Monday, December 29, 2008

And A Happy New Year

Greetings and well wishes from CJ and Debbie to all our readers.

If you haven't already done so, please read the Christmas post to learn about the updates and new ideas for the coming year and beyond for Dirty Debbie.

Shall I do another retrospect this year?
The one that brought us into the new year of 2008 is here.

I started this blog in July of 2005.
This year probably had the most pauses, stumbles and sputters, but again in the new year things will be renewed, isn't that the promise of this time of year?
I too will be renewed and I believe CJ will to.

As in past years there is at least a short list of bloggers that I will continue to miss into the new year:
Ken and Jen the Dirty Couple in Virginia
The Cunnilingus Blog
The Emergence of Minxdom

But this year also included me be invited to be a Fellatrix at The Fellatrices
We moved from CJ Fridays to CJ having his own site as Dirty Debbie's CJ
And the thing I'm most proud of was both CJ and I were put in the top 100 sex blogs at numbers 63 and 64

As most of you don't know, when I'm not Dirty Debbie on the internet I am known as Plum Blossom. Plum Blosson has been online for 13 years now. I couldn't resist using this picture to show me during the holidays.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So This Is Christmas

From the welcoming household of CJ and Debbie we wish you all Happy Holidays, no matter which holiday it is you celebrate. In our household it's closer the the pagan holiday Yule.

Another report is that I will return to my blog after the first week of the new year (CJ's birthday is right after New Year's)
The new year may bring a few more posts with more opinions than before. I'm also going to install a suggestion box on the sidebar. Please use it.
We are all going to get back to having some fun around here. The more the merrier. Send along suggestions, fantasies about Debbie doing you, and those wonderful CBW's. In fact, a note to any of my readers that sent along CBW's before I shut down in the middle of November. Please resend your pics. I was in a cynical mood about my inspiration, or lack thereof, and deleted all your beautiful cocks. Please replenish me guys.