Monday, October 31, 2005

A close shave

The phone call started out innocently enough; I was picking up a few last minute things for our Samhain fest at one of the local party stores, and thought I would ask Dirty Debbie what kind of mask she would like, because she was sans mask at the moment.
"I don't care - just hurry home, NOW - I need you!" the mistress of the dark commanded.
I knew from her tone of voice that she was somewhat serious, and that something was most definitely up.
Quickly paying for my purchases, I exited the store and drove hurriedly home, wondering just what Deb had gotten herself into.

Arriving home a short time later, Deb was nowhere to be found, so I mounted the staircase to the loft in search of the Goddess, only to find her spread out nekid on our bed , surrounded by her "toys", and looking very bear way down yonder.
"I need your expert opinion, and some assistance." she purred, spreading her legs out for me to see a gloriously shaved bald pussy just aching for my attention.
"I can't see all the way down there, and I think I missed a spot.."

Now Deb hadn't wanted to be bald as a cue ball in her neither regions before, so the sight of her smooth cunt was something of a pleasant shock to behold.
Coming closer, she reminded me that I needed to use baby powder with her new trimming tools, and reaching for the talc, I spilled too much on her, as she reminded me that there was a fine makeup brush for which to spread it upon the area to be shaved.
Stoking her gently with the brush, she clenched her fists and tensed up, and I knew from her reaction that she had been playing with one of her toys while awaiting my arrival.

Reaching for the razor, I finished quickly what she had started, leaving her clean and smooth.
While spreading the powder around some more in order to get every last hair, I couldn't help myself from gently manipulating her pussy, rubbing her clit in a circular motion, pressing my fingers into her flower ever so slowly as I brought her clitoris to a fully erect state.

Mmmm... I so enjoy seeing Debbie's clit so aroused, so I decided to put the brush down along with my glasses, and taste the dew that was emanating from her flower.
"Ahhhhhhh.... Ohhhhh.... Ooooooo!"
"Ahhhhh ahhh ahhh..."
Now with these moans emanating from the Goddess, who could help but not want to push a finger or two up her pussy in order to get to the internal G spot; could you?
Licking her rapidly with my tongue, I quickened my pace until Deb arched her back in a spasm of orgasm, climaxing in a rush of sweet fluid from between her thighs.

Faced with this visage, what was a boy to do but show her that I too was aroused, so I stood up and slowly unzipped my trousers just the way I know that she likes, allowing her to see the head of my cock poking precariously out of my bikini underwear, erect, and standing at attention.
The gleam in Deb's eyes told me what she wanted next.. Mr. Happy in her mouth.

Now Deb doesn't exaggerate about how much she likes to suck cock, and quite frankly, she's a pro when it comes to fellatio, so when she put her lips around my mushroom, it was like velvet.
Slurping furiously, she devoured my cock like a creamsicle, while slowly massaging my balls to the point that I could no longer stand.
Pushing her down on the bed, I stopped to behold the joy of bald pussy lips, and her still aroused clit, basking in a sight that I had not beheld in quite a long time.
Still slippery from my finger fucking, I couldn't hold back any longer, and placed my cockhead on her cunt lips, making slow strokes in and out as she likes before I plunge headlong (so to speak) into her well lubricated pussy.
"Ahhhh!" I said to myself, "There's nothing like the feeling of Deb's pussy." So tight, so smooth, yet yielding to my whims while silently begging me to fuck her like a stallion.

Friendly readers, when Dirty Debbie cums, it gushes, and she knows it. "I'm going to soak your balls with my cum!" she intoned throatily, and that she did. Three times.
Faster and faster I rode her, building to that moment of ecstasy where we join together as one, when suddenly she looked into my eyes terrified and said "Oh crap! This is the WORST possible day we could be doing this!!!"
Not wanting to be a buzz kill, something clicked in my brain and even though I was just about to burst my hot jizz inside her, I used a Hindu technique that I learned long ago and instead, emptied my cum into my bladder instead of Deb's throbbing (no exhaduration) pussy. Pulling out to check for the dreaded precum, I saw nothing, and knew my training was still in tact.

No matter. There was still pussy to fuck, I was hot, and Deb was still horny as hell.
Lets just end it this way: Dirty Debbie lived up to her name this time like every time, and bravely staggered downstairs after our ordeal to continue her preparations for our party, even though her hands and most of her body were still shaking.
Needless to say, she was pretty worn out this morning, and went to work sore from the workout and our orgasmic cosmic climax.


Dirty Debbie is thinking about her next post.
Will it be a work of fiction?
Will it be an accounting of her with CJ?
Maybe just some musings on being a sexblogger.
We shall see
But for now, Dirty Debbie sits and 'thinks'

Happy Halloween

H A L L O W E E N ! !

I don't know whether this would be considered being a good witch or a bad witch.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

So New - So Hot !

I'm still shaking...from a fantastic lovemaking session that has just ended with CJ.
The man spoils me relentlessly.
First thing this morning CJ took a couple of pics of me. I was wearing a favorite of his...a flannel 'boyfriend' nightshirt from Victoria's Secret.
Then later I shaved my pussy bare for the first time, with CJ's help.
That was a real turn on for me and I played with one of my favorite toys for a while, a clit tickler attached to my vibrator.
Then it moved on to CJ's tongue working that wonderful magic on my clit...then onto a major fuck fest...not to say it wasn't beautiful lovemaking, it was just intense.
Better yet, I felt so at ease that we got a total of 34 pics out of it!
I have to go through them and see what I'll put on the blog, but needless to say there will be some good pics soon.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, partially because I'm Wicca, so today and the next day will be busy. That's why there aren't many details about the great lovemaking session or the pics yet, but it will come.
Maybe if we're lucky we can get CJ to put his 2 cents in.

So hold on folks....I'm cumming !

Sexual Truth ?

All those polls out there!
They are becoming the sound bites of blogging and I have fallen for them. They are quick and easy ways to revel yourself to your readers, so here goes.
I got this one from Everything Nice at Bubblegum Meltdown, newly discovered by CJ.

1. How old are you/male or female? 46/female
2. How many people have you slept with? Of the same sex (so far) none(but hoping that will change), Other sex approx. 25
3. Lost virginity at what age? 17
4. How many blow jobs/oral sex have you given? Let see, 1..2..3..honey not enough, I love 'em.
5. How many one nightstands? I think 3
6. Ever banged your friend'’s significant other? No
7. Ever cheated? Not while I was married, once with a boyfriend
8. How often do you masturbate? mmmm.funny it depends, I would say average 4 times a week.
9. What do you masturbate to? What don't I? stories, pic, movies, male, female...mostly
10. Most forbidden person you wanted to bang? I would have done my best friend's husband, but I didn't crave him. Another highly forbidden person I did bang, but that's a whole other story.
11. Ever had a gay/lesbian experience? Not really, again hoping to have the opportunity.
12. Like the taste of pussy? Have only tasted my own, but it's like potato chips, I'd keep munching.
13. Like the taste of cum? Depends, I had a diabetic lover...his was sweeter, overall, I swallow, let's just keep it at that.
14. Use toys? Oh yes...yes...yes
15. Ever masturbated at work? Yes, both in the ladies room and at my desk.
16. Craziest place you've had sex? Again a long interesting story prefaces it, but I would say the back of the YMCA community center in lover's hometown.
17. Like anal? Yes, on occasion
18. Foot fetish? Nope...feet are usually weird looking to me.
19. Weirdest thing you have masturbated with? You pick: my fingers or my toys....that's it.
20. Met anyone off Craig's List and had sex the first night? Nope, never got that bad.
21. How many porns do you have? Have downloaded a lot from the web, but no actual tapes or discs.
22. Faked an orgasm? No, "life's too short to fake it" is my motto.
23. Favorite position? Got to go with the doggie if it's hot money sex, it leaves so mapossibilitiesies...spanking, hairpulling, clit it getting hot in here? For good old fashoned love-making I'd like to face my lover somewhere along the way.
24. Ever paid for sex? Nope...never had to.
25. Ever had sex in a club? desire to.
26. How many is too many? I wish this question were more specific.
27. Ever had group sex? Yep...I do like a nice threesome (aka Debbie sandwich)
28. Ever had cyber sex? Yep, it's how I discovered more and more of my sexuality, but I haven't done it in a few years.
29. Phone sex? Yes, even better than cyber...I would love to get paid for it....I'm good.
30. Dirtiest Fantasy? None, it's only dirty if you doing it
31. Ever taped yourself? Nope, not sure I'm there it, even though I have watched myself in a mirror.
32. Taken dirty pictures? Of course (took 2 this morning)....and hopefully more and more.
33. Ever had sex with someone and didn't know his or her name? No..that's too cold.
34. Ever had sex with anyone famous? Not yet.
35. Feel like masturbating now? Too early, maybe later.
36. Fucked a co-worker? Yes, another good story...he was 19 and married I was 31...only lasted about a year, but it was fun.
37. Used someone? No, again too cold.
38. When it comes to shallow attraction, what body part does it for you the most? mmmm, often it's a combination....eyes and butt.
39. Ever hate fuck somebody? nope, interesting concept though.
40. Do you enjoy the dirty talk in bed? Yes, oh that from my cybering and phone sex
41. Consider fucking someone who writes you as a result of this poll? Nope, in a commited relationship with the best guy I've have had in bed not to mention he's my soulmate.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Debbie Takes Dicktation

This is the continuation of No Work.....
Instructing him to my take slip off, he happily complied and got a nice surprise: I wasn’t wearing any panties. He was face to face with my bald pussy, framed by my garter belt and stockings.Dropping to his knees, he buried his face between my already swollen lips. I could feel his nose on my clit as his tongue slurped at my slit, making it even more slippery. I held his face close to me as I moaned out. This was almost too much, I widened my stance as he moved under me, tickling my asshole with his tongue, then finding my clit, and he gently sucked my hot swollen nib between his lips. It didn’t take a lot of his sucking and flicking to make me cum on his face. He stood up and I kissed and licked my juices off his lips and from his mouth.Again I backed off from him and pulled my tits out and over my bra, another feeling I like: my bra still on, but my tits free.So my tits were the next thing my new lover would explore, rubbing, kissing, nibbling, and yes my favorite, sucking. As he did this my hands moved between his thighs and found his rock hard cock. That meat had to be freed, it seemed so uncomfortable. I loosened his belt and unzipped him, then out of his pants, throbbing, looking as though he was gasping for air emerged a fine, stiff dick.
“Do you give head?, it’s OK if you don’t, but…..”
Before he was able to finish I was on my knees, licking his balls and listening to his moans. I rolled his nuts over my tongue then took long lollipop licks up the underside of his man meat. His meat smelled and tasted as good as the cologne I had enjoyed everyday over the past couple of months. He could stand the licks for a while, but finally had reached the tipping point. I reached his cockhead and he grabbed my head, pulling my hair he forced my take him down my throat. He moaned out again saying “Oh, I’ve never had it like this! That’s it.. suck my cock”
I sucked hard as he pumped in and out of my face. I could feel the inside of my cheeks hitting his hard cock, it was hot against the walls of my mouth and it tasted great! My nails ran up the inside of his thighs causing another moan and he said “Ohh god I can feel that in my balls.”
That was the cue for me to hum on his meat stick and massage his balls. He pumped faster and let me know he was ready to cum. I held onto the base of his cock, pulled him out of my mouth and let him spray his man milk over my tits. I started to eat his hot cum from my hard nipples, but soon he joined me licking his hot milk off me too.
He fell back onto the couch, smiling and catching his breath.
While he relaxed on the couch, I moved to the edge of his desk. My pussy was so hot, so wet, so swollen now that I needed to work on some relief. I put my feet up, spread my legs and made sure that ‘he’ had a good view of my red, slick pussy.
“This is what you did to me and I need to do something about it”

A smile came across his face when I moved a hand down to just cup my pussy and play with it. I looked around his desk and found what I needed, an empty Coke bottle. I looked ‘him’ straight in the eye as I slowly pushed the neck of the bottle into my cunt. He smiled again and kept watching, I swear I saw his cock twitch. I slowly pushed the bottle farther and farther inside me. The cool glass felt good against the walls of my steaming snatch. I loosened up more, moaned out and with my free hand I played with my clit. Rhythmically I clamped down on and loosened up on the bottle with my pussy. Keeping this up for a little while, my audience was totally captive and his cock was starting to twitch and grow hard again.
I took a couple of large paper clips from the desk and fastened them onto my nipples, ohh…yummy!
Only a few more minutes of me playing with myself, coming closer and closer to the edge he got up and came to the desk. He took the bottle out of me, and the paper clips off my nipples.
Then, finally, finally what I needed…his cock in my cunt.
He pushed me over the edge of the desk, I turned to look behind me as grabbed his cock and began to enter my aching pussy from behind. We both moaned out, it was so sweet, it felt so good, so much better than I had hoped. Soon he had a perfect pace going and I couldn’t get enough of it….”Fuck me you bastard, fuck me harder”
He slammed into me a few more times, pulled out, and rolled me onto my back on top of the desk.
Papers and supplies flew off as he entered me again and pulled my feet up to rest on his shoulders. He was hot, hard, and slippery with my juices. I watched his glistened cock disappear into me, faster, and faster. He was inside me up to the hilt, balls slapping on my ass, “Ohhh god you’re good, make me cum fucker, I want to cum again!” He breath quicken as he fucked me deep and hard with one thumb playing with my clit. I could feel that wave taking over my entire body, then the sweet explosion….”Ahhh I’m cuuummmming!!”
With that he exploded again, making my pussy even hotter and sloppier with his cum. He pulled out of me and let me know what a sweet cream pie I had. He then took a final slurp of my pussy and kissed me. We ate each other’s cum and enjoyed their mingling in our mouths.
When I could get my footing I straightened up and got dressed.
I kissed him on the cheek, said “Good to see that you’re doing fine.”, and left.
On Monday he was back to his regular schedule so we rode the elevator together, nodded, and smiled, a little more knowingly now.
One funny thing, I still don’t know his name!

Friday, October 28, 2005

All Work And No Play

It was always a great way to start and end my work days. Somehow I almost always ran into ‘him’ in the underground garage, then shared the elevator ride up to our offices, his on the 10th floor, mine on the 18th. At the end of the day we usually shared that same ride back down to the garage. We’ve never been formally introduced, just the usual workplace nods and smiles with a quick “good morning” or “hi” when the day started and “ ‘nite” when we were leaving. There was nothing exceptional about his looks, he was always dressed nicely, very GQ, and he smelled great ! If my nose didn’t deceive me it was Calvin Klein’s Eternity for Men. There was nothing I could put my finger on, but I found him intriguingly sexy.
It’s funny - maybe even all in my head - but lately it seemed as though the smiles were lasting longer and the glances were becoming more direct. Sometimes the thought of him made me smile during my dreary day. All this happened, day in, day out through most of the gloomy winter months. By the time spring bloomed I was getting curious about ‘him’. Could we ride more than just the elevator together? What would it be like?
Problem is that I had no idea how to approach the situation. I didn’t even know his name !
Then it was as though I went on auto-pilot one day. I started wearing more provocative clothing, at least as much as is allowed in the workplace. I was putting on my prettier lingerie in the morning, choosing blouses with a bit more reveling neckline, dresses with a shorter hemline, and shoes with a bit more heel to them.
I didn’t add to my jewelry, make-up, or fragrance, figuring that would be a bit much.
One day an opportunity arose and I had to jump on it, so to speak.
I hadn’t seen ‘him’ in the garage or in the elevators in the morning or evening for several days. Of course, I knew he could be on vacation or even sick, but that Friday night at 5:00 pm. I thought it be a great excuse to visit the 10th floor office and look for him. By the time I got down there most people were gone; after all it was a Friday at 5:00 pm, and half the lights were dimmed. I looked around at the offices, very nice, but no luck finding ‘him’ until finally I reached a corner office that still had lights glowing, the door was open so I walked by. There ‘he’ was.
I felt blood rushing through my body, my face felt warm and flushed, but I was determined to act as a woman who knows what she wants rather than a silly schoolgirl….
“Hi, I haven’t seen you for a few days and was wondering if you were all right” I said as soon as he looked up from his desk at me.
“I needed to change my hours for this week, I’ve been working from noon to 8:00 pm.”
“So we’ve just been missing each other” I answered.
“I know I missed you” he said as he stood up from his desk.
He moved towards me, I felt frozen for a moment thinking, ‘what do I do?’ As he got closer I felt a lot calmer for two reasons: one, he was shutting the door to his office, and two, I could tell under that nice blue suit was a growing, dare I say, raging hard-on.
You know what I thought, don’t you? ….yummy!
I pretended not to notice and just kept smiling until he grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me, forcing his tongue between my lips and teeth and into my mouth, wildly exploring me as he pushed the rock in his pants against my thigh. I returned the kisses with the same enthusiasm. His kisses soon moved to my neck, then my ear. He held me tight as he whispered in my ear, ”I know you want what I want honey, tell me”
I whispered back, “Yes, I’ve wanted to know how your body felt for months now”
“I’m yours honey, I want to fuck you, fuck you just the way you want” he said soothingly.
I stepped back and out of his embrace and started to strip for him. It was a way to tune into my body first, so then he could be totally tuned in to it later. He sat down on the couch as I unbuttoned my blouse, teasing in the way my body moved and how I looked at him. I let it fall to the floor as I unzipped the back of my skirt, it slipped past my hips and was soon a crumpled mass at my feet.
Stepping out of it and moving closer to ‘him’, I was now only dressed in a white lace bra, a half slip that covered a white garter belt that was holding up my white stocking, and my high heels.
Tomorrow: Debbie Takes Dicktation
*note: images are thanks to Naughty America

Nice Tickle CJ

I had an unexpected little tickle last night. Quite enjoyable. I was on the couch with CJ, reclining, in shorts, with no panties on when out of the blue CJ pulled the crotch of my shorts over for greater access and started playing with my pussy, first gently between my lips, then onto my clit. I could feel myself getting wetter, then slipping his fingers into me...mmm.
And he does that nice little trick so well, the g-spot tickle from the inside with one hand while the other circles and plays with my clit.
He always has the boyish, impish grin on his face as he watches me melt away. I think it makes him even cuter.
I don't cum as hard as I do when I have all of him, but I did cum...twice.
I finshed up by licking and sucking on his Dirty Debbie juicy fingers.
Good man CJ...nice tickle....yummy!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Half-Nekkid Thursday - #1

I figured this was the best way to do my first HTN and end the saga of my gall-bladder surgery...

Truly an interesting way to show off my scar, don't you think?'s right there below my breastbone.
This was one of our first pictures done with the new digital camera....with more to come.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Cockblogging Wednesday - #1

Greetings all...
Finally a CBW post.
I got my camera delivered last night, but both CJ and I had long days at work and were too brain dead to start working with it.
So for now an older pic of CJ.
That's the yummiest most handsome cock I know.
Oh, and nice watch

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Living A Double Life?

Sometimes I feel as though I'm almost living a double life, part of it in the 'real' world, the other part in blogland. It doesn't bother me, but it does make me think.

Is it really a 'double life', or an extension of who I am and the life I choose to live right now?
Every so often I think:
What would my boss say?
What would my kid/mother/sister think?
What would my fill in blank here think/say?

It's quite an interesting turn on to me as I head to my office, dressed well, carrying a briefcase, to think: They have no idea the naughty things I'm wearing underneath or they have no idea what I wrote and posted on the internet last night. Soon I'll be able to add:they have no idea I put naked pictures of myself and lover up on the internet. What's even better? I love it! Talk about shock and
I really enjoy the people I regularly communicate with through my blog and theirs. Not only have I gained some new insight through them, but it's comforting to find intelligent, loving, like-minded people out there.
I'm enjoying that at age 46 I'm still exploring and expanding my sexuality and the world of sexblogs is just one more instrument to that end.
So what do you think?
What do you think of your sexblogging persona?

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Relief At Last - Part 2

CJ knows me so well and the next thing he did is a small, but kinky turn on of mine.
He pulled that handsome, stiff cock slowly out of the fly of his sweatpants allowing me to see it standing at full attention, not unlike a wooden soldier of yore.
His shirt, smooth, sensual, washable silk was partially open and his cock was hard and hanging out of his pants….yummy!
I had to be closer to him again and began kissing him again. His hand wrapped around his dick clenching it firmly, and when I saw this I couldn’t help but whisper in his ear: “Stroke it, show me”. I watched as he slowly jerked his stiff meat, his cockhead partially disappearing into his fist as he enveloped it.
Again, I am forced to say….yummy!
I took his spongy cockhead between my thumb and fingers and started pulling it up towards me, jerking it with slow abandon, while all the time kissing and nibbling his neck. His fingers then began to weave through my thick hair, and finally he forcefully but quickly pushed my head on top of that tasty meat of his.
At first I was off to the side, but I hastily positioned myself in one of my favorite positions…on my knees in front of my man, with my head buried between his legs, and my hands massaging his balls.
My god how I love to suck to his cock!
Mmmmm….it makes me soooo wet!
And I love to be told how bad I am; of course CJ knows this too, saying to me:
“You’re my dirty cock whore aren’t you?”
Being taught to never talk with my mouth full all I could do was moan and nod, but I know CJ got the message.
I could feel his cockhead hit the roof of my mouth as my tongue played with the underside of his shaft. To me he is a buffet and I was going to make sure I had all I could eat.
From having him deep down my throat, I moved to just tickling his cockhead by flicking my tongue all over it, then back again. During all this CJ deftly had pushed my top over my shoulders and off me, and slide my pants down so my ass was showing. My head starting bobbing and sucking on him, and even I like the sound of my slurping, sloppy, moaning blow job; it’s just one more thing to keep me turned on.
I pulled up, sucking and keeping him in my mouth, and then looked up at him. He looked down at me, enjoying every moment and said: “Where’s a camera when you need one?”
(FYI: the camera has shipped and we should have it around Wednesday).
Finally he pulled me off his swollen head and showed be the big throw pillow that was on the floor in front of the couch.
“See that pillow?” he said, almost coyly.
“Yes…” I answered.
“Kiss the pillow Debbie” he demanded.

I knew what that meant, and again more perfection.
As I’ve mentioned before, doggie is one of my favorite positions. I enjoy the idea of ‘presenting’ my puffy wet pussy to CJ. It turns me on to think that my steaming cunt is communicating to CJ on it’s own, that it’s calling for him fill her up with hot hard cock, and he does it so well.
So I hugged the pillow, bending down, ass up, legs spread, and hips thrusting towards him. He was quickly stripped down, and held onto my hips as he ran the tip of his cock up and down my hot slit. I was already starting to go wild, but wanted to calm down.
“Slowly honey, tease me” I moaned out.
My wish was his command and he entered me, only fucking me with a couple inches of his dick. I could feel my pussy clamp around him and pull him into me, I love that feeling of the ‘first entry’. Then I hit that point where I surrender and ‘Us’ is created.
Soon I needed all of him, I need that cock slamming into me and I begin to beg for more… ”Oh CJ, fuck me, drive it home, fuck me!”
Again, my wish is his command and I feel all of him in me as I push and wiggle my ass back against him.
As CJ quickens his pace I can feel his smooth balls slap against me. Then he leaned over me, still pumping, his fingers easily finding my swollen clit and gently and faultlessly tickled it as he fucked me harder. I keep up with each thrust. I didn’t want to miss loving any part of his cock; I didn’t want to miss any opportunity to make him feel good. Not too long after that began my whole body began to shiver, I could feel that sweet explosion starting….then….then…. shuddering ”FUCK YES! Stir that pussy!” I came hard, all over CJ’s fine, handsome manhood and balls.
By now I was moaning, screaming, and bucking against him as he continued to fuck the hell out of my cunt, making me come again.
We finished with CJ falling on top of me, our ankles intertwine and our hands clasped….we are together…joined again…beautiful…still.
“I love you”

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Relief At Last

It was another gray, rainy autumn day here, and lately I have been wondering if I actually moved to Seattle instead of Baltimore.
Around 4:00 I got what I later found out to be vibes from my soul mate, and so I figured I would stop at the supermarket and pick up something delicious for dinner.
This week was the first week with both of us working and I was looking forward to spending time with my beloved and the calm the weekend brings.
When I got home CJ wasn’t there yet. “Some perfect time to myself!”, I thought.
I put away the groceries and ascended the wooden spiral staircase to one of my favorite places, my tub. Starting the hot bath running, adding bath salts, and striping out of my dress down Friday clothes, effortlessly I sank into the tub.
:::SIGH::: yummy….
As always, the water took all the cares of the day away, eventually winding their way down the drain. I did some quick shaving, trimmed my pussy up a bit, admiring my spread legs in the silver overflow plate and the end of the tub.
CJ came limping through the door about 45 minutes after I got out of the tub looking tired and worn out from his stressful day at work. I was dressed in one of my favorite lounging outfits: a red satin pajama set with a subtle darker red paisley print on it.
Have I told you about my lingerie fetish? Perhaps that is for another day.
I had a couple of candles lit, jazz playing on the digital cable music channel, and hors d’oeuves heating in the oven. I could tell he was hurting and very glad to be home, and I was happy to be there for him.
It’s part of what I do.
It’s part of how I love him.
It’s important to me to create that that Comfort Zone in our home.
We enjoyed our dinner and CJ started to wind down, and afterwards it was his turn to soak in the tub and have some down time.
In a little while CJ joined me on the couch. I reminded him that we still had dessert if he wanted some and his reply shot shivers through me: “I want Debbie for dessert”
He began kissing me, his tongue exploring my lips and mouth, my tongue dancing with his. Finding each other after so long, after too long a time, warmed my entire body. We kissed, nibbled and licked each other’s mouths, necks, ears. His skin was warm, moist and supple in my mouth and across the tip of my tongue. Thus started dessert and how we devoured each other.
As I moaned with his touch, deftly, effortlessly, his warm hands unbuttoned the first top buttons of my top, giving him access to my tits and the hardening nipples that yearned for him. It was if my thoughts became his actions in an instant, his mouth was immediately plastered on my nipple. Ohhh…that is where heaven begins for me; such a wonderful mixture of sensations that include CJ’s mustache and goatee tickling the sensitive skin on my tits as he suckles me. The feel of his tongue tickling my nipple, the bite of his teeth, all sending small shockwaves throughout my body, I have to let him know how I love what he’s doing to me: “Oh baby, oh god I love it, that’s it! Suck me”!
All this time my other breast wasn’t ignored as his expert hand cupped, squeezed, and kneaded my tit and tweaked my nipple. My moans and gasps expressing the pleasure, delight, the beginning, the very beginning of me falling into him….again.
By now I am totally giving myself into the sensations, not only his touch, but his smell, the feel of his skin, our bodies beginning to move in concert.
I part my legs as CJ’s hand move towards my now aching pussy. He plays with me, with my cunt through the damp satin crotch of my pants; it mimics the damp satin walls of my pussy.
I moan and gasp as the pace of my breathing quickens, hands starting the exploration of his body, moving to his hardening cock. Once there my hand began to love and feel his stiffness, pushing and rubbing his cock through the soft fabric of his sweatpants….

Tomorrow: Relief At Last Part 2

Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm Game Too

Hi all, these instructions come from Green Tea :

Copy this entire list into your blog
BOLD everything about you that is true. (mine is in red also because in my style sheet the bold doesn't show up well)
Leave plain anything that is false about you.
Put an asterisk (*) at the end of false statements you would LIKE to be true.

Here goes...

I have had sex while wearing a blindfold.I have blindfolded someone else during sex.
I have had sex while watching porn.
I have had sex while surfing porn on the Internet.
I sleep better after sex.
There are some nights I cannot sleep without sex or masturbating.
The bed is NOT my most favorite place to have sex.
I am turned on knowing someone is watching me masturbate.
I have masturbated for someone over a web cam.
I have had sex over a web cam.
I will have sex with someone I just met if they turn me on.
I have been tied up during sex.
I have had sex with someone who was tied up.
I have dripped wax onto a lover's body. *
I have had a lover drip wax onto my body. *
I have a foot fetish.
I have a leather fetish.
I have a tickle fetish.
I like being choked during sex.
I have had sex in a burning building.
I have erotic art on display somewhere in my residence. *
I enjoy nudie magazines.
Erotic toys are a regular part of my budget. *
I think PLAYBOY is tame, maybe even boring.
I have clicked on porn links in my email.
I know the difference between girl/girl and lesbian sex in porn.
I have watched more than one gay/lesbian porn video.

Much of what I know about sex comes from porn.
Interracial sex turns me on.
I think we should do more to understand the cultures of sex.
I would participate in sex research given the opportunity.
My current lover does not sufficiently meet my sexual needs.
I currently have a "crush" on someone of the same sex.
I have had sex at my place of employment.
I am often disappointed in my sexual relationships.
Some people might describe me as a nymphomaniac.
I am difficult to live with if I'm not having sex on a regular basis.
I sleep better with someone snuggled up next to me.
I have had sex under water.
I have had sex in the snow.
I am in a polyamorous relationship.
I have to have music playing while having sex.
I have had more than ten orgasms in one night.*
I have flashed strangers. *
I have given sex as a gift.
I have set-up a three-way for my lover
I stopped during this list to have sex.*

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Wheels Turn

The doctor gave me a clean bill of health yesterday afternoon and sent me on my way.
So, here I am back at work...feels good.

But again, I am let alone in the office for extended periods of time. It makes my dirty little wheels turn. Perhaps not as much as usual right now, only because I have my period and with no sex or exercise over the past couple weeks, I have awful cramps.

I am getting closer and closer to that camera, perhaps this weekend(?)
What do you think CJ?
Are you ready?
Are you willing?
Are you able?

Monday, October 17, 2005

A Girl's Got To Do What A Girl's Got To Do

A little recount of my afternoon.

I’ll probably be back to work tomorrow, so today is my last day to enjoy some time to myself.
So as part of my way back to being totally dirty Debbie again I took the time to do all those little regular grooming things I do a couple times a week. You know what I mean ladies: shaving, trimming, plucking, polish touch ups, facials etc.
I prefer doing those things when I’m alone, it’s like a special time to myself, although it is a way to get away even when CJ is home.
So after I had done all this, I wrapped my wet hair in a towel and got another towel out so I could lie on the bed naked to totally air dry and relax for 10 to 15 minutes.
The music played next to me and I felt great.
My freshly trimmed pussy felt smooth and could feel the cool air moving around more. That same cool air had made my nipples erect. As you’ve probably guessed it wasn’t too long until my mind had fallen into another fantasy.

I thought about CJ coming home early and that I had fallen asleep on the bed, naked, music playing, towels now twisting around me.
Our apartment is two stories and the master bedroom is right by the stairs close to the door. More than likely I would hear him come in, so I figure I would pretend to still be asleep as I hear his footsteps on the wooden stairs. I would stay ‘asleep’ as he came into the bedroom. The next sound I hear is the unbuckling of his belt and the unzipping of his trousers…sweet sounds.
Next there is the weight of CJ next to me on the bed.
Quickly I remember the promise I made to myself, my next orgasm belongs to CJ. I won’t jerk-off until then.
But ohhh….the possibilities if I continued in my fantasy:
Did he bring home his boss?
What did he have in mind?
Did he see the new toys I put away in my special drawer?


I quickly get up, dry now…at least in most places, some are wetter, get dressed and forget it for a while.
But I am a girl that can’t say no sometimes, even to myself.
I start exploring my favorite sexblogs, download movies from my erotica newsgroup,
It was all just too much: shaving my pussy, fantazing, watching porn….
I did it !
Rubbed my clit and nipples and came quickly and hard !

Of course it isn’t the same as what I want to give to CJ and no worries there is always plenty for him….

Bring it on…I’m back !

A Milestone

Looks like I went over 10,000 hits overnight.
Thanks to all my friends.
It's just one more rousing to make my site better and better!

Keeping it up and going forward !

Sunday, October 16, 2005

A Spark

Finally the rain and gray clouds have left the East coast of the US.
There is something about the sunshine that seems to be helping my recovery greatly. I don’t feel as tired, I’ve stopped taking my Percocet and Vicodan.

But none of this puts the Dirty back in Debbie.
Until yesterday.

I started to catch up on all the blogs I read and found some new ones I am looking forward to investing more in depth. I read stories, I looked at pictures, I found more free porno and you know what? I got damn hot. I ached. I was moist. I was alive!
Yes, I know that in reality I still have two more weeks of recovery after I see my surgeon on Tuesday, but nothing like sunny days and hot blood flowing to heal.

Oh the things I think about with CJ now.
I actually don’t want to masturbate now. I know I would explode like an A-bomb.
I want to save that ‘I’m back' orgasm purely for CJ’.
Since we have been through this mess together, it’s one more event in our lives that brings us closer together.
He really does make my cup runneth over.
I want to be with him again. It’s been way too long. I want to show him my love. I want to feel him all over me and I need to give that all back to him.
Although I am still self conscious because I have four incisions, that will be scars eventually, I hope that he will help me lose that in our bed.
Ahh….our bed. What a wonderful idea, a wonderful feeling, a wonderful place.

And FYI:
Last night CJ and I checked out digital cameras. I decided on one that isn’t too expensive, but has all the features we will need to enhance my web page. I haven’t bought it yet, but it should be soon. I'm looking forward to seeing how it expands my own self awareness of my sexuality.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

An Urge

Hello to all friends.
Yes an urge has hit me, no not the usual one that hits me when I write on these pages, but an urge just the same.
I am still stuck here at home, taking care of myself and counting down the days to follow-up with the surgeon, getting back to work, and getting back to being dirty.
At least the little wheels are turning, with some help of CJ, of course.
He thinks I should take my hospital experience and turn it into a erotic story.
What exactly was done to me while I was under in the operating room?

Actually, I'm hoping that when things get dirty again it won't be fiction that I'm writing about, but rather my chance to be together with CJ again. He did so much for me and has been so patient he definitely deserves a reward.....yummy! Of course, that will be a reward for me too.
With these four incisions still very much visible and dressed, along with various bruises on my hands and arms, it makes me feel, shall we say, less than beautiful.

It's almost strange to me...this total lack of libido. I don't think I've been this way since right after childbirth, and that was 20 years ago. No reason to think that my veracious appetite will not return, but I am longing now for that feeling that is totally Dirty Debbie.

No worries....I'm fighting back every day, with much help from every one of you (at least I'm now up to reading all my favorite blogs again....always inspiring)

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Checking In

Hello to all my wonderful, kind, thoughtful readers.
I am checking CJ has let you know, I am now at home recuperating.
Tonight is my first night back on the computer.
I am taking things slowly. My doctor won't allow me to back to the office until I have my post-operative check-up in 2 weeks. So I'm stuck at home, doing some work from my computer and resting.
As you can imagine with my body feeling this way, I do not feel myself at all.
Therefore the energies I have poured onto this page will not be there for a while.
Please be patient. I promise, Debbie will be Dirty again.
Thanks again for all your kind wishes and thoughts.
CJ told me about what people wrote while I was in the hospital and it really brightened my day.

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