Saturday, February 23, 2008

You Are Mine! - Part One

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The fantasy weekend wore me out, but it was fun. This was still the best job I ever had. Once I got back to my cottage I ran a very warm bath along with sea salts, took my clothes off, letting them fall to the floor, and got in to soak. My overused nipples and pussy felt so much better as the water washed up against my skin. I stayed in the tub until the water began to cool off and finally got out and into my silk pajamas. I crawled into bed alone for the first time in days and fell asleep in minutes.

Feeling so refreshed when I woke up, it was as though I was a new woman. As I walked from my bedroom to the kitchen I noticed something that reminded me that requests from my boss are made even as I sleep. There was an envelope that had been shoved under my door. The stationery was familiar and I tingled a bit thinking about what may be written there.

What I saw was a new way my boss wanted to play. I was his sex maid and I had to do the job I was instructed to do. That was never more true than with Michael’s latest note:
I’m giving you your clothing allowance a little early this month. I have already picked out the clothes I want you wearing tomorrow night. Everything is ready for you to try on and pick up at Lee’s Dress Shop. Be ready at 8:00pm tomorrow night. Keep in mind that you are my maid and you will do as I say. You will stay at the cottage and I will come to you there.
Looking forward to you, Michael.
PS: never forget you are mine.
The tone of the note was a little different than usual, but I followed his instructions and headed to the dress shop. When I got there I introduced myself and was treated with some of the finest customer service I had ever experienced. The clothing was all boxed up. I knew that Michael knew my sizes very well so I decided I would try them on at home. I paid for everything and headed home.
I took all the bags and boxes to my bedroom and immediately began my investigation. I had not yet really dressed up for Michael in any costumes, but it looked as though that was going to change. For the first time I was to dress up as what I was, a sex maid. I relaxed for the rest of the day, until it finally got to be time to get ready for my boss.

After showering, and trimming my pussy just the way Michael liked it, I started to get dressed. I put on his favorite perfume, Victoria Secret’s Rapture and then dove into the new outfit. The first thing I noticed is that there were no panties, so I started with the stockings. They were fishnet and had thick elastic at the top to help keep them up, no garters necessary; the bra was a lacy thin material that would show off my nipples once I was properly aroused. Next I put on the thick vinyl choker, and then I pulled up the tight fitting short plaid skirt and adjusted it. He had chosen one that was so short that I couldn’t bend over without my ass peaking out. The top was a button down white shirt with tails. I tucked it into the skirt, put on a pair of dangling pearl earrings, a touch of make-up and waited.
I was surprised when I looked at the clock, it was 8 o’clock, but Michael wasn’t at my door yet. Usually he was early when I had a date to perform my duties. As I sat on my chair, I began to realize what I was going to be that night. I was to be his. I was going to be reminded of my role here and I knew it. It was then that I heard his footsteps on the slate slabs outside my door. He came up to the porch and entered the cottage without even knocking.

I gasped at first, but within a split second I understood the circumstances and wasn’t really surprised.
“Good to see you ready Debbie”, Michael said. I just smiled and nodded, unsure of what he exactly wanted from me.
Michael told me to stay seated and proceeded to ‘get some things off his chest’.
He said that he needed me to understand some things about my job. Michael told me that we had some great times together so far, and I agreed with him. Then things seemed to take a nasty turn. He told me that I was becoming quite the whore, that the latest party showed my true side. This surprised me and when I tried to explain myself he told me to shut up.
“From now on you remember one thing bitch, you’re mine. That means this is the only cock you get, understand?”, Michael asked quite forcefully.
“Yes sir”, was my only answer and that seemed to please him.

Then it was time to be inspected. Michael wanted to be sure that I did everything right when I got dressed. He told me to stand up and came close to me, running his hands up my stockings and pushing my skirt up. He said I had the stockings, garter, and skirt on right, but that I hadn’t trimmed my bush correctly.
“Get your trimmer for me Deb”, he commanded.
I quickly ran into the bathroom and got my special electric trimmer and brought it out to him. He pushed my skirt up and told me that he wanted to see a bare little girl pussy. He ran the trimmer over what was left of the hair on my snatch and shaved my pussy bald.
Michael let the skirt fall back to its original place and stood up to inspect me above the waist. Again everything seemed correct at first, but he didn’t like that I had buttoned the shirt almost all the way up. He yanked at the buttons and tore the blouse apart, exposing the bra, and pulling the tails from the skirt.
“You like being treated as the slut you are don’t you Deb?”, he asked.
Again my only answer was, “Yes sir”
“You are beginning to understand”, he said as he smiled and pushed me back onto a stool.

Next Time: The Maid Gets Made


Anonymous said...


can't wait for the rest.

JaneyRuth said...

I had a Domme like that back in my subbie days. She liked to pick out my clothes....