Friday, January 19, 2007

Just Another Day At Work

Read about my job interview here.

I’ve been on the job now for a couple of weeks. I knew after I got the job, or should I say “position”, that day of the interview that working for Michael would be fun and easy.
We had great sex over the following weeks. Michael told me that he couldn’t believe that he had finally found someone that wanted sex more than he did. I laughed and let him know that I was just enjoying myself. In fact once I found out that it was all right, there were many times that I initiated sex.

I’ll give you an example of a typical day at work:

I remember one time I was wide-awake in the guest cottage. It was about three in the morning and I had tried everything to get back to sleep from counting sheep to deep breathing. When I was living alone my final attempt to enter dreamland would have been to jerk-off. Now that I was a sex-maid I could always check if my master was willing to be my life-size Ambien.
It was a moonless, sultry night so I decided to undress and walk up the cool slate garden path to my master’s bedroom.
Michael was sleeping on his back, naked as usual. Even though I had been on the job for a few weeks, there was a lot of information I had to learn, and learn quickly. I had to learn the preferences, standards, and nuances of not only a new lover, but a boss

The glow from the nightlight in the hall lent a fine silhouette to his semi-hard cock.
I didn’t even have to think about what my first move would be. I knelt next to the bed and I got into position so my lips and tongue could begin to love his cock in their own special way immediately.
Michael’s cock is so fucking delicious. He began to stir, then moan. I didn’t break my stride at all. I flattened my tongue and snaked it around his stiffening shaft as I began to take my late night snack of hot meat deeper and deeper.
Just as I began to fall into my cock-sucking bliss I heard Michael softly say,
“What are you doing on the floor Debbie, get up here with me”.
I unwillingly let his hard dick bounce out of my mouth and joined him on the bed.
I climbed up beside him immediately. The familiar warmth of his skin felt good on my naked body. Without another word I got working my mouth magic on his man meat. This time I wanted a taste of his shaved hot balls. I buried my face in his crotch and licked away at his tight nuts. The combination of the smell of his musk and his taste made me need more.
“Oh Deb, what a way to wake up”, he said to me throatily.
“I’m going to make it even better”, I teased.

I crawled on top of Michael, enjoying him as each movement stimulated my skin with the friction of his. I sat on his stomach and began to slowly grind my engorged clit into him. My wet snatch painting his stomach with its juices as he reached out and starting working on my tits. As well as I had gotten to know him, he had done the same. His thumbs rubbed my firm nipples and he smiled up at me as he did. Shots of sensual heat went directly to my pussy making it ache. I started to move down towards Michael’s throbbing cock. I took my hand and wrapped it around my goal, then guided it into my waiting cunt. I finally had him inside me again and I impaled myself on it. Once I had received maximum penetration, I slowly started to move, making that cock stir my insides. First, I moved to the front, then back again, the next time moving toward the front, but then to the side. All of this was done slowly. I leaned over and kissed Michael deeply, I moved my tongue in the same directions I moved my pussy around him. I started to move up and down, sliding easily over him, at the same time flicking my tongue in and out of his mouth. His moves went right along with mine. Our bodies were doing a marvelous fuck dance.

I sat back up and our pace quickened I was becoming his fuck hammer, bouncing my tight pussy off his stiff cock, needing to cum. His breath quickened and our moans got louder, filling the early morning darkness.
“Now honey, fuck….I’m cumming NOW!”, I cried out.
He smacked my ass commanding me to fuck him and take it hard. With that, I came all over his cock, making him even sloppier with my juices.
Then it was his turn to add to the mix, I reached back and tugged at his balls as I hugged him with the velvety inside of my pussy.
He came hard and in an instant I felt his hot spunk dribbling down the inside of my thigh.
I collapsed and rolled off of him.
“What a wonderful surprise Debbie, you’re doing a great job”, Michael said to me.
“I think I’m ready for some sleep now, if you don’t mind”, I said.
He told me it was fine to go back to my place and that he would see me later in the day.
The outside air didn’t seem so sultry now; it had a welcomed cooling effect on my warm, damp, used up naked body. I couldn’t wait to feel the comfort of my own bed. I knew that Michael would do the trick for me.

Later that day, after Michael had left for business meetings, I made it back to the main house.
I noticed something that piqued my interest on the calendar in the kitchen.
The Following Saturday had been circled in purple with the following notation:
“Fantasy Party”.
Michael spoke of these at the interview, but hadn’t said anything since.
I guess that will be another story.


Denis Connor said...

Nothing like starting out your Friday morning semi-hard and having to conceal it around the office.

Thanks, Debbie!

Anonymous said...

I think I missed something - are you and CJ still together?

Anonymous said...

denis...always glad to hear when someone has 'enjoyed' a story or two of mine ;)

anon...yes, CJ and I are still together. CJ wrote a public apology here, if you didn't see it:
I still read it every so often, and try to work through my issues along with his.
I love him, I always will, but I love me too.
Our love is a journey and all this is a part of it.

drc said...

As always, a great story leaving me with a stiff what to do...Hmmn

The Fury said...

Hot stuff. He's a lucky man.