get you tonight Deb.”, he told her with a smile.

Not having seen Tyler since that fateful morning several weeks before, Debbie flushed at seeing the cute 24 year old.  Climbing into the car, her gaze dropped to his crotch looking at the large outline stretching the fabric.

“I’m taking the overlook route back, there is a wreck on I-7.” he told her matter-of-factly as her eyes came back up to his.

She swallowed before replying, “That’s fine Tyler.”

Her pulse raced as she tried not to look at her young companion.
The look on her face and the fact that her large nipples were now pushing out the fabric in the front of her dress spoke volumes.
As they drove in the darkness very little was said until Tyler pulled off the road on one of the hills into a wooded area.

“Tyler where are you going?”  Debbie asked her young chauffeur looking around.

“I haven’t driven up here in years, I just wanted to take a quick look at the city.” he replied as they emerged from the trees to a gravel clearing with a view overlooking the city lights.
Debbie had not been up here in years either, but knew this place was more for young kids to come look at the naked sights in their cars more than city lights.  Looking around she saw several other cars parked here.

“Tyler I can't be seen up here.  Can you imagine the gossip if someone saw me here?” she whispered sliding down in the seat.

As she looked over at him she saw he had pulled his throbbing manhood from his sweats.  His 9-inch cock lay splayed across his thigh as his palm ran up and down its length.
Her mouth went dry looking at his beautiful cock finally up close. 

“Tyler we can’t be doing this.  I’m married baby and I know … “ Loosing her thought and finally asking, “Can we just go now before someone see’s me?”

Just then, headlights raked across the windows of the car as another pulled up behind them.
Looking in the rear view mirror Tyler hissed, “Shit it’s a cop”.
Debbie slipped lower in the seat.
Panicky Debbie looked at him wide-eyed as Tyler reached over the seat pulling out a blanket from the back.
Spreading the blanket over his lap, he told her, “Get under the blanket like your giving me a blow-job”.
Her eyes wide she looked at him in disbelief.  “The last thing I want is a cop catching me sucking you off.  Are you crazy?” as she heard the door open and close to the cruiser behind them.

“Trust me Debbie, this has worked for me before, he won’t look under the blanket and will never know who you are, now hurry.”  He lifted the blanket from his lap.
Out of options, she groaned, “I can’t believe I’m doing this”.
Diving forward, she pressed her face into the hot flesh of his cock as he dropped the blanket over her head.
Just then a knock at the driver side window had Tyler rolling it down.  He looked up into a familiar face,  “Officer Raines how are you tonight sir?”  Tyler asked the Deputy Sheriff he had known since he was a young boy.

Under the blanket, Debbie’s gasp at the identity of the officer blew her hot breath across the swollen head of Tyler’s sensitive cock causing the boys eyes to half shut as he sucked in a deep breath.
Roger Raines had watched Tyler grow up and now stood over him watching the scene unfold on the boys lap.  Messing with him a bit would be something he could tell Tyler’s father the next time they met so he smiled as he started questioning the boy.
“Your eyes are looking kind of funny Tyler, have you been doing drugs out here”, Roger asked Tyler in a serious tone.

Debbie’s breathing on his cock was driving him crazy as the Deputy questioned him.  Finally, he slipped both hands under the blanket.  One grabbed the back of her head and the other his swollen penis.  He started rubbing his wet tip across her lips as his other held her head fast.
The moment her mouth opened in protest he fed his swollen knob into her mouth.  A long sigh and a whispered “Fuck yea” left his lips.
His eyes went back to the Deputy and he knew lying would get him nowhere.
“I mean nooo sir! I’m not doing drugs.  I’m...I’m getting my cock sucked sir and enjoying every second of it.”
Smiling inside Deputy Rains still in a stern tone asked Tyler, “Who might this little cock sucker be Tyler?”

“I promised to keep her identity a secret Rodger, can we just leave it at that?”  Tyler asked, his eyes pleading with the Deputy.

Wanting to push the boy’s buttons just a few more times, he thought for a moment and said, “Well, I dunno.  She could be a minor out here sucking your cock, and if it was found out later that I did nothing I would be in big trouble Tyler.”

“She is no minor Rodger, you have my word”, Tyler exclaimed through heavy breaths as his tool pressed deeper into her hot mouth.

“I’m sorry Tyler but I just cant take your word for that without some verification.” he said in his sternest tone yet, watching the young man squirm.
Debbie in her frustration with Tyler filling her mouth with his cock began to suck on it in earnest.  He felt her tongue running up and down the hardening hot flesh filling her mouth.
After a groan from Debbie’s oral ministrations on his cock, he turned to the Officer and out of breath exclaimed, “She has a small butterfly tattoo on her ass Deputy Raines.  You know she had to be at least 18 to have gotten that.  Get on your knees baby and let the deputy check.” ,Tyler said between a few more deep breaths as his heart raced from her mouth now sucking his large knob.

Debbie couldn’t believe that Tyler was asking her to put her ass up to be examined by a friend of her husband no less.  Unable to find any other solution to her predicament though she slowly crawled up onto the front seat raising her ass to the passenger window.
She listened to the crunch of gravel as the Deputy walked around the car.

“Have the little lady move back some Tyler so I can see better”, the deputy said smiling at the girls predicament and the fun he was having with them.
Tyler began to slide over holding the blanket over her head and shoulders as Debbie crawled backwards until her ass and legs were up against the door and window.
She heard Deputy Raines open the car door behind her and felt a cool breeze on her skin as her dress was lifted over her ass-cheeks.  Her face burned with embarrassment knowing her ass was bare to one of her husband’s friends.  She started to pull her mouth off Tyler’s hard cock when his hand pressed her back down filling her mouth with his hard flesh and holding her tight.
His fat cock sank to the back of her wet hot mouth making him groan out his next words.  “It’s back there... just...check.”

“Not too many under age girls wear panty hose Tyler, I’ll give you that”, he replied as his fingers hooked underneath the waistbands of her pantyhose and panties.

She tried again to pull off Tyler’s cock to tell them her tattoo was on her lower back and not her ass to try to stop the hands from exposing her now moist sex to her husband’s friends eyes.  Lifting up in alarm her head was again pressed down onto Tyler’s hard young cock as he groaned yet again as his sensitive head pushed down her throat.

The Deputy’s fingers peeled her panties and hose down over her ass to the middle of her thighs exposing her round soft ass and shaved pussy.
“My, my Tyler.  You have got you one fine piece of ass tonight.”

The lips of her cunt began to get wet at being exposed to a man who was at her house almost weekly with her husband to watch football.  Debbie and Alisha Raines, Rodgers wife, were good friends and here her husband had her bare ass and pussy in his hands.
Debbie felt the rough leather of the Deputy’s gloved finger slide down between the cheeks of her ass over her brown little bud.  An involuntary moan slipped past the cock filling her mouth as the finger continued to part the lips of her sex running the length of her wet slit.  The rough tip of the glove rubbed her swollen clit eliciting a moan with each pass.  It was exciting to feel the sensation of leather playing with her clit, it seemed as though her entire pussy became more sensitive to it.

“Tyler we have a problem my young friend.  I don’t see any tattoo on this beautiful ass and this girl does not have a lick of hair between her legs.  I am really thinking I had better I.D. her I’m afraid, I’m almost positive she is under age now.” he said with a chuckle as his gloved finger moved into a slow rhythm of rubbing her hard swollen clit.

Her ass rising higher into the air under the onslaught of the rough wet leather on her sensitive bud, Debbie blurted out around the cock in her mouth, “Lllook Hhggigger.” as a long low groan followed her outburst.
Her mouth was now sucking her young neighbor as his hips rose and fell from the seat pumping her mouth.
Roger Raine’s pushed the dress higher onto her back as his eyes widened at the small heart shaped tattoo above her hip.  Below the tattoo was the word “Pet” and the officer from years of putting pieces of evidence together immediately connected an assortment of facts from his own life.
It had been months earlier on a bowling night with Debbie’s husband that they had talked about tattoos.  Ken had mentioned Debbie’s heart tattoo to him and how he had just gotten her to put the word “Pet” beneath it.  The fact that his good friends wife was out here in the woods sucking off her neighbors son, and having her pussy played with by him, had his cock instantly straining under his uniform.
Roger made the decision then that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  He unzipped his trousers pulling out his stiffening cock as he continued started talking, “I’m thinking I know the difference between a real and fake tattoo Tyler, I think there is only one way to see if she is under age now.”
Tyler was hardly listening anymore, his eyes half closed and breathing ragged as his cock pumped his hot little cheating housewife’s mouth.  His hands full of her hair, his hips fucked her mouth with abandon as his head rolled back on the seat.
Debbie at first thought it was the officer’s finger pressing into her raised cunt when her eyes went wide with the realization that her husband’s friend was filling her cunt with his hard cock.  A moan left her lips as the large caliber gun between his legs pushed to the bottom of her wet holster.

A sting ran across her ass as his leather glove came down hard on her upraised ass-cheeks getting her attention.
“Time for you to show me your not some little under age school girl.  You have 5 minutes to use that pussy like a woman and make me cum or I drag you out from underneath that blanket and take you down to the station.” he barked.

A shiver of fear ran up her spine as she started moving her ass back and forth along his hard length.  Her hips rocked and slapped back against his police utility belt, driving his long cock deep into her pussy.  Flexing every muscle between her legs, she milked his cock with every pass hearing him draw long breaths.

“My god you know how to fuck baby.” he groaned as she brought him closer and closer to release.  His hands slid across the top of the car pressing down holding himself still as her hips and cunt worked his cock like a velvet glove.

Almost instantaneously Debbie felt her young lovers cock jerk in her mouth, filling it with his hot thick love.  Her ass was a blur as she rode the Deputy’s cock closer and closer to release.
Feeling Roger’s hips press tight to her ass, his weapon of sex fired deep in her cunt.
He emptied all his cylinders firing round after round of hot seed deep in his friend’s wife.  His head slumping on the top of the car holding tight after firing his last shot.  With a wet plop, his softening gun slipped from her leaking cunt.
He pushed his wet tool back into his police trousers and ran his hand over her beautiful bare ass.  “You made me a believer baby, you’re definitely a woman.
“Later Tyler.  Stay out of trouble”, he said as he staggered back into his cruiser and with a crunch of gravel slowly drove off.

Debbie pulled the blanket from her head and sat up on the seat.  “Oh my god Tyler.  One of my husband’s best friends just fucked me.  He is at our house every Sunday and Monday night for football”, her eyes looking into his with fear.

He slipped across the seat soothing her with his voice and holding her.  “He had no idea who you were.  Don’t you worry your beautiful little head baby, I’m sure the next time you see Officer Raines the only thing he will ask you for is another beer.”

His mouth moved to hers and opened taking her tongue in a deep kiss as he wrapped his arms around her.  The heavy kissing slowly led to his hands slipping under her dress and bra as each hand wrapped around a soft hanging globe.
Through his kisses she told him, “Tyler you really need to get me home baby”.
The fire between her legs was burning hot.  Not having gotten off on Rogers cock she was torn between getting home to her husband and the now again stiffening cock of her young neighbor in her hand.
Tyler had no such compunction.  If Debbie’s husband had made one mistake in having Tyler fuck her on her birthday, it was in telling his young neighbor how easily his wife was dominated.  Tyler had fantasized about this older woman for years growing up next door.  With the body of a curvy sports car, Debbie’s husband had inadvertently given his young neighbor a set of keys to take her out whenever he chose.

Right now he turned that key.  “Get your fucking sloppy cunt on my cock.”  He growled at her as he twisted her fat nipples in his strong fingers.

Her mouth opening in a wide O as she groaned from the pain shooting from her nipples.  All thought of getting home to her husband disappearing as a need to obey burned bright in her mind along with a desire to quench the fire between her legs.
Peeled off her hose and underwear she climbed across his lap and straddled him.  Her hand pushed the fat head of his cock between the lips of her wet cunt and she eased herself down onto his thick 9 inches of hot flesh.  A moan rang out into the cool dark night air as her ass came to rest on his upper thighs.  “Oh god baby your big cock feels so good.”

Nothing could stop the passion that was building with each quickening rise of her hips.  Finally, two softly whispered words broke the silence.  “Fuck me,” she hissed.
Looking into her eyes he asked her with a steel tone in his voice and hard eyes, “You ready to please your man again Debbie?”

A shiver ran down her back as her arms wrapping around his neck.  Sliding up and down the long fat shaft stretching her cunt she slowly replied in deepening breaths,  “So, you like fucking other men’s wives?  Is that it, Tyler?” she murmured into his ear.

Tyler’s hands remained on her tits, squeezing and kneading them.  Pushing them together his thumb and forefinger on each hand found her nipples, and gently squeezed, causing her to gasp in pleasure.  “Absolutely”, he breathed.  “There’s nothing sexier than a cheating little housewife.”

Tyler smiled into her lusty eyes knowing she was going to have a lot of explaining to do tonight when she arrived home late because he was going to keep this little wife very busy pleasing him for hours to come.

 This could be the beginning of a brand new adventure in Dirty Debbie's Diary.  Would you like to write a story of you doing me?  Put your fantasy down on digital paper and send it to me.  Share it with all the like minded people here.  If I see there is interest I'll promote the feature because you know how I feel - The more the merrier! 
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Here's a wish for a Happy Thanksgiving from CJ and Dirty Debbie.
Even though CJ and I are both out of work we still know there's a lot to be thankful for, including each other.  I hope all my readers find plenty of the little things to be thankful for.
And, as always, keep enjoying each other.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CBW #128 - Just The Way I Like It

This week's CBW is from a new reader.  His email included the following sentence and it made me sigh with satisfaction.
I read you like half clothed pics, right?

Oh yes, 100% right A.  So to satisfy me he sent me just that.  Thanks A. you warm the cockles of my heart.

There's never enough CBW, so send me your special pic for Dirty Debbie to feature.
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tasty Balls

You know how tasty I think balls are, especially CJ's.  They are the perfect snack before a good cock sucking session.  Here is CJ with our favorite Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Birthday - A Reader's Guest Post

I have a new regular reader that did me the honor of writing a story. It's the opposite of a Debbie Does You. I wanted to post it here, it's very creative. It also gave me an idea to start an IDD (I Did Debbie) feature as a counter part to DDU (Debbie Does You). 
See the details at the end of the story. 
Now on with the birthday celebration...

Having taken the day off for her Birthday, Ken decided he was finally going to get some playtime in with his beautiful wife of 25 years.
Debbie had packed her daughter off to school an hour before, showered and now stood over the sink cleaning the breakfast dishes in her robe when Ken appeared in the kitchen with his black bag of surprises.

Looking over her shoulder smiling, Debbie asked, “You inventorying your gear dear?” as she continued to clean dishes.  Her heart started beating faster at the thought of what Ken’s bag contained for her birthday today.
Ken began pulling out ropes and leather straps from his bag and laying them on the counter next to the thin sturdy kitchen table.  He ran his hand over the table with almost a soft caress when she looked back at him again.

Her nipples hardened at the sight.  This was Ken’s table, he had bought it at an estate sale years before.  When he brought it home, she had asked him why he would pay good money for such an ugly table.  His reply that day was a simple, “because it’s perfect.”
It was easily 100 years old and solid.  Someone had decided all those years ago they were going to make a thin long table that could obviously hold an elephant on it.  Four feet long and only a couple feet wide, it was more like a counter than a breakfast table.  He took it into the garage and for the next several days cleaned it up, stained it and decorated it with small painted wooden animal faces with open mouths down each of the legs.

“Artistic you are not my dear.” she replied, frowning at the animal faces.

Washing the dishes now she smiled at how wrong she was those years ago.
Ken had dropped to his knees and was threading large bolts into the threaded holes in each animal’s mouth on the legs of the table.  Each bolt had a large O for a top.  Once a bolt was fully threaded, he took a leather strap, tied it through the O on the bolt, and let the ends hang loose.  He placed several bolts on each leg, tied his straps and moved to another performing the same addition.

Debbie rubbed her legs together now as she finished up at the sink.
“Baby, we have not used the table in a long time, are you sure this is a good time?  Anyone could come over, its 9:00 in the morning.”

Ken never looking up, but rather continued his hook assembly on the table legs, “Our daughter is in school, I have the day off and neither one of us is getting any younger.  So to answer your question, yes, this is the perfect time.” 

Finishing the last hook, he looked up into her 50 year old beautiful eyes.  “Now lose the robe and get that sweet little ass over here.” smiling, he patted the table.

Debbie undid the knot at her waist and slipped the robe from her shoulders.  It fell in a pile at her feet as she slowly sauntered over to her husband.  Her large bare breasts and full nipples swaying as her curvy hips teased him with her seductive walk.
Reaching the table, she placed her hands on it and slid her palms across.  Her nipples and large breasts pressed into the familiar wood.  Ken took her legs and started attaching leather straps to them.  One attached at the ankle and a rather large wide strap around each thigh.  The leather straps from the table hooks were pulled through holes on each, then pulled tight, and tied.
Her legs were pulled apart almost to the point of discomfort and tied soundly as she lay splayed across the table.  Ken’s hand ran across her bare thigh and ass as he worked, softly caressing her.
The slow methodical exercise in binding her was the foreplay she had come to yearn for over the years.  Her spread legs showed the excitement building with the wet swollen lips of her sex.  Her wrists were tied to cords running up from the other table legs and pulled tight.
She was about to ask him a question when her mouth was filled with a large round ball gag.  The strap was tightened around her head and a loud “MMMnnnmmthh,” was all that crossed her lips as her eyes grew wide.
She was surprised at his new addition to the bag of surprises.  He had never gagged her before.  Always asking her questions during their sex play, this new twist had her pussy dripping now.  

A flash of metal in the morning sunlight brought her attention back to him.
In his hand it looked like he was holding a giant fishing hook, only it had a large chrome ball on the end where a hook should have gone.
Her eyes opened wide as another mumbled, “MMWuthuttt iiifgr ttaathgg”, slipped past her gag.

“Your second surprise of the morning Deb.”  He smiled twirling the giant hook in his hand. 

“Came in the mail last week, and I have been waiting to save it for a special occasion.  This my dear”, swinging the hook in front of her face, “is an anal hook”.

Her breathing now quicker he walked back behind her, “And we are going fishing for some ass this morning”.

She heard the hook drop to the table, followed by both his hands coming down hard on her ass cheeks with a loud slap.  David’s large hands pulled her cheeks apart dropping his mouth to her brown little hole licking circles around it.
Debbie started moaning through the gag, going to her tiptoes to try to push her ass into his invading tongue.  She felt him run a finger from her dripping cunt to her ass lubricating her tight little hole.  Her pussy felt the cold metal of the ball push through her swollen lips for just a second as he prepared it for its journey.  The ball slipped out of her pussy running up and down her wet lips and finally slipping back between her ass-cheeks
The pressure on her ass grew as he pressed the 2 oz ball against her tight muscle.  It finally slipped in as she groaned into the gag.  He worked the ball deep into her ass finally pressing the other end of the hook into the crack of her ass pointing up her back.  With a strip of rope, he tied the end of the hook to the strap holding in her ball gag on the back of her head.
With every little movement of her head, the ball would move and pull tight against the entrance of her ass.  With slow movements of her head, her moans became more pronounced as Ken realized she was ass fucking herself with the hook.

Just then, Ken’s cellphone began ringing.  Picking up the phone he looked at the number growling, “Christ I'm off today, what the hell?” 
Answering the call, his face sank.  “Shit, I'm sorry Bob, I totally forgot about it.  No it’s my bad, tell them I'll run it over.”  Listening, he finished with, “Don't worry I'll show them how to use it.”
Closing the phone Ken’s face dropped next to his wife’s, “Sorry babe, I forgot I left their new piece of test equipment in my truck.  I need to run it up to the work site quick.”

Debbie moaned into the gag expecting her husband to release her.  When she heard the sound of his steps walking away and Ken yell from the front door, “I wont be more than an hour hon.” She realized no matter how hard she screamed, the huge ball filling her mouth muffled everything.

For the next ten minutes, she screamed into the gag and shook, fuming at her husband for leaving her like this on her birthday.  As the time passed though, she began to again move her head playing with the sensations radiating from the twisting invader buried in her ass.  Eyes closed, she kept trying to get off on the hook moving in her tight ass but to no avail.  She thought to herself, this is not an anal hook its anal torture.  Her pussy dripping she could climb the mountain of pleasure; she just could not reach the summit.
Her eyes opened and a muffled scream came from her mouth.  Standing in the doorway was the 24-year-old son of her neighbor.  Eyes wide, he drank in the naked bound form of his sexy 50-year-old neighbor tied to her kitchen table.  Tyler had brought back several DVDs his mom had borrowed from Debbie and had let himself in just as he had a thousand times before. 
“Here are the DVD's we borrowed.”  He shuddered, sitting them on the counter.

Her eyes went to his, pleading to be released, then dropped to his tight jeans as she saw the outline of a giant hard cock stretching the material.  Several times her eyes went up to his and back to his crotch.
Tyler watched the bound homemaker looking down to his package and back to his eyes.  He took this as a signal that she wanted his big hard cock.  His hands dropped to his jeans unzipping them.  He pulled his hard thick 9-inch cock through the opening in his boxers.
Debbie's eyes went wide as she watched him pull out his long thick cock.  Pulled her head around trying to shake a “No” at him, she pulled the ball in her ass tight to her sphincter rubbing it.  The loud moan she made decided her fate that morning.

Tyler had seen many girls eyes go wide when they saw how well hung and thick he was.  Watching this sexy homemakers eyes drink in his cock excited him tremendously.  The moan she gave him might as well been a “Fuck me now Tyler” in his head.
When Debbie’s head came back around, he was gone.  She could no longer see him but felt a pressure against the swollen lips of her vulva.  The fat swollen head of his cock ran up and down the wet lips of her cunt.

Her body shook as she screamed into the ball gag.  The mouthful of plastic turning her screams of  “No” into loud long moans of “OOOhhhhhhh.” In 25 years of marriage, no other man had ever touched her.

Tyler was hard as a rock and dripping pre-cum as his “Desperate Housewife” continued moaning for him to fuck her.  He pressed his large tip past her wet lips; it stretched her outer ring until finally the head slipped past sinking several inches into her tight cunt.  The groan that left her lips pushed him forward pressing deeper into her dripping soft folds.
Her hands tightening and releasing pulled the restraints taught as she groaned a long low moan, finally crested that mountain.  Involuntarily her legs rose onto her tiptoes pushing him deeper still.

Tyler had not felt a cunt as tight as hers in a long time.  When the muscles of her pussy started to spasm, he felt like his cock was in the hand of a tight glove squeezing him repeatedly.  He groaned at the sensation, smiling at the thought of giving her an orgasm by just entering her.
His hands slipped up her bare sides and under her cupping her large breasts.  His thumbs rubbing her fat hard nipples as his mouth dropped next to her ear and he whispered, “There is a lot more of that to come Debbie”. 

Pressing his hips forward and driving the last several inches of his thick cock deep into her contracting pussy he began long slow strokes.
Tyler had fantasized about Debbie’s big tits his entire life and to be squeezing them now as his cock was acting like a piston in and out of her stretched cunt drove him on faster and faster.

Her groans had become screams of ecstasy as the young stud plowed her pussy with his big hard stick.  Once he had mounted her with that big fat cock, in her sub mind he had claimed her.  His heavy tool brought her to that mountain peak again and again.  Her body covered in sweat, thighs dripping from her gushing cunt, she felt him finally tense and her eyes went wide.  She had not needed protection for years, Ken having had a vasectomy all those years ago.  Here was a young virile man about to fill her with his seed.

She felt him slam his hips into her round ass-cheeks driving his long cock home, its tip pressing though her cervix.  His balls tightened as his long prick began pumping his thick cum into her womb.  With each gasp from his lips, she could feel his cock spray its white-hot sperm deep into her.  This pushed her over the edge one last time.  Her muscles contracted, milking his long cock for every drop.

Collapsing on her back, she could feel his heart thumping in his chest in tune with his now softening cock inside her.  His hands holding her soft globes tight she purred into the gag.
From the doorway came clapping as Debbie jerked her head around.  Ken stood clapping his hands as Tyler’s deflating cock slipped from her wet hole She could feel the warm juices of their coupling flow from her opened cunt.

“Was it as good as you always dreamed he asked?” looking into Debbie's eyes.

Stepping back Tyler replied, “Your one lucky man dude.  I can’t imagine the enjoyment you have had from this piece of ass for the last 25 years.  Well...OK...I guess I can now.” he said with a smile as he pulled up his pants.  Leaning over he kissed Debbie’s neck and whispered “Thank you.”

Ken shook the boy’s hand as he left and walked back to his wife.  “You always wanted to try one of those big cocks darling, I couldn’t fit the boy in my bag of surprises.” 
Leaning over he removed the ball gag and kissed his wife. 
“Happy Birthday beautiful.”

 This could be the beginning of a brand new adventure in Dirty Debbie's Diary.  Would you like to write a story of you doing me?  Put your fantasy down on digital paper and send it to me.  Share it with all the like minded people here.  If I see there is interest I'll promote the feature because you know how I feel - The more the merrier! 
Just use the DDU link on the sidebar for now.
I look forward to being the one reading your stories and getting wet.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Debbie Does You #11 - Ride 'Em Cowgirl

I think it's so much fun how often people ask for me to write about threesome fantasies.  I think it's the most common fantasy out there.  It's also fun because many of them ask for me to one of the partners.  Today's DDU is no exception.

Dale and I had been living in Wyoming for over ten years now and I getting more lonely than I had expected.  You would think it would be fun being surrounded by men, but that isn't the case.  Our sheep ranch was large and much of the time was spent alone.  I missed having another woman to talk with.  Ever since our cook, Kim, got pregnant and left I've not only been burdened with more work, but I'm isolated again, wishing I could at least see more of my husband.
 Today, I got tired of it and put an ad on our website:

 Wanted: Experienced ranch cook
Looking for a female cook that is a self-starter.  Cook MUST have good food management skills and is required to buy, prepare, and cook three meals every day for the crew.
 Ranch provides housing and boarding.

Nothing really out of the ordinary in the ad, other than the specific request for a female.  Since this was my responsibility I could post the ad, interview possible candidates, and hire without input from my husband, Dale.
The days and then weeks went by.  I had forgotten how tedious it was to interview people for a job.  I had been through 15 applicants within a month and still haven't found a cook with not only the experience for a ranch our size, but that with which I felt comfortable.  I know that I wasn't advertising for a friend or companion, but with so few people around it's important that an employer and employee get along.

After six weeks I was starting to lose hope and I only had a couple of applicants left to interview.  Later that afternoon I started appointments with the last three applicants I had.  The first one that came in was Bonnie.  She had a lot of experience considering her age; she was about 5 years younger than I was.  The last ranch she worked on was in Arizona, so the change in climate was striking.  Her former ranch was smaller, but I gave her a chance and listened to her plans.
That evening I went through the last applications I had received and the notes I had taken.  I kept coming back to Bonnie.  She was young, enthusiastic, and smart.  I called her the next morning and offered her the job.  She accepted and plans were made for her to come and complete paperwork and move into her quarters.
Not long after that, I found out that Dale and the rest of the crew would be back. Bonnie and I started planning our menu for the great return and the upcoming 4 weeks the whole crew would be around.

It was wonderful seeing Dale come home again.  He was all tan and strong looking and I had ached for him for two months.  I needed to be with him almost immediately.  Without any shame, I ran out to meet him and fell into his arms, kissing him passionately, right there for the world to see.  I think I felt him harden against me right away.  I took his hand and ran into the house with him.

"Let's take a shower together, I'll clean your back", I said coyly.
All Dale did was smile, that intoxicating smile I feel in love with, and nodded.
The shower was warm and invigorating for the both of us.  The feel of a man's skin when it's slippery with soap is a tactile pleasure for me.  The site of Dale's semi-hard cock didn't hurt either and I took hold of it and started stroking.

"Oh baby I've missed you so much", Dale moaned.
I turned off the water and gently lead Dale by the cock to our bed.  We were all warm and wet and slippery, especially me, because it was a fair description of my pussy.
One great thing about Dale being gone for extended lengths of time was the hot sex we had when he returned.  Tonight was no exception.  We just needed to fuck!  Not a sweet long session of lovemaking, that would come later.  His strong thick cock was at full attention now.  He forcefully spread my legs wide; I tilted my hips upward and begged for him.  His cock stretched open my cunt and slammed deep inside me, balls deep.  I moaned out in the ecstasy of taking in my lover inside me.  He felt like hot metal inside me and my pussy hugged his cock to draw him into me and then unclenched to ease him up again.  The strokes were deep and fast and I fucked him back just as hard.

It was a wonderful four weeks, being able to work with Dale again.  Almost every night seemed like a re-exploration of each other.  His rock hard cock always showing me how much he missed me.  He approved of Bonnie and we planned some things together for the upcoming holidays.  That was the next time I would see him, in about 5 weeks.  When the day came that he and his crew had to leave, it felt as though he had just come back.  We waved good-bye to each other and Bonnie and I got back to running the household.

Days passed, and there was a big chore that Bonnie and I had to tackle before the men got back, a full cleaning of the kitchen, this included sweeping out the fireplace and restocking the pantry.  We had been working on it for two days, and time was running out.  I wanted to finish up so we got going first thing in the morning.  Over breakfast, we spoke of how lonely it gets without the men around.  Bonnie admitted that she had heard Dale and I making love when he was home last time.  I wasn't really embarrassed by it.  I revel in the wonder of making love with my husband and I told her so,
"It's a celebration of love you heard, all I can say is I hope you enjoyed it."

"I did, in many ways, you know it gets lonely here for me too.", she said wistfully.

I felt sorry for her especially since she such a caring and pretty young woman.  We commiserated with each other over coffee before we began the day's chores.
We had saved the worst to last, don't ask me why, a sweeping out of the fireplace and a restocking of inventory in the pantry.  I felt it best if we split up the work.  I took on the fireplace; Bonnie did the pantry.  All of a sudden a heard a loud 'thud' and Bonnie yelling "Oh Shit!"
I ran to her and two 20 pound bags of flour had fallen off the shelves and burst as they hit the ground.  Bonnie was covered in a light covering of flour.  It was almost laughable, but I saw that she seemed overwhelmed all of a sudden and began to cry.  I was practically her opposite, I was covered with soot.  I went to Bonnie and held her, rocking her, telling her everything was all right, it wasn't worth getting this upset over.

"We need to clean up", I was great at stating the obvious.

I didn't want to track flour and soot through the house to get upstairs, so we went to the shower outside the kitchen.  I started the water running, and told Bonnie to get her clothes off and wash up.  There was only a two-side screen to give a small amount of privacy, but Bonnie didn't care.  I turned my back to her as she got under the stream and I threw her clothes back into the kitchen.

"Debbie, there's no soap", Bonnie shouted out.
I grabbed the bar from the sink and brought it out to her.  She came out from behind the screen and into full view for me.  What a beautiful woman!  I realized I was staring and apologized.
"Join me Debbie, please", she asked

I didn't even think about it, I took off my clothes and got under the shower with her.  Bonnie handed me the soap and I began to lather her up.  It was sort of funny to think that I had been in a similar situation with Dale about 3 weeks prior.
I ran the suds over her breasts, her nipples were rock hard.  I thought maybe that the water wasn't warm enough, except I felt mine getting just as erect.  I was gentle with her; we didn't say a word to each other.  My hands, rubbed the soap to get more lather, then rubbed her shoulders, her back, breasts, and thighs.  The flour was off her no time, but I continued.  I was rinsing the water off her thighs when she spoke to me again,
"Go ahead Debbie, it's all right".

I knew what she wanted and I used the soap bar to run up and down her slit, sliding quickly over her swollen love nib.  She put her hands on my shoulders and told me how good that felt.  I stood back up and she took the soap from my hand, and did the honor of giving the same kind of washing.  The soot was off me quickly too, but she continued, finally kissing my ear.  She pushed her breasts again me as she kissed my neck.  I hadn't been with another woman since I was in college and truthfully, it was nice to have the feeling of a warm soft female pleasing me again.
I turned the water off, grabbed nearby towels for us and headed back inside.  Bonnie seemed apprehensive, as though she had done something wrong.  Once we were back inside, Bonnie started to apologize,
"I'm sorry Debbie, I don't know what came over me.  Are you going to fire me?''
I laughed, assured her that she still had her job, and took her by the hand and told her to be quiet.  Then I lead her to my bedroom.

I got on the bed and took my towel off.  When Bonnie saw me, she did the same.  She slid on top of me and started to kiss me, deeply and moaned into my mouth.  I gasped as she moved to neck, nibbling on it.  Her hands moved up to squeezed my tits, pushing them together; she treated each nipple with equal pleasure, sucking on one, letting it pop out of her mouth, then the other.  My hands moved down to her ass checks and I pulled her closer to me, beginning to finger her little puckered asshole.  She pulled herself up and wiggled her ass around my finger.

"So you like that Bonnie?", I asked.

She let me know just by nodding her head and moaning that she did.  I told her to open the nightstand drawer.  I jumped off the bed and went through my toy drawer, finding the perfect treasure, my strap-on. 
"Now Bonnie, get on your hands and knees for your boss".
She did as she was asking, looking back at me as I adjusted the strap-on.  I spread her ass cheeks and licked at her tight red hole, rimming her as my hand gave short slaps to her clit.  I gently bit her ass cheeks, and then licked at her asshole all the way down her slit to her pussy and back again.  Pleasure was washing over the both of us, delighted once again on the wonder of womanhood.  I leaned over her and tugged on her nipples.

It must have been our moans that caused the interruption of the female delight we were experiencing.  Dale was home and I didn't realize it right away.  I thought I heard a ruckus downstairs and turned around; there was Dale in the doorway!  When I stopped playing with Bonnie, she turned around and saw him too.  I immediately felt awful.  I suppose technically I was cheating on him.
"Dale, please understand", I said timidly.

He didn't say anything, he was looking past me.  I thought his anger was building, until I realized he was looking at Bonnie who was motioning him to join us.  Dale started moving towards us.
"Don't worry Debbie", he assured me
"Please continue"

I was so glad he said that, the smell of Bonnie's wet pussy was making me wetter and wetter and I wanted to fuck her.  Dale got in front of her and asked her, "Do you like men too?''
Bonnie assured him that she liked cock just as much as pussy.  Dale said it had been too long since he had seen a woman and now that there were two available to him, he wasn't going to hold back.  Dale was out of his dusty jeans and shirt in no time.

"Dale, Bonnie likes getting her ass played with, so I'm gonna fuck her up the ass", I announced.
I told Bonnie to move around and suck my cock to lube it up.  She stayed on her hands and knees and pulled my strap-on into her mouth.  She sucked on my special cock like a pro as I grabbed her hair and brought her face farther into my crotch.  Dale decided to help lube her up by licking at her cunt and drooling onto her asshole.
"She's ready Deb", he told me

Almost instinctively Bonnie turned around, tilted her ass up and wiggled it a bit, I eased my strap on into her tight hole, spreading it wide.  I rocked in and out of her, she moaned with each thrust, and then got louder as I fingered her dripping cunt.  Dale stayed standing facing us by the bed with a shit-eating grin on his face.  I don't know which he liked better, watching me with another woman or the idea of two women servicing his cock.  He first joined in my tugging on Bonnie's nipples.  I think her tits were actually bigger than mine were and she had darker areolas and big hard nipples, just the kind Dale liked.  He moved under her and bit on them just as I was shoving my thick rubber cock inside her.  Her moans of pleasure sent shock waves from my gut to my pussy.

I figured by now Dale's cock must have an indescribable hunger for pussy.
"I'm going to fuck the hell right out of you Bonnie", he said.
He sat on the edge of the bed and told me get my cock out of her ass because he was going to put a real one in there, hot and hard.  Bonnie sat on Dale's lap and leaned her back against his chest as I watched his cock disappear into her rosebud hole.
Kneeling in front of them I spread Bonnie's legs wide and Dale made her bounce on his dick.  This gave me a chance to lick and suck at Dale's nuts.  They were big and shaved; I loved how they felt in my mouth and the smell of them in my nose.  Now it was his turn to add his voice to moans and groans of pleasure in our bedroom.
After using my tongue as a platter for his heavy balls, I moved to the base of his rock hard cock, then to Bonnie's slit.  Her pretty pussy was exposed, but it wasn't getting any attention.  I decided I would give it the love it richly deserved.

Bonnie's slit was warm and silky, her juices were like a nectar, and when the tip of my tongue found her clit, it was swollen and not only peeking out from the inner folds of lips that usually hid it, it was purple and crying to be noticed.  The tears that wept from her clit were some of the most tasty pussy nectar I had ever had.  I cupped Dale's balls as I flicked and licked and sucked on it.  My hands were free to feel the majesty of her breasts and I explored them at the same time.  It wasn't too long until the room was pierced with her scream and she came, squirting into my mouth and over my lips.
Dale was the next to feed me.  I know he had been holding back a while.  I could tell by how heavy and tight his balls had gotten.  The familiar gasp and groan he uttered meant he was cumming, so I began to milk his balls by gently tugging on them.  His load shot into Bonnie's ass, it was intense and it was massive.  His warm jizz dribbled out of her and I gobbled it up as soon as I could.

We all got loose of each other and landed on the bed, laughing and catching our breaths.
I still needed to be serviced.  I still wanted to welcome Dale home.  I figured we would have our time together later that night.
We all seemed to get along so well.  The time that Bonnie had alone here was starting to get to her and I think she had left a bad situation or relationship before she got to our place.  I could feel it, the way women do.  We asked her if she would be staying on after this, especially because of the holidays.

Bonnie wanted to stay at least until the Spring.  I liked that.  I wanted to be with her again.  I wanted to work out a new living arrangement.  I thought we might have more to learn from each other.  All three of us had more to explore.  We had a few more months to do it.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

CBW # 127 - Headed For Debbie

I'm not positive, but seeing that keyboard next to a hard cock, I think he's asking to see Debbie's Dirty Little Diary.

A thank you to our submitter from our first state, Delaware.  Now you guys from Pennsylvania should "stand up" and show what the second state has to offer.

Really guys I don't care where you're from, I'd like to show off your cock, so go ahead and show me.

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CBW Submission

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Debbie Does You #10 - Two Hot Redheads

This DDU was especially fun to write.  I got the request from a member of a couple that wants to sort of make it a gift to her partner.
I hope you both enjoy it.

My boyfriend and I had been living together in a long-term relationship when my work began to include a lot of travel away from home.  We had a strong relationship and we didn’t mind sharing each other in bed with other people.
I had suggested to him that the next time I went away he find a “companion” to keep him warm until I returned.  That was two weeks ago.  My name is Lacy and now that it has all played out with my boyfriend, Tucker, I’d like to tell my adventure story.

I had to leave on a business trip that was going to be longer than usual, 6 days.  I reminded Tucker to look into getting another woman to take care of him while I was gone.  I assured him that everything was fine.  When I got back home, I asked him how it went in his attempt to find another woman.  I couldn’t believe it but Tucker actually seemed reluctant, even embarrassed about it.  I finally helped him to relax.

He explained that he went to a bar near his workplace.  He picked up a woman.

“Her name was Debbie, and god did she love to fuck!”, Tucker started.
“Go ahead, tell me more”, I asked as my fingers moved inside my panties.

He went on to tell me about how vocal she was in bed.  She had no problem in telling him what she liked and what she wanted.  Her tits were big and her nipples large and hard, something Tucker liked.  He liked seeing hard nipples because they assured him that he was turning the woman on.  Her pussy was tight and she was so wet after his foreplay that he easily glided into her.  Nevertheless, it was nothing loving after that.

“I just pounded the fuck out of her cunt Lacy”, he said, almost proud that he didn’t care about her.

By now, my fingers were tickling my clit.  I was intrigued.
Tucker did tell me about a disappointment he had with her.  She wasn’t into ass-play at all like you are honey.  She didn’t want his cock or fingers anywhere near her tight little rosebud hole or cheeks.

“Girl doesn’t know what she’s missing”, I said laughing.
“But, Lacy there was something she said when I was driving her home that blew my mind.”, he said.

Well, like most men, he just couldn’t help asking her if it was all right and whether she had a good time.  She assured him she did, but would have more fun if another woman were there.  My eyes lit up and my pussy got wetter when I heard that.

“I think we could help her out there, don’t you?”, I asked.

From there, we proceeded to form a plan for the three of us to get together and have some real adult fun.  Our plan was simple.  Tucker would go back to the bar where he found Debbie, he knew which evenings she was there, and bring her back home again.  Everything will be the same, except I’ll be home that night.

When he left, I dimmed all the lights in the house.  I sat on the couch wearing white stockings, stilettos, and a smile.  I sipped on bourbon and the time seemed to crawl by.  I couldn’t wait to meet this woman.  After what seemed to be an eternity I heard the key in the front door.  I put down my drink and spread my legs.  Tucker walked in the door and Debbie practically attacked him as soon as the door was shut.  She pushed her tits against him as they kissed deeply and began biting each other’s necks.  Tucker turned her around so she could see my shadow. 

She pulled away, yelling, “Who is that Tuck?!”
“Why that’s my beautiful girlfriend”, he answered her calmly.

She still looked confused.

“Go ahead Lacy, make Deb feel at home”, he said.

I turned on the light next to me.  Debbie gasped at first her eyes meeting my naked pussy, but it changed to an evil smile.  Then she looked back at Tucker who said, 

“You said it would have been perfect the other night if there were another woman with us”., Tucker tried to explain.

Debbie nodded, but I still couldn’t get a good look at her.  I stood up, suggested that we all go to the bedroom, and get to know each other better.  Once in the bedroom, I turned on the two night table lamps and there she was!  Debbie was a pretty woman with big breasts and a curvy body, but best of all, she was a redhead!  Just like me.

“Debbie, don’t be shy, lets see that body that my guy enjoyed fucking so hard.”, I said to her.
She began to strip, not pausing at all.  She quickly had all of her clothes off and then stood there almost stiff.  I wanted more though.

“Dance and show off all those curves to me”, 

I said as I moved to the bed and propped myself up on the pillows.  She started and as Tucker watched her he got undressed too.  He got on the bed next to me.  Debbie continued at the foot of the bed, she wiggled her ass and her tits at us, rocked her hips back and forth, and it seemed she began to really celebrate her body.  My hand moved to Tucker’s stiff cock and began to slowly stroke it as his fingers played with my pussy lips.  After a short while, Tucker told her to join us.
She first moved to Tucker, shoving her tits in his face, that got things going and we were all over each other in no time.  We explored and discovered the taste, feel, and smell of each other.  We got hotter and hotter as it continued.  I don’t think I had ever seen Tucker so hard or experienced my pussy aching so badly as it just got wetter and wetter.  I held Debbie’s head still as Tucker shoved his cock into her mouth and thrust just a couple times, enough to make her choke.  When he pulled out my hands moved down to her breasts.  I massaged them, then pinched her nipples hard enough that she cried out.
I told her she could get me back and I fell backwards, insisting that she bite my tits and nipples hard.
Tucker and I have been in threesome before, but it had been a while since it was another woman that was joining us.  We were always fair.  We never wanted anyone to feel left out or wanting more.  Because of this, I warned Debbie that it could be a long night.  Debbie told me clearly that she couldn’t wait to have me.  Since I agreed, it seemed we knew where to start. 
Tucker led the way.  He told me that he was going to fuck me in my favorite way, then told Debbie how much I wanted to eat a hot pussy at the same time.

“Let me kiss you Debbie”, I said softly.

Debbie sat up, with her legs spread and pulled me towards her as Tucker positioned himself behind me.  We kissed, our tongues slowly met and we began to get to know each other’s bodies.  I kissed her neck and moved to gently kissing her breasts and the tip of her nipples.
It was when I started to lick her nipples that a felt Tucker massaging my ass and fingering it, teasing me, knowing how much I loved ass-play.  He lubed up his finger with his saliva and started spreading my tight hole open with it.  It was then that I suggested that Debbie roll over onto her stomach and present her pussy to me.  She eagerly did as I asked, even spreading her soft lips for me, so I could see the pink gift she was giving me.  She wasn’t totally bald like me, but had a trimmed pussy, the hair was fine, soft, and red.  A hot twinge went through my cunt and I felt Tucker spit on my ass crack.

“I’m gonna fuck your nice round ass cheeks, just the way you like”, he breathlessly said to me.

When I felt his hot meat fitting into my ass crack, I pushed my tongue onto Debbie’s glistening pussy.  We all fell into a perfect motion, Tucker slowly sliding his cock on me while I slowly ran my tongue up and down the hot wet slit of the pretty redhead in front of my face.  Our moans of pleasure helped urge each other on.  Tucker picked up the pace and Debbie pleaded for me to dive into her pussy with my tongue.  I sucked on her clit as I felt Tucker’s balls graze my thighs.  His hand went under and rubbed my pussy in all the right places.

I don’t know what Tucker thinks, but I wonder if redheaded pussy is sweeter, it sure seemed that way to me as I explored the velvety walls of the one I was eating and fucking with my tongue.

“I’m going to cum, oh damn I’m going to cum”, Debbie moaned as she started to grind her pussy backwards onto my face.

That must have really turned Tucker on, not to mention the fact that he was in the perfect position to watch us.  He picked up the speed of his long strokes.  I could feel him get even stiffer and I swear I could feel his cock get warmer.  Debbie actually groaned as she came on my tongue and my face.  I pulled out of her, gently and lightly licking at her inner lips and savoring her juices. 

The next groan I heard was Tucker’s along with a deep “Fuck you bitch!” Then the feeling of his hot man milk on the small of my back let me know that his balls had emptied their load on me.

But, I was the one that still needed to cum.  In fact, I needed to cum badly.  Tucker got on the bed and was on his back.  He motioned to me to sit on his face and told Debbie to eat his cum off my back.  We easily traded places.  I felt a tongue exploring my pussy and one tickling my ass and back.
I knew it wouldn’t be long until I was the one moaning “I’m cumming” 

However, all this was just the beginning, as I told Debbie it was going to be a long night.  Maybe she would learn about the wonders of a good rim job, at least for a start.

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CBW #126 - Submit !

As many long time readers know, when you see a CBW like this it means that I have not gotten any CBW submissions.
I know you've heard this before, but "Dirty Debbie needs cock." Please submit your cock using the link below and I'll be satisfied once more.

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CBW Submission

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CBW # 125 - Looking For Love

This CBW was sent just in the nick of time.  I thought I was going to have a third week in a row without a picture of a fan's cock.  To prevent this in the future I'm asking the guys if any of my stories or pics get you hard, remember to just take a quick pic of your handsome cock and send it to me.  After I'm done getting off I'll post it as a CBW.  And a reminder guys, everything is totally confidential.

Now onto this week's cock.  The contributor this week sent me his handsome cock along with a request to my readers out there. This is Matt, he's from Provo, Utah and is interested in meeting new people nearby.  If you're interested email me (the link is on the sidebar) and I'll get in touch with him.

There's never enough CBW, so send me your special pic for Dirty Debbie to feature.
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Debbie Does You #9 - Out In The Open

Here's another DDU request from a client of mine in Viva Ponata.  He gave specifics about what he wanted and I hope I gave it to him

The sunny day came bursting through the big windows in my bedroom.  I woke and looked over at Rob and smiled.  He stirred, opened his eyes and gave me back an impish grin.  We had been together for 4 months now and every time he spent the night it seemed to get better and better.  There were still things I wanted to explore with him in bed, but I wasn’t quite comfortable yet.  My courage was building though.  The fact was what I wanted to explore with him wouldn’t happen in bed at all.

A couple of weeks went by; still I hadn’t brought up the special kink of mine.  I was trying to decide on the right place and time.  This morning I hit the brink; it was building up in me.

“Hey Craig I need to talk to you this morning, OK?”

Craig just smiled and nodded, telling me to go ahead.
I prefaced my request my letting him know there was nothing wrong.  I went on to tell Craig how much I enjoyed being an exhibitionist. Would he have a problem enjoying it with me?  At first, I saw that he was a bit taken a back by what I had just revealed to him.  Then it seemed as though the wheels in his head started turning, there was an excitement starting to show through in his expression.

“Not a problem at all honey, I have a great idea”, he answered with his face starting to flush.

I suggested that we have some coffee and breakfast and talk about it out of the bedroom.  I needed some coffee to help me with my plan.

“Now listen to me Deb”, Craig started.
“I want to have fun with this, will you let me take pictures of you ?” , he asked hopefully.

I hadn’t thought of that before, but I was willing to talk about it and work out a plan.  By the time we finished our second cups of coffee, we decided that we would go out to dinner two or three times to different restaurants.  At each place, we’d use the valet parking and flash the valet.  I decided not to wear any panties at all the first night.  Craig got out of the car first and stood behind the valet with his iPhone ready to take the pick.  The valet helped me out of the car, I spread my legs slightly as I bent my leg and put my right leg down to get out.  It was obvious the valet saw my bald pussy; his smile gave him away, while at the same time Craig snapped two pictures with the sound turned off.

The second time, three days later, I decided to wear a thong and work my way out of the car ass first, my skirt rode up and I showed off my round ass as Craig took more pictures. We decided to do it two more times and it was fun.  I would get wet at dinner still thinking about what I had done.  Then we would go home and look over the pictures.  It always turned the both of us on so much that we were fucking like bunnies.  After four times I needed more.  I needed to let the full exhibitionist out!

We stopped doing it after the fourth time, if for any other reason than it was getting expensive.  However, once we stopped the sex got a little less exciting.
After about two weeks without flashing, I came up with another idea.

“Craig, will you fuck me in that park about a mile from here...please ?”

He seemed to hesitate at first, but he told me he loved me and wanted to make me happy so he’d try it.

“How about the next sunny Saturday?”, I asked.

It was fine and it turned into our plan.  I already knew the weather forecast and that the upcoming Saturday was going to be beautiful.  Throughout the week I purposely didn’t make love to Craig, I wanted the both us to be very ready for our upcoming adventure.
Saturday we agreed that we would go down the park later in the afternoon. We decided to ‘dress’ for the occasion.  I didn’t wear any panties, a short skirt, and a demi-bra.  He didn’t wear his boxers and wore jeans with polo short.

I was glad it was a short drive to the park.  I figured a semi-secluded place would be best.  The thrill wasn’t worth being arrested.  The hiking trail looked inviting so we headed down it with our blanket.  The perfect area presented itself after a few minutes and it was as if we both knew it at the same time.  There was a row of tall bushes along one side of the clearing, and a pond on the other.  We put the blanket down and fell into each other’s arms.  This had to be quick down and dirty sex and I didn’t care, it was what I wanted.

Craig gently lay me down on the blanket, joining me and kissing my neck, my ears, and my mouth deeply.  His hands were up my blouse in no time, my nipples were surrounded by two fingers as he squeezed my big tits.  I felt like a schoolgirl being felt-up behind the gym.  Craig pulled my tits out of the cups, and his dick out of his pants.  I took a hold of it and stroked him until he got hard and his pre-cum was on my fingers.  I spread it over his cock head.  It was then that he told me this was fun and rolled me over to my stomach. I got on my hands and knees and before he entered me, Craig told me he loved me.

I enjoyed the excitement about the risk of being caught, but more than that, it was the open air.  A cool breeze was sweeping over my skin that had become damp with sweat and wet kisses.  I always felt free making love with Craig, but there is a freedom of fucking in open air and by the water.
Craig was moving in and out of my slick pussy.  He teased me, pulling all the way out and moving his knob, wet with my juices, up and down my slit, tickling my clit and then, this time, slamming deep inside me.  I gripped the cool grass between my fingers instead of our sheets and moaned out.
Craig intensified my arousal by leaning over and telling me he thought the people on the other side of the pond had heard me.  I pushed harder back against him when he said that.  He was pounding my cunt now, tugging at my nipples, and kissing the back of my neck, we were together.  We were lovers in the woods celebrating each other.

We rocked together and as we came close to orgasm Craig finally said, “Cum baby, cum for those people over there”

With that, the waves came over me; hot waves of orgasm ran through me.  A few quick strokes with a final screwing of his cock into my tight pussy and Craig joined me, groaning and collapsing on top of me.  I looked around and couldn’t see anyone, both of us laughed at the fun we had, dusted ourselves off and headed home.

We decided to clean up together and took a shower.  As I was washing Craig’s back I thought to myself; Maybe next time he’ll tie me to a tree, while I’m on my hands as knees and take me up the ass.  However, I have to tell him about my bondage kink first I guess.