Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Adjustment-Part One (The Technician)

First and foremost I want to thank CJ for his fantastic job in taking the pictures of me for this story.
He was patient and artful and as always, made me feel special and beautiful.

My sciatica had been acting up; burning, shooting pain down my right leg is not my idea of fun. I gave in after a day of agony and went to my chiropractor. When I explained to the nurse where my pain was she consulted with the doctor and returned, telling me that some ‘stim’ therapy before the adjustment might be helpful. I consented.

I was lead down the hall to the therapy room, this area being the newest addition to my chiropractor’s wellness center as he was expanding his services. It was impressive. The room was bright with big windows; it was open and included chiropractic tables that were only about a foot of the floor, medicine balls, and a few weight and workout machines.
I was lead to the small table in the back where electrical contact pads were put on my hips and stimulating bursts of tingling electricity were shot from the machine to my pelvis and down my leg.
Carol, the technician left the room, leaving me to enjoy the small electrical bursts causing my muscles to expand and contract. I was actually relaxing, and the pain was easing. After a few moments I heard someone come into the room and latch the door. The tech said, “Everything all right Debbie?” as the room dimmed and I heard the blinds being closed. The dim room made things seem more relaxing.

Soon, comforting, warm hands were on my shoulders, rubbing and massaging them, the experienced hands quickly coaxed all my tensions out of my muscles. My tech then leaned over me and whispered in my ear, “I can make you even more relaxed Debbie.”
Her voice was sultry, her purpose obvious, at least to me. When I’m relaxed, sexuality is never far behind. She removed the contact pads and instructed me to turn onto my back because she wanted to reposition them. I turned over easily. We smiled at each other and Carol positioned my ankles farther apart, spreading my legs slightly. She flipped my skirt up so the hem was at my waist. I didn’t stop her and was curious about what her new relaxation technique would entail.
Her soft, warm fingers grasped the elastic of my panties and pulled them down to my knees. It had been a couple of weeks since I had done any pussy maintenance in regards to shaving, and Carol told me I needed less hair. She went to the sink and filled a metal bowl with warm water. Taking a bikini razor from a drawer, she returned to me and started shaving my bikini line. The act of shaving my pussy always turns me on, more so when someone else does it. By the time she was finished up, leaving only a ‘landing strip’ of hair.
I felt my juicy pussy aching. She placed the pads on either side of the landing strip and turned the machine on. Carol turned the dial to a very low setting, but I felt the tingles immediately. Remember - those busts of electricity cause muscles to expand and contract, and you know what that means – an orgasm! Carol was sitting at the foot of the table when the first one hit. It was mild, but it was there and it felt good. A small ‘aahhh’ escaped me.

As the man-made electricity stimulated me, a more natural and woman-made stimulation started. I could feel Carol’s warm, wet tongue on my swollen clit, and soon I felt my pussy ready to explode. Carol pulled back as I moaned out this time in utter and complete pleasure.
“Ohhh god, no more”, I breathlessly said to her. She turned the machine off and removed the pads. My panties were back up around my waist in no time and my skirt pulled back down. “Turn on your stomach and I’ll get you a hot towel”. She was back in a flash and placed a warm towel on my lower back.
I took a deep breath and waited for the doctor and my adjustment.


Richard said...

An erection arousing story and photos. Keep them coming.....Boredsenior

Don said...

Great story, LOVE the pics...won't be able to get out from behinf my desk for a while. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys enjoyed. Not to worry, there is a Part Two to the The Adjustment and I will post it soon.
I must admit that CJgot lots of good pics, way more that I actually needed.
What do you think I should do with them?

Shay said...

Ooh! now that's good service! ^_^

(you are an amazing model for these pictures Deb!)

Slowhand said...


I had to go to a physio to take care of my sciatica and had the same machine hooked up... sadly the same service was not offered. The Tech was way cute and we certainly had great conversations, and it was all I could do to stop myself from getting a hard on with her helping me to stretch and all, in just my underpants. definately a fantasy of mine!!!