Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Night With Mr. W

One of the first times with my partner from A Quick Bite.
This session was over an hour long, admittedly one of my longer chats, but why stop when you're having fun?

One of the first things he assured me of was that we had plenty of time. I asked for a minute to get comfortable and shed my panties.
He told me that he was thinking of tugging on my nipples as he was stroking his hard dick. He told me that he could smell me and asked if he could tug harder.
I told him that he could always do that because my pussy is directly wired to my nipples.

I pulled a toy out of the bottom drawer of my nightstand (where I keep all my toys) and asked him to put it on me. You may have seen them before, my nipple jewelry. Below is a picture:

He quickly had my nipples ensnared and he pulled hard on the chain, but he needs to have one in his mouth. He licks at my tits, using lots of saliva. He can have no doubt by now how much I'm enjoying his tittie play, I moan out, and then we kiss. He massages my tits as he kisses me.
I push my whole body into him; he can't get enough of my 'large globes' as he puts it. He asks me to feed him my tits; I take one in my hand as he pushes his face into my cleavage. One breast seems to disappear into his mouth.
Again, he tells me how hard his dick is. I'm so glad that he is enjoying himself.
From my view, it would almost look as though he was smothering in hot boob pillows.

Now it's my turn to tug. I pull up a bit and look at him wickedly as I lick the palm of my hand. It easily finds his hot stiff shaft. He moans out and tells me to tug it. I comply and slowly tug at his cockhead and squeeze his shaft as I stroke. I love the feel of a hard cock in my hand and enjoy it, worshipping it, owning it in my hand. He actually thanks me for the proper handjob he's getting.

He wants to use another one of my toys and pulls a butt plug out of my drawer. He lubes it up, spreads my sweet cheeks, and inserts it gently into my asshole. He uses it to tickle my asshole and I move against it. He lies on his back and tells me to move into place so he can sniff and lick at my pussy. I keep stroking him, but he insists that I get into position for him, begging him to eat me as I do it, in fact he says that I must beg. I do exactly that so I can feel his tongue on me, he holds back and just nibbles and licks at first.
My hard clit needs his work and I beg him to eat my clit. Again, he holds back and just tweaks at it.
I am dripping with just the hope of him eating my pussy when I finally feel his tongue slip into my hot channel. Now it's my turn to do the thanking and I moan out, my whole body tensing and quivering, the butt plug shaking in my ass. He wiggles the plug so more. I move up to spread my puffy pussy wider for him.
I start to buck and he licks the length of my hot slit to my clit, sucking harder. I moan louder this time, almost screaming.
He holds me up a bit. I want to cum, but I tell him that I'll wait until he tells me to.
He continues his feast. I scream out for him to eat me.
He wants to hear me scream, no beg, for him to fuck me.
I can barely grunt it out now, but I manage, 'Please fuck me'.
It's still not enough and he wants he tell him I'm a pig for his cock. He said I didn’t beg enough. I admit I'm a pig for cock and implore strongly for his dick.
He says that the pig needs his tongue and that's what I'll get. I spread my legs so wide as he dives into my steaming cunt again. My breathing is heavy and I writhe against his face.
He tells me how my clit looks now, that it's swollen, erect, and sticking out. He pleasures it in every way and I soon cum on his face; he doesn’t skip a beat and keeps licking at me.
He drinks my juices and continues his mouth play; I have a small aftershock of an orgasm, feeding him again as my legs wrap around the back of his neck. He holds me tight as I wiggle, feeling my asshole pucker against the butt plug.

I ask him what he wants next, that I will be his fuck slave for the night.
He answers, a typical male answer - everything.
I ask him to chose something first and he closes his eyes and says 'suck me'
He wants me to start by slobbering on his cock and I lube him up with my saliva right away.
It's hard for me to hold back and I reach his cockhead swiftly, flicking my tongue into his small hole and loving just the head.
He knows already this is going to be good.
I suck his head into my mouth and moan because of the perfect taste of a man is now flooding my tastebuds.
He enjoys the tenderness of my mouth as I take more and more of his manhood into it.
He watches me intently as I suck him off and he tells me that he can tell that I am proud of being a cocksucker. With half his cock in my face, I look up and wink at him. He again calls me a pig for cock. With that comment I deep throat him, taking him almost to the edge.
As I keep all of him in my mouth I gently push his balls upwards, his ass puckers. My tongue moves between my lips and his stiffness to lap at his tight balls. My fingers tickle at his asshole and I keep sucking. Again he's close to the edge, so I pull back to just the meaty head. My fingers move from his asshole to tickle his balls.
Now he is moaning out the glory of my expertise and that he has to cum.
He tells me he's been saving his hot load for me and to deep throat him one more time. I do and he fucks my face deep.
He moans out and sprays the back of my throat with his spunk. I easily swallow him up.
He gives me a few more spurts before his balls are totally spent, drained into me.

We speak for several more minutes, discussing our preferences, and some of my toys. We talk about the pictures I've put up on the blog.
All the continued talk of sexy things starts to wake up my pussy again and I tell him so, not to mention the fact that my hands are down the panties that I had only just put back on.
He tells me to rub my clit and to really see how it feels.
I finger myself, telling him what I’m doing. He asks for a taste and I give my fingers to him telling him to lick my hand.
He sucks at my slippery finger. It's then, and really then that I find out that he can't eat enough of my pussy. He dives in between my thighs again and slips the tip of his tongue inside my dripping hole.
I hold the top of his head as he just keeps eating. My thighs move against his cheeks, I close my eyes enjoying all the sensations including the slurping sounds he's making as he feeds on me.
He lifts his face up and tells me that he thinks I need a good fucking this time. He moves up to kiss me and I can taste myself in his mouth.
As he kisses me deeply he is moving on top of me, soon his cockhead is at the door of my aching pussy.
Again I'm told that I have to beg to get the cock the way I want it. In no uncertain terms I spread my legs wide, begging him to fuck the pretty pink pussy.
He holds onto his hard dick and rubs it up and down my wet hole. I can feel his heat, so close to being inside me.
He enters me and I rock upwards, taking his shaft to the balls.
I moan out as my cunt gets stuffed with hot cock.
He holds on inside me, not moving at first as my wet, velvety pussy walls hug him. He slowly rubs against those walls, stroking against the top of my pleasure cavern.
My hard nipples brush against his chest as I beg again to be fucked harder.
He bites at my tits and thrusts deep inside me. I moan and scratch at him as I drape my legs over his back. We bang, fucking hard and heavy.
He moans and lets me know that he needs to cum again, I let him know I will soon too, that I want to cum all over his cock.
I ride him hard as he fucks me like a whore, the pace quickening. His cock drills into my aching whore pussy. He balls now slapping my ass.
The sounds of sloppy wet sex fill the room along with our moans.
He thrusts, bites my nipples and I explode on his cock, he keeps the nipple between his teeth as I fuck him harder.
He pumps another load into me, this time into my hot hole.
We both collapse, almost fainting.

He reminds me that I am his little cyber whore cock slut.
I blush, we thank each, and the screen goes black.


Woody said...

I play that scene over and over since I read this hot story. Did you really your orgasm twice? You should both be proud of yourselves for the pleasure you can give each other. You are one real hot fuck Deb.


Anonymous said...

Mr W....you should know better, you were there !!
Yes, I really came twice, and yes I'm proud of myself and you.
See you in cyberspace....

Woody said...

I do think I got some fine pictures that night for future posting. My cock was at full attention. So nice to have plenty of time to spend on personal pleasure.


Tyler Durden said...

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