Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Cyber Boy Toy #1

This was my first time cybering recently with a much younger man.
The story of the 45 minutes we spent in a virtual reality follows.

We started off trading a couple of pics, I don’t usually care one way or the other if I get a picture, but I know the guys like it. It’s easy for me now; I can send them to my site.

He asked me if I thought he could get the job done with his cock. I assured him that he looked good enough to eat. I think he was a little unsure at first, wanting to know if I enjoyed men that were much younger than me. He was 27, making him 20 years younger. I could literally be his mother. I assured him that I enjoyed men, period.
We briefly traded stories about our previous encounters, his with a woman in her forties, mine with a man (or should I say boy) that was 19 when I was in my early thirties.

He was anxious to get out of the gate and suggested that he call me, that he wanted to hear my voice, but I don’t do that on the first meeting.
It was our first encounter so there was some small talk to calm the waters.

In the back of his mind were my tits and his patient pleasantries ended abruptly.
He claimed he wanted my tits in his mouth, now. I calmly instructed him to push me on to the bed and take them, to suck my nipples.
He threw me on to the bed, and then took his shorts off so I could see his hard throbbing cock.
I told he how I loved seeing his cock for the first time. He asked me if I really liked it, so I came up with some easy proof. I told him that if he sucked my tits, I’d definitely need to suck that fresh cock.

He moved his now naked body onto the bed.
It’s interesting how when I cyber just the basic image of a man crawling onto my bed can be so intense, such a turn on. Another insight I’ve had in my cybering is that knowing what is about to happen can be even more of a turn on than anything else.

Back to my young man and our mutual fantasy.
We kiss passionately as he gets comfortable on the bed. My hand traveled down the length of his body, learning the feel and topography of a new man. His hands match my movements, over my stomach, and reaches my love nib. He gently begins to massage my clit. I let him know how much my pussy ached. All this while he continued to explore my mouth with his tongue, but his tongue needed to explore more. In no time his mouth was latched onto my right tit, he rolled the hard nipple against his tongue and teeth as his hand moved from just my clit to all over my wet cunt.
I moaned out as I pushed his head into my tits. He started using is free hand to work the nipple and massage my left breast.

My sensual beat begins and I start to rock against him, my nails gently run over his bare back, and I nibble his neck as he continues his tit worship. The next sensation I felt was that of his finger sliding inside my wet warm pussy. It caused me to moan out loudly, then beg profusely to suck his cock.
He doesn’t say a word, but rather just turns his hips and swings his cock towards my mouth.
His cock was quite appetizing dangling in my face. His fat cockhead rests against my nose as I start to lick his balls. The air is thick with his musk that along with the slightly salty taste of his balls is getting me even wetter, making me ache more. As if he knew, he deftly slid another finger in my tight snatch.
This caused me to pick up my pace and I suck a nut into my mouth, letting it roll across my tongue like hard candy. Then I take that luscious long lick up the underside of a stiff cock. He moans hard as I what my mouth is doing is pleasing his balls and he tells me so. I thanked him, and got back to my tasty meal, I suck his fat head into my mouth, causing him to moan again. His cock begins to leak and I slurp at his precum then descend his cock, inch by inch, snaking my tongue around his shaft. Again he moans out.

The next thing is something that comes in handy in cybering. I could tell him that I look so good with my mouth stuffed full of his dick. Obviously, something I couldn’t say if it were real life.

Finally, I couldn’t wait and slammed the rest of his cock down my throat until his swollen head hit the back of my throat.

Another trick I like to use in my cybersex session at a moment like this is to ask my partner if he can feel whatever is going on. For example this time, at this moment I asked him if he could feel his dick against the back of my throat, he assured me in all caps that HE COULD!

But back in the cyber-world, I keep sucking like a newborn that needs food. I am now the one moaning, but mine are stifled by having a full mouth. He brings to pace to a full out fuck of my face, yelling at me to suck his cock and calling me his little whore.
He pumps his hips down toward my face, banging against my cheeks, and thrusting his hot meat down my throat.
Our cock sucking session begins to get very intense in it’s depiction.
He stands on the floor, grabs my hair, and brings me to my knees, pulling me across the bed to him. I start to play with my clit as I keep sucking him.
One of his hands holds tightly onto my hair while the other fondles my tits as he slides his cock back and forth, pumping hard now. He rears up his toes, grabs my head and pounds away at my face. I keep up by sucking at every thrust.
The room is filled with his grunts, my stifled moans, the sloppy slurps of cocksucking, the slap of his hips against my face, and his balls slapping under my chin. His cock is rock hard and tasty. He starts to talking to me like a whore again, asking me if I like his dick.

He declares how much he wants to fuck me now and pulls his cock out of my mouth, and commands me to give him my ass. I got on my hands and knees and present him my ass. He moves up behind me, glides his slippery cock into my steaming cunt, and grabs a fist full of my hair, wrapping it around his hand.
I tell him how much I like it doggie style and moan out for him to fuck me. He starts to violently fuck me, slapping my ass with each stroke. He tells me how tight and slippery my pussy is and pounds his cock deep inside me, filling me up with thick meat, as he spanks my already reddened ass and pulls at my thick hair. I moan out with each thrust and each spank, finally screaming out to be fucked hard.
He leans over me, bites my shoulders, and thrusts his hard heat into me again. My tits are swaying with each bit of pounding I’m getting.
My cunt hugs his dick as I declare my readiness to cum. He squeezes my tits and that’s all I needed, my orgasm seems to explode in waves across my hips and up my inner thighs to the depths of my pussy.
He keeps talking to me like his slut, making me tell him that I need his cum inside me. I obey and plead for his hot cum.
Next, he is describing his orgasm. His dick tenses and pulses up as he releases his hold on my tits. He grabs my hips and I grind back against him, allowing him thrust deeper and cum, hard. His dick erupts and sends a stream of hot spunk flow deep up inside me.

I drop to floor, spent.

Wave after wave of cum blasts that only moments before filled me up, now start to leak out, across my puffy pussy lips and to my inner thigh.

As the small talk at the beginning of the ‘session’ put us at ease, now we have a sort of pillow talk to finish things up.
We make sure that we each enjoyed the experience. I explained to him about CJ’s understanding of my cybering.
He was good enough to tell me that it was the best chat he had ever had, very kind.
I told him that for the next time his job was to think of what he would like from me next. My last assurance was that I would be willing to have another encounter if he so chooses.

So, we’ll see what happens next.


Tommy said...

So hot, I love it!

Anonymous said...

MMMMMM. I actually envied the young fellow wishing I was him. Nice!

A Sexy Story said...

yep, very hot, he truly is a lucky man. Sounds like a good time was had by both.

Just out of curiosity... how to you meet your cybering partners?


Anonymous said...

tommy and mike...glad you enjoyed the story

sexy story...I have met my partners by several different mean, fellow bloggers, just being on Yahoo and AIM and having completed profiles, asking for a cyber partner off of craigslist, and joining one of the many naughty chat sites that are out there.
There are usually only a few people that turn out worth speaking to again, I'm picky.

Woody said...

And you have much to be picky about Deb. Such a hot cyber fuck as yourself is in high demand these days. As you know I have a couple cyber sluts myself that I cyber stud at least once weekly. Between that and the possibility of getting into the pants of a sweet little younger gal I have been taking a class with my needs have been taken care of. I leave them cyber spent.


Anonymous said...

Is that a picture of him that he sent you?
Gosh, I hope so. Let's see more.

Anonymous said...

Thanks all for the kind words.

Anon: the picture you see is actually me and CJ, most of the pics on the site are of us. I was just starting to suck CJ's cockhead into my mouth when he took this shot.