Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Hot e-mail, Bound to be With You

Don't miss the first and second emails

I sit here, once again alone in my office and the only thing running through my mind is your last email. I’m touched by both the tenderness and the straight physical power you described to me.
One last line is alive in me Reply Debbie, reply and tell me how to fuck you.
The pleading, the wanting, I must answer you and I must do it now. So I send to you the closing of our magical first time together.

After our ‘appetizers’ we lie together on the bed. As you hold me I take in your musky smell along with mine. Your kisses are soft, yet penetrating. I know in my mind that we still need to be closer. I express this with my body, pushing myself closer to you. My still erect nipples brush against the hair on your chest; you pull me closer and massage my ass cheeks. Our mouths part and I nuzzle in your neck. I feel a warm, small breeze in my ear. It is your breath; the words carried on that breeze are much stronger:
‘ I have to be inside you Debbie - tell me how you want me to give this raging cock to you.’
I sigh, and watch you witness my tits heave with just the thought of what you said. Because of the way you want me I am free in my sex.

I instruct you to open the large black bag I brought with me. Up until now it has been sitting passively on the chair near the bed.
Because we have been cybering and hot emailing for a while I feel at ease telling you what I want from you now. I see you smile knowingly as you look into my ‘toy bag’; I want to be yours 110% and the only way I know to feel that way is to be bound for you. I can tell a lot of this may be new to you, so I kindly yet seductively lead you through what needs to be done. It’s an easy step-by-step process and it’s turning me on just giving you the instructions. I lie flat on my back and we begin, together on an exciting sensual journey.

Step One: attach my nipple ‘jewelry’, and make sure it’s nice and tight. It’s a simple concept-two gold loops encircle my nipples and are connected by a gold chain.
You do this deftly, finishing it off with lovely small kisses on each breast.

Step Two: attach the smaller leather cuffs to my wrists and tie them to the headboard behind me.

You straddle me to do this and your hot hard dick brushes against my warm damp skin, we smile at each other.

Step Three: attach the larger leather cuffs to my ankles and tie each one to the posts at the foot of the bed.

Ah, you step back and admire your handy work. Not bad for a beginner.
My arms are straining above my head, my nipples are encased in golden bands, and I am in a forced spread eagle position. My pussy glistens with my own cum and your saliva, the petals of that now soaked flower are puffy, almost pouting. My dark rosebud clit has swollen again and peaks out of its inner sanctum.
Look, and see….
I am totally yours now. I’m attached to a bed. My aching, musky pussy is calling to you in all the ways she knows. You must take me and fill me up and I tell you, or is it beg you, to take me.

You position yourself between my spread but clipped wings and lean over to kiss me. I return the kiss, deeply probing your mouth, faintly tasting my tart juices. You explore my neck next, then my ears, all tenderly, but with a purpose.
I squirm. You move to my breasts and lap at my milky mounds.
My nipples harden more and strain against their loops.

And another big thank you to CJ and his photography skills

You bring them between your teeth and bite.
I moan out, twist more, and produce more nectar in my pussy. I cannot escape you now, and I wouldn’t want to.
As you smile, tickle, and tease me I can tell that you easily falling into our little ‘game’. I am your personal plaything now and the excitement starts to bring small drops of pre-cum to your cockhead, reminding me of the nectar that can be pulled from honeysuckles in the summer.
‘Now, now, I must have you’, I manage to moan out as I wriggle more.
You grab your cock and finally, finally introduce it to my pussy by running the head of that hot meat of yours between my lips. You keep teasing and pull back again, this time spreading my pussy wide with one hand while the other bitch slaps my clit with your cock. I moan out as you do this, my squirming has turned into something more closely to that of a leashed animal.
‘Fuck me, stab me that handsome cock’ I yell as I make an attempt to tilt my hips towards you.

You can no longer wait.
I see you move closer.
Ahhhhh….that heat….that hardness…that perfection.
You drive your seemingly steel rod deep inside my tight, wet, velvety cave.
You groan as you finally feel my cunt hugging your dick. Leaning over me a little more you pick up the pace of your strong thrusts. I writhe underneath you, helplessly being wonderfully fucked.
Slowing down your pace, you tease me more, but it’s only to send a different sensation. You grab the chain connecting my nipples and pull hard as you start to fuck me even harder.
You are turning this into a fuck-rodeo!

Holding onto me only by the nipple chain, each tug bringing that extra special pleasurable pain, at shoots more of that tingling ache to my pussy which is then greeted by a thick hard cock fucking it.
Again, the pace quickens, this time I cannot let it slow down.
Our moans are filling the hotel room and the exhibitionist in me is hoping we are turning on the whole floor. I am drunk on cock. I strain against my confines;
I can do nothing or be nothing but fucked, gloriously…fucked fucked FUCKED!
I feel it…..I feel it.
That initial tightening.
As a reflex, I moan out then. You let go of the cord; nibble my tits and neck and slam fast and hard into me. Your breathing is rapid, your groans animalistic.
Oohhh now….
‘I’m cumming – fuck yes, it’s that cock!’, I yell out as I feel the waves of orgasm envelope my pussy and in turn sends all that love up against your hot meat.
Oh – oh…the relief…the god-damned relief!
With only a few more thrusts you soon follow me.
You fuck, groan, and ultimately bury your cock so deep that your balls slap against me.
Now it’s your turn….you moan out only my name:
‘Debbie, fuck, Debbie’
Stopping your thrusts, you explode deep inside me. Your aching balls drain into me. You sigh, staying inside me and fall on top of me. I can tell relief is the same caliber as mine. I purr as I revel in the moment, and then softly say to you:
‘Please untie me…”

Yes, so there is our first time together, as I see it. Thanks for the great time and I can’t wait to see you out there on the ‘net again


Friday, February 24, 2006

The Hot e-mail, Your Turn

Read the first email here
After I sent that e-mail off, I was dripping and my pussy ached with that need to be filled. I pulled out my slim vibrator and re-read my e-mail as I fucked my toy. Needless to say, I came hard and fast.

Now a different ache began – the wait to hear your reply. I was back at my usual place in front of my computer the next evening, but the glow came from my monitor, nothing titillating from you in my mailbox. I went to bed that evening dry and uninspired
I went through my evening routine again the next evening. After loading and cleaning up the never-ending pile of spam, I finally saw it: your reply. My pussy clenched automatically. I double-clicked and ‘poof’ there you were in all your glory. First, you let me know how much you had enjoyed my latest email. You know how I like to hear about your handsome cock getting hard. This time you also included the confession of how you teased and played with yourself until you exploded…thinking of fucking my tits.

I smile as I slowly scroll down your email. My second finger lightly uses the scroll button on my mouse, thinking of it being your earlobe, or asshole, or even your cockhead.
Then you start your story full fledged….

So Dirty Debbie you want to know what I would do to your pussy that first time together.
Yes, I now lie next to you, satisfied, but wanting more of you. I smile mischievously at you, cup one of those luscious breasts I just fucked and suckle your erect nipple. Since I now understand how much you enjoy tittie play. I spend plenty of time at your tit. My hand gently massages and squeezes your 40 D’s as I bite your hard nipple. Your moans move me on now. I lick at your tits, still tasting some of myself on them as I begin to explore with my free hand, I am searching for your warm steaming playground. Your thighs spread as I come closer and you begin to whimper. Finally, I reach my destination and my fingers begin their exploration by gently pushing on your swollen cunt lips. I easily spread them to play with the flower that is your inner lips, you are moist and inviting. Your moans are sweet. Your pussy is a dew-drenched orchid I must experience with all my senses:
Feel your heat and softness; smell your magical scent; see the beauty of that flower, that for now is only mine; heat your moans as I enjoy it; and finally to taste it’s dew and nectar.
I kiss your neck and begin my journey to your flower. Moving slowing I lick and kiss you down between the valley of your tits, slowly moving towards your navel. You giggle as I lick and kiss your stomach. All the while my fingers massage and explore the flower my tongue is about to enjoy. My thumb gently circles your clit as I finger your hot slit, almost slipping inside your now dripping puss.
You put your hands on my head and try to push me to my destination, but I still take my time. I will take my time and will enjoy my feast, as will you Debbie.
I can only tease you for so long. Your pussy is calling to me in so many ways that I must answer her call. I stick my tongue out and run it flatly down between your swollen, puffy, bare pussy lips. I push a little harder with my tongue on the way back, parting those petals so I can go deeper into your hot slot, deeper into your sex flower. You moans wrap around me as you spread your legs wide for me. You squirm more as I nibble on your lips and allow my tongue to flick lightly over them. As I bury my face deeper into your love mound I feel your heels dig into the back of my neck. All I can think is that your long legs are the vines that sprout from your wonderful flower. With you know rocking against my face and holding me to you, I can only now delight in the banquet that is your cunt.
My tongue and lips begin now on your swollen hard clit. First I lick around your tiny rosebud, you twitch and sigh. Soon I must have more and suck you between my lips, sucking and flicking your click. This begins to drive you over the edge.
You moan out and talk to me like the whore I have turned you into. You tell me to eat up your cunt. Debbie, you will never have to tell me to do that more than once. I slurp at your flower, my tongue now exploring you even more, diving into your tight hot hole. Your nectar now is mixed with my salvia and you are soaking my face as I fuck you with it.

I love to make you like this Debbie; I have you just where I want. You taste and smell of you along with your moans and begging has turned me on. My cock is rock hard and dripping, but right now all I want to do is make you cum. I want to drink in your sweet juices. I am ready to take you over the edge Debbie, are you ready for me?
Cum for me Deb…
My finale is that I plunge my thumb into your asshole as my tongue dives into your velvet hotness.
You buck up against my face as your legs wrap harder around my head. I don’t know why you feel the need to tell me, but you scream out to me that you are cumming. I am buried in that orgasm and baby I know it. I soon am drinking your pussy juices from waves of orgasm. Your moans soften to sighs and your vines unwrap themselves from me and fall to the bed. Your are still a luscious flower, but now, perhaps a bit wilted. I get up to be beside you again. You turn to me and smile and I kiss you deeply so you too can taste your nectar.

Debbie, we have now both had a feast, but I consider it just an appetizer. After experiencing you as I just did and making you cum, I must now be with you by being inside you. My cock is raging for you and my balls ache for you.
Debbie I must fuck you, but I want to do you so right.
God I’m so damn hot now. Reply Debbie, reply and tell me how to fuck you.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

CBW #11 - Artistic Flow

I loved this picture because I could relate so well to it, in that I too love the feel of good hard cock. I thought I would give it an artistic flare, I think it helps to show the heat being generated.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Something Old,Something New

With the death of my PC I had to go through files I needed to backup and came across an old story from back in the days when I would send hot email back forth to guys I met online.
Below is that story.
I don't have the file that was the answer to it anymore, but that's where I think things can get fun.
After you read the email, tell me what you would like to see happen either through the comments or by emailing me ( my email is on my profile).
I'll take ideas until Sunday, then pick the theme that is the most common and write the rest of the story around it.
I think it is a fun way to get to know my readers better and therefore we can all have more fun here! yummy....here goes:

So we've finally decided to meet. Nothing fancy, just a nice restaurant in the city on the river front. I've showered, shaved all the right areas, put on my make up, but I can't seem to decide on what to wear. I'm such a lingerie freak that you could almost call it a fetish with me. I know if I don't make my mind up soon I'll be late and I am never late. I settle on my black thigh highs, my white lace bra and the matching lace panties that go with it. On top I choose a simple black skirt with a white blouse and pale green summer weight cardigan sweater. My shoes are simple black sandals.

I find you easily at the restaurant, not only have you sent a picture, but you are wearing a white rosebud in your lapel. We enjoy our dinner together. We talk easily and openly. There's nothing like a good wine to put on a special buzz that makes me horney. So between the wine, the thought of what's to come with a new partner, and my lingerie, I was getting there. After the meal the waiter comes by to ask us if we want dessert. We look at each other knowingly. I slipped one stockinged foot out of my sandal and quickly run it up your thigh to your crotch. You immediately tell the waiter "No just the check please." I smile and whisper to you "I'll give you dessert later." We pay, pull ourselves together and leave the restaurant.
Using my best naive voice I ask "Where to now?"
You answer playfully, but seriously. "Where else baby, but a luxurious bed." "Sounds good to me" I answer feeling my pussy throb. You had already made reservations at one of the hotels in the city only a couple of blocks from where we ate. Soon it was as though I just found myself outside the door to our room. I have butterflies as you open the door and we go in. You put the Do Not Disturb sign out, lock the door, and dim the lights. I ask if there is a radio for some music. You turn it on and come back to me, taking me in your arms, we sway.
"No games, right Deb?" you say to me.
"Nope, two adults getting what they want", I answer.

You press yourself against me and I feel your stiffening dick
between my thighs. We kiss deeply, our tongues dancing. You nibble my neck as your hands cup and massage my tits. I begin to moan already. "You should know something -- I'm a screamer", I confess to you. I feel so at ease now that I also tell you that I love to talk dirty in bed.
You smile and say "I wouldn't have it any other way."

We continue kissing, nibbling, and caressing each other. You squeeze my tits, move down to my hips and across to my ass and squeeze some more, all while I hold you closer. We gracefully do
this dance until we hit the bed. It's a wonderful king-sized pleasure arena in my mind. I tell you how much I want to make everything good for you. I want you to be the king in that bed. Then I ask if you would indulge me in one of my kinks. "What is it?", you ask unknowingly.
I assure you it's nothing weird and to trust me. I instruct you to take your shoes and socks off and get on the bed. You comply and prop yourself up on the pillows. I stand at the foot of the bed and tell you how sexy I think it looks to see a ma
n in a suit with his hard cock out, especially if I'm naked. I keep swaying, still into my wine buzz as I start to strip. First my sweater drops to the floor. Then I pull my blouse out of my skirt and start to slowly unbutton each button. The lace of my bra soon peaks through. This seems to trigger you. You undo your belt and unzip your pants. Two of my favorite sounds. I smile and speed up my strip tease. Soon it is my blouse falling to the floor. Your eyes are fixed on my lacy bra and it's juicy contents. I put my arms behind my back to unzip my skirt and with this your hand dives into your pants and pulls your stiff cock out from the confines of your shorts. A handsome cock at attention for me - I fucking love it! My skirt drops, exposing my panties and the rest of my silk stockings. You look fantastic, that cock twitching while you're still dressed in your suit. I move one hand behind my back to undo my bra and unleash my tits for you. I want you to enjoy them. By the time my bra hits the floor you are slowly stroking your meat. I can't stand it anymore, my pussy aches and is wet for you. I move to the side of the bed and wriggle my way out of my panties exposing my bare pussy and puffy wet lips. I keep my silk stockings and shoes on and climb onto the bed with you.
"You're a fucking slut
Deb" you say to me, teasing.
"Only for you babe", I answer.

You pull me close and start playing with my tits. You expertly roll my hard nipples between your finger and thumb. I moan and as you tug hard on them I tell you not to stop, that my tits are hard-wired to my pussy. You tell me that now you're uncomfortable and have to get out of your clothes.
"Please do", I answer, giggling.

Soon your suit is a pile on the floor. You cup my tits and bring them into your mouth. I scream out - "Fuck, I love it,mmm"
I feel your tongue explore my hard nipples, making them even more erect and hard. Then you bite and nibble them, turning me on even more. I hold your face to me, telling you that my tits are all yours. Soon you smash them together and suck both nipples into your mouth.
"Ohhh god...don't stop"
All I hear is your slurping. Now I need you and I let you know it.
"I need your cock in my mouth. Getting my tits sucked makes me want to suck cock", I explain.

You push my head onto your cock telling me what a whore I am. I smell your musk and must suck you. I massage your balls as I devour you inch by inch. Your hips tilt to meet my mouth. You moan out as those wonderful sounds of a raven haired woman with big tits slurping your dick hit your ears. I can feel you grow harder on my tongue. You are fucking delicious and I moan out over that meat of yours that's stuffed in my face. After a short while I pull up and off you, lie on my back and demand that you fuck my tits. You straddle me. I hold onto my tits as you slide your now slippery cock between my cleavage. I hug your cock with my breasts as you yank on my nipples.
"Now fuck 'em". I moan out.

rock between my tits. With every slide forwards I either nibble, lick, or totally suck on your cockhead. You start rocking faster and soon it's all I can manage to just lick, just a taste of your hot man meat. Soon you grunt, then moan as you hold your dick as it sprays my tits with white, hot, gooey cum. I lick your cum off my tits as you get off my stomach. You smile at me and kiss me.

You are definitely satisfied, but no where near worn out. So you say to me,
"Now let's see about that steaming cunt of yours." Shivers run down my spine in expectation. It's my first time with you, what do you want with my pussy? So tell me.....

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Post 02/14

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day.
Several of you mentioned in your comments that you were looking forward to the down and dirty of CJ and Debbie's evening.
Unfortunately CJ injured himself shoveling my mom out after the snow storm that hit the east coast this weekend. With him in pain it would have been too 'forced' and I didn't want that.
He did give me great gifts including Godiva chocolates, lounge pants from Vickie's, an iTrip for my iPod, and he made a wonderful dinner with a tasty wine.
The closeness and talk was all I needed. We spoke of how comfortable we are with each other, how important that is, and how well we're doing together.
Below are some pics, including one of what I gave CJ: a new Lava Lamp, one of his guilty pleasures.

Double Trouble - CBW #10

We can all thank CJ for this week's CBW, and no it's not him!
Supposedly what you are seeing here is a true medical malformation.
Funny, she doesn't look real impressed though.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

An Old-Fashioned CBW

Looks as though I found an old-fashioned picture of a cock for this week....

Friday, February 3, 2006

The Right Rx-The Second Dose

Be sure to get the first dose before going on to the second dose.....

"Oh boy did I need that", was all I said.
It was so true. It was hard, fast, and good and that's always better.
I sat up and pulled my panties back up then I started to get my tits back into my bra, before he stopped me there.
"No, I'm afraid you need a second injection"

I looked at his cock and saw he was still semi-hard. Moving closer to me, he took off my blouse and bra then kissed and bit my neck as I started to squeeze and played with my tits. Before long his mouth had moved to my nipples and he sucked them noisily into his mouth, suckling me and getting me hot again. Obviously a mouthful of tit was helping him too; he was hard again, almost harder than before.
Pulling away, he asked me: "Do you suck cock?"
"What a waste of breath." I thought, but I answered simply: "Yes".
"Good that will make the second injection easier", he said.

He instructed me to sit up against the wall, then straddled my legs and moved his cock closer to my mouth. I licked his cockhead first. It had that sensuous taste of his cum and mine mixed together that I love so much. Once I was done cleaning there I moved on to his shaft and took long licks cleaning up our leftover cum.
Finally, I gently soaked his balls into my mouth and swirled my tongue around to clean up all the rest of that pussy juice. I made short work of the task and soon he had a nice clean 'syringe', so I leaned my head back against the wall and waited to see what would happen next.
It was a brief respite. Pulling my head towards his cock, I opened wide and my mouth was immediately stuffed with hot man meat.
He put his hands on the wall above me and just fucked my face.
My tongue was snaking around his shaft as I varied the amount of suction I applied to his cock, and moaning in pleasure, he slowly went deeper and deeper down my throat until his balls rested on my chin. Then he pulled back and slowed down.
I just kept eating whatever I could, anything to get some of that delicious dick. Finally he shoved his dick deep down my throat, groaned, and shot his hot cum down the back of my throat, completing the second injection.

"Well, that's the entire cure", he said as he pulled away.
"I feel much better now", I replied.
We pulled ourselves together, and I signed the receipt for the medications he delivered.
Before he left he told me that if I was ever not feeling well, to call him for a booster shot. I assured him I would and we said good-bye.
Soon after that, I realized I didn't even know his name.
And as I sat down back at my desk I thought:
"I don't think I'll ever lock that door again"

Thursday, February 2, 2006

The Right Rx-The First Dose

"Another lonely day" is all I thought as I sat at my desk at work surfing my fellow bloggers sites and some of my favorite porn sites. Being the ever sexual being that I am I just can't seem to help it and of course, it got me all hot and bothered. I just had to get myself off.
You know how that urge starts to take over your whole body and you feel you just won't be able to think about anything else until you cum.
Since the office would be empty for the rest of the afternoon, I didn't even think about doing it in the ladies room.
Quickly the urge just took over me; I was down on the floor in no time.
Pulling my tucked-in blouse out and up enough to expose my bra, I pulled my tits out, keeping my bra on. It was one of those black satin ones today and I liked the feeling of it on the underside of my breasts.
"Now to get to that moist throbbing pussy of mine", I thought.

Unzipping my pants and pulling them down just far enough so that my hand could comfortable work it, I got up on my hands and knees. First, I pulled on my nipples a bit to feel that pleasure run down to my cunt, and soon I needed to get busier so I swayed slowly from side to side, allowing my hard nipples to graze the rough carpet, sending a constant supply of sparks down my body to my pussy.
With my hand free I move to explore and play with myself. My fingers ran over the small patch of hair I had left there during my last shaving session and pulled at the short pubes.
Then I easily spread my puffy lips to visit that warm, damp, wonderful place where my clit lives. As I started to encircle my clit, my ass and hips moved in small circles while my torso did the small swaying to pleasure my tits. I thought about the wonderful solo dance I was doing.

Then it hit me!
I forgot to lock the office door! I wasn't expecting any clients or reps and it was late in the day, but for safety's sake.. "I should lock it", I thought.
Almost as soon as I thought it, I heard the familiar buzz of the door alarm. My desk is right next to the door, and there I was, totally exposing the fact I was getting off at work.
Looking down, he saw me: it was the delivery guy from the pharmacy.
I was a deer caught in the headlights.
Startled at first, a grin soon came across his face. He was one of those teddy bear kind of guys: a bigger guy with a cute face, charming, and always polite.
I'm sure it was just a split second, but neither of us said anything for what seemed to be an eternity; I wanted the floor to just open and swallow me. Getting up off my knees, I started to pull myself together as best I could, but he stopped me.
"No need to get up miss", he said in a calm voice. Then he put down the bag of prescriptions he had brought on my desk.

I kept watching him, not saying a word, feeling only my body shaking as I stayed on my hands and knees. I could see the tent in his pants that his stiffening dick was making.
"Honey I've got the cure for you" he said as he moved behind me.
"It's an injection, but it won't hurt", he quipped.
Hey, I always preferred the real thing to my hand, so I figured, 'go with the flow Deb'.
"Let's just make sure we're not interrupted." he said locking the door behind him, then moved around my desk to face my trembling self lying semi-prostrate on the floor.
He pulled my panties and pants down to my knees, then lifted my knees up and pushed them to my ankles.

The next sensation was as surprising as it was exquisite. It was the feeling of his warm tongue running down my hot slit. After taking a few slurps, he slipped a couple fingers into my steaming cunt and he moved his tongue to my asshole, tickling my asshole expertly as I fucked his fingers.
Since I was already in a worked up state before he even got there I was aching bad for some real cock.
My pussy was dripping.
He kept playing, changing it up by removing his fingers, now soaked with my juices and slowly inserting one into my puckered asshole. Once that was done, he began eating my cunt again.
This time it was more than just slurping, he was devouring it, sucking on my lips, flicking his tongue on my clit, just feasting on me. I was moaning, but not getting out of control. I wasn't sure what the people in the other offices on the floor could hear.
Next, I heard the sound of his zipper being undone. It's a fantastic sound don't you think?

I looked over my shoulder to take a look. Yummy....what a site - a rock hard thick cock, glistening with pre cum, and just inches away from me. We smiled at each other. He began to slowly stroke himself and playing with his balls.

"Your cure includes an injection. Ready for it?"
"mmmmm", all I was able to say as I nodded my head and presented my pussy to him.
I watched him as he moved between my spread legs. He took one hand and put it on my back to steady himself as he guided his 'cure' into me.
There was no tease. He plunged deep into my snatch fast, straight, and sure. He grabbed my hips with both hands as he rammed what felt hot steel into me.
My waiting, aching, begging pussy grabbed him instantly and met every one of his hard thrusts.
I let out "AAAHHHhhh" almost every time he drilled me, as he let out groans.
Without skipping a beat he bent over me, with my back now supporting him, both hands were free. One found my clit and ran fast circles around it, finding just that spot, the other, tugging on my hard nipples. Being fucked so hard and so fast, I couldn't contain myself very long, and bucking up against him, started to cum.
Soon I had drenched his balls with the juices of my multiple orgasms. He soon followed, moving to his original position so he could cum deep inside me. He smacked my ass as he groaned out and shot his load. He waited a few moments then effortlessly slipped out of me.

Tomorrow....the second dose.

HNT - #6

Remember those awful red marks on CJ's back?
If not check out here and here.
This is a picture of one of my sharper nails that does that to him. Totally nude, devoid of any nail polish, just in it's full pinky glory.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

CBW - #8

I've gone down a different path with this week's cock blog.
This one isn't CJ, as all earlier ones.
The look on this guy's face it what really got me. It seems to me that he wants to say "Nice trick" or "What's your next trick?"