Sunday, July 30, 2006

Happy Anniversary-A Retrospective

Today it's been a year since I thought I would express myself through a sex blog.
After only a year I can say things are turning out better than I had expected. After reading some of my fellow blogger's sites (many of which you can check out on my blog roll) I wondered if I would last a month. I was a very small blogger in a very big blogsphere.

Finally I easily began to share some of my quirks, preferences, and feelings on the subject of sex and making love. For example, I'm a female who likes to watch and wanted to know who else did.

The real human world crept in abruptly at the end of August last year and I joined fellow sites that were pleading for Hurricane Katrina relief.

Any type of explicit picture (in this case a painting) was first used when I expressed my philosophy about my sexuality.

Eventually I got around to writing my first fantasy story, using one of my long time favorite subjects:exhibitionism.

The first photographs of me that were put on the site were taken with CJ's phone and were in celebration of the latest adornment of my body

After that, with the help of both my reader's and CJ's encouragement, my first tittie shot.

CJ actually made his first post because of unpleasant circumstances and the responses really helped me through my recuperation.

Next, I fell into the fun of a sex meme.

Thanks to a picture taken a while ago I was able to join in CBW with a picture of CJ's friend Mr. Happy.

The next day I joined in the HNT celebration with our newly acquired digital camera. Things really took off, if you'll excuse the pun. For now I was only ready to show off the scar from my gallbladder surgery.

The pictures of myself got naughtier, thanks to the digital camera, and I celebrated one of my favorite holidays in full style.

The whole idea of pictures of me started turning on more and more. One of my first and favorite sets is one of me doing CJ in my own special way.

I expressed my love for CJ in ways other than physical on the blog too.

The fascination and fetish with the camera now had me shaving my pussy bald on a regular basis. I showed off my 'new' pussy and it's jewelry.

Thanksgiving rolled around and I let every know what I was thankful for....yummy.

Then Christmas time brought us a new and different take on Christmas balls.

The New Year brought along a need for me to post a reaffirmation of my love for CJ.

In the New Year also brought my readers the first story by CJ. He knows what I like.

I got a new Apple iBook at the beginning of the year and in the process of taking files off my PC to put on my Mac I found an interesting email that I shared.

There is a whole set of those emails and I finish up with one that included pictures.

As Spring neared CJ took one of my favorite pictures on the blog for HNT.

Spring Fever intensified and I started a new, but sporadic, feature on the site, my toy drawer.

March ended with the honor of Late Starter making artwork of me and a sexy bra.

Much of April consisted of writer's block for me and dealing with the feeling that I had lost my 'groove'. I decided to write a story about getting my groove back to work my way through it and it worked.

Since food and sex oft times go hand in hand I started another feature for the blog, recipes that fit into being sensual or romantic situation.

Then came something that was a lot of fun for me. I helped that Dirty Couple in Virginia complete a task by having cybersex with Ken. I promised pictures afterwards and they were posted as promised. The next post described our encounter. It was all very hot!

CJ came out of hiding with his writing talent one more time as Summer closed in with his naughty schoolgirl.

June 18th was the day CJ and I got married, there were two more reasons to celebrate that date this year.

As for this month, everyone seemed to like the way I celebrated Independence Day.

Most everything else is visible below this post. Between CJ's encouragement and my fans here at 'The Diary' it's been a great year, full of new discoveries, new friends, and learning experiences.
This doesn't even include all the wonderful blogs that I have uncovered in this past year.
And I can't tell you how much I look forward to the next year of blogging.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Adjustment-Part Two (The Doctor)

Again a thank you to CJ for the picture taking.
Be sure to check out Part One before you continue.

I can’t describe how relaxed I felt after my stimulation therapy. My orgasms are like wine, different ones affect me in their own way. My recent orgasms on the table were the kind that turned my muscles to Jell-O, eventually slowing my breathing, and making me totally relaxed. I don’t even know how much time I spent on the table before I heard the door open and the familiar, calm voice of my chiropractor.
“I heard you responded very well to Carol’s stimulation therapy.”, he said with just a hint of amusement in his voice. I was so relaxed and it was so true that I could only answer with a “mmmmm….yep

“My stimulation will be very different”, he said as I heard his zipper being pulled down. The rustle of clothing let me know that he had completely removed his pants. Out of curiosity I looked behind me and saw that he was coming up on my side, his shirttails barely covering what seemed to be a fine thick cock.
The doctor told me that I was on a special kind of adjustment table and proceeded to take two thick leather straps from underneath it. He flipped my skirt up and pulled my panties down just as Carol did and told me to lie there as usual and bound one strap across my shoulders, the other across my thighs. It wasn’t uncomfortable, just snug. Being held in a flat face forward position, I stared at the floor through the opening at the front end of the table while I heard him move around me. Finally he was right in front of me. Doctor Wrigley’s cock was semi-hard, his balls tightening, and his musk was streaming to my nose. He tilted the face area up and commanded me, in his words, “I need it real hard, suck it”.
He shoved his cock through the opening, past my waiting lips, over my tongue, and straight down my throat. Everything happened so fast I almost gagged. I was not in the most comfortable position in the world. It didn’t matter though; the smell and taste of cock, the feel of swelling meat, it all made me draw my cheeks in and suck!
The sound of slurps and sucks joined with his moaning, it was therapeutic without doubt. My head was still as he fucked my face. After only a few minutes I could taste his precum. It was then he announced that it was enough and pulled his much stiffer dick out of my mouth. It now stood at attention; pushing it’s way through his shirttails, definitely aiming straight for me.

He left my sight; I heard some tinkering behind me. Then…..ooowww!....cold, right between my ass. He was fingering my asshole and applying some cold generic lube to it. Doctor Wrigley told me that since I had lower back problems that his therapy was going to focus on that region. He pushed my ass slightly up in the air, at least enough that the strap would allow and grabbed my shoulders. Heat and cold were my next sensations. It was the feel of hot meat mixing with cold lube. He quickly jammed his cock up my ass. I cried out as I took all of him in. He eased partially out of me and started to fuck my ass slowly. He just rocked on me, holding onto my shoulders and jamming his stiff cock in and out of my tight crack.

Unable to move, I just took the treatment like a good girl. The treatment didn’t take too long, and soon he was quickening his pace, smacking my ass; first one cheek, then the other with his open hand. He kept pumping so hard that I could feel his nuts slapping against my swollen pussy lips. Finally, he drove his entire shaft inside me, slapped my ass one last time, screamed “BITCH!”, and emptied his balls.
He slowed, removed his deflating cock, told me the treatment was over and that I should be all right until my next adjustment in four weeks. As he removed the straps and I was able to sit up on the table I knew he was right. Thanks to Carol and Doctor Wrigley I had no sciatia or back pain. I think I’ll stick with this treatment.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Adjustment-Part One (The Technician)

First and foremost I want to thank CJ for his fantastic job in taking the pictures of me for this story.
He was patient and artful and as always, made me feel special and beautiful.

My sciatica had been acting up; burning, shooting pain down my right leg is not my idea of fun. I gave in after a day of agony and went to my chiropractor. When I explained to the nurse where my pain was she consulted with the doctor and returned, telling me that some ‘stim’ therapy before the adjustment might be helpful. I consented.

I was lead down the hall to the therapy room, this area being the newest addition to my chiropractor’s wellness center as he was expanding his services. It was impressive. The room was bright with big windows; it was open and included chiropractic tables that were only about a foot of the floor, medicine balls, and a few weight and workout machines.
I was lead to the small table in the back where electrical contact pads were put on my hips and stimulating bursts of tingling electricity were shot from the machine to my pelvis and down my leg.
Carol, the technician left the room, leaving me to enjoy the small electrical bursts causing my muscles to expand and contract. I was actually relaxing, and the pain was easing. After a few moments I heard someone come into the room and latch the door. The tech said, “Everything all right Debbie?” as the room dimmed and I heard the blinds being closed. The dim room made things seem more relaxing.

Soon, comforting, warm hands were on my shoulders, rubbing and massaging them, the experienced hands quickly coaxed all my tensions out of my muscles. My tech then leaned over me and whispered in my ear, “I can make you even more relaxed Debbie.”
Her voice was sultry, her purpose obvious, at least to me. When I’m relaxed, sexuality is never far behind. She removed the contact pads and instructed me to turn onto my back because she wanted to reposition them. I turned over easily. We smiled at each other and Carol positioned my ankles farther apart, spreading my legs slightly. She flipped my skirt up so the hem was at my waist. I didn’t stop her and was curious about what her new relaxation technique would entail.
Her soft, warm fingers grasped the elastic of my panties and pulled them down to my knees. It had been a couple of weeks since I had done any pussy maintenance in regards to shaving, and Carol told me I needed less hair. She went to the sink and filled a metal bowl with warm water. Taking a bikini razor from a drawer, she returned to me and started shaving my bikini line. The act of shaving my pussy always turns me on, more so when someone else does it. By the time she was finished up, leaving only a ‘landing strip’ of hair.
I felt my juicy pussy aching. She placed the pads on either side of the landing strip and turned the machine on. Carol turned the dial to a very low setting, but I felt the tingles immediately. Remember - those busts of electricity cause muscles to expand and contract, and you know what that means – an orgasm! Carol was sitting at the foot of the table when the first one hit. It was mild, but it was there and it felt good. A small ‘aahhh’ escaped me.

As the man-made electricity stimulated me, a more natural and woman-made stimulation started. I could feel Carol’s warm, wet tongue on my swollen clit, and soon I felt my pussy ready to explode. Carol pulled back as I moaned out this time in utter and complete pleasure.
“Ohhh god, no more”, I breathlessly said to her. She turned the machine off and removed the pads. My panties were back up around my waist in no time and my skirt pulled back down. “Turn on your stomach and I’ll get you a hot towel”. She was back in a flash and placed a warm towel on my lower back.
I took a deep breath and waited for the doctor and my adjustment.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Together Again

OK, so we're a day early for Sex Bed Sunday, but here is our latest entry.

Last night our air conditioning was on the fritz again and it got warm in the apartment. This made for uncomfortable conditions. I did help to heat up things by having CJ read and edit at least two of my upcoming stories.
It was after midnight before we went to bed, we set up a fan upstairs and both took cool showers.
We got into bed with no sheets on top and gave each other long passionate kisses goodnight.

CJ always wakes up early so by the time I was awake he was out of the bed and it was cooling off in the apartment (the system was fixed overnight). I pulled the sheet up and enjoyed the luxury of not having to get out of bed. Soon I heard CJ climbing the spiral staircase and he playfully jumped, yes literally jumped into bed.
I lay there, still kind of groggy, but not for long. That man knows how to wake me up. So this morning my favorite alarm clock went off, the ones on my tits, my nipples being rubbed and tweaked by CJ.

The reuniting that I had been pining for earlier in the week I got with a nice wake up quickie this morning.
His caressing hands quickly moved from my tits down my stomach and to that wonderful little fleshy bud between my legs that exists only for my pleasure. My clit was already extremely sensitive and he played with me lightly. His fingers spread my lips, moving easily down that slippery highway. He found out how wet I had become, how ready I was for him, how much I wanted him.

CJ rolled on top of me suddenly and urgently, his cock stabbed through my lips and inside with stiff heat. My hips tilted and immediately the perfect, intimate,unique rhythm started. At one point he stopped fucking me, just staying inside. I told him that I could wait for it. That I wanted that cock and it was worth it. I started up again, filling me up with his fine cock. I pulled my ankles up until they were behind CJ's neck, grabbed them and rocked, fucking him right back harder. I came and came again then his pace became more desperate, needing to drain his balls. Then my mission felt complete his moans grew, he buried his cock deep inside and indeed he exploded.So by then I was very much awake. We had our coffee and went to one of our favorite diners for a Freshly Fucked Breakfast.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

TK-The Back Story

As CJ put it in one of his comments: Ahhh, Deb and TK.... More later - maybe ;)

Actually, the story is bittersweet.
The events that I am about to recall through twenty years of fog actually began the decline of our marriage.

CJ and I were about 23 or 24 when this story takes place. This was the early 80's, and we eased the pain of the Regan years with natural drugs, namely, some very sweet smoke. TK and his girlfriend were frequent guests to our apartment on the North shore of Ohio when we married, and one particular time TK was visiting things got very interesting.
In the wee hours, after partying for a large part of the evening, we were all ready to crash.
CJ and I went to the master bedroom at the back of our apartment and once undressed, and feeling extremely frisky, CJ asked me if he could 'show me off to Mr. K'. I agreed without hesitation.

I had been in several Debbie sandwiches during college and always enjoyed to the fullest the attentions of two men.
I figured since we were both agreeing on it that it was OK, I wasn't really cheating. I was absolutely flattered by the idea of CJ wanting to 'give' me to his best friend.
TK was enjoyable and CJ watched. At one point CJ couldn't see the forest for the trees. He heard me moaning and felt that I was enjoying myself more with TK than I ever did with him.

foggy memories of my last threesome:

Of course, not true, not even close. TK was pure lustful enjoyment; CJ was that plus so much more.
Things went downhill from there when CJ cheated on me.
I found all of this out after we reconciled. It was then that I realized what the problem was and 20 years later I finally got the chance to assure CJ it wasn't like as he imaged at all.
Moral to the story?
Plan well and keep talking.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Nope, no cock this Wednesday. Actually 'no cock' is becoming my mantra. Even though I was in my home with two men I have slept with (CJ and TK) neither seemed very interested in what I was offering.
Too bad too, it would have made for an interesting CBW.

I didn't really care that much about TK, it was CJ's rejection that really got to me.
Remember all that talk about wanting to be with him, but the lack of air conditioning put a damper on things? Remember how he said, to quote his comment,: "Not much better today, but I reset the A/C and the compressor seems to be putting out. And I look forward to Deb putting out a bit later."
Well that seems to have been nothing but, if you'll excuse the pun, lip service. No it wasn't even that, some lip service would have been good...yummy.

We were partying with our house guests last night in the fashion that baby boomers of my generation do. With two guys around that I find sexy, and being the only woman in the room, I got quite hot. When we finally said our goodnights and went upstairs my advances were quickly nipped in the bud. Now this isn't the first time this has happened, it's just the first time I've decided to talk about it here on the blog.
Now it's a drag.

As my regular readers must know by now, my sexuality is a big definition of who I am. Some people may not agree with doing that to one's self, but I revel in it. It's natural. It's wonderful. When it comes to CJ, it's love. I don't want to reiterate my sexual philosophy here, I'm sure you get the picture.
I just can't stand that type of rejection from CJ. Now I can't and don't expect him to be 'on' and my beck and call, but the total disinterest really got to me and I can't shake it. When I just rolled over in bed last night and turned out the light he said to me:
"We not supposed to go to bed mad". Which is true, in our home we don't go to bed angry at each other. We try to work things out before we sleep.
I answered him with "I'm not mad, are you?"
It was the truth, I wasn't mad. I was disappointed, on more than one level.

This time it just hit so hard that I don't think that I will ever embarrass myself or him that way again.
How can I be the aggressor at times with the possibility of feeling like crap for trying?

Rant over.....

Monday, July 17, 2006

Returned and Rested

I am back.
I had a great time with my small family of female relatives. I took lots of pictures, had good food, and plenty of good conversation. Having alone time with the daughter was a bonus.

There were times when I really missed CJ. I yearned for him. Today, after 4 days of being away I was really looking forward to coming home. On my way into Baltimore CJ sent a text message on the phone letting me know that the air conditioning wasn't working. ARGGH!
It was 99 degrees here this afternoon!
I wanted to jump his bones and let him know how much I 'needed' him. I do have limits. It's 88 degrees in our apartment right now (9:30pm) and it's just not conducive to love making.

We have house guests coming into town and staying with us tomorrow.
That's an interesting story that I will have to save for another time. But it will be told, promise.

Now I'm off to visit all your sites that I have been missing out on.
Stay cool everyone...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

HNT is MIA and A Brief Sign Off

It's been one of those weeks. Probably one of the worst couple of days at work since I started there last year. Working in the social services/mental health field can make for some surprises.
To name just two yesterday: a patient being stabbed and now in critical condition in the ICU of the local trauma center and a victimized female patient being prostituted and beat up by her 'boyfriend' now in a battered woman's shelter.
It can take a lot of you.
I didn't even think about HNT until after 11:00 last night and said 'screw it'.
Sorry folks.

I think I'd be dead without CJ who had a comfort food made for dinner when I walked through the door: turkey,mashed potatoes, gravy, beans, salad, and milk.
I soaked in a warm tub and he rubbed my feet. The world went away for a little bit.

I am also signing off until next Tuesday. I am going out of town for a Female Family Reunion.
Can you imagine 'No Boys Allowed' where I'm going?
It should be a lot of fun, at least three generations from age 11 to 70. I'm really excited about it.

Of course CJ may be inspired and post something, you never know.

I'll report back next week newly inspired and rested from the stress of work.
Enjoy your weekends everyone.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

CBW #28 - Chained Love

What a great picture of a stiff cock, but I just couldn't come up with a cute or pun filled comment to go along with it. So please feel free to add your own.

Sunday, July 9, 2006

A Scenic Weekend

CJ and I had one of our adventures on Saturday.
We are both lovers of railroading and trains. Baltimore and Maryland being home to the first railroads in the country lends us plenty of opportunities to indulge in our mutual enjoyment of the rails.
Yesterday we took advantage of one of them: The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.

It was absolutely beautiful, green rolling mountains, the rocking of an old Pullman car, coal smoke, steam, 250 tons of a Baldwin engine. I came home with approximately 75 photos. I wish I could show them all off to you here, instead I've included two favorites.

I observed the crowds enjoying the trains. They were men and women, young and old, all different backgrounds. Trains are romantic and these people knew it. Why is it so though?
The power? The explorations? The movies we've seen where trains were major characters?
(Murder On The Orient Express, Strangers On A Train, Lady On A Train, and The Polar Express, to name a few)
What makes a train sexy?

It must have all gotten to CJ. We went through a tunnel on the trip and there were no lights in the cars or in tunnel. Pitch black. CJ quickly grabbed my tits and started groping me. I played back by finding his crotch and starting to massage.
The light at the end of the tunnel was our signal to stop. But the train doesn't have to go into the tunnel for me to know what's going on.

Friday, July 7, 2006


I received this in my Yahoo account the other day and it struck me.
I know some women yearn for more eating out in their lives, but pay for it?
Hey whatever it takes.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

HNT # 18 - From The 4th

Here in Maryland there are fireworks tents about every half mile this time of year.
You can buy all kinds of cool stuff, but it's illegal to set them off. Make sense?
CJ and I stopped at one a couple days before the fourth of July.
We thought here would be a good place to show off one of our purchases.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

CBW #27 - To Be Free

Another cock screaming to be free, needing to be let loose.
I don't know why I like seeing them this way, but I do.
Happy CBW everyone!

Say Cheese

I heard the strangers voice say “Come on help me out here Deb; why did you enter the contest if you don’t want to be here?”
The stranger was a photographer and I was making his job very difficult. There were bright floodlights and screens around me. I was lying on a bed that was strewn with big pillows, dressed in the latest skimpy loungewear from a local retailer. My heart just wasn’t in this photo shoot.

I’m not a professional model. Six months ago my now ex-boyfriend said I should enter a contest to be the girl next door for this retailer’s ad campaign. He had bought some of their lingerie for me, so I agreed to let him take some photos of me and send them in.
Lo and behold last month I got a call from the manager telling me that I had won the contest. At first I was excited, but all that quickly waned. It had been four months since I broke up with my boyfriend and I hadn’t exactly been my usual bubbly and adventurous self since then. I hadn’t been on a date or even out with my friends on one of our escapades lately. I was just ‘blah’. The last thing I felt was sexy. I felt like a fraud on this set. I was brought back through my fog of self-pity with the sound of the photographer barking at the crew. There were some moans and groans, but they shuffled out.
“Give us 30 minutes. I’ll make Debbie a professional”, he said.

Now I felt even worse. I wasn’t in the mood to be treated like a reprimanded schoolgirl.
But it wasn’t like that at all. The photographer finally formally introduced himself as Paul and asked me what the trouble was. He told me that I was coming across as cold and stiff to the camera. I gave him the very brief version of my breakup and life since. He smiled and nodded.
He told me that it was his job to calm me down and make me feel more at ease over the next 25 minutes or so. He’s done it a hundred times with scared models and he knew he could do it for me.
It had been a while since a man had been so kind to me. I believed him and opened up to a view quick lessons so I could do this right.First, he told me to picture the bed as a warm bath and to relax in it. That was easy. I did that and felt better already. He asked me to take off the silk pajamas I was wearing. I was wearing a bra and panties underneath so I looked more ‘shaped’. For some reason I trusted him and did as he said.
“Very nice” he said and took a couple of pictures, stressing that I concentrate on how relaxed I felt.
Then he said something that really struck a nerve:
“When was the last time a man asked to see your body?”
It was rhetorical, but it made think how nice it was that this man was looking at my body.
“Can you show me those big tits? Let me turn them into artwork”
He instructed me to slowly turn down my bra, to let me hands glide across my body. I followed his coaching and it made things easier.
Again more pictures.
In between those familiar sounds of mirrors dropping in an SLR 35mm camera Paul said “Good, very good”
“I bet your pussy is just as pretty” was his next statement.
I really surprised myself then, without even asking, I laid down on my back and pulled off my panties, he leaned in and took several shots of my throbbing slit.
The whole scenario had really turned me on. I was already disappointed that we didn’t have more time together.
By now I felt that I was good friends with the camera and Paul told as much.

Paul pulled the tripod over closer to me and affixed his camera to it, focusing on me as he did it. It was obvious that by now Paul was excited. He joined me on the bed and I was glad for it. We only had about 15 or 20 minutes left until the rest of the crew was going to be file back onto the set. He quickly undressed and unleashed a very stiff cock for me. He seemed to be just as aware of our time limit as I was. I got on his back, pulled me towards him, and said,
“Sit on my face”.
As I did, I heard the camera shutter go, he had a remote and was taking pictures of us. This turned me on; I had never done anything like this before. The flicking of his tongue across my clit was the next and only thing I knew now. I moaned out as he swiftly attacked my pussy with his tongue, plunging into my wet slit and fucking it with his tongue. I leaned over and began to eat up his cock immediately.
I heard more pictures being taken. It was wild, I felt so bad. Sucking on thick, hot throbbing cock and having pictures taken of me doing it! I soon tasted his salty precum and he was shoving his meat as far down my throat as it could go. More pictures, more tongue playing, eating, and nibbling at my clit and pussy made me cum hard on his face.
I cried out, it had been so long since I had a man treat my cunt so well.
Once I came he pushed me off his face, told me to ride his cock.
I climbed on top and jammed that thick stiff cock into me hard and fast. More pictures. I wasted no time and began fucking Paul like a damned fuck-hammer.
As I bounced on his dick, he grabbed my swaying tits, and licked at my sensitive hard nipples. I soon came again all over his cock. More pictures.
He wasn’t far behind, as I heard his breaths quicken I fucked him harder and faster. He groaned out and filled me up with hot gooey cum. A few more pictures.

“Quick, take your clothes, clean up, get back into your silk outfit and I’ll tell them you’re in the bathroom”
“Will you be OK for the shoot now?” Paul said grinning.
“You know I’ll be fine” I answered
I did that as he got dressed and straightened up the set.

As I came out from the bathroom and headed back to the set I heard the lighting guy saying “Sounds as though you relaxed her to me”
They both laughed.
I wondered if Paul told him or whether our moans had gotten a little out of hand. I didn’t care. I was much more comfortable, in more ways than one now and ready to take on the world.

We got started and the hour-long shoot went by very quickly. I think Paul got what he needed. I went back to the changing room to get into my street clothes and finally go home for the day when Paul stopped in to say a few last words.
“We have plenty of good pictures for the store, thanks”
“My pleasure”, I answered
Then Paul asked me how I felt about the idea of guys getting onto their favorite porn site and jerking off to pictures of me. I told him that the idea was sort of exciting. He asked if he could use the pictures from the ‘private stash’ to do that.
I gave him permission. He thanked me and left by saying:
“I’ll get in touch when I need some new material”

Independence Day - Thoughts

In spite of everything I am proud to be an American.
In spite of the fact that I would not fit President Bush's definition, I am very much a patriot.
Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays. I'm sure one reason I'm partial to it is that I was born and raised in Philadelphia.

Below is reminder of hope that we may need these days.
America isn't perfect, but for now, it's the best imperfection I know.

A little patience, and we shall see the reign of witches pass over, their spells dissolve, and the people, recovering their true sight, restore their government to its true principles. It is true that in the meantime we are suffering deeply in spirit, and incurring the horrors of a war and long oppressions of enormous public debt. If the game runs sometimes against us at home we must have patience till luck turns, and then we shall have an opportunity of winning back the principles we have lost, for this is a game where principles are at stake,"

-- Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to John Taylor, June 4, 1798.

Monday, July 3, 2006

Wise Words From Mom

My mom sent me the following today. I really liked it and went a head and sent it on to my daughter.


When I stand up for myself and my beliefs, they call me a bitch.

When I stand up for those I love, they call me a bitch.

When I speak my mind, think my own thoughts or do things my own way,
they call me a bitch.

Being a bitch means I won't compromise what's in my heart. It means I
live my life MY way. It means I won't allow anyone to step on me.

When I refuse to tolerate injustice and speak against it, I am defined
as a bitch.

The same thing happens when I take time for myself instead of being
everyone's maid, or when I act a little selfish. It means I have the
courage and strength to allow myself to be who I truly am and won't
become anyone else's idea of what they think I "should"

I am outspoken, opinionated and determined. I want what I want and
there is nothing wrong with that!

So try to stomp on me, try to douse my inner flame, try to squash every
ounce of beauty I hold within me. You won't succeed.

And if that makes me a bitch , so be it. I embrace the title and am
proud to bear it.

B - Babe
I - In
T - Total
C - Control of
H - Herself

B = Beautiful
I = Intelligent
T = Talented
C = Charming
H = Hell of a Woman

B = Beautiful
I = Individual
T = That
C = Can
H = Handle anything