Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Quick Bite To Eat

Yes, CJ and I have our ups and downs, but I have never said that the man doesn’t understand me. His understanding goes well into my sexuality. Because of that, he doesn’t have a problem with my cybering. He isn’t jealous, and he understands that it is one more element of my inspiration for the erotica I write. Cybersex hones my writing skills and my ability to convey what I want onto a web page.

I’m beginning a new feature here, talking about my sessions. I hope to learn from them, so please offer insights, etc.
Would the post be better with just the actual script from the messenging, or is the story better?
Let me know what you think.

Late one night I had this brief (about 34 minutes) encounter:

It was late in the evening and I got a request to chat from someone that has become a “regular”. I couldn’t refuse him, and offered a quickie of his desire.
First he mentioned the need for my tits. Once I gave them over to him, he knew exactly what to do and used words like: twist, pull, tug, and nibble to get across to me what he was doing to me in cyberspace. It worked and I was wet.

He then firmly requested that I be on my knees in front of his hard cock.
As you all know I have the very honorable title of being CJ’s cocksucking whore.
It is almost always in this part of cybering that I draw on my love of CJ’s cock. I think of myself in front of him. Sometimes I get responses that aren’t like CJ’s at all, and it throws me for a loop for a brief second before I continue with the dual fantasy I am involved with at the time

Continuing, I start slowly to tease him and he has no problem telling me what he is feeling and starts commanding me on what to do with it. He starts out slapping me with his hard dick, and then tells me to suck it hard and not to gag. As I start it’s not long before he instructs me to take him all in, all the way to his balls. I again obey. He tells me how beautiful it is and urges me to keep sucking.

We move to lying side-by-side 69. As I move, he tells me that he only wants his cockhead licked and sucked. He wants my legs spread and I conform to his wishes, draping my leg over his neck. Next, it was my turn to make a demand. I stop eating him and told him to eat my cunt, there was no pause before he started kissing my lips.

Next, I fall back into the safety of the bed I share with CJ. I picture myself with him and the feel of his warm wet tongue. My clit and pussy now were aching.
It’s now his turn to suck me, he searches out my clit and starts sucking, at which point I start to slowly eat up his cock and begin to suck again. His tongue work is making me moan, but they are smothered by the hot meat in my face. He briefly comes away from his meal to tell me to keep moaning, to keep sucking, and to keep being a slut.

Now I’m playing with myself, my typing has worsened, and I want to cum.

He knows this and intensifies his mouth work, tells me to fuck his nose as he licks and fingers my ass. I keep sucking on him as my clit is hard and I rock against his face, still sucking him. It doesn’t take too much and I cum. He isn’t too far behind as I continue describing the blowjob he is getting from me. I tug at his balls as he explodes down my throat.

He calls me his cyber-slut, we thank each other, and we say our pleasant good-byes.
Within about 15 minutes I go to bed with CJ.
It’s fun and harmless.

There is good article at Wikipedia about cybersex here .
I like most of the ideas presented in it, the human mind is fascinating.


ArtfulDodger said...

the human mind is indeed amazing, the things we come up with to amuse and entertain ourselves is amazing. nothing wrong with it in principle, although there are always those that... well, you know. Anyway, glad your encounter led to good things. :)

Midwestern City Boy said...

I think that the story is better than the actual transcript. Even cyber transcripts end up being to much like … well transcripts after the fact.

WhiteCottonBoxers said...

your stories are amazing. Cum by and see my brand new blog...if you have time. I'm sure you're a busy beaver.

drc said...

'Tis better to cyber and cum than not to cum at all. Ain't the mind amazing!

Denis Connor said...

Yeah, I agree with midwestern city boy ... The story is better than a transcript. Chat transcripts are frustrating because so many times, people are talking "out of turn," and the reader who wasn't there has to put it all back together again. Very frustating.

I love cyber, but as a man, it's hard to find partners. For this reason, I admit that I have occasionally posed in sex chat rooms as a female. It's not that I have fantasies about being a woman or anything like that. It's hard to explain. I like heterosexual sex, and the cyberchats are no more than "fantasies" of sexual situations ... I'm detached from the experience to some extent, not experiencing it as the woman I am posing as, but rather as an onlooker, enjoying the fuck and how well the two participants are weaving a convincing fantasy.

Maybe this behavior (rare though it is) is dishonest on my part, but it's not like I'm outing or embarrassing the guy. If he gets off from fucking this girl, and I get off from "watching" them fuck, and they never talk again (I make sure of this, no matter how much the guy might want to) ... Who is harmed?

Dee's Husband said...

Consider this my vote for stories over transcripts too. I like hearing the account as it's playing back through your "head."

Anonymous said...

Good points made by all, especially with the ideas of what the mind does for our sex life. Always remember the brain is the largest sex organ we have, let's keep it lubed!

I also see the points to the story over the transcript. Denis and MCB express it as everything after the fact, and that's true. The cybersex accounts will be stories from now on.

And denis if you have Yahoo messenger, stop by and see me. I use the name plumblsm.

Desireous said...

Interesting, Sir and I have a similar relationship where he doesn't get jealous if I cyber. I really enjoyed this post Debbie. I agree with the others about chat transcripts and how reading this was far better and quite a hot read!


Woody said...

Very hot read Debbie. Also thats a very lucky guy. I'll bet he filled a napkin or two. My hand knows exactly what I like and with a little encouragement on line it can get me off in very few strokes. Please keep doing what you are doing. Guys like me hold gals like you in very high esteem.