Friday, February 29, 2008

You Are Mine! - Part II (The Maid Gets Made)

Be sure to read You Are Mine-Part One first

“Fuck I’m going to love using you up this time bitch”, he said as he started to take off his pants. Michael was quickly out of his clothes and obviously ready for me. I stayed where I was for the moment not knowing what he wanted next. His cock looked so damn good, but this time I was afraid to approach him.

He turned around to get something from the bag he brought with him then came towards me with rope. He tied my ankles to the back legs of the stool, spreading my legs. Next he tied my wrists behind my back. He used his necktie to blindfold me and told me that first I was going to be his suck-maid.
“Show me your cocksucking mouth whore” he yelled at me.
I opened my mouth wide for him, but I couldn’t tell what was happening. Then I felt him grab my choker and he pulled my face to his crotch.
“Lick my nuts, now!”
My tongue searched in the darkness until it found his tight, big balls and I began to lick. He moaned as soon as I tasted them and shoved my face deeper into his musky meat.
“Slurp bitch slurp”, he groaned.
I drooled, sucked, and kissed and his balls, in all the ways I knew he liked. As each second went by I wanted to please him more.
“Now it’s time to choke and gag cocksucker”, he said as he took a fist full of my hair, pulled upwards, and thrust his stiff cock deep down my throat. I didn’t have time to suck or lick at first. I truly choked and gagged, and he loved it. I was afraid I was going to fall to the floor still attached to the stool. He kept me balanced by tugging on my hair and the choker as he fucked my face
“Suck the fucking cock bitch, I thought you knew what to do here”
I pulled it together enough to start sucking, but I couldn’t believe that a man would be complaining about one of my blowjobs. I was doing the best I could under the circumstances.
I licked and sucked, and took him deep, but nothing I did seemed to be enough.
“I think you need some more inspiration”, he said to me as he pulled out of my mouth. He rubbed his cockhead over my face then began to slap me with his hard cock, his balls grazing over my chin as he slapped my cheeks and mouth harder with that cock. I got wetter the more I got abused by Michael, it all seemed so strange. Although I tried to get him back in my mouth, I couldn’t seem to figure his next move, and with the blindfold it became impossible. The next thing I felt was a kind of relief, it was the rope around my wrists and ankles being untied, loosened, and allowed to drop to the floor.

Michael lifted me off the stool, and led me to the couch. He pulled my skirt off and my blouse and roughly pulled my tits from their DD cups. All I was left wearing was the choker and the stockings. The next feeling was of being thrown across his lap. He hard cock was pressing against my warm firm tits, but then a new sensation, the stinging of his open hand against my ass. First he spanked one cheek then the other, then back again as he told me I was being punished for not pleasing him enough with my mouth. I moaned with each smack quickly learning that I enjoyed it, that he was just trying to make me a better woman. I moaned out between spanks and apologized, “I’m sorry, I’ll do better. Tell me what you want Michael”, I begged.

“I want your ass shiny and red”, is all he said. The fact was that he wanted me to suck him as he spanked me. Again my head was being forced onto his hardness as he kept up his punishment. I kept moaning, but now my mouth was stuffed full of my boss, my master. I was at my best sucking and eating him like the fine treat he was, on my knees, getting what I deserved. Finally I knew that I was getting it right, Michael began to moan and hump my face hard. He stopped the spanking so he could pull at my hair. He was coming up off the couch as I felt his cockhead hit the back of my throat.
“Oh fuck eat it bitch”, he cried out as I felt a hot gooey load shoot down my throat. I swallowed him down, feasting on his cum. I let him fall from my mouth, but he was still hard. I couldn’t believe it.
“Please, please, can I have more?”, I begged again.
I was reprimanded for even asking for such a thing. I was told to sit quietly and keep the blindfold on. I did as commanded.
After a few minutes he said to me, “Who are you whore?”
I answered the only way I knew how at the moment, “I’m yours”
“Damn straight bitch, now jerk me”
I licked the palm of my hand and found his cock, still at attention, and began to stroke. He felt so good, so hard, and so warm. My other hand rubbed his balls and I felt him grow in my hands. I wanted to feel him inside me so badly. I was a bit apprehensive about letting him know it though, so I kept up my business of keeping Michael happy. As I continued about my business he squeezed and pinched at my nipples and my tits. Then his finger found my aching dripping pussy lips, he probed and prodded at my clit and I quickened my strokes as he did.
My passion and my aching couldn’t be held back for much longer and without a thought I began to beg and plea for the cock I had in my hand to be inside me.
“Oh god please Michael, please fuck me”, I started, but didn’t stop there.
“I need it, I need you to take me”, I begged, still on my knees.
Michael replied with, “Oh you slut, be careful what you wish for”

He picked me up and took me to the bedroom, throwing me on the bed.
“Present your pussy to me like a bitch”, he yelled.
I got on my hands and knees and tilted my hips in anticipation of his thick hot cock.
I felt his cockhead split me open like a warm knife through butter. He moaned for an extended period as he thrust his cock deep inside me. I joined him, groaning as he stretched my hole and began to fuck me deep and hard.
I was so wet that he easily glided in and out of me, faster and faster, spanking me again. I was all his this time and he knew it. He knew by the way I fucked him right back that I would only ever be his. His powerful thrusts were driving me close to the edge. I could feel my orgasm begin deep inside my gut, then waves seemed to move down through me, my pussy, and all the way to my toes. I bucked backwards against him in spasms as I cried out in ecstasy. Michael wasn’t far behind me, his groans were deeper, more guttural. He held tightly to my shoulders as his balls exploded deep inside me, but he was like a piston and he just kept fucking me, I came again, we were soaking with my juices, his cum, and sweat.

Finally we collapsed together on the cool dry sheets.
Michael bit the back of my neck and whispered in my ear, “Good job, Deb”
Ah, the life of the sex maid, and it’s all mine!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Duty and Priority

I want to start this entry by visually explaining one of my major outlooks on life.
For many years now I've known that life is a wonderful thing. This idea sort of hit home when I was about 21 years old and the depth of the understanding has grown over the years. I believe that life is dynamic, things happen for a reason, and there are no accidents.
I believe I make my own life, it does not 'happen' to me.
So, having once been a student of the Tarot, I always picture myself on a large wheel that is turning. Because of the turning sometimes I'm 'on top of the world', while at other times the wheel is on top of me. But it does spin, so nothing good lasts forever, therefore cherish it; and nothing bad lasts forever either, so don't sweat it.

Lately I have been at the bottom of the wheel on several levels. I'll mention just a couple of them here.
It took three attempts to fix my laptop, ending with my hard drive being replaced without a complete backup. So everything from Quicken files to recipes are gone for good. But, regret and bitching won't write those 0's and 1's onto my new hard drive. It is a great reminder of the impermanence of life.
Then I found out that my mother was very ill. I had to leave town to go and take care of her for a couple of days.
When I compare this sort of stuff to the blog I love to write I feel like a shallow hedonist. So that's why there was no CBW this week, but I will pick that up next Wednesday. Part two of my latest story will go in tomorrow after some editing.

I have been writing this sex blog for 3 years and I not only enjoy it, but I'm proud of the fact that I can integrate the side of my life that my readers know here along with my regular 'ho-hum' life.
I hope I always have both and never have to decide on one or the other.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

You Are Mine! - Part One

To read about the last job I did for my boss check out A Team Player At Work

The fantasy weekend wore me out, but it was fun. This was still the best job I ever had. Once I got back to my cottage I ran a very warm bath along with sea salts, took my clothes off, letting them fall to the floor, and got in to soak. My overused nipples and pussy felt so much better as the water washed up against my skin. I stayed in the tub until the water began to cool off and finally got out and into my silk pajamas. I crawled into bed alone for the first time in days and fell asleep in minutes.

Feeling so refreshed when I woke up, it was as though I was a new woman. As I walked from my bedroom to the kitchen I noticed something that reminded me that requests from my boss are made even as I sleep. There was an envelope that had been shoved under my door. The stationery was familiar and I tingled a bit thinking about what may be written there.

What I saw was a new way my boss wanted to play. I was his sex maid and I had to do the job I was instructed to do. That was never more true than with Michael’s latest note:
I’m giving you your clothing allowance a little early this month. I have already picked out the clothes I want you wearing tomorrow night. Everything is ready for you to try on and pick up at Lee’s Dress Shop. Be ready at 8:00pm tomorrow night. Keep in mind that you are my maid and you will do as I say. You will stay at the cottage and I will come to you there.
Looking forward to you, Michael.
PS: never forget you are mine.
The tone of the note was a little different than usual, but I followed his instructions and headed to the dress shop. When I got there I introduced myself and was treated with some of the finest customer service I had ever experienced. The clothing was all boxed up. I knew that Michael knew my sizes very well so I decided I would try them on at home. I paid for everything and headed home.
I took all the bags and boxes to my bedroom and immediately began my investigation. I had not yet really dressed up for Michael in any costumes, but it looked as though that was going to change. For the first time I was to dress up as what I was, a sex maid. I relaxed for the rest of the day, until it finally got to be time to get ready for my boss.

After showering, and trimming my pussy just the way Michael liked it, I started to get dressed. I put on his favorite perfume, Victoria Secret’s Rapture and then dove into the new outfit. The first thing I noticed is that there were no panties, so I started with the stockings. They were fishnet and had thick elastic at the top to help keep them up, no garters necessary; the bra was a lacy thin material that would show off my nipples once I was properly aroused. Next I put on the thick vinyl choker, and then I pulled up the tight fitting short plaid skirt and adjusted it. He had chosen one that was so short that I couldn’t bend over without my ass peaking out. The top was a button down white shirt with tails. I tucked it into the skirt, put on a pair of dangling pearl earrings, a touch of make-up and waited.
I was surprised when I looked at the clock, it was 8 o’clock, but Michael wasn’t at my door yet. Usually he was early when I had a date to perform my duties. As I sat on my chair, I began to realize what I was going to be that night. I was to be his. I was going to be reminded of my role here and I knew it. It was then that I heard his footsteps on the slate slabs outside my door. He came up to the porch and entered the cottage without even knocking.

I gasped at first, but within a split second I understood the circumstances and wasn’t really surprised.
“Good to see you ready Debbie”, Michael said. I just smiled and nodded, unsure of what he exactly wanted from me.
Michael told me to stay seated and proceeded to ‘get some things off his chest’.
He said that he needed me to understand some things about my job. Michael told me that we had some great times together so far, and I agreed with him. Then things seemed to take a nasty turn. He told me that I was becoming quite the whore, that the latest party showed my true side. This surprised me and when I tried to explain myself he told me to shut up.
“From now on you remember one thing bitch, you’re mine. That means this is the only cock you get, understand?”, Michael asked quite forcefully.
“Yes sir”, was my only answer and that seemed to please him.

Then it was time to be inspected. Michael wanted to be sure that I did everything right when I got dressed. He told me to stand up and came close to me, running his hands up my stockings and pushing my skirt up. He said I had the stockings, garter, and skirt on right, but that I hadn’t trimmed my bush correctly.
“Get your trimmer for me Deb”, he commanded.
I quickly ran into the bathroom and got my special electric trimmer and brought it out to him. He pushed my skirt up and told me that he wanted to see a bare little girl pussy. He ran the trimmer over what was left of the hair on my snatch and shaved my pussy bald.
Michael let the skirt fall back to its original place and stood up to inspect me above the waist. Again everything seemed correct at first, but he didn’t like that I had buttoned the shirt almost all the way up. He yanked at the buttons and tore the blouse apart, exposing the bra, and pulling the tails from the skirt.
“You like being treated as the slut you are don’t you Deb?”, he asked.
Again my only answer was, “Yes sir”
“You are beginning to understand”, he said as he smiled and pushed me back onto a stool.

Next Time: The Maid Gets Made

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

CBW #72 - Enjoyment

Hello, Debbie. If I understand correctly, you like pics of your readers
with their hard cocks sticking out of their clothes, right? Well, if that's
the case, then here I am, enjoying your very hot blog.

Keep up the amazing work!

Thanks Kid, I will and you keep it up too...

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Friday, February 15, 2008


My Valentine's Day commentary.

–noun, plural -cies.
1.the state of being intimate.
2.a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group. act or expression serving as a token of familiarity, affection, or the like: to allow the intimacy of using first names. amorously familiar act; liberty.
5.sexual intercourse.
6.the quality of being comfortable, warm, or familiar: the intimacy of the room.
7.privacy, esp. as suitable to the telling of a secret: in the intimacy of his studio.
This year's Valentine's day for me was intimate, but not in the ways I normally write about. CJ and I didn't go out for a romantic dinner. We didn't have an extended love-making session. In fact, we didn't even kiss.
CJ is sick as a dog with now has been diagnosed as severe bronchitis or pneumonia (he still needs a chest x-ray).
He actually thought he could go to work on Valentine's Day. So I woke up to a box of chocolates (yes that's them pictured above) and a card that sang 'Ain't No Woman Like The One I Got'. When I got home that evening he was worse, wrapped in the robe I gave him for Christmas a couple of years ago, and lying on the couch. He opened the card I card him, but I didn't dare kiss him.

My intimacy toward my lover this Valentine's Day consisted of back rubs, pouring glasses of V-8 and orange juice, taking his temperature, and insisting he go to the doctor (which he did today). Yes, the intimacy even consisted of sleeping in the same bed with the stuffed up, hacking, in pain man I love.
No doubt that within a few more days the intimacy will include me being sick. I already feel that tingle in the back of my throat and that itch in my nose. I don't mind, it can't be helped.
So remember that being together and being intimate can mean very different things for a couple depending on the situations that life brings us.
I enjoy being able to show my love either way, by having CJ slowly enter me and the height he can take me to by making love to me, or by covering him with blankets and patting him just to let him know I'm there.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

CBW #71 - Back With Cock

It feels soooo good, no this time I'm not talking about CJ, I finally have my laptop back.
She's back, repaired, and upgraded to the Leopard version of Apple's OS X.
But, I digress.
Below is a fine contribution I got with a a short and sweet message:
Just thought I'd submit one of me for your blog. Keep my identity under your skirt...
Dare I say I would have no problem keeping it under my skirt, preferably without panties.

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Tell Me

It was a typical Sunday afternoon. I had most of my chores done and spent the rest of the day relaxing in my own special way. CJ works on Sundays and I always enjoyed having the place to myself. There is something about being alone sometimes that gives you the opportunity to be whoever you wish to be. That comes in very handy for my writing and me.

CJ got home this particular Sunday at his usual time and I was waiting for him to ask him how his day went as he changed into more comfortable clothing. After he changed and made himself a drink he came to join me in the living room.
I started to ask him how the day went, but he interrupted me with “Tell me what you did today”

I suppose I deserved the interruption. The week before I had told CJ how bad I had been in my favorite cybersex chat room. CJ isn’t into that kind of thing as far as I can tell, but he says he understands why I like it and that he doesn’t have a problem with me whoring myself out in cyberspace.

“What do you mean”, I said ever so innocently.

He made himself comfortable on the other side of the couch than the one I was sitting on and told me not to bullshit, that I knew exactly what he meant, and he was right. He actually seemed to enjoy hearing about my little virtual trysts.
This is what I told CJ about this week: I went into my chat room and it was empty. I really wanted to get some guys off, so I waited patiently. It took about 15 or 20 minutes and one of my regulars came in, Mr. ‘C’. This guy’s specific taste included getting sucked off long enough to make his cock good and wet for my asshole. Then he would fuck my ass mercilessly as I begged to be spanked.
After telling CJ about the first encounter, he was already hard. I could see that visually sexy and satisfying bulge that men get when they start to get hard and they are still wearing pants. It’s always a turn on for me. I looked down at CJ’s crotch then back up at him and asked him if I could feel him.

“Of course baby, you always can”, he said gently.

I just pushed my hand against his hardness and rubbed my palm along the underside of his rigid dick. He softly moaned out his pleasure and asked me to tell him more. I took my hand away, rubbed it against my clit, through my pants, and continued with my tale of debauchery. I always like it when more guys and gals come into the room and watch me. Another of my regulars came in while I was doing ‘C’. He liked watching me, spanking me, and making me gag on his black cock. According to him I was his white whore and I played the part well. This time he wanted ‘C’ to fuck my ass harder to shove my mouth down his cock. ‘L’ always liked to tell me how he was stroking his thick black cock for me.

“You really don’t mind that I tell you this”, I asked CJ again.

He explained that he loved it and thought it was hot. To prove it to me he pulled his cock from his fly and stroked it, showing it off for me just the way I like it. I put my hand down my pants this time and began to finger my damp pussy.

“Keep going, don’t stop”, he said.

The room continued to fill up. I have convinced myself, right or wrong, that once some people see my screen name they come into the room. ‘L’ stepped away from me and a new guy ‘N’ moved into to first play with my tits and then move under me to fuck my aching wet pussy.

“You like all that cock don’t you Deb?” CJ said to me as he squeezed his cock.

I smiled and nodded and kept going. As I would push down on the cock in my cunt and then up on the one in my ass I thought how fantastic it felt, it just brought me closer to cumming. Eventually a young girl, ‘H’ came in the room and wanted to join the fun. We told her to join us. Since my mouth was free I ate her fine young pussy as I got it from both guys.

“Oh damn Deb, you ate pussy too?” CJ said to me.
“Yea, and I liked it, making another woman cum, the taste of the nectar”, I answered.

CJ pulled his balls out and tugged on them as I kept playing with myself.
“Do you want to see my tits or I should I just kept talking?” I asked CJ seductively.
“They’re mine, let me see ‘em”, he answered.

I took off my blouse and bra and I carried on with my wicked tale. I explained to CJ that after a while I just sort of lost track of the men and women. One guy wanted me to eat ‘H’s ass. I obey most every command while I’m in that room. I moved my tongue from exploring her pussy to tongue fucking her asshole. It wasn’t too long after that that I came, and came again.

“I know you were taking it all in hon”, CJ said as he smiled at me.
Well, those are the basics of my afternoon I told CJ and finished by showing him part of an email I received from ‘C’, the first cock of the day.
“Hello to the hottest nastiest chat room slut ever, how’s that for an opening line of an email. Anyway thank you for another mind blowing nasty cum. It was so fucking hot. Mmmmm loved you taking on all those hot cocks and that you still had time to suck the little girl’s asshole.”
Then I just loving looked at CJ, pulled off my pants, and slowly climbed on top of his stiff cock, saying only one thing, “I can do you a thousand times better babe”

Monday, February 11, 2008

To My Chesapeake Readers

I will be voting in the Maryland Democratic primary election tomorrow.
I love voting and haven't missed an election since I was 18.
If you live in the Chesapeake area, please remember to exercise one of your greatest rights in this country and vote!
We need change and nothing will change without your vote.
“The ballot is stronger than bullets.”

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


As much as I'd love to show another wonderful cock I can't this week.
All the pics and corresponding remarks are sitting on my laptop, which is currently hundreds of miles away from here being fixed.
I should be able to start up again next week, but for now gals always remember:

Monday, February 4, 2008


Currently I am having problems with my laptop. There is a known issue with Apple iBooks overheating that has affected mine. It is currently in the process of being fixed and I'm using CJ's newer MacBookPro (it's yummy!).

But, that's not what I want to talk about here now. I want to tell you about something that needing fixing over the weekend.
Below you will some of the saddest pictures you will ever see on my site

Do you know why this is sad?
It's a picture of me having slept alone, even though CJ was in the house. I won't get into it all here, things weren't as bad as I had originally thought. Still there was a lack of communication, a lack of the vibration that we share. It is becuase of how special those two things are between us that CJ has told me he will never cheat on me.
CJ spent the night in the guest room. We had sworn to never go to bed angry and I thought that we had failed at that promise.
When I wasn't kissed good-bye the next morning when he left for work I thought things had gotten really bad. I later found out that he woke up late because no alarm went off.
We finally got a chance to speak when CJ got home from work that afternoon. We understood each other again.
during the entire length of our relationship we have never had make sex. I guess we've never needed it. It's the love we make with our minds and souls that really figure out any of the arguements or misunderstandings.
He was next to me again that night.
His snoring never sounded so good.