Friday, January 20, 2012

Debbie Does The Streets #1 - Bar None

Since the nights, and the days, are getting colder now I sometimes hang out at the local dive rather than at my usual spot at the end of the alley. The other evening I was sitting there nursing a glass of Coke when I heard a voice behind me saying, “Hello Miss Slutty”

It was one of my regulars so I turned around when I heard his voice. He whispered in my ear then grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the bathroom. It’s not my favorite place to service my Johns, but it’s not my choice, something my pimp points out to me on a regular basis. He closed the door behind us and fumbled for the light. Assuring him that I could service him just fine here, he replied with an attitude of ‘let’s see’.

I had a new pair of fishnet stockings on and he requested me to show them off for him. Turning around slowly in the small space seemed awkward but it was his dime. Once I was facing him again, I lifted up my short skirt. I thought it best he knows that I didn’t have any panties on, only the garter belt holding up my stockings.

“That’s fucking amazing!”

In no time I was slammed up against the door with a loud bang. He slid his hands down the back of my legs and dove nose deep into my ass. Next, I felt his tongue swirling and flicking around my pussy lips. This isn’t a very common thing that I experience, especially with this guy, but I wasn’t going to say no to him. Not that he had to, but he felt the need to explain to me why is was tongue fucking my ass and fingering my pussy. It was that he wanted to get me good and ready for a hard fucking.
Next, I heard cheering from the other side of the door, even though I knew it was the football game it felt sort of good to hear it.

“Hey like that my slut?”
How else could I answer but in the positive? This was the best treatment I had in months. I was soaking wet now so I asked how he wanted to be serviced. He wanted something a bit different this time, telling me as he pulls his cock from his pants, to feel my tits on his cock. So, I pulled up my sweater and hiked my tits up and over my new red lace bra. I like how my tits feel when they stick out like that. My nipples were as hard as his cock by now and he rubbed the tip of his leaking cock across them. Momentarily he slipped into the crevice between my tits, but I knew in the confined area it just wouldn’t work well for me to have him fuck them.

“So let’s get down to it, what do you like to do to whores in bathrooms?”

He wanted to fuck me up the ass because it would be so dirty. Even though he was rock hard, the best way to get in shoved up my tight hole, I lubed him up by quickly licking and drooling on his cock first. Even though I wasn’t really sucking him off I was still making those tasty slurping sounds I always do when I savor a man. However, I thought I heard something else.
I soon let his cock drop from my mouth and asked,
“Do you think the guy that just came in can hear me slurping on your cock?”

Too involved with me licking his dick, he hadn’t even heard anything else.
“What guy baby?”

Maybe John thought I was paranoid, but I explained that I thought I heard someone come in. I tried to pass it off as just someone that had been too drunk to notice. Well, it made him just as curious as I was. The door to the stall wasn’t closed all the way, if it were I wouldn’t have been able to perform all the requested services. John looked out and I was vindicated, the drunk was walking out the door and he left it half open so the people at the bar had a fairly clear shot of the two of us.

He was quick to point out that he knew they were all thinking, ‘lucky bastard’. He groaned as I lapped and drooled on his cock just a bit more and slapped my tits hard with both hands. “So you ready to take my ass hon?  I have to get back out on the streets or my pimp is going to be disappointed in me. That’s not a good thing.”, I said wanting to take my money and get on with my evening.

It was then that he told me that when he looked over my shoulder and out at the bar there were guys rubbing their cocks.
“Here’s an extra $100, now I’m going to fuck you on the bar”, he said as he dragged me out of the bathroom and pushed me into the gang that had gathered there.
“In fact I’ll give you another $100 if we find another girl to join us”, he added.

I’d done stud parties before so this wasn’t new to me. I figured I’d get some extra money and it was warmer in here than the street. Not to mention the bar smelled better than the bathroom and was cleaner, so I didn’t fight it, not that I really could if I wanted to.
I fell into a seat at the bar, my tits bouncing and my skirt hiked all the way up, I asked, “What does a whore have to do around here to get a drink?”

Before the stunned bartender could say anything, John answered by pouring a bottle of vodka on my face, saying, “I’ll show you”.

He bent me over the bar and without any warning drove his cock up my ass. The crowd cheered as they watched me wince and John pound my ass. The bartender ran to lock the door as guys started to pull their cocks from their pants. John did a final few deep strokes, pulled out of me and came all over my ass cheeks.

No need to go into all the details, but as I’m sure you can imagine, the next 90 minutes involved me getting used up faster and harder than I had been in a long time. Money started being slapped down on the bar as I was given drinks and alcohol or cum or both were poured over any part of body that could be reached. I was forced on my knees to suck off guys, at one point 5 in a row. I had swallowed so much cum that I was actually getting queasy. Other than that I was basically fucked while I was bent over, either up the ass or doggy. One guy insisted on shoving a beer bottle up my ass while he fucked my pussy. What really surprised me was the one of the few women that joined in the crowd. She used ice tongs on my nipples as she ate cum out of my pussy.

After what seemed an eternity the bar mostly cleared out, I picked up the twenty and fifty-dollar bills from the bar, straightened myself out and left. I went straight to my apartment. After counting the money, along with my initial charge of $200 for John, I had another $1720. I figured I was covered for the night and went into to soak in a warm tub.

Tomorrow is another day.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Notice: New Series

As many of you know by know by now, I am a very active participant in the online RPG Viva Ponata.  I've gotten a lot of inspiration from the people I chat with there.  A few have even become regular readers of this blog.
The new series I'm starting is about me and my life as a hooker there.  I'm going to take the stuff my clients hire me for and turn them into stories here.  I'm calling it Debbie Does The Streets. I'm already working on my first story. These are based on the requests and cybering that happened after I was paid.  With some exceptions I earned $300 each time I was hired.  Some guys gave me tips afterwards.

Finally, some basic info about being a hooker.  Some things are just like real life, it's just they are safer in an RPG.  There are things I've been asked to do that aren't my favorite, and they will be included here too.  Most guys go to hookers to get blow jobs, it's cheaper and usually the thing that they're not getting the most of.  I'm not going to be doing these over and over again, only the ones that are a little different or special.  Sometimes I get treated like any other hooker, "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" and sometimes my clients care about getting me off.  They'll both be included in the series.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Debbie's Apprenhension

OK, so, I had given guys hand jobs here and there for a couple of bucks, but I needed more now.  I’m young, but not a kid anymore.  These economic times and a never-ending set of circumstances beyond my control have landed me in too much debt and living in my car.
I was in dire straits, but I had decided I was going to walk the streets for money, at least for a while.  I was a bit afraid and unsure, until a kind man hired me and took me to the motel across the street from where I was hanging out.

I didn’t let him know that he was my first trick, but I think he could tell anyway.  I think he liked it too.  I made some friends out on the streets and they told me a couple of things to remember to just sort of help me out.  One thing I learned was to never ask your trick what his name was, but this guy offered it.  I thought it was ironic that his name was actually John.  Then he asked me my name, hesitating at first, I went ahead and told him it was Debbie.

The room was small and I think it made me feel more nervous.  John wondered aloud why I wasn’t dressed like a whore.  I don’t care how I’m earning my money; I like being comfortable in my clothes so I decided on jeans and a fresh button down white blouse.  I didn’t let him know yet, but it was my lingerie that was a bit on the ‘whorish’ side.

“Well take your clothes off”, he said sharply.

I wasn’t used to having to do this yet.  I wasn’t a virgin, but unbelievably at age 20, I really hadn’t had much experience.  The experience I did have sure excited me and left me wanting more.  The fact I had to do this in front of an absolute stranger made me unsure of myself.  I began to unbutton my blouse, but I couldn’t look him in the eye.  I let it drop off my shoulders exposing my new lace demi-bra.  My nipples had started to harden and they began to press against the lace.  I moved to my pants and unzipped them, and wiggled halfway out of them.  I could feel the heat rising to my face and I’m sure I blushed, but continued, letting them drop to my ankles I walked out of them.  My new lace panties showed my pussy off quite nicely, mostly because they were crotch less.
I could tell that my trick liked what he saw by the growing bulge in his pants.

Now it was his turn and he unzipped his trousers, letting his cock free and telling me that I looked amazing, that was why he was hard already.
Holding his cock in his hands he asked me if I had ever seen something like this before.  Maybe he had been to whores before because he sure seemed to know I was a novice.

“Of course I’ve seen a hard cock before, but never that thick or so hard.”

Reaching out towards me he pulled me closer, telling me that I’m the one that did that to him, then put his cock in my hand. After a few quick strokes he said,
“Now let’s see your tits”

I let go of his cock and lifted them up and over my bra. Not quite looking at him yet but thinking to myself that I always liked how they stuck out when I would do that.  With my head still down I told him that I liked it better than taking it all the way off.  I told John that it reminded me of the boys in school that liked my tits because they were big and they were always trying to get under my blouse to squeeze them.  Even back then, I let those boys do it and I liked it.

John cupped my breasts in his hands, squeezing them softly and massaged my nipples with his thumb.  He lifted my chin so I would look right at him and said, “Like this?”

My uneasiness again kept me from answering verbally and I only nodded and smiled a bit, then a small soft moan escaped me and I answered him,
“Yes sort of like that, but the way you do it, it feels better"

“I want you to make me cum, Debbie.  Have you ever done that before?”

Sure I had, I wasn’t that na├»ve.  I wouldn’t be walking the streets getting money to make guys cum if I hadn’t.
"Well, I've made a guy cum by jerking him off, but that's all"
I had wondered and worried about other ways, thinking that it's too easy to just jerk off a guy, it's not that much fun.  I knew I could have more fun.

"I want you to use your mouth to cum, Debbie.  Suck my cock, girl."

In fairness I tell John that I've only watched other girls do it and that I hope I'm OK before I drop to my knees in front of him.  John tugged on each of my pigtails and pulled me closer to his crotch. Even though it hurt, I liked it.  The force and pain made me feel better about taking money for sucking a stranger’s cock.

"You want that money, don't you, Debbie?  I think you should wrap those pretty young lips around my cock and suck me like you love it”, was his reply to my confession.

I didn’t want him to leave or tell my pimp I was useless so
I grabbed the base of his cock again and kissed the spongy tip.  I kept it in my hand, feeling it throb as I looked up and said, "I like the way you smell"
Although I was unsure, I sucked that hard meat into my mouth.  The taste and feel of a man like that was new and exciting.  It made me wet.  In fact, I liked it!  To be assured I looked up at John for approval and direction.
A soft moan escaped my lips and he smiled as he looked down at me. 
"That's a good little girl, Debbie.  That feels so good.  Take just a little bit more in your mouth."

His moan lets me know I'm doing something right and I sucked more of his warm, smooth, hard dick into my mouth.  The feel of his cock getting even harder against my tongue made me start to like giving blowjobs more.  I feel a hunger like nothing I had felt before.  A hunger to have more of that man inside my face.

Surprisingly John pushed me gently but firmly away until I let his cock pop out of my mouth.
"Debbie, you're going to make me cum too quickly.  Your mouth feels so fucking good.  It's like being in heaven."

Smiling at him I at least was starting to believe what I was doing was at least OK, maybe even more than OK.
"You know what's going to happen when you make me cum, right?", he asked.  I hadn’t really thought much about it truthfully so I just sort of shrugged my shoulders.  I explained what I knew; I have to swallow it if he’s in my mouth.  I knew he’d probably groan out loud when he orgasmed.  Education is a good thing so I asked John what else do I need to know?

Assuring and in enlightening he explained that I didn’t have to swallow his cum.  He understood that some women didn’t like the taste or feel of it.  There always seems to be so many alternatives to types of ways to have sex.
I could jerk him off after I got him hard in mouth, or let him fuck my tits so he could cum on them, or anywhere else.  Or he could just use his cock like a gun; give it a few quick strokes, point, and shoot into my hair, on my face, just about anywhere, he wanted.  The only thing he didn’t like was spitting, explaining that it felt more like rejection than anything else did.

He stopped saying anything and dragged his cockhead across one of my nipples, leaving a streak of precum on it.  Proving to John that I wanted more of him, I put my nipple to my mouth and tasted him.  It tasted like a man, I knew it instinctively.
Looking at him I said,
“Can I have more?  I want to and I promise to be good and try my best.  Do you believe me?”

He believed me and wanted to take more time with me.  He was almost too kind and I began wondering if my pimp set this whole thing up.  So he began to offer more advice.  Of course, by now, he had lost most of his hard on.
I wanted to let him cum in my mouth.  I wanted to taste it.  I knew guys paid for whores to suck them off all the time and I’d make more money.  I figured I wouldn’t be as embarrassed next time or afraid of being smacked around because I wasn’t doing something right.  That’s something my friends had been through and it scared me.

“I believe you Debbie”, he said as he pushed me to my knees.
“Now suck me off until I cum in your pretty little virgin mouth.”

He held his cock and pushed it into my mouth again.
“Now whore get me rock hard again.”

I took him in, this time sucking on him more, savoring him.  I figured I’d be safe if I just treated his dick like a lollipop.  It seemed to be working.  John’s moans were regular now and he was yanking on my pigtails.
I looked up at him and he reminded me what I was as his pleasure made him start to lose his calm control.

“Faster whore, like this”, he said as he held my head in place and pumped his cock between my lips, filling my mouth with each thrust, making me gag a couple of times.

Pulling my hair back, he made me show him his cock in my mouth again.  Just his smile and they way he said ‘that’s it’ filled me with confidence.  This time I moved my tongue around in my mouth too; I used it as a tool to explore the feel of a hard cock in my face, it’s heaviness, heat, stiffness, and smoothness.  I felt his hand move to the back of my head, but I didn’t know why and it didn’t stop me from being cock hungry.

I soon found out why that hand was behind my head.  The sound of that groan, that animal groan, his words barely making it out,
"Are you ready, girl?  Are you ready for my load in your little slutty mouth?"

I moaned on his cock and nodded and then closed my eyes as he slammed his meat down my throat.  The next moan was lower and I felt his cock twitch in my mouth.  His cum shot over my tongue, more and more of it as his dick pulsed in my mouth.  The blast surprised me at first, and then I feel the warm, tart, gooey, and salty mixture fill my mouth.  I didn’t know to swallow right away so after a couple of squirts I couldn’t swallow it and it began to leak past my lips, running down my chin.
I was empowered as I gulped him down.  I became a true cock-sucking whore that made guys balls explode!

“So am I good enough that you’d pay for me to suck you off again?  Did you like it?”

John assured me that I would keep making a lot of money if I kept taking care of other guys the way I took care of him.  I admitted to him that as I sucked on him it made me wet.  It made want to fuck.  It made me breathless when he told me that he would keep coming back because he wanted to cum on my face, and my tits, and in my tight little virgin butt, and deep inside my tight fresh pussy.  He told me that he’d give me an extra $100 each time I convinced him that his cock is what a wanted and why.  Add of course if I always wore pigtails.

Hey, I’m a whore, and I love my damn job (at least most of time).  I’ll tell him anything he wants to hear to get him to put that money on my dresser.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CBW #129 - A Submissive's Submission

I was so glad for this submission.  I hadn't gotten a new cock in a while and it's always exciting.  Another thing that got me interested was that it was signed 'Obedient Submissive'
With a cock at attention like this, it's good to know.

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