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Happy Birthday - A Reader's Guest Post

I have a new regular reader that did me the honor of writing a story. It's the opposite of a Debbie Does You. I wanted to post it here, it's very creative. It also gave me an idea to start an IDD (I Did Debbie) feature as a counter part to DDU (Debbie Does You). 
See the details at the end of the story. 
Now on with the birthday celebration...

Having taken the day off for her Birthday, Ken decided he was finally going to get some playtime in with his beautiful wife of 25 years.
Debbie had packed her daughter off to school an hour before, showered and now stood over the sink cleaning the breakfast dishes in her robe when Ken appeared in the kitchen with his black bag of surprises.

Looking over her shoulder smiling, Debbie asked, “You inventorying your gear dear?” as she continued to clean dishes.  Her heart started beating faster at the thought of what Ken’s bag contained for her birthday today.
Ken began pulling out ropes and leather straps from his bag and laying them on the counter next to the thin sturdy kitchen table.  He ran his hand over the table with almost a soft caress when she looked back at him again.

Her nipples hardened at the sight.  This was Ken’s table, he had bought it at an estate sale years before.  When he brought it home, she had asked him why he would pay good money for such an ugly table.  His reply that day was a simple, “because it’s perfect.”
It was easily 100 years old and solid.  Someone had decided all those years ago they were going to make a thin long table that could obviously hold an elephant on it.  Four feet long and only a couple feet wide, it was more like a counter than a breakfast table.  He took it into the garage and for the next several days cleaned it up, stained it and decorated it with small painted wooden animal faces with open mouths down each of the legs.

“Artistic you are not my dear.” she replied, frowning at the animal faces.

Washing the dishes now she smiled at how wrong she was those years ago.
Ken had dropped to his knees and was threading large bolts into the threaded holes in each animal’s mouth on the legs of the table.  Each bolt had a large O for a top.  Once a bolt was fully threaded, he took a leather strap, tied it through the O on the bolt, and let the ends hang loose.  He placed several bolts on each leg, tied his straps and moved to another performing the same addition.

Debbie rubbed her legs together now as she finished up at the sink.
“Baby, we have not used the table in a long time, are you sure this is a good time?  Anyone could come over, its 9:00 in the morning.”

Ken never looking up, but rather continued his hook assembly on the table legs, “Our daughter is in school, I have the day off and neither one of us is getting any younger.  So to answer your question, yes, this is the perfect time.” 

Finishing the last hook, he looked up into her 50 year old beautiful eyes.  “Now lose the robe and get that sweet little ass over here.” smiling, he patted the table.

Debbie undid the knot at her waist and slipped the robe from her shoulders.  It fell in a pile at her feet as she slowly sauntered over to her husband.  Her large bare breasts and full nipples swaying as her curvy hips teased him with her seductive walk.
Reaching the table, she placed her hands on it and slid her palms across.  Her nipples and large breasts pressed into the familiar wood.  Ken took her legs and started attaching leather straps to them.  One attached at the ankle and a rather large wide strap around each thigh.  The leather straps from the table hooks were pulled through holes on each, then pulled tight, and tied.
Her legs were pulled apart almost to the point of discomfort and tied soundly as she lay splayed across the table.  Ken’s hand ran across her bare thigh and ass as he worked, softly caressing her.
The slow methodical exercise in binding her was the foreplay she had come to yearn for over the years.  Her spread legs showed the excitement building with the wet swollen lips of her sex.  Her wrists were tied to cords running up from the other table legs and pulled tight.
She was about to ask him a question when her mouth was filled with a large round ball gag.  The strap was tightened around her head and a loud “MMMnnnmmthh,” was all that crossed her lips as her eyes grew wide.
She was surprised at his new addition to the bag of surprises.  He had never gagged her before.  Always asking her questions during their sex play, this new twist had her pussy dripping now.  

A flash of metal in the morning sunlight brought her attention back to him.
In his hand it looked like he was holding a giant fishing hook, only it had a large chrome ball on the end where a hook should have gone.
Her eyes opened wide as another mumbled, “MMWuthuttt iiifgr ttaathgg”, slipped past her gag.

“Your second surprise of the morning Deb.”  He smiled twirling the giant hook in his hand. 

“Came in the mail last week, and I have been waiting to save it for a special occasion.  This my dear”, swinging the hook in front of her face, “is an anal hook”.

Her breathing now quicker he walked back behind her, “And we are going fishing for some ass this morning”.

She heard the hook drop to the table, followed by both his hands coming down hard on her ass cheeks with a loud slap.  David’s large hands pulled her cheeks apart dropping his mouth to her brown little hole licking circles around it.
Debbie started moaning through the gag, going to her tiptoes to try to push her ass into his invading tongue.  She felt him run a finger from her dripping cunt to her ass lubricating her tight little hole.  Her pussy felt the cold metal of the ball push through her swollen lips for just a second as he prepared it for its journey.  The ball slipped out of her pussy running up and down her wet lips and finally slipping back between her ass-cheeks
The pressure on her ass grew as he pressed the 2 oz ball against her tight muscle.  It finally slipped in as she groaned into the gag.  He worked the ball deep into her ass finally pressing the other end of the hook into the crack of her ass pointing up her back.  With a strip of rope, he tied the end of the hook to the strap holding in her ball gag on the back of her head.
With every little movement of her head, the ball would move and pull tight against the entrance of her ass.  With slow movements of her head, her moans became more pronounced as Ken realized she was ass fucking herself with the hook.

Just then, Ken’s cellphone began ringing.  Picking up the phone he looked at the number growling, “Christ I'm off today, what the hell?” 
Answering the call, his face sank.  “Shit, I'm sorry Bob, I totally forgot about it.  No it’s my bad, tell them I'll run it over.”  Listening, he finished with, “Don't worry I'll show them how to use it.”
Closing the phone Ken’s face dropped next to his wife’s, “Sorry babe, I forgot I left their new piece of test equipment in my truck.  I need to run it up to the work site quick.”

Debbie moaned into the gag expecting her husband to release her.  When she heard the sound of his steps walking away and Ken yell from the front door, “I wont be more than an hour hon.” She realized no matter how hard she screamed, the huge ball filling her mouth muffled everything.

For the next ten minutes, she screamed into the gag and shook, fuming at her husband for leaving her like this on her birthday.  As the time passed though, she began to again move her head playing with the sensations radiating from the twisting invader buried in her ass.  Eyes closed, she kept trying to get off on the hook moving in her tight ass but to no avail.  She thought to herself, this is not an anal hook its anal torture.  Her pussy dripping she could climb the mountain of pleasure; she just could not reach the summit.
Her eyes opened and a muffled scream came from her mouth.  Standing in the doorway was the 24-year-old son of her neighbor.  Eyes wide, he drank in the naked bound form of his sexy 50-year-old neighbor tied to her kitchen table.  Tyler had brought back several DVDs his mom had borrowed from Debbie and had let himself in just as he had a thousand times before. 
“Here are the DVD's we borrowed.”  He shuddered, sitting them on the counter.

Her eyes went to his, pleading to be released, then dropped to his tight jeans as she saw the outline of a giant hard cock stretching the material.  Several times her eyes went up to his and back to his crotch.
Tyler watched the bound homemaker looking down to his package and back to his eyes.  He took this as a signal that she wanted his big hard cock.  His hands dropped to his jeans unzipping them.  He pulled his hard thick 9-inch cock through the opening in his boxers.
Debbie's eyes went wide as she watched him pull out his long thick cock.  Pulled her head around trying to shake a “No” at him, she pulled the ball in her ass tight to her sphincter rubbing it.  The loud moan she made decided her fate that morning.

Tyler had seen many girls eyes go wide when they saw how well hung and thick he was.  Watching this sexy homemakers eyes drink in his cock excited him tremendously.  The moan she gave him might as well been a “Fuck me now Tyler” in his head.
When Debbie’s head came back around, he was gone.  She could no longer see him but felt a pressure against the swollen lips of her vulva.  The fat swollen head of his cock ran up and down the wet lips of her cunt.

Her body shook as she screamed into the ball gag.  The mouthful of plastic turning her screams of  “No” into loud long moans of “OOOhhhhhhh.” In 25 years of marriage, no other man had ever touched her.

Tyler was hard as a rock and dripping pre-cum as his “Desperate Housewife” continued moaning for him to fuck her.  He pressed his large tip past her wet lips; it stretched her outer ring until finally the head slipped past sinking several inches into her tight cunt.  The groan that left her lips pushed him forward pressing deeper into her dripping soft folds.
Her hands tightening and releasing pulled the restraints taught as she groaned a long low moan, finally crested that mountain.  Involuntarily her legs rose onto her tiptoes pushing him deeper still.

Tyler had not felt a cunt as tight as hers in a long time.  When the muscles of her pussy started to spasm, he felt like his cock was in the hand of a tight glove squeezing him repeatedly.  He groaned at the sensation, smiling at the thought of giving her an orgasm by just entering her.
His hands slipped up her bare sides and under her cupping her large breasts.  His thumbs rubbing her fat hard nipples as his mouth dropped next to her ear and he whispered, “There is a lot more of that to come Debbie”. 

Pressing his hips forward and driving the last several inches of his thick cock deep into her contracting pussy he began long slow strokes.
Tyler had fantasized about Debbie’s big tits his entire life and to be squeezing them now as his cock was acting like a piston in and out of her stretched cunt drove him on faster and faster.

Her groans had become screams of ecstasy as the young stud plowed her pussy with his big hard stick.  Once he had mounted her with that big fat cock, in her sub mind he had claimed her.  His heavy tool brought her to that mountain peak again and again.  Her body covered in sweat, thighs dripping from her gushing cunt, she felt him finally tense and her eyes went wide.  She had not needed protection for years, Ken having had a vasectomy all those years ago.  Here was a young virile man about to fill her with his seed.

She felt him slam his hips into her round ass-cheeks driving his long cock home, its tip pressing though her cervix.  His balls tightened as his long prick began pumping his thick cum into her womb.  With each gasp from his lips, she could feel his cock spray its white-hot sperm deep into her.  This pushed her over the edge one last time.  Her muscles contracted, milking his long cock for every drop.

Collapsing on her back, she could feel his heart thumping in his chest in tune with his now softening cock inside her.  His hands holding her soft globes tight she purred into the gag.
From the doorway came clapping as Debbie jerked her head around.  Ken stood clapping his hands as Tyler’s deflating cock slipped from her wet hole She could feel the warm juices of their coupling flow from her opened cunt.

“Was it as good as you always dreamed he asked?” looking into Debbie's eyes.

Stepping back Tyler replied, “Your one lucky man dude.  I can’t imagine the enjoyment you have had from this piece of ass for the last 25 years.  Well...OK...I guess I can now.” he said with a smile as he pulled up his pants.  Leaning over he kissed Debbie’s neck and whispered “Thank you.”

Ken shook the boy’s hand as he left and walked back to his wife.  “You always wanted to try one of those big cocks darling, I couldn’t fit the boy in my bag of surprises.” 
Leaning over he removed the ball gag and kissed his wife. 
“Happy Birthday beautiful.”

 This could be the beginning of a brand new adventure in Dirty Debbie's Diary.  Would you like to write a story of you doing me?  Put your fantasy down on digital paper and send it to me.  Share it with all the like minded people here.  If I see there is interest I'll promote the feature because you know how I feel - The more the merrier! 
Just use the DDU link on the sidebar for now.
I look forward to being the one reading your stories and getting wet.

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