Sunday, July 9, 2006

A Scenic Weekend

CJ and I had one of our adventures on Saturday.
We are both lovers of railroading and trains. Baltimore and Maryland being home to the first railroads in the country lends us plenty of opportunities to indulge in our mutual enjoyment of the rails.
Yesterday we took advantage of one of them: The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.

It was absolutely beautiful, green rolling mountains, the rocking of an old Pullman car, coal smoke, steam, 250 tons of a Baldwin engine. I came home with approximately 75 photos. I wish I could show them all off to you here, instead I've included two favorites.

I observed the crowds enjoying the trains. They were men and women, young and old, all different backgrounds. Trains are romantic and these people knew it. Why is it so though?
The power? The explorations? The movies we've seen where trains were major characters?
(Murder On The Orient Express, Strangers On A Train, Lady On A Train, and The Polar Express, to name a few)
What makes a train sexy?

It must have all gotten to CJ. We went through a tunnel on the trip and there were no lights in the cars or in tunnel. Pitch black. CJ quickly grabbed my tits and started groping me. I played back by finding his crotch and starting to massage.
The light at the end of the tunnel was our signal to stop. But the train doesn't have to go into the tunnel for me to know what's going on.


ArtfulDodger said...

Hey, I've been on that train before! Great time about seven or eight years ago, my son was nuts for trains back then. we had a great time. although I had no one to grope in the tunnel.

ArkayToday said...

I used to ride the MARC train into Baltimore every day. I loved it. I remember one of the conductors celeprating his 75th birthday and his 63rd anniversary working for the railroad on the same day.

RobbieG said...

I grew up in the end of the steam era. I remember being a little boy when my dad and I stood on the bridge in town to see the last regular steam engine roll through. I got a blast of steam and smoke in my face as the train passed under me on the bridge. I've been hooked on trains ever since. Cool pics.

Midwestern City Boy said...

You make riding the train seem a lot more fun then when I used to ride them. But I've never been on a steam train (except at amusement parks) only the modern commuter trains.

Anonymous said... have to try it if you ever get a chance, they are powerful, sexy, and romantic, not to mention beautiful...there are many scenic railroads all over the country.

You can tell by the previous comments that they instill all kinds of memories.