Friday, June 30, 2006

Email Alert

Hi folks.
I've enjoyed the emails I've gotten from some bloggers out there.
Without going into all the details, and how many techs CJ spoke with,my account with Verizon got screwed up.

My new email address has been changed on my profile page.
There is now an underscore between dirty and debbie, the domain is still

Please change this in your address books....thanks.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

HNT #17 - Have A Cigar

CJ does enjoy his cigars. I don't mind them, they actual smell sort of good.
The other night I had the perfect shot as he was sitting next to me.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

CBW #26 - Another Favorite

I got this picture from my favorite pay porn site.
I like it on several levels:
The tighty whities.
The cock being pulled out from them, I think of it getting to that point where it has to be released, no longer comfortable in that white cotton cage.
I can tell he'll be harder soon, and even more handsome.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Just For Fun

What's in a name?
That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.
William Shakespeare, "Romeo and Juliet", Act 2 scene 2

Joe over at Sharing Dee emailed me because he was confused about the nature of my relationship with CJ.
Although I call him my husband, we haven’t been married since 1987.

Even since the reconciliation I have grappled with how to describe our relationship. It seemed to have gotten even tougher since we started living together.

At the beginning I jokingly called him my ex-ex.
We were told by our daughter that partner made us sound gay.
I thought significant other was too long to say.
I’m too old to be using a term like boyfriend.
So just out of ease I use the term husband now. I have made a commitment to him, but there is no legal piece of paper that says I’ve made that commitment, that’s all.

Both Joe and I thought it could be amusing to hear from my readers. Is there anyone out there can come up with a creative description for our relationship?
Does anyone out there know of a couple in a similar situation?

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Dream #1 - The Brothel

I haven’t written about a dream before, but that is only because the opportunity has never arisen.
I had the strangest dream involving sex early this morning. It hit me so much that I pulled my notebook and pen from my night table (any writer should have one there) and feverishly began writing the images that I had just experienced so I could share it with my readers.
Remember if this seems weird, it’s a dream, dreams are weird by nature. Also, I just started a new medication for high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat: Toprol XL. One of the side effects according to the print out they gave me at the pharmacy is ‘unusual dreams’. Maybe this is an example of my medication affecting my nightly visions.

CJ and I were in Nevada. Each of is had two boxes of records that needed to be appraised somehow.
Next thing I knew we were on a bus. I knew that we were headed home, but I wasn’t sure where that was other than the fact that we were headed East.
I noticed that there were several pairs of my everyday black suede ankle boots along with the records in my box.
We got of the bus and started walking. We passed a strip mall that had a brothel in it.
CJ asked if I was interested in checking the place out, I said ‘not really’.
He got annoyed with me and told me that I never wanted to do anything that he was interested in.
We walked by the brothel and there was a group of young ladies outside. They were slim, tanned, naked and playing with themselves. There were long white cords to each vibrator being used. They were enjoying themselves, but nobody seemed to be cumming.
CJ asked me if I wanted to know why he, or any other man for that matter, enjoyed women paying attention to them like that. I answered that I didn’t particularly want to know, but he told me anyway.
I can’t remember what the answer was, only that it was complicated.

Eventually we ended in the brothel, boxes still in tow.
The place reminded me of an old spa with a bar. There were narrow hallways, furniture that seemed to be at least 30 years old, things like doors etc, in need of repair or at least some maintenance.
We put our boxes down on a table in the entrance hall. CJ disappeared to the right side, where the women were. I went to the left where I entered a prepping area. I got into a white terry towel. The people who were prepping me were women. First, I was shampooed in two areas: my head, and my pussy lips, even though I was shaved it was as though they cleaned and massaged with warm soapy water. These actions weren’t a turn for me at all, nothing sensual involved.
Then I was feed strange looking snacks. They looked like spun sugar, were bright in colors, and were geometric in form. Some tasted like candy, others tasted like chips, nothing was too sugary, it was actually more salty.
Soon after trying these snack I realized that I had been drugged with them. Not overly so, but I felt slightly groggy, a heavy feeling.

The prep girls asked me if it was all right to show me off to the bar patrons. I didn’t have a problem with that. They opened an old wooden door that looked as though it had been painted white at least times over. I could see a square bar in the middle of the room, it was smoky and lit with a dull yellow light. I layed on my side, naked, just posing. The few patrons at the bar looked over and seemed to be slightly impressed. The door was closed and it was finally time to choose which package/combo of services I wanted. I chose the wrong one at first, a heavy duty SM one. Then I picked a ‘homey/comfy’ one. I was lead down a narrow hall. On my way to the room I matter-of-factly asked if the drug they gave was going to make me forget my experience. I didn’t want forgot anything. I was assured that it wasn’t that type of medication.

Finally, I was lead into a room with a bed and a showerhead coming out of the wall next to it. I was instructed to stand facing the shower, legs spread, and arms out against the wall. This apparently was a real turn on for the guy I was to have. The girls stood behind me. I started rocking and rotating my hips. I was told that as was almost as good as some off the whores already employed there. I took this a compliment.

The girls backed off to a little foyer between the door and the bed, there were men there too now. My guy showed up, he was handsome, tall, and dark, he had wavy hair and a mustache. Right away I could tell weren’t right. He seemed drunk or exhausted. He didn’t get hard, he couldn’t do anything. He tried to come up behind me to play with my tits, missed, and tweaked my stomach instead. I caressed him and there was no reaction. He took a long blue string and held it up by his neck, he told me to pass it by his balls to his ass, this was apparently going to help somehow, but nothing changed. I complained to the managers and the people in the foyer. They became outraged and placed him on a meat hook that was running along the ceiling of the hallway. I looked down the hallway to the room at the end and he was in leather and studs, ass bare, being bent over. I didn’t get a replacement. No services were rendered.

I left, went upstairs, and met up with CJ. By then I was dressed again. He didn’t tell me about his experience when it came to the actual act, but I found out that he got the same type of cleansing, food along with drugging), show off to the bar patrons, and the compliment that involved being as good as any of the workers there.
We got our boxes, left, and started walking again. At first we talked about the fact that we didn’t pay, we weren’t even asked to pay.
Suddenly I was alone, driving my mom’s car down the highway. Another car pulled up next to me, CJ was in that one with my mom.
After a little while I knew that we were headed home and where that was because we were on Maryland state route 3.

The End.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

HNT #16 - All Naked

When I post for HNT, the picture has to have that special something, has to be a new idea.
I didn't like anything I currently had, I didn't have a new idea, and I didn't have my fellow photographer here to be my muse, so instead I decided to post an all naked pic for this Thursday.
Below is a picture that I think CJ should have on his desk at work.
Maybe it could titled something like 'Presenting My Wife'.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

CBW #25-Get Bent

Since CJ isn't around again this week, I decided to go looking through my pay porn site for a nice cock.
I came across this one, probably more interesting than nice.
I don't think I've ever seen such a bent dick. I bet it could find my G, H, and I spot!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Better Than Love

CJ is out of town again.

I haven't been taking care of myself the way I should lately, mostly because of fear. I was afraid to talk to the doctor about the pains in my chest and arm because of the history of heart disease on both sides of my family. I don't smoke, I drink only occasionally, but I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and am not in the best shape.

I finally spoke with the doctor today, after breaking down crying in his office. Things are not as nearly as bad as I thought. My problem is mostly stress, giving me higher blood pressure and irregular racing heartbeats, and making my GERD act up (causing the chest pain).

I gave CJ a call when I got out of the office. I gave him a quick explanation of all that had happened at the office. I told him that I 'didn't want to leave early'.

He answered with something more meaningful to me than 'I love you'.
His words were:
'I need you to be my partner. Don't make me go looking for another one now'
I promise you CJ, I'll be here as long as I can. I told him that all I needed was him behind me and I'd do fine. He told me he'd cook healthier food for me and make me eat more fruit. It's a great start.
Partners for life.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Welcome Home

You all saw my brief lament of not having CJ home for several days at a time for the past several weeks; along with the many acts of jerking off that went along with it.
After all the celebration on June 18th, we finally had a proper ‘welcome home’ session.
CJ has been doing a lot of manual labor while he’s been gone and was just beat when he got back on Friday night.

Late last night we were on the couch together when all those little things started up. I enjoy him so much that there is a certain satisfaction in feeling his skin or smelling his scent. I just nuzzled his neck and planted little kisses, for no other reason than we had a wonderful day together. It was very warm here last night and the central air was having a tough time keeping up with it, so all I was wearing was a pair of panties, a black bra, and a black ribbed tank top. Cj was looking his usual Floridian self in shorts and a printed polo shirt. Soon after my little demonstrations of affection started his hands had found my tits (not difficult) and began rubbing my hardening nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Every so often he yanked and tweaked them causing a moan to escape from me each time he did it. He lifted up my tank top half way and pulled my tits up and over each bra cup, making wonderful exposed mounds for him to play with. He soon was suckling me, but this was no baby, this was a man, a real man, the way I like it-the feel of a mustache on the tender flesh of my tits, the feel of his warm, wet tongue across the apex of my hard nipples, the exquisite feel of his teeth biting them. My legs spread so easily when he does this to me. The next sensation I felt was his fingers slipping under my panties, spreading my swollen pussy lips, and deftly circling my engorged clit. My moans quickened and once his fingers slipped inside me, I began to shudder and fuck his fingers.

I looked at CJ and he was smiling, enjoying my pleasure. Eventually he sat back up on the couch, unzipped his shorts and out that fucking handsome cock of his. He was stiff and twitching. I let him know how handsome he really was. As he leaned back I got on my knees and ran my tongue across his smooth, freshly shaved balls. I nuzzled the base of his cock and his balls the same way I did his neck and for the same reasons: the feel of his skin, to smell his scent and to adore him. My licks then ran up the underside of his shaft, pushing it against my open palm. I savored his head for only a short time and then quickly swallowed him down so his cockhead was hitting the back of my throat. I knew this wasn’t going to be a real long blowjob. As good as he tasted and as wonderful as he felt in my mouth I needed him inside me. I took off my top and bra and throatily told him that I needed to sit on that hard cock of his. Soon I was climbing on board. My tits were hitting his face as I grabbed the back of the couch and started my pleasure ride. Oh baby it was good! It was so damn fucking good!
I went fast, slow, up, down, forward and back fucking that cock every which way I could.

The cover on our couch/futon is new and I must say, very nice. I had already cum hard once and was very wet. I didn’t want to mess it up so we moved off the couch and to the room next to living room, the guest room and got on the bed. CJ took me over there. He drove his hardness deep inside me. As my pussy hugged him, I could feel heat and hardness at the same time it was fantastic. I came again all over his cock and drenched his balls with my juices. His pace quickened, as did his moans, I love to hear him when he feels good inside me. He absolutely exploded in me. When we eventually separated I was soaked not only inside, but the inside of my things were wet.

We were warm, our skin was damp, and we were satisfied. We made our way upstairs to our own bed, both of us having just enjoyed a true welcome home.

Recipe #2

Below is a recipe for the main dish that CJ and I had last night in celebrating Father's Day with the child.
A post will follow that describes the 'dessert' that CJ and enjoyed after the child left...yummy!

Chicken With Raspberry Vinegar

4 boneless skinless chicken breast halves
1/4 t salt
1/8 t ground pepper
2 t canola oil
1 C reduced sodium beef broth
3/4 C seedless raspberry preserves
1/2 C raspberry vinegar
1/4 C minced shallots

1. Place chicken breasts between 2 pieces of plastic wrap;pound with flat side of meat mallet to 1/2" thickness. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Heat oil in large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat until hot. Add chicken;cook 5-8 min. or until browned and no longer pink in center,turning once. Place on plate;cover loosely with foil.

2. Add broth,preserves,vinegar and shallots to same skillet; cook 30 seconds,scraping up any browned bits from bottom of skillet. Increase heat to high;cook 6-9 min. or until reduced to 1 cup Stir in any accumulated juices from the chicken. Serve chicken with sauce.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

One More Reason

Celebrate June 18th !

Reason One:
I hope that all the Dad's out there enjoyed the day today.
CJ and I had a nice day with the child. She was over to visit, give gifts, watch a movie, and help me make dinner for him tonight.
As many of you regular readers know CJ and the child (aged 21) are just getting to know each other again. This is the first time since the reconciliation that she wanted to get him a gift for Father's Day. It didn't feel 'real' to her until now. I am so happy for the both of them. They are two of the people I love the most in the world and it makes my cup runneth over to see them so happy again. As I write this CJ is taking her home and I'm sure they are having a nice end of the evening discussion 'without mom around'. It's a good thing they have this relationship.

Reason Two:
Twenty-four years ago on this date CJ and I were married. We were 23 years old. We were in love and we were divorced five years later. We weren't ready. Three years ago we were ready.
So we still 'celebrate' our anniversary even though we are no longer married and never will be again. (I know CJ, I shouldn't be using the word never).

Reason Three:
This reason is the newest. Sometime during dinner this evening Debbie's Diary hit the 100,000 hits mark. A heartfelt 'Thank You' from CJ and I. I hope that all our long time readers keep enjoying and that the newer readers keep exploring. As CJ and I have found out over the years, both together and apart, we are getting better.

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Hat Trick

For the third week in a row CJ is out of town helping my mom fix up her house.
It must really be hitting critical mass for me without him here.
I played with myself until I exploded, I mean exploded! Three times just last night!!

Baby I miss you...three's the charm
Come on home

Thursday, June 15, 2006

HNT #15 - Feet

This is actually a very different view of my feet, can you see why?
My legs are spread and the soles of my feet are facing each other in the classic pose I'm in when I'm shoving one toy or another up my aching pussy.
I took this pic and one such time as a sort of 'my view' while jerking off.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

CBW #24 - Today's Letter

Hi boys and girls !
Today's Cock Blog is brought to you by the letter E

What words can you think of the begin with the letter E?
No, 'eat out' is two words.
Dirty Debbie thinks of:

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Toy Drawer - #3

This is one of my favorite toys; I use it as a sort of clit tickler.
It’s an attachment that is put on my vibrator. The vibrator has three different levels of pulsing strength. Since my clit gets very sensitive, I don’t usually use it past the middle setting.

The ‘petals’ move against my clit and inner lips and it’s just plain delicious.
This is the toy I use the most often after I shave my pussy. Since just the act of shaving turns me on, especially because fifty percent off the time CJ helps out, it gets a good workout from me.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Naughty Schoolgirl Part III-The Blessing

Be to check out Part II before moving on

Damn! What had I gotten myself into? Sure, the cyber sex was great, and yes, I had wanted a costume fantasy as well, but this; this was beyond my expectations.
Sure, I knew lots of girls at Catholic school that had priest sex fantasies, just about as many as wanted to commit the cardinal sin of putting a stake through the chest of one of those penguins that chastised us for every little thing, just to find out if they really DID have a heart.
But this?
Strangely, I was really really turned on…

Shuddering, I pulled away from Priest Jim while I dragged my arm across my mouth to wipe the last remnants of his orgasm that had escaped my mouth. It was then that I saw the erstwhile Father shuddering in spasms from cumming in my mouth. He seemed to be in some ecstatic state with his shoulders thrown back and his arms hanging limp in what seemed a backwards half falling state. Slowly he straightened himself and when he saw me still kneeling there in supplication, he put his hand on my head and said, “Bless you, child” very softly.

It was at this point that something came over me. Something buried deep down inside me, something of a raw primeval nature.
Jim had slumped down on the sofa looking pretty wiped out when I jumped up off my knees and moved in towards him. The look on my face, and the fire in my eyes made the eyes behind his mask and the visible part of his face tremble with a look that I can only describe as fear.
“Oh no, Father, bless YOU!” I screamed as I tore open the cassock that now fell half open as he lie there, and began to tear off the panties that had covered my now very juicy pussy.
“Look Father, look! Look at this bald pussy! Is this what you want? Is this what you’ve always wanted? I’ll make you stop sucking little acolyte’s cocks when you smell THIS!” as I shoved my hairless pussy into his shocked face. “Now YOU lick it, you cock sucking heretic!” Jim had little choice but to comply, which he did at first with hesitation, and then gusto.

Ripping my blouse apart (and popping several buttons in the process), I tossed it and my bra across the room as I ground my sweaty wet pussy into Jim’s face. Grabbing his hands that were lying flaccid at his sides, I placed them on my heaving breasts with their nipples so hard and at attention that they seemed to be screaming, and forced him to squeeze them and give them the attention that they deserved.
After he complied with my demand, I reached around and grabbed his semi-hard cock and began to pull at it with all my might while screaming invectives at him that came from somewhere deeply buried in my soul.
All the anger and frustration of my school years came tumbling out of my mouth in a torrent of rants that I now realize, were the result of religious mental abuse visited upon me so many years ago.

Pulling my now horribly wet pussy with its impossibly engorged clitoris away from Jim’s face, I slid down over him in one motion and planted my cunt on his cock as hard as I could, and began to ride him like a bucking bronco at a rodeo.
Five minutes, ten minutes, I don’t know – time seemed to stand still as I fucked all the anger and frustration of the week out of his cock. I don’t know, but I probably came about four times, maybe more before I felt Jim’s back heave upwards off the sofa as he came also with an anguished cry.
There was that look once on his face once again: half pain, half ecstasy as he came for what seemed an eternity inside me. I could feel it, and I could feel HIM.
I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a potent release of energy before.
Collapsing on him in a heap, I began to sob quietly.
“Hey Debbie, are you OK?” Jim asked softly. “Did I go to far?”
“No, no, it’s ok. It’s just that I had all this emotion pent up inside me for so long, and this week was so crappy that I’m just drained.”
“Yeah, me too. It was a shitty week, and that Buford account damn near killed me with all of their stupid demands.”
Horrified, I looked at him.
“Buford?!” I heard myself say, knowing that my firm works with Buford too.

Sitting upright rapidly, I saw Jim’s face under the mask wince as I pinched his dick backward.
It was then that I reached up and tore the mask off Jim’s face to reveal to my horror the visage of my boss.
“Jesus Christ!” I screamed. “Bill? What the fuck??”
A sad yet sly smile spread slowly across his face as he told me “Well, I had no idea as well who I was chatting with online, and when you came to the door, I thought I’d play out this little fantasy that I’ve had about you for sometime. Are you mad?”
Thinking quickly back to the astonishing release that I’d just had, I was dumbfounded to say the least, but answered that no I wasn’t angry, just surprised.
“I mean, shit Bill. At work you’re Mr. No Nonsense with an office that looks so sterile and bland that, well, I thought you had no taste at all!”
“Yeah, well, it’s all an image for the company. I spend my money on living well as you can see by the apartment.”

It was then with a quizzical expression on my face that I queried him “so you weren’t really doing a video conference with Buford, you were in there sending me a picture of your dick?”
“Yeah, and I jerked off and tossed my spooge on the conference room carpet as well!” he laughed. “I didn’t know that I was sending the picture to the next room… let’s hope the IT guys at work didn’t get a hold of that.” he grinned sheepishly.
“And what about busting our balls this week dumb ass? I queried more than a note of sarcasm dripping from my voice.
“First of all, it’s ‘Dumas’, and secondly, I couldn’t tell anyone that if we land this new Buford contract that we all get a pretty hefty raise! So for that, I apologize.”
Duh. I felt stupid at all the bitching I’d done last week at work, and at the same time glad that I and my team had performed remarkably well under stress.

We talked for some time after that, and as it turned out, Bill’s alter ego “Jim” had wanted to find someone to play with for some time, but he was as apprehensive as I in engaging a partner over the Internet.
Both us agreed that we would try some roll playing in the future, and to not speak of such things to anyone in the office ever ever ever.

Needless to say, I screwed up my face in a wry little smile when I saw Bill / Jim again on Monday morning with thoughts of that Friday still fresh in my mind. He was his normal bland bitchy self, but I knew the truth: sometimes people wear masks and are not always what they seem to be on the outside.
I should know.

The End.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

CBW #23 - Our First Guest

A new type of cock this week ladies and gentleman!
I had someone send me a picture of his handsome cock along with a note asking me to post it for CBW.
How can a good cock loving girl refuse?
I know other bloggers request pics for their CBW's, but I have never done that.
Now that I've gotten an unsolicited one, I sort of like it. So if anyone out there wants to show off...believe Debbie's place is the place to do it.

So with no further ado...The email and cock I got. Thanks again for that fine example of manhood.

Love your blogs...I have a pic of myself for you for a Wed cockblog. I am 8" long and 6" around. Would love to see it posted! Thanks-

Monday, June 5, 2006

Naughty Schoolgirl Part II:Fireman, Soldier, or Indian Chief?

Be sure to enjoy Part I before moving on.

The drive wasn’t long, but it was to a part of town that I was unfamiliar with, so I took my time to make sure that the directions I had Googled were correct.
Pulling into the parking lot that Jim had described, I began to wonder about what I was doing as the neighborhood appeared really old and decrepit. Was this a trap?
I almost turned around and went back for my car when I found the building, a rat hole of a place that had definitely seen better days. I think it had once been an old department store that had gone out of business many years ago that had been turned into an apartment or condo complex years ago in the attempted re
gentrification of the neighborhood.

Catching my breath, I opened the door to a lobby that had seen better days and went inside. Jangling my keys nervously around my index finger, I looked around only to see a sleepy old desk attendant looking me over with his eyes when he asked me in a deep, gruff voice that only years of smoking can produce “Looking for someone?”
“Uh, yes.” I stammered. “Jim Hunter?”
The old man flicked his fingers to the left towards a beat up elevator door and growled “801” before returning to the sports section of the paper that he had been reading.

“Sheesh!” I thought. “What have I gotten myself into?”
Sliding the elevator door closed behind me and punching the button for the eighth floor, I decided to get my pepper spray out just in case my date turned out to be a dud, or worse. A girl can
’t be too careful these days, now can she?

The elevator creaked to a halt at the eighth floor, and I started down a hall lit by bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling. “Wow! This is a real crap factory!” I thought as I paused before a door marked 801.
Drawing a deep breath and adjusting myself for a final time, I had one split second of last hesitation before I knocked.
The man whom I had been having so many sexy conversations via the net opened the door, and I was shocked to see a tall stranger dressed not only in the garb of a Catholic priest, but wearing a mask as well. “Come in, Debbie,” a voice smoothly answered from behind the black veil that hid his features.
I was surprised to feel my feet moving forward into his foyer all on their own, but not as surprised as when I entered his living room.
To say that the apartment was tastefully decorated would be a grave understatement, in fact, it was absolutely gorgeous and totally unlike the building or neighborhood that surrounded it.

A leather sofa and chair dominated the room with their presence, and being one who enjoys the
finer things in life even if I can’t afford them, I knew in an instant that these weren’t the quality of furniture that you find at the Room Store, but plush, well manufactured furnishings that had obviously set Jim (if that was his real name) back a pretty penny.
The floor was solid maple and finished to a high gloss, and in the middle of the room laid an antique Persian rug that was at least 100 years old.
The other accoutrements were a strangely tasteful mix of antiques both old and post-modern, and on the wall hung a print of LeRoy Neiman’s “Casino” that stunningly complemented everything else.

“Wow!” I gushed, “This is great! And I really like that Neiman print on the wall.” I stammered.
“That’s not a print my dear.” Said Jim with a voice satin smooth that melted me when I heard it slip from beneath his mask.
“I work hard, and I enjoy indulging myself in the finer things in life when I have the chance, and that was one piece of art that I just couldn’t pass on when it came up for auction several years ago. It set me back quite a few dollars, but I’m sure you’ll agree it was worth it as it completes the room just so.”
“Now” he said, “you’ve been a very naughty girl in school today, and your teacher told me that you were caught looking at a man’s penis while you were supposed to be working at your assignment. You WILL have to be punished!”

Grabbing me by my arm, Jim brought me over to the sofa where he sat down and yanked me across his knee. The rush of it all – the anticipation, the costume, the drive, the neighborhood, and now the fabulous apartment – was more than I could bear, so I just whimpered acquiescence and lay over his knee, knowing from experience what was coming next.

“We can’t allow you young girls to be looking at such trash now can we, and you must be taught a lesson!” he said while pulling my short skirt up to present my panty clad ass to him. I had thoughtfully remembered to wear those standard old white cotton “granny panties” that they used to make us wear in school, and now was quivering with excitement as Jim slowly rubbed his hand across my butt.
“Bad girl Bad girl! Bad girl!” Jim cried as he slapped my ass over and over with each protestation from his mouth.
Oh my god was I turned on!

With each spanking, Jim’s priest cassock he was wearing began to open ever so slightly, and I was amazed to see between the creases a massive uncut cock that grew larger with each slap. Finally he stopped, the tingling of my butt and the sound of the slaps still ringing in my ears.
“So, little Debbie, you want to see a man’s penis, do you? Is that what you want?”
My head still hung over Jim’s legs; I nodded ever so slowly, almost hesitantly.
“Get on your knees, girl, and pray!!!” barked Jim as he shoved me downwards into a devotional genuflecting position.
What choice did I have but to comply?
Kneeling there in prayerful stance, I looked up to see Jim holding his cock in his hands, its head now protruding from the little turtleneck that had been hiding it before.
“Worship it!” Priest Jim now commanded, and I had no alternative but to comply.

Slowly I took that member into my mouth with a small amount of hesitation, and wistfully held it there in my mouth.
“No no no! SUCK on it girl. Suck on it like you would a lollypop or an ice cream treat.” he said.
Coming back to my senses, I began to suck on it as instructed. Soon, his hands grabbed the hair on my head that I had put up in pigtails, and “Priest Jim” began thrusting that powerfully veined cock in and out of my mouth. The more he thrusted, the more I sucked, licking his cockhead with my tongue at random times.
“Good! Good!” intoned Priest Jim. With one more mighty thrust, he drove his cock as far into my mouth as it would go before moaning, “I absolve you of your sins, now take communion!” As he said this, he shot a massive load of jizz that tasted like the sweetest cream all the way down the back of my throat.
Frankly, I don’t think I’ve ever been so honey in all my life as I was at that moment.
What came next was another surprise that still has me woozy.

Next – The Blessing

The Naughty Schoolgirl

It had been a shitty week and I was beginning to really hate my boss.
Have you ever had one of those weeks? Silly question I suppose, as everyone at sometime hates what their boss asks of them at work, but this week was particularity stressful for me as my boss was being more of a bastard than ever before.
Do this, do that, go here, go there, blah blah blah blah that went on and on for what seemed an eternity. Lucky for me that I was able to keep my sanity at work by chatting online with a stud that I stumbled across while perusing one of my favorite porn blogs.
“Jim” kept me amused when I was feeling down, and his constant sexual innuendo with me while I was at work was not only exciting for the obvious reasons, but because I never knew when my supervisor or boss would pop into my “cube” to toss me yet another impossible task.

Jim and I had never met of course, as he was just a chat friend, but it intrigued me one day when he mentioned that he lived in a community rather near to where I live. As we chatted last week, he let me know that he had a kinky fantasy about schoolgirls, and wished that he could bring it to fruition. Well, strike that: actually he had a kink about a lover wearing a standard catholic schoolgirl type uniform, not a liaison with an underage nymphet.

Actually, I had always wanted to play “dress up” fantasies out, with my own desire running to the usual – men in uniform or leather such as a soldier, cop, or fireman rushing in to “save me” from something, then seeing me lying there naked, bound and gagged or in some other peril, having a tent pole rise from his pants and needing something to do about the embarrassing situation after seeing my titties pointing up in the air. Rescuing me from my issue, then allowing me to thank him by sucking him off until he exploded his hot cum alllll the way down my throat.
“Hmmm”, I wondered, “I could really get into some stress relief after this crappy week. I wonder what it would be like to…” My boss screaming out about yet another office “fire”, and of course, I was the only one who could put it out for him, cut me off in mid fantasy. Fuck.
I decided then and there that Jim and I would meet, no matter what, and I began to work out a little scheme in my head about just how it would occur.So work was piling up at my job, and the boss was on my case two, three, for times a day or more.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really hate my boss, he’s just doing his job and is being pressured himself from his bosses above. Actually, I had looked at him sideways a couple of times in the past, but wrote him off sexually because he seemed kind of boring. I mean, just one look at his office told you he was a no-nonsense kind of guy, probably with a boring sex life and wouldn’t have a perverted thought in his head.

And so there was Jim to keep my mind sane as I sloughed through the drudgery of my day.
On and off we would chat, him at work as well but able to keep me horny enough to finally suggest that we meet some day.
He surprised me on Thursday by typing “How about Friday night after we both get off?” and frankly, my pussy just about ached when I thought about how a great power fuck would release the stress of my workweek.
Chatting back, I finally relented and asked him for his address, telling him that I would be there about 8 pm after we both had a chance to decompress after work.

Decompress. That word in the past had meant a shower and a stiff drink after coming home, then sitting down to a microwave meal to watch Jeopardy to relax my mind, but now it began to take on a whole new meaning as I began to put my kinky little plan into action.

Having gone to Catholic school from grades 1 through 12, I had always been puzzled but fully aware of the effect that our little uniforms had on older men, and since I had kept my shape in the intervening years, kept that plaid skirt, blouse, and crested jacket that still fit pretty well around my womanly curves.

Friday. It finally came and so I said to myself, would I.
It was a typical Friday at the end of the month with forms, spreadsheets, billing and the like stressing me out to the max.
Jim and I chatted but two times during the day as his schedule were as hectic as mine, but I could tell by his innuendo that he was looking forward to this evening just as much as I was.
I haven’t mentioned it before this, but Jim had secretly sent me a web cam picture of his stiff cock one day while I was still at work, telling his boss that he was using his office conference equipment to show off our product to a potential buyer.
Showing off his “product” indeed was more like it! Oh, that stiff well-veined cock looked mighty good to me as I snuck looks at it in between jobs, wishing that I could pop that mushroom head into my mouth and run my tongue over it as it swelled in anticipation of explosion.

Cock clock, cock clock, cock clock. I couldn’t keep my mind on my work as the hours ticked painfully away.
Slowly that damned taskmaster of time crept towards 5:00, and when it hit that magic number the boss, myself, and everyone else was out of there in a shot, grateful to be done with what I and my co-workers had termed “the week from hell”, and looking forward to a cock instead of a clock.

Arriving home, I surveyed the outfit that I had laid out earlier that morning in anticipation of my first fantasy interlude with a complete stranger that had captured my desire, running my fingers across the smoothness of the well pressed blouse and the nubbins of the class tie that lay beside it.
Undressing hurriedly, I hopped into the shower and scrubbed myself extra well, attending especially to those little areas where I hoped a rough touch would be exploring within an hour or two.
Powder and perfume applied, I slipped into my old uniform for the first time since high school, a smile of wonder appearing on my face as I began to understand the fascination that it held for the opposite sex.

I decided to dump the contents of my purse in an old school book bag that I used to carry every day, and grabbing my keys, headed out the door to my rendezvous with a feeling of nervousness and anticipation tingling over my body.

“What would Jim think about this?” I wondered to myself as I slid behind the driver’s seat of my car.

Next – Fireman, Soldier, or Indian Chief?

Thursday, June 1, 2006

The F.F.B.

I’m sure you’ve seen it, even if you weren’t aware of it: the FFB.
The Freshly Fucked Breakfast.
Go to a diner or your favorite breakfast spot on a Saturday or Sunday morning and you’ll see small women eating enormous breakfasts. It looks a little amiss. Of course, not only small women are eating FFB’s, it’s just most obvious with them.
Usually they are with men that look relaxed.
I thought about this as I ate my FFB this past Sunday morning. It consisted of cranberry juice, applesauce, cheese, bacon, toast with jam, and a couple of eggs over medium.

I know that I have been doing this for years and years. The FBB meal is almost the absolute finale to me. It is always an extremely enjoyable meal.

Here’s my theory:
I think that my FBB is in all actuality a primitive response to intercourse. I think it’s my mammalian body preparing itself for a pregnancy.
Makes sense to me.

What do you think?
And for the women out there, do you have FBB’s? What about the men?