Friday, January 12, 2007

Wanted for Hire

It seemed like just yesterday that I applied for one of the strangest jobs in the classified ads. It was listed as follows:

Sex Maid
High pay and high pleasure
Must have high a high sex drive
Call for an interview

I nervously called the number and introduced myself. The kind, calm voice on the other end introduced himself as Michael and started to explain the job.

He explained that he was looking for someone to satisfy his sexual needs, but he wasn’t satisfied until the woman was satisfied.
Michael also explained that he had friends that liked to get together for what he called ‘Fantasy Parties’ where we would live out different sexual fantasies. He was very clear that the person in this job must participate fully in these parties.

It was all so surreal that I just keep listening, trying to take it all in. Of course to me, this sounded like the perfect job. Even if it was basically a glorified whore, I thought to myself I could give it a try.
I said, “I understand”, and kept listening.
Michael went on.
He explained calmly that he needed someone that has a high sex drive, wants sex frequently, can become aroused easily and has powerful orgasms.
“I’m willing to pay $2,000 per week plus room, board and a clothing allowance.”, he said as the finale.
I told him I was interested and would like to come in for interview. We
scheduled a time the next morning.

I could barely sleep that night before. Thankfully, I finally fell asleep. I knew I would need all my energy for the upcoming interview. I still was up early, wanting to have plenty of time to ‘prepare myself’. I took a nice long hot shower. Once completely dried off I took my electric razors to the bedroom and shaved my pussy bare, leaving only a landing strip. I painted both my fingernails, and toenails. I chose a light scent out of my perfume cabinet and sprayed it lightly over my naked body. I went to my vanity mirror and chose my makeup for the day, nothing too heavy, just enough to accent my eyes. Lastly I went to my closet and picked out a casual wrap around dress with a pair of matching heels.
I felt pulled together, had a cup of coffee, grabbed my MapQuest directions, and flew out the door, no longer able to contain my enthusiasm.

Michael’s place was only about 15 minutes from mine, so I was at his front door not only on time, but with five minutes to spare. Michael seemed to answer the door the moment I rapped on it. He showed me in and we sat down in the living room.
I started speaking first: “I’m definitely interested and I assure you that I’m always ready to have sex.”
Michael smiled and told me to go on.
I figured that I was just going to have to prove myself one way or the other so I asked him what I could do to convince him that I was the person for the job. His reply was short and simple, “Show me your body and what you can do”.
He leaned back and waited.

I turned on some music and told him that I would dance for him. I started an erotic dance that would have been a hit at any strip bar in the county.
I took my clothes off as I swayed to the music. I rubbed each piece of my clothing in his face before dropping it to the floor. Since I was dressed casually that day, it wasn’t long before I was naked. I moved very close to Michael and jiggled my tits in front of his face, causing him to become a participant in my interview. He licked and my nipples as they passed his mouth, and deftly grabbed my breasts, massaging them immediately. He was learning about me already, he could tell how aroused I was getting.
I moaned and said “Michael, my nipples and breasts are very sensitive!”

I reached down, unzipped his pants and unleashed his rock hard cock. While I still moved my body, I started to stroke, lick and suck him. I became a wild woman, I wanted to give Michael the best blowjob that he had ever had. I didn’t take the time for a Debbie Deluxe, that would be for some other time if I got the job; this was a plain old suck off. Soon he couldn’t hold back any longer, he unloaded in my mouth like a fucking shotgun. I eagerly swallowed every drop. Then I slowly licked him clean, and resumed my dance.

But, Michael had a different plan. He asked me to come close to the chair so he could feel my body. I obeyed, figuring I better get used to the idea of him being in charge. He put his hand between my legs and found a very wet cunt. He easily inserted two fingers to begin his first exploration of my pussy. Then he put pussy-dampened fingers in his mouth and tasted my juices.
He told me that I tasted great and that I had a unique, sexy taste and smell of an aroused woman. I couldn’t deny that.

He continued to insert and move his fingers in my pussy, while working on my tits with his free hand and his loving tongue. So my plan to dance changed slightly, now I was dancing on his fingers and I was getting very hot. He found my g-spot and soon I was ready to cum. I closed my eyes and my dancing changed to jerky, shaking movements as I was overwhelmed by a powerful orgasm. I screamed as the waves of pleasure spread throughout my body.

I took a deep breath and removed my clamped pussy from his fingers. I flopped on the couch besides him; warm, wet, and spent.

I turned to look at me and said in no uncertain terms, “Debbie, after that performance, how could I not hire you, you have the job!”

I was so happy that I said such I cliché line without thinking, “Great, so when do I start?”. He smiled and said, “I think you already have”, then laughed.

I got dressed and the next hour or so was all business, plans being made for me moving into the guest cottage, we ironed out some terms, then I went home to prepare for one of the greatest jobs I could ever have.

Next, another day at work.


The Teacher said...

There are many fringe benefits to that job and a 401K is not one of them but profit sharing is. ;)

Kitty's Tiger said...

what an awsome story...sounds like the pay is not the only thing sucking huh. Thanks for the back soon.

Edtime Stories said...

wonderful read.... will be back for more

drc said...

I could be Pepe' the pool boy to take care of the maid while master is away! LOL

Anonymous said...

drc...not a bad idea at all. I'm already working on another day at work, maybe you write a "Pepe and Debbie" story.

Chris said...

Goddamn, Debbie...if I had the money I would hire you just from these "references". ;)