Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What A Way To Start The Day

My morning commute can be grueling to say the least. I'm sure many of you out there can empathize. I drive the Baltimore beltway for 19 exits before I reach my destination.
This morning I had one of the strangest experiences on my commute.

There was an accident that had slowed traffic down to crawl. A man in a small pick-up truck came up on my right side, he mouthed something. I thought he was waving me to move ahead of him. I did, but had to move to the left again. Again he pulled up beside me and again he was trying to say something. I rolled down my window, he rolled down his, then he said to me "Do you want to mess around?"
Yep, I was propositioned on the beltway. I was thunderstruck, but recovered quickly. My answer was, "Nooo, I don't think my husband would appreciate it."
He shrugged and drove on.
I called CJ right away and we had a good laugh.
It was pathetic (was he lonely?), frightening (was he something like a beltway strangler?), and flattering (a strange man wanting me).
It was a different way to start the day.

CBW #45

OK Mr. White, time to bask in your 15 minutes of fame.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Night With Mr. W

One of the first times with my partner from A Quick Bite.
This session was over an hour long, admittedly one of my longer chats, but why stop when you're having fun?

One of the first things he assured me of was that we had plenty of time. I asked for a minute to get comfortable and shed my panties.
He told me that he was thinking of tugging on my nipples as he was stroking his hard dick. He told me that he could smell me and asked if he could tug harder.
I told him that he could always do that because my pussy is directly wired to my nipples.

I pulled a toy out of the bottom drawer of my nightstand (where I keep all my toys) and asked him to put it on me. You may have seen them before, my nipple jewelry. Below is a picture:

He quickly had my nipples ensnared and he pulled hard on the chain, but he needs to have one in his mouth. He licks at my tits, using lots of saliva. He can have no doubt by now how much I'm enjoying his tittie play, I moan out, and then we kiss. He massages my tits as he kisses me.
I push my whole body into him; he can't get enough of my 'large globes' as he puts it. He asks me to feed him my tits; I take one in my hand as he pushes his face into my cleavage. One breast seems to disappear into his mouth.
Again, he tells me how hard his dick is. I'm so glad that he is enjoying himself.
From my view, it would almost look as though he was smothering in hot boob pillows.

Now it's my turn to tug. I pull up a bit and look at him wickedly as I lick the palm of my hand. It easily finds his hot stiff shaft. He moans out and tells me to tug it. I comply and slowly tug at his cockhead and squeeze his shaft as I stroke. I love the feel of a hard cock in my hand and enjoy it, worshipping it, owning it in my hand. He actually thanks me for the proper handjob he's getting.

He wants to use another one of my toys and pulls a butt plug out of my drawer. He lubes it up, spreads my sweet cheeks, and inserts it gently into my asshole. He uses it to tickle my asshole and I move against it. He lies on his back and tells me to move into place so he can sniff and lick at my pussy. I keep stroking him, but he insists that I get into position for him, begging him to eat me as I do it, in fact he says that I must beg. I do exactly that so I can feel his tongue on me, he holds back and just nibbles and licks at first.
My hard clit needs his work and I beg him to eat my clit. Again, he holds back and just tweaks at it.
I am dripping with just the hope of him eating my pussy when I finally feel his tongue slip into my hot channel. Now it's my turn to do the thanking and I moan out, my whole body tensing and quivering, the butt plug shaking in my ass. He wiggles the plug so more. I move up to spread my puffy pussy wider for him.
I start to buck and he licks the length of my hot slit to my clit, sucking harder. I moan louder this time, almost screaming.
He holds me up a bit. I want to cum, but I tell him that I'll wait until he tells me to.
He continues his feast. I scream out for him to eat me.
He wants to hear me scream, no beg, for him to fuck me.
I can barely grunt it out now, but I manage, 'Please fuck me'.
It's still not enough and he wants he tell him I'm a pig for his cock. He said I didn’t beg enough. I admit I'm a pig for cock and implore strongly for his dick.
He says that the pig needs his tongue and that's what I'll get. I spread my legs so wide as he dives into my steaming cunt again. My breathing is heavy and I writhe against his face.
He tells me how my clit looks now, that it's swollen, erect, and sticking out. He pleasures it in every way and I soon cum on his face; he doesn’t skip a beat and keeps licking at me.
He drinks my juices and continues his mouth play; I have a small aftershock of an orgasm, feeding him again as my legs wrap around the back of his neck. He holds me tight as I wiggle, feeling my asshole pucker against the butt plug.

I ask him what he wants next, that I will be his fuck slave for the night.
He answers, a typical male answer - everything.
I ask him to chose something first and he closes his eyes and says 'suck me'
He wants me to start by slobbering on his cock and I lube him up with my saliva right away.
It's hard for me to hold back and I reach his cockhead swiftly, flicking my tongue into his small hole and loving just the head.
He knows already this is going to be good.
I suck his head into my mouth and moan because of the perfect taste of a man is now flooding my tastebuds.
He enjoys the tenderness of my mouth as I take more and more of his manhood into it.
He watches me intently as I suck him off and he tells me that he can tell that I am proud of being a cocksucker. With half his cock in my face, I look up and wink at him. He again calls me a pig for cock. With that comment I deep throat him, taking him almost to the edge.
As I keep all of him in my mouth I gently push his balls upwards, his ass puckers. My tongue moves between my lips and his stiffness to lap at his tight balls. My fingers tickle at his asshole and I keep sucking. Again he's close to the edge, so I pull back to just the meaty head. My fingers move from his asshole to tickle his balls.
Now he is moaning out the glory of my expertise and that he has to cum.
He tells me he's been saving his hot load for me and to deep throat him one more time. I do and he fucks my face deep.
He moans out and sprays the back of my throat with his spunk. I easily swallow him up.
He gives me a few more spurts before his balls are totally spent, drained into me.

We speak for several more minutes, discussing our preferences, and some of my toys. We talk about the pictures I've put up on the blog.
All the continued talk of sexy things starts to wake up my pussy again and I tell him so, not to mention the fact that my hands are down the panties that I had only just put back on.
He tells me to rub my clit and to really see how it feels.
I finger myself, telling him what I’m doing. He asks for a taste and I give my fingers to him telling him to lick my hand.
He sucks at my slippery finger. It's then, and really then that I find out that he can't eat enough of my pussy. He dives in between my thighs again and slips the tip of his tongue inside my dripping hole.
I hold the top of his head as he just keeps eating. My thighs move against his cheeks, I close my eyes enjoying all the sensations including the slurping sounds he's making as he feeds on me.
He lifts his face up and tells me that he thinks I need a good fucking this time. He moves up to kiss me and I can taste myself in his mouth.
As he kisses me deeply he is moving on top of me, soon his cockhead is at the door of my aching pussy.
Again I'm told that I have to beg to get the cock the way I want it. In no uncertain terms I spread my legs wide, begging him to fuck the pretty pink pussy.
He holds onto his hard dick and rubs it up and down my wet hole. I can feel his heat, so close to being inside me.
He enters me and I rock upwards, taking his shaft to the balls.
I moan out as my cunt gets stuffed with hot cock.
He holds on inside me, not moving at first as my wet, velvety pussy walls hug him. He slowly rubs against those walls, stroking against the top of my pleasure cavern.
My hard nipples brush against his chest as I beg again to be fucked harder.
He bites at my tits and thrusts deep inside me. I moan and scratch at him as I drape my legs over his back. We bang, fucking hard and heavy.
He moans and lets me know that he needs to cum again, I let him know I will soon too, that I want to cum all over his cock.
I ride him hard as he fucks me like a whore, the pace quickening. His cock drills into my aching whore pussy. He balls now slapping my ass.
The sounds of sloppy wet sex fill the room along with our moans.
He thrusts, bites my nipples and I explode on his cock, he keeps the nipple between his teeth as I fuck him harder.
He pumps another load into me, this time into my hot hole.
We both collapse, almost fainting.

He reminds me that I am his little cyber whore cock slut.
I blush, we thank each, and the screen goes black.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Please Test The Movie For Us

CJ filmed me with my bunny yesterday. He edited it and I have uploaded it to my ISP to host it.
The link is in the sidebar.
Let us know if you have any problems seeing it.
If things work out well, we should have more in the future.

Bath Time for Debbie

I was one of the lucky one. The Rabbit Vibrator Lady choose me as one of the people she was willing to spread a brand spanking new Rabbit to.
I hopped on the chance so to speak and never looked back.
I chose the Bath Time Bunny Rabbit Vibrator.
He arrived on Thursday, and I had been waiting for the weekend to try him out. He was in my toy drawer, loaded up with batteries and ready to go, as was it.
I ran a good warm bath with bubbles tonight in preparation of my virgin ride.
CJ was willing to document things for me and got a perfect picture of the action, lots of movement.
I started out with the vibrations on low, but once insert I turned it up and turned it up as the pleasure both inside my pussy, and the rabbit ears gently slapping my clit urged me to cum and cum quickly. This toy was just the perfect size for me. It's firm with a jelly like exterior. The bumps around the head were a bonus.
With CJ urging me to do it again, I inserted the rabbit again and this time not only using the vibrations for fun, but I fucked myself with it was so good. I even came hard a second time. I had never used a rabbit before, but had been very curious. It has easily become my favorite toy.
I look forward to trying him in the shower next time, I'm afraid my knees might get weak though.
Check out all the different bunnies at The Rabbit Vibrator.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

It's Only Sunday Night!

A quick note to CJ.
I'm so happy you said yes. I'm so looking forward to our date on Friday night. I can't believe it.
A million possibilities are running through my mind and they're all good.
All sorts of foggy images are appearing in my little nympho brain and I am truly wallowing in it.
I wait, but not patiently, my dear.

My Cyber Boy Toy #1

This was my first time cybering recently with a much younger man.
The story of the 45 minutes we spent in a virtual reality follows.

We started off trading a couple of pics, I don’t usually care one way or the other if I get a picture, but I know the guys like it. It’s easy for me now; I can send them to my site.

He asked me if I thought he could get the job done with his cock. I assured him that he looked good enough to eat. I think he was a little unsure at first, wanting to know if I enjoyed men that were much younger than me. He was 27, making him 20 years younger. I could literally be his mother. I assured him that I enjoyed men, period.
We briefly traded stories about our previous encounters, his with a woman in her forties, mine with a man (or should I say boy) that was 19 when I was in my early thirties.

He was anxious to get out of the gate and suggested that he call me, that he wanted to hear my voice, but I don’t do that on the first meeting.
It was our first encounter so there was some small talk to calm the waters.

In the back of his mind were my tits and his patient pleasantries ended abruptly.
He claimed he wanted my tits in his mouth, now. I calmly instructed him to push me on to the bed and take them, to suck my nipples.
He threw me on to the bed, and then took his shorts off so I could see his hard throbbing cock.
I told he how I loved seeing his cock for the first time. He asked me if I really liked it, so I came up with some easy proof. I told him that if he sucked my tits, I’d definitely need to suck that fresh cock.

He moved his now naked body onto the bed.
It’s interesting how when I cyber just the basic image of a man crawling onto my bed can be so intense, such a turn on. Another insight I’ve had in my cybering is that knowing what is about to happen can be even more of a turn on than anything else.

Back to my young man and our mutual fantasy.
We kiss passionately as he gets comfortable on the bed. My hand traveled down the length of his body, learning the feel and topography of a new man. His hands match my movements, over my stomach, and reaches my love nib. He gently begins to massage my clit. I let him know how much my pussy ached. All this while he continued to explore my mouth with his tongue, but his tongue needed to explore more. In no time his mouth was latched onto my right tit, he rolled the hard nipple against his tongue and teeth as his hand moved from just my clit to all over my wet cunt.
I moaned out as I pushed his head into my tits. He started using is free hand to work the nipple and massage my left breast.

My sensual beat begins and I start to rock against him, my nails gently run over his bare back, and I nibble his neck as he continues his tit worship. The next sensation I felt was that of his finger sliding inside my wet warm pussy. It caused me to moan out loudly, then beg profusely to suck his cock.
He doesn’t say a word, but rather just turns his hips and swings his cock towards my mouth.
His cock was quite appetizing dangling in my face. His fat cockhead rests against my nose as I start to lick his balls. The air is thick with his musk that along with the slightly salty taste of his balls is getting me even wetter, making me ache more. As if he knew, he deftly slid another finger in my tight snatch.
This caused me to pick up my pace and I suck a nut into my mouth, letting it roll across my tongue like hard candy. Then I take that luscious long lick up the underside of a stiff cock. He moans hard as I what my mouth is doing is pleasing his balls and he tells me so. I thanked him, and got back to my tasty meal, I suck his fat head into my mouth, causing him to moan again. His cock begins to leak and I slurp at his precum then descend his cock, inch by inch, snaking my tongue around his shaft. Again he moans out.

The next thing is something that comes in handy in cybering. I could tell him that I look so good with my mouth stuffed full of his dick. Obviously, something I couldn’t say if it were real life.

Finally, I couldn’t wait and slammed the rest of his cock down my throat until his swollen head hit the back of my throat.

Another trick I like to use in my cybersex session at a moment like this is to ask my partner if he can feel whatever is going on. For example this time, at this moment I asked him if he could feel his dick against the back of my throat, he assured me in all caps that HE COULD!

But back in the cyber-world, I keep sucking like a newborn that needs food. I am now the one moaning, but mine are stifled by having a full mouth. He brings to pace to a full out fuck of my face, yelling at me to suck his cock and calling me his little whore.
He pumps his hips down toward my face, banging against my cheeks, and thrusting his hot meat down my throat.
Our cock sucking session begins to get very intense in it’s depiction.
He stands on the floor, grabs my hair, and brings me to my knees, pulling me across the bed to him. I start to play with my clit as I keep sucking him.
One of his hands holds tightly onto my hair while the other fondles my tits as he slides his cock back and forth, pumping hard now. He rears up his toes, grabs my head and pounds away at my face. I keep up by sucking at every thrust.
The room is filled with his grunts, my stifled moans, the sloppy slurps of cocksucking, the slap of his hips against my face, and his balls slapping under my chin. His cock is rock hard and tasty. He starts to talking to me like a whore again, asking me if I like his dick.

He declares how much he wants to fuck me now and pulls his cock out of my mouth, and commands me to give him my ass. I got on my hands and knees and present him my ass. He moves up behind me, glides his slippery cock into my steaming cunt, and grabs a fist full of my hair, wrapping it around his hand.
I tell him how much I like it doggie style and moan out for him to fuck me. He starts to violently fuck me, slapping my ass with each stroke. He tells me how tight and slippery my pussy is and pounds his cock deep inside me, filling me up with thick meat, as he spanks my already reddened ass and pulls at my thick hair. I moan out with each thrust and each spank, finally screaming out to be fucked hard.
He leans over me, bites my shoulders, and thrusts his hard heat into me again. My tits are swaying with each bit of pounding I’m getting.
My cunt hugs his dick as I declare my readiness to cum. He squeezes my tits and that’s all I needed, my orgasm seems to explode in waves across my hips and up my inner thighs to the depths of my pussy.
He keeps talking to me like his slut, making me tell him that I need his cum inside me. I obey and plead for his hot cum.
Next, he is describing his orgasm. His dick tenses and pulses up as he releases his hold on my tits. He grabs my hips and I grind back against him, allowing him thrust deeper and cum, hard. His dick erupts and sends a stream of hot spunk flow deep up inside me.

I drop to floor, spent.

Wave after wave of cum blasts that only moments before filled me up, now start to leak out, across my puffy pussy lips and to my inner thigh.

As the small talk at the beginning of the ‘session’ put us at ease, now we have a sort of pillow talk to finish things up.
We make sure that we each enjoyed the experience. I explained to him about CJ’s understanding of my cybering.
He was good enough to tell me that it was the best chat he had ever had, very kind.
I told him that for the next time his job was to think of what he would like from me next. My last assurance was that I would be willing to have another encounter if he so chooses.

So, we’ll see what happens next.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

An Interview With The Man Behind The Woman

I thought it might be fun to have an interview with CJ. It turned out to be very open and honest. Two things I always admire from the bedroom to the workplace.
This is completely unedited.

Let us know what you think of the questions and ideas that may arise from this interview. Let us know if need to know more, and what that might be.

I picture this becoming very interactive.

1) Dirty Debbie writes a lot of fantasy, what’s it like being the man that gets the real thing?

I think that it contributes not only to her creativity, but is also a release for things she desires. Sometimes I can accommodate her, sometimes I can't.
I get off making her happy, and if writing or chatting with someone about sex is "it", then well and good.

2) You’ve contributed to the blog, but your stories are very different in both material and how they’re written. What’s your inspiration?

My inspiration is whatever pops into my imagination, or whatever my muse prods me towards. For example, Deb has a fantasy about a bisexual experience with Kim Cattrall that piqued my interest, so my muse gave me a scenario to write about.
I like to write in first person because you can "get into" the subject's mind, but I can shift gears to a third person account for true story telling.

3) Are you turned on by your own writing?

Of course.

4) What are your thoughts on Debbie’s “outlet”?

Oh, I fully support her in her endeavors. Over the years things have happened to me physically that have diminished my sex drive - and YES, I've tried Viagra - and it's something I'm working on, but Deb's writings and chats help her to have an outlet for the full depth and breadth of her sex life.

5) What do you think a couple can gain from a sex blog like this?

Well if they are both involved, then I think they can gain insights into each other, and find new ways to please each other through interaction with each other online.
If only one person in the relationship is involved without the other one's knowledge, then there is something wrong that needs to be looked into.

6) What would like to see done differently on the blog.

I've discussed this with Deb, and I know many will agree: Deb needs to keep up her posts. I know how hard it gets (snicker snicker) to write every day, or even several times a week when you've been wiped out by your job, and she's been working on a solution.
It's great when she gets several ideas and writes them down as soon as she can, then saves them in draft to post later.

One thing I would like to see is Deb having a question and answer area for people who want help with their sex lives. Deb originally wanted to be a sex therapist and since she has a good head on her shoulders, could give great advice.

7) Can you tell us a little bedroom secret about the infamous Dirty Debbie?

Well, you probably know by now that DD's nipples are directly connected to her pussy and that she's a champion cock sucker, but I'll bet you didn't know that she's turned OFF by huge dicks. Ask her about how most women feel..

8) How do you feel about having your sex life and Debbie’s fantasies out there for the whole world to see?

As long as people don't know our names and that I'm the executive Vice President of the 700 club and a deacon at the largest conservative evangelical church in Washington D.C., it's just fine.

Next question?

HNT #26 - Small But Powerful

It was a long and wild time with CJ on Sunday. When I got dressed for work on Monday I noticed what we called as kids a 'hickie' or a 'love bite'.

I was able to sit in our morning team meeting and think about what CJ had done tome the night before. Those thoughts of me riding his cock sent little warm pulses to my pussy. And the thought of getting it so good the night before along with being a sexblogger made me look at my co-workers and just smile.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

CBW #44 - It's All Quality

This week's contribution is from Rileysaplank. He apologized for the poor quality, but I think quality of this cock is fine. Sitting down taking a downwards shot of an escaped cock is one of my favorites. I like how his balls are draped outside his fly too.

Hey guys, I have only 2 more pics left from readers and I'll have to go back to finding my own on the web. I say there's nothing like the real thing and were prefer submissions from my readers. Come on guys, let me make your cock famous. Remember to include in your email to me (it's on my profile page) anything you want me to add, including your website.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sex Bed Sunday #5

Usually Sex Bed Sunday includes a picture of a well used bed, today it includes a picture of a well used Debbie too.It’s a gray snowy day here on the Chesapeake Bay and we were both feeling kind of ‘blah’.
I took a shower and when I came out CJ met me on the bed. He had the great suggestion to fool around. I wasn’t quite sure he was serious at first, so we talked a little and kissed a little to start.
It was nice just being in bed, dressed in our PJ’s on an early Sunday afternoon.
We were enjoying each other by just being in one another’s arms. CJ began to suck and bite my neck as I nibbled his ears. There was no hurry, and I was really enjoying the sensations that were moving through my body.
My hands moved down the elastic of CJ’s pajamas and I kneaded his ass cheeks as he started to tug and squeeze my nipples. I urged him to keep going, telling him that he was my ‘exquisite torture’. And that he was, the way he held me close as he kissed me. His torture continued and the strong grasps and yanks on my nipples that were quickly closing the barrier between pleasure and pain.
My pussy dampened and my moans were getting louder and closer together.
I was starting to get that feeling of totally succumbing to CJ. His warm hands moved down between my thighs, spreading my legs. His fingers tickled between my pussy lips. He knows right where to tickle my clit and when he hit that spot my ‘Ohhh yes’ escapes. First one finger slipped inside my wet hole, then a second. He slowly explores my pussy with his fingers and fucks me with them. He leisurely finger fucks me and I twist my pussy around his hand as best I can.

Eventually I had to tear myself out of the clothes I was wearing, CJ got up and closed the blinds on the patio door, took off his pajamas, and joined me back on the bed.
I pulled my newest toy from my toy drawer, a pocket rocket and said to CJ,
“Watch me, this is what I do to myself when you’re not here.”
With that I turned on the tiny vibrator and moved it to all the right places around my swollen clit. He scrutinized my actions as he stroked his cock. I soon had to stop my play because I didn’t want to get over stimulated. I wanted everything to last.
By now CJ’s cock was hardening so I moved to kiss him again while my hand moved to stroke his cock for him. I tugged at his cockhead. When I stopped for a moment he push my head down to his crotch. He immediately started talking to me like a slut. It was so nasty, I fucking loved it.
“Come on Deb, suck that cock”, it was as though I couldn’t wrap my mouth around it fast enough.
“You’re a cocksucking whore, you slut suck it”
I took him quickly into my mouth, sucking hard on his cockhead first, but he was pushing his stiff meat down my throat and soon it was hitting the back of my throat. As I slobbered more on that cock the easier it slide up and down my mouth. CJ just leaned back and enjoyed the ride, I do enjoy hearing his sounds of pleasure, and it turns me on. I pulled up and stop sucking for a minute and that’s when CJ gave me an option.
“Well, where do you want it in your mouth, or your pussy Deb?”
I didn’t answer quickly; I licked a bit more on his hardness.
“Which is it? Hurry up Deb”
“My pussy, I want your cock inside me”.
He grabbed the base of his dick; it was standing at perfect attention for me now and said,
“Then climb aboard it”
I moved over on top of him and, as if his cock was hard metal and my wet pussy was a magnet, we entered each other perfectly, making that complete connection.
It wonderful.
I enjoyed him inside him for a moment before I begin moving him in and out of me. I made sure he touched me all over; I moved my hips from side to side, back and forth, then in and out of me. I change up my speed, slow at first, then faster, then another slow down. CJ stayed with me the whole time, I finally reached a point where I had to keep the fast pace up.
“I want to cum all over you babe”, I say with a quiet determination.
He smiled at me, as he often does when we make love and just let me go. I fucked him fast, moving back and forth, sliding easily over the cock that has been well oiled by my dripping pussy. I watched him as I fucked him faster; my rock hard nipples were brushing against his chest. He grabbed my tits, pushed them together and massaged them; knowing I was close to peaking and that would help me over the edge.

“Oh fuck, fuck,” I moaned out as I came, still bouncing on his cock.
I slowed down, having to catch my breath. In between my heaves I lavished CJ with my declarations of love.
I rolled onto my back and CJ was quickly on top of me, spreading my legs, wanting more of my pussy, wanting his release now.
He entered and I hugged his dick and he thrust it deeper inside me. I put my legs up on his back and dug my heels into his back as he fucked me, his moans of pleasure growing until he exploded in me.
“Oh, nice pussy”, he grunted, enjoying his climax.
He kept stirring my pussy and I could feel his balls on my ass. I love the feeling of his smooth balls on me.

As he stayed inside me I looked up at him. The true feelings of love pouring out of me, his look stabbing me right through the heart.
“I have loved you forever”, I said as my eyes welled with tears.
That doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen at times when I make love to CJ. The beauty, the love, the perfection all shine through, the blinding light makes me cry.
In his arms I am loved and safe.
I felt drunk for a little while afterwards. I couldn’t even write this story until hours later.

Learn more about Sex Bed Sunday here:

Sex Bed Sunday

Saturday, January 20, 2007

My Horneyscope

I got this the other day from a group I belong to. I found a lot of it to be true.

July 24 - August 23

Ruling Planet: THE SUN Which isn't a planet at all, but a star, and just like Leo's opinion of themselves, it's the centre of our solar system!

Leos can be very 'into themselves' when they bonk. It's not that they don't make their partner feel special, it's just that they often forget about them as they secretly high-five themselves for scoring again! Leo does actually want more from a partner than just sex though. Leo wants love and friendship too. They can be very romantic, but when they get into bed, it's not an experience they're about to have, it's a show! They like to perform ... and they take requests! "Doing it" is the ultimate stress buster for Leo and they are pretty damn good at it, but they need constant praise for their outstanding performance.

Receiving 'oral affections', since Leo is all about getting serviced!

A camera, or a game of Strip Poker will get the cat purring or perhaps you can use them both together!

You are elegant and sexy without even trying. Men love you and women want to be you. You like to play cat and mouse with men and command respect. In bed, you are a real panther and can scare the pants off most men. You adore raw sex, so your partner should go with you and enjoy it. You're a once in a lifetime experience!

A Leo's 'moan zone' is his or her back. First of all, ask your Leo to roll onto his/her tummy. Start with a gentle scratch that runs from the top of the ass to the base of the skull. I'm not talking about tender tickles or a tantalizing tease - I mean a REAL back scratch, coz if there's one thing cats love, it's a scratch! After a minute or so, get out the massage oil and spill it into a snakey pattern on Leo's back. Then rub all over. Keep doing this until you know Leo is ready to roll over. If they start falling asleep, give them a gentle prod in a delicate place! Once Leo is ready to roll over, don't let them! Leo will be excited by your control. YOU decide when it's time to 'flip your feline' over and get into the good stuff!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Just Another Day At Work

Read about my job interview here.

I’ve been on the job now for a couple of weeks. I knew after I got the job, or should I say “position”, that day of the interview that working for Michael would be fun and easy.
We had great sex over the following weeks. Michael told me that he couldn’t believe that he had finally found someone that wanted sex more than he did. I laughed and let him know that I was just enjoying myself. In fact once I found out that it was all right, there were many times that I initiated sex.

I’ll give you an example of a typical day at work:

I remember one time I was wide-awake in the guest cottage. It was about three in the morning and I had tried everything to get back to sleep from counting sheep to deep breathing. When I was living alone my final attempt to enter dreamland would have been to jerk-off. Now that I was a sex-maid I could always check if my master was willing to be my life-size Ambien.
It was a moonless, sultry night so I decided to undress and walk up the cool slate garden path to my master’s bedroom.
Michael was sleeping on his back, naked as usual. Even though I had been on the job for a few weeks, there was a lot of information I had to learn, and learn quickly. I had to learn the preferences, standards, and nuances of not only a new lover, but a boss

The glow from the nightlight in the hall lent a fine silhouette to his semi-hard cock.
I didn’t even have to think about what my first move would be. I knelt next to the bed and I got into position so my lips and tongue could begin to love his cock in their own special way immediately.
Michael’s cock is so fucking delicious. He began to stir, then moan. I didn’t break my stride at all. I flattened my tongue and snaked it around his stiffening shaft as I began to take my late night snack of hot meat deeper and deeper.
Just as I began to fall into my cock-sucking bliss I heard Michael softly say,
“What are you doing on the floor Debbie, get up here with me”.
I unwillingly let his hard dick bounce out of my mouth and joined him on the bed.
I climbed up beside him immediately. The familiar warmth of his skin felt good on my naked body. Without another word I got working my mouth magic on his man meat. This time I wanted a taste of his shaved hot balls. I buried my face in his crotch and licked away at his tight nuts. The combination of the smell of his musk and his taste made me need more.
“Oh Deb, what a way to wake up”, he said to me throatily.
“I’m going to make it even better”, I teased.

I crawled on top of Michael, enjoying him as each movement stimulated my skin with the friction of his. I sat on his stomach and began to slowly grind my engorged clit into him. My wet snatch painting his stomach with its juices as he reached out and starting working on my tits. As well as I had gotten to know him, he had done the same. His thumbs rubbed my firm nipples and he smiled up at me as he did. Shots of sensual heat went directly to my pussy making it ache. I started to move down towards Michael’s throbbing cock. I took my hand and wrapped it around my goal, then guided it into my waiting cunt. I finally had him inside me again and I impaled myself on it. Once I had received maximum penetration, I slowly started to move, making that cock stir my insides. First, I moved to the front, then back again, the next time moving toward the front, but then to the side. All of this was done slowly. I leaned over and kissed Michael deeply, I moved my tongue in the same directions I moved my pussy around him. I started to move up and down, sliding easily over him, at the same time flicking my tongue in and out of his mouth. His moves went right along with mine. Our bodies were doing a marvelous fuck dance.

I sat back up and our pace quickened I was becoming his fuck hammer, bouncing my tight pussy off his stiff cock, needing to cum. His breath quickened and our moans got louder, filling the early morning darkness.
“Now honey, fuck….I’m cumming NOW!”, I cried out.
He smacked my ass commanding me to fuck him and take it hard. With that, I came all over his cock, making him even sloppier with my juices.
Then it was his turn to add to the mix, I reached back and tugged at his balls as I hugged him with the velvety inside of my pussy.
He came hard and in an instant I felt his hot spunk dribbling down the inside of my thigh.
I collapsed and rolled off of him.
“What a wonderful surprise Debbie, you’re doing a great job”, Michael said to me.
“I think I’m ready for some sleep now, if you don’t mind”, I said.
He told me it was fine to go back to my place and that he would see me later in the day.
The outside air didn’t seem so sultry now; it had a welcomed cooling effect on my warm, damp, used up naked body. I couldn’t wait to feel the comfort of my own bed. I knew that Michael would do the trick for me.

Later that day, after Michael had left for business meetings, I made it back to the main house.
I noticed something that piqued my interest on the calendar in the kitchen.
The Following Saturday had been circled in purple with the following notation:
“Fantasy Party”.
Michael spoke of these at the interview, but hadn’t said anything since.
I guess that will be another story.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

HNT #25

Tea is something I always like on a cold winter evening.
I found an appropriately named tea at my neighborhood Trader Joe's for this week's HNT.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

CBW #43- A Hard Choice

Denver Syntax sent me 7 photos of himself for his CBW submission, and he made my decision very hard...very hard indeed.

I'm sure one of the first things you may notice is that he doesn't fit my usual fetish, but it was such a good picture I had to choose it.

He told me in his email:
"I have found, just recently, the erotic thrill and adrenaline rush of taking naughty photos of myself. The exhibitionist in me wants to share them with you."

All I can say to Denver is that I hope the dirty diary keeps you as stimulated as you seem here.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Quick Bite To Eat

Yes, CJ and I have our ups and downs, but I have never said that the man doesn’t understand me. His understanding goes well into my sexuality. Because of that, he doesn’t have a problem with my cybering. He isn’t jealous, and he understands that it is one more element of my inspiration for the erotica I write. Cybersex hones my writing skills and my ability to convey what I want onto a web page.

I’m beginning a new feature here, talking about my sessions. I hope to learn from them, so please offer insights, etc.
Would the post be better with just the actual script from the messenging, or is the story better?
Let me know what you think.

Late one night I had this brief (about 34 minutes) encounter:

It was late in the evening and I got a request to chat from someone that has become a “regular”. I couldn’t refuse him, and offered a quickie of his desire.
First he mentioned the need for my tits. Once I gave them over to him, he knew exactly what to do and used words like: twist, pull, tug, and nibble to get across to me what he was doing to me in cyberspace. It worked and I was wet.

He then firmly requested that I be on my knees in front of his hard cock.
As you all know I have the very honorable title of being CJ’s cocksucking whore.
It is almost always in this part of cybering that I draw on my love of CJ’s cock. I think of myself in front of him. Sometimes I get responses that aren’t like CJ’s at all, and it throws me for a loop for a brief second before I continue with the dual fantasy I am involved with at the time

Continuing, I start slowly to tease him and he has no problem telling me what he is feeling and starts commanding me on what to do with it. He starts out slapping me with his hard dick, and then tells me to suck it hard and not to gag. As I start it’s not long before he instructs me to take him all in, all the way to his balls. I again obey. He tells me how beautiful it is and urges me to keep sucking.

We move to lying side-by-side 69. As I move, he tells me that he only wants his cockhead licked and sucked. He wants my legs spread and I conform to his wishes, draping my leg over his neck. Next, it was my turn to make a demand. I stop eating him and told him to eat my cunt, there was no pause before he started kissing my lips.

Next, I fall back into the safety of the bed I share with CJ. I picture myself with him and the feel of his warm wet tongue. My clit and pussy now were aching.
It’s now his turn to suck me, he searches out my clit and starts sucking, at which point I start to slowly eat up his cock and begin to suck again. His tongue work is making me moan, but they are smothered by the hot meat in my face. He briefly comes away from his meal to tell me to keep moaning, to keep sucking, and to keep being a slut.

Now I’m playing with myself, my typing has worsened, and I want to cum.

He knows this and intensifies his mouth work, tells me to fuck his nose as he licks and fingers my ass. I keep sucking on him as my clit is hard and I rock against his face, still sucking him. It doesn’t take too much and I cum. He isn’t too far behind as I continue describing the blowjob he is getting from me. I tug at his balls as he explodes down my throat.

He calls me his cyber-slut, we thank each other, and we say our pleasant good-byes.
Within about 15 minutes I go to bed with CJ.
It’s fun and harmless.

There is good article at Wikipedia about cybersex here .
I like most of the ideas presented in it, the human mind is fascinating.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Wanted for Hire

It seemed like just yesterday that I applied for one of the strangest jobs in the classified ads. It was listed as follows:

Sex Maid
High pay and high pleasure
Must have high a high sex drive
Call for an interview

I nervously called the number and introduced myself. The kind, calm voice on the other end introduced himself as Michael and started to explain the job.

He explained that he was looking for someone to satisfy his sexual needs, but he wasn’t satisfied until the woman was satisfied.
Michael also explained that he had friends that liked to get together for what he called ‘Fantasy Parties’ where we would live out different sexual fantasies. He was very clear that the person in this job must participate fully in these parties.

It was all so surreal that I just keep listening, trying to take it all in. Of course to me, this sounded like the perfect job. Even if it was basically a glorified whore, I thought to myself I could give it a try.
I said, “I understand”, and kept listening.
Michael went on.
He explained calmly that he needed someone that has a high sex drive, wants sex frequently, can become aroused easily and has powerful orgasms.
“I’m willing to pay $2,000 per week plus room, board and a clothing allowance.”, he said as the finale.
I told him I was interested and would like to come in for interview. We
scheduled a time the next morning.

I could barely sleep that night before. Thankfully, I finally fell asleep. I knew I would need all my energy for the upcoming interview. I still was up early, wanting to have plenty of time to ‘prepare myself’. I took a nice long hot shower. Once completely dried off I took my electric razors to the bedroom and shaved my pussy bare, leaving only a landing strip. I painted both my fingernails, and toenails. I chose a light scent out of my perfume cabinet and sprayed it lightly over my naked body. I went to my vanity mirror and chose my makeup for the day, nothing too heavy, just enough to accent my eyes. Lastly I went to my closet and picked out a casual wrap around dress with a pair of matching heels.
I felt pulled together, had a cup of coffee, grabbed my MapQuest directions, and flew out the door, no longer able to contain my enthusiasm.

Michael’s place was only about 15 minutes from mine, so I was at his front door not only on time, but with five minutes to spare. Michael seemed to answer the door the moment I rapped on it. He showed me in and we sat down in the living room.
I started speaking first: “I’m definitely interested and I assure you that I’m always ready to have sex.”
Michael smiled and told me to go on.
I figured that I was just going to have to prove myself one way or the other so I asked him what I could do to convince him that I was the person for the job. His reply was short and simple, “Show me your body and what you can do”.
He leaned back and waited.

I turned on some music and told him that I would dance for him. I started an erotic dance that would have been a hit at any strip bar in the county.
I took my clothes off as I swayed to the music. I rubbed each piece of my clothing in his face before dropping it to the floor. Since I was dressed casually that day, it wasn’t long before I was naked. I moved very close to Michael and jiggled my tits in front of his face, causing him to become a participant in my interview. He licked and my nipples as they passed his mouth, and deftly grabbed my breasts, massaging them immediately. He was learning about me already, he could tell how aroused I was getting.
I moaned and said “Michael, my nipples and breasts are very sensitive!”

I reached down, unzipped his pants and unleashed his rock hard cock. While I still moved my body, I started to stroke, lick and suck him. I became a wild woman, I wanted to give Michael the best blowjob that he had ever had. I didn’t take the time for a Debbie Deluxe, that would be for some other time if I got the job; this was a plain old suck off. Soon he couldn’t hold back any longer, he unloaded in my mouth like a fucking shotgun. I eagerly swallowed every drop. Then I slowly licked him clean, and resumed my dance.

But, Michael had a different plan. He asked me to come close to the chair so he could feel my body. I obeyed, figuring I better get used to the idea of him being in charge. He put his hand between my legs and found a very wet cunt. He easily inserted two fingers to begin his first exploration of my pussy. Then he put pussy-dampened fingers in his mouth and tasted my juices.
He told me that I tasted great and that I had a unique, sexy taste and smell of an aroused woman. I couldn’t deny that.

He continued to insert and move his fingers in my pussy, while working on my tits with his free hand and his loving tongue. So my plan to dance changed slightly, now I was dancing on his fingers and I was getting very hot. He found my g-spot and soon I was ready to cum. I closed my eyes and my dancing changed to jerky, shaking movements as I was overwhelmed by a powerful orgasm. I screamed as the waves of pleasure spread throughout my body.

I took a deep breath and removed my clamped pussy from his fingers. I flopped on the couch besides him; warm, wet, and spent.

I turned to look at me and said in no uncertain terms, “Debbie, after that performance, how could I not hire you, you have the job!”

I was so happy that I said such I cliché line without thinking, “Great, so when do I start?”. He smiled and said, “I think you already have”, then laughed.

I got dressed and the next hour or so was all business, plans being made for me moving into the guest cottage, we ironed out some terms, then I went home to prepare for one of the greatest jobs I could ever have.

Next, another day at work.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

HNT #24

This week let's all give a cheer for CJ.
He's been trying to quit smoking and has moved onto the patch.
Isn't it cute?

Thursday, January 4, 2007

HNT #23

Over the past couple of weeks I hadn't been keeping up my trimming maintenance.
CJ was kind enough to help last week to bring me back beautiful bald self.
I thought an interesting half nekkid part of myself would be the little curly dark hairs that were collected that afternoon.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

CBW #42

This week's contribution comes from Sean G. In his email to me he was worried that his submission would fit my fetish, but I think it's perfect.
I like what that cockring has done for not only his thick cockhead, but his smooth balls, and that hard bumpy cock would tickle any good woman in all the right places.
Thanks again Sean for opening up for me.

Remember guys, if you want to be featured, go ahead and send a picture of your cock and include your website so I can feature it.
It must involve my fetish: a cock coming out of clothing, look over some of my past CBW's for ideas.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Starting The New Year Off Right

CJ and I arrived at the mountain resort in the early afternoon. It was a gray day on Sunday, but somehow the mountains, the trees, and the lake still had a certain beauty. People were friendly; the place was rustic with big fireplaces and plenty of wood. It was serene and romantic. We took advantage of brunch first. We got window seats and lazily looked over the lake as we ate.

Afterwards we retired to our room. As soon as we got inside, CJ ‘got comfortable’. He stripped down to his shorts. I funny element about the room is that they had messed up my reservation, which had requested a queen bed. We got to doubles. So I took one and he took the other, we’re too used to a King to be able to sleep in a double.
Soon CJ was visiting my bed. He had that smile on his face that makes me know that no matter what I will always be able to recognize him.
He lay down beside me and started to kiss me. We caressed each other’s arms and hands as our mouths moved together, we nibbled on each other’s lips, ears, and necks. He held me so tight and so close as he touched me in all the right places it felt as though I was being pulled right into me.

He pulled back and helped me unbutton my blouse, then moved his had around to my back to unsnap my bra, my tits, the tits that are all his, were released, nipples erect for him. He got my nipples between his thumb and forefinger and pulled them towards him, turning then, making moan out in pleasure and making them even more erect.

CJ had been keeping his ever bulging meat confined to his shorts, but I knew that couldn’t last much longer. He moved to the end of the bed, unzipped my jeans, and pulled them off. His hunger for my wet pussy was growing and he immediately tore my panties off next.

Next, I got that impish smile from him, and he slowly pulled down his shorts. He knows what I like, so he paused to show me he rock hard cock at attention for me, but just coming out of his pants. Oh fuck, that turns me on. After giving me my little tease, he got completely out his shorts. He came down on me and as I spread my legs and plunged into my steaming cunt. The feel of his cockhead parting my swollen lips and that first sensation of stiff hot cock, even if only a couple inches at first, inside me still thrills me. It still forces me to tilt my hip and raise my ass to fuck him right back, and that’s exactly what I did.

This time there was no hard, hot fuck. There wasn’t a lot of the totally dirty Debbie, it was the loving Deb. We made fantastic love. I looked into his eyes as he slid easily in and out of me, as I met each thrust, they were calling to me. It was as though CJ was saying with his body piercing mine, and his eyes piercing my soul, we became one. I left the drapes open the whole time and I could see the wonder of nature outside as we joined it.

He eventually pulled out and teased me some more by sliding his pussy juicy cock up and down my hot slit from my swollen clit to my pounded hole. He entered me again and the pace quickened. At one point he stopped in a familiar push-up stance above me, not moving as I kept right on fucking him. I just strained my back and ass towards him to keep that stiff cock moving in and out of my pussy. It wasn’t too much longer until our body play brought me to a quaking orgasm, the final surrender to him.

We both napped after that. The reception and dinner didn’t start until 8:30 pm.
As I mentioned in my previous post we really enjoyed the evening. We had planned to make love again just minutes into the New Year, but we had a better time in our room after the party with our own bottle of champagne and talking. We sipped and told stories about our past, during the times we were apart. We didn’t turn out the light until about 2:45 am; even then we kept talking for a bit.
Maybe I could have used some more sleep, but I got more than enough CJ in the process.

It’s a very enjoyable way to start the New Year.

Monday, January 1, 2007

A New Year Begins

CJ and I spent our New Year's eve at a great resort in the mountains about 120 miles west of us.
I bought a package as a Christmas/Birthday present for CJ that included all sorts of things. We made friends with a couple, had a great dinner, danced the night away, drank champagne and talked until almost 3:00 in the morning. It was a great way to start off the new year. Not only was the nature and surroundings awesome, but I felt as though I was still young, staying up late, dancing, not to mention the mad passionate love that CJ made to me (that story to follow).
For now I'm still recuperating a bit, and trying to get myself into the mindset of having going back to work tomorrow morning (I've been off all this holiday week).
So our story will follow, then some of my erotica.