Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Hot e-mail, Bound to be With You

Don't miss the first and second emails

I sit here, once again alone in my office and the only thing running through my mind is your last email. I’m touched by both the tenderness and the straight physical power you described to me.
One last line is alive in me Reply Debbie, reply and tell me how to fuck you.
The pleading, the wanting, I must answer you and I must do it now. So I send to you the closing of our magical first time together.

After our ‘appetizers’ we lie together on the bed. As you hold me I take in your musky smell along with mine. Your kisses are soft, yet penetrating. I know in my mind that we still need to be closer. I express this with my body, pushing myself closer to you. My still erect nipples brush against the hair on your chest; you pull me closer and massage my ass cheeks. Our mouths part and I nuzzle in your neck. I feel a warm, small breeze in my ear. It is your breath; the words carried on that breeze are much stronger:
‘ I have to be inside you Debbie - tell me how you want me to give this raging cock to you.’
I sigh, and watch you witness my tits heave with just the thought of what you said. Because of the way you want me I am free in my sex.

I instruct you to open the large black bag I brought with me. Up until now it has been sitting passively on the chair near the bed.
Because we have been cybering and hot emailing for a while I feel at ease telling you what I want from you now. I see you smile knowingly as you look into my ‘toy bag’; I want to be yours 110% and the only way I know to feel that way is to be bound for you. I can tell a lot of this may be new to you, so I kindly yet seductively lead you through what needs to be done. It’s an easy step-by-step process and it’s turning me on just giving you the instructions. I lie flat on my back and we begin, together on an exciting sensual journey.

Step One: attach my nipple ‘jewelry’, and make sure it’s nice and tight. It’s a simple concept-two gold loops encircle my nipples and are connected by a gold chain.
You do this deftly, finishing it off with lovely small kisses on each breast.

Step Two: attach the smaller leather cuffs to my wrists and tie them to the headboard behind me.

You straddle me to do this and your hot hard dick brushes against my warm damp skin, we smile at each other.

Step Three: attach the larger leather cuffs to my ankles and tie each one to the posts at the foot of the bed.

Ah, you step back and admire your handy work. Not bad for a beginner.
My arms are straining above my head, my nipples are encased in golden bands, and I am in a forced spread eagle position. My pussy glistens with my own cum and your saliva, the petals of that now soaked flower are puffy, almost pouting. My dark rosebud clit has swollen again and peaks out of its inner sanctum.
Look, and see….
I am totally yours now. I’m attached to a bed. My aching, musky pussy is calling to you in all the ways she knows. You must take me and fill me up and I tell you, or is it beg you, to take me.

You position yourself between my spread but clipped wings and lean over to kiss me. I return the kiss, deeply probing your mouth, faintly tasting my tart juices. You explore my neck next, then my ears, all tenderly, but with a purpose.
I squirm. You move to my breasts and lap at my milky mounds.
My nipples harden more and strain against their loops.

And another big thank you to CJ and his photography skills

You bring them between your teeth and bite.
I moan out, twist more, and produce more nectar in my pussy. I cannot escape you now, and I wouldn’t want to.
As you smile, tickle, and tease me I can tell that you easily falling into our little ‘game’. I am your personal plaything now and the excitement starts to bring small drops of pre-cum to your cockhead, reminding me of the nectar that can be pulled from honeysuckles in the summer.
‘Now, now, I must have you’, I manage to moan out as I wriggle more.
You grab your cock and finally, finally introduce it to my pussy by running the head of that hot meat of yours between my lips. You keep teasing and pull back again, this time spreading my pussy wide with one hand while the other bitch slaps my clit with your cock. I moan out as you do this, my squirming has turned into something more closely to that of a leashed animal.
‘Fuck me, stab me that handsome cock’ I yell as I make an attempt to tilt my hips towards you.

You can no longer wait.
I see you move closer.
Ahhhhh….that heat….that hardness…that perfection.
You drive your seemingly steel rod deep inside my tight, wet, velvety cave.
You groan as you finally feel my cunt hugging your dick. Leaning over me a little more you pick up the pace of your strong thrusts. I writhe underneath you, helplessly being wonderfully fucked.
Slowing down your pace, you tease me more, but it’s only to send a different sensation. You grab the chain connecting my nipples and pull hard as you start to fuck me even harder.
You are turning this into a fuck-rodeo!

Holding onto me only by the nipple chain, each tug bringing that extra special pleasurable pain, at shoots more of that tingling ache to my pussy which is then greeted by a thick hard cock fucking it.
Again, the pace quickens, this time I cannot let it slow down.
Our moans are filling the hotel room and the exhibitionist in me is hoping we are turning on the whole floor. I am drunk on cock. I strain against my confines;
I can do nothing or be nothing but fucked, gloriously…fucked fucked FUCKED!
I feel it…..I feel it.
That initial tightening.
As a reflex, I moan out then. You let go of the cord; nibble my tits and neck and slam fast and hard into me. Your breathing is rapid, your groans animalistic.
Oohhh now….
‘I’m cumming – fuck yes, it’s that cock!’, I yell out as I feel the waves of orgasm envelope my pussy and in turn sends all that love up against your hot meat.
Oh – oh…the relief…the god-damned relief!
With only a few more thrusts you soon follow me.
You fuck, groan, and ultimately bury your cock so deep that your balls slap against me.
Now it’s your turn….you moan out only my name:
‘Debbie, fuck, Debbie’
Stopping your thrusts, you explode deep inside me. Your aching balls drain into me. You sigh, staying inside me and fall on top of me. I can tell relief is the same caliber as mine. I purr as I revel in the moment, and then softly say to you:
‘Please untie me…”

Yes, so there is our first time together, as I see it. Thanks for the great time and I can’t wait to see you out there on the ‘net again



Doublebogie said...

Debbie, FUCK, Debbie!

I think I need a cig

ArticRaven said...

what a ride....
yours was a little rougher than my version.....

Anonymous said...

Ah...articraven...variety is the spice of life...especially in the my playground known as the playground.
Not really rough...just intense.

Glad you came along for the ride ;)

ArticRaven said...

intense and passionate....

did you review my version?

Anonymous said...

Can you give me the link to get right to it?