Friday, February 15, 2008


My Valentine's Day commentary.

–noun, plural -cies.
1.the state of being intimate.
2.a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group. act or expression serving as a token of familiarity, affection, or the like: to allow the intimacy of using first names. amorously familiar act; liberty.
5.sexual intercourse.
6.the quality of being comfortable, warm, or familiar: the intimacy of the room.
7.privacy, esp. as suitable to the telling of a secret: in the intimacy of his studio.
This year's Valentine's day for me was intimate, but not in the ways I normally write about. CJ and I didn't go out for a romantic dinner. We didn't have an extended love-making session. In fact, we didn't even kiss.
CJ is sick as a dog with now has been diagnosed as severe bronchitis or pneumonia (he still needs a chest x-ray).
He actually thought he could go to work on Valentine's Day. So I woke up to a box of chocolates (yes that's them pictured above) and a card that sang 'Ain't No Woman Like The One I Got'. When I got home that evening he was worse, wrapped in the robe I gave him for Christmas a couple of years ago, and lying on the couch. He opened the card I card him, but I didn't dare kiss him.

My intimacy toward my lover this Valentine's Day consisted of back rubs, pouring glasses of V-8 and orange juice, taking his temperature, and insisting he go to the doctor (which he did today). Yes, the intimacy even consisted of sleeping in the same bed with the stuffed up, hacking, in pain man I love.
No doubt that within a few more days the intimacy will include me being sick. I already feel that tingle in the back of my throat and that itch in my nose. I don't mind, it can't be helped.
So remember that being together and being intimate can mean very different things for a couple depending on the situations that life brings us.
I enjoy being able to show my love either way, by having CJ slowly enter me and the height he can take me to by making love to me, or by covering him with blankets and patting him just to let him know I'm there.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day.


Alfie said...

Sorry to hear CJ is sick. He's lucky to have you to minister to his needs. Take good care.

Anonymous said...

The flu has really been going around. Even though you didn't have intimacy in the traditional sense, I'm sure that CJ will still remember this Valentine's Day and how you cared or him when he was sick. I hope he gets well soon.