Monday, July 24, 2006

The Adjustment-Part Two (The Doctor)

Again a thank you to CJ for the picture taking.
Be sure to check out Part One before you continue.

I can’t describe how relaxed I felt after my stimulation therapy. My orgasms are like wine, different ones affect me in their own way. My recent orgasms on the table were the kind that turned my muscles to Jell-O, eventually slowing my breathing, and making me totally relaxed. I don’t even know how much time I spent on the table before I heard the door open and the familiar, calm voice of my chiropractor.
“I heard you responded very well to Carol’s stimulation therapy.”, he said with just a hint of amusement in his voice. I was so relaxed and it was so true that I could only answer with a “mmmmm….yep

“My stimulation will be very different”, he said as I heard his zipper being pulled down. The rustle of clothing let me know that he had completely removed his pants. Out of curiosity I looked behind me and saw that he was coming up on my side, his shirttails barely covering what seemed to be a fine thick cock.
The doctor told me that I was on a special kind of adjustment table and proceeded to take two thick leather straps from underneath it. He flipped my skirt up and pulled my panties down just as Carol did and told me to lie there as usual and bound one strap across my shoulders, the other across my thighs. It wasn’t uncomfortable, just snug. Being held in a flat face forward position, I stared at the floor through the opening at the front end of the table while I heard him move around me. Finally he was right in front of me. Doctor Wrigley’s cock was semi-hard, his balls tightening, and his musk was streaming to my nose. He tilted the face area up and commanded me, in his words, “I need it real hard, suck it”.
He shoved his cock through the opening, past my waiting lips, over my tongue, and straight down my throat. Everything happened so fast I almost gagged. I was not in the most comfortable position in the world. It didn’t matter though; the smell and taste of cock, the feel of swelling meat, it all made me draw my cheeks in and suck!
The sound of slurps and sucks joined with his moaning, it was therapeutic without doubt. My head was still as he fucked my face. After only a few minutes I could taste his precum. It was then he announced that it was enough and pulled his much stiffer dick out of my mouth. It now stood at attention; pushing it’s way through his shirttails, definitely aiming straight for me.

He left my sight; I heard some tinkering behind me. Then…..ooowww!....cold, right between my ass. He was fingering my asshole and applying some cold generic lube to it. Doctor Wrigley told me that since I had lower back problems that his therapy was going to focus on that region. He pushed my ass slightly up in the air, at least enough that the strap would allow and grabbed my shoulders. Heat and cold were my next sensations. It was the feel of hot meat mixing with cold lube. He quickly jammed his cock up my ass. I cried out as I took all of him in. He eased partially out of me and started to fuck my ass slowly. He just rocked on me, holding onto my shoulders and jamming his stiff cock in and out of my tight crack.

Unable to move, I just took the treatment like a good girl. The treatment didn’t take too long, and soon he was quickening his pace, smacking my ass; first one cheek, then the other with his open hand. He kept pumping so hard that I could feel his nuts slapping against my swollen pussy lips. Finally, he drove his entire shaft inside me, slapped my ass one last time, screamed “BITCH!”, and emptied his balls.
He slowed, removed his deflating cock, told me the treatment was over and that I should be all right until my next adjustment in four weeks. As he removed the straps and I was able to sit up on the table I knew he was right. Thanks to Carol and Doctor Wrigley I had no sciatia or back pain. I think I’ll stick with this treatment.


Shay said...

OOooh now that DOES sound like excellent treatment for pain ^_^ hehe
And I'm sure that having your ass up in the air must do something for the back .. haha wait...
why am I trying to rationalize your "doctor"?! hehe
Again, amazing photos!!

Woody said...

Dr Woody has a special new probe for those aches and pains. Your writings are hot. Thanks for the release.

Me said...


- Cody said...

Sorry I was the one, who posted – TESTING – I wasn’t sure if my post was going to work.

Ok, thanks for shearing your very deliciously stories, I can see that you are so comfortable in doing so. However I am not of this site, rather just surfing the Net and came across your page.

I’ll be sure to put you in my favorites – for a site to come back too. Just love reading. Ok I’m babbling on – again many thanks and please keep up the wonderful writing.

- Cody

Romantic Sex Addiction said...

I now want to go back and play Dr. with Songbird.....

Camilla said...

Wow what a story!