Thursday, July 6, 2006

HNT # 18 - From The 4th

Here in Maryland there are fireworks tents about every half mile this time of year.
You can buy all kinds of cool stuff, but it's illegal to set them off. Make sense?
CJ and I stopped at one a couple days before the fourth of July.
We thought here would be a good place to show off one of our purchases.


Anonymous said...

What a great picture !
My little firecracker cant wait to bust loose.
Keep up the great posts...i have really enjoyed them

Midwestenr City Boy said...

Great photograph.

So is that fireworks or a sex toy? The name is great. And the background is even better.

Dee's Husband said...

Hmmmmmm. "They" to be setting me off just fine up here in PA.


ArkayToday said...

Damn, I'm surprised you didn't set them off putting them there like that.

Crimson said...

Love it! HHNT ;)

good girl said...

Fireworks indeed! Great HNT!

Anonymous said...

Anon-glad you are enjoying

Midwest City Boy-they're real fireworks, but it would be a great name for a toy, don't you think?

Dee-glad you're 'set off', I'm a PA girl born and bred.

Glad everyone is enjoying the fireworks and the 'bangs' they bring...LOL

Kannon7 said...

Wow what more could a man ask for than all those fine pink cannisters, talk about bangs. How could you go wrong? Thanks!

Desire X said...

You have gorgeous nipples!
Don't know if anyone has said that to you lately, but it needs to be said. Now I'm off to clean the drool off of my chin.


shagnasty said...

I'd be tickled pink if I got anywhere near that firework box too ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks HER, it's been a while and it's always nice to hear.
I've never heard it from another woman and that's special...thanks

Killdare said...

That looks like a good spot for stiff objects to blow up.