Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I Like To Watch

The day has slowed down here at work, that doesn't happen often anymore.So what do I start doing?I start surfing through the Blogger sites, hitting that Next Blog >> button over and over again.I started to think about it and realize that I just enjoy watching....I like to watch, and of course then I started to think about my sexuality.I do like to watch. I just bought a telescope for my birthday.I'm one of the few women I know that likes pornography, pictures and movies.I also like the sound of the sex, whether it's in a motel room next to mine, or in the movies I watch.I've very verbal in bed and it turns me on to hear him moan and tell me what he wants.I'm a little picky about what porn I do like, or at least prefer, and most of it is probably because I picture myself in their place therefore:
  • Oral, always oral. A chick going crazy as a guy eats her. The sounds and sights of a naked girl giving good head....yummy!
  • Anything going on in my favorite position:doggy. Sometimes I almost want to say to the screen "Fuck that bitch"
  • The girl involved has got to have big tits, and the guy has got to pay plenty of attention to them, from caressing, to sucking and kissing, to fucking them....just worship those tits.
  • A threesome is always fun, and I don't care which way MMF or FFM, as long as looks and feels good.
Yep, I like to watch....and then cum myself.
So now, let me know what you think...

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Monday, August 29, 2005

FYI: Site Maintenance

Just a quick discussion on Comments.
This weekend I got 9 spam comments out of the 11 left on my last post.
I deleted them, and have now added Word Verification to my blog.
Sorry, I'm not blaming it on the real people...just the automated spammers.
Keep on commenting. I love to hear it. They help my creativity and make it so I don't feel so alone it some of my kinks.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Short And Sweet

Oh those kisses good-night when he pulls my hair !
I love them.
What a turn on.
I know some women don't like that who hair pull thing, but I have a beatiful mane....must have something to do with being a Leo.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Shaven and Horney, Again

What is it about shaving my pussy that gets me so hot?
Now mind you, I'm not totally clean shaven, that can get too uncomfortable for me, my skin is so sensitive. I have dark brown hair, and my pussy is/was hairy.
I really didn't get into shaving until this year. When Summer would roll around I did what I had to, to be able to wear a swimsuit, but that was about it.
Later I decided to give it a try...basically I trim.
I started off this afternoon with scissors. It had been a few weeks and I wanted to get the hair I wanted to shave shorter.
Then it was into the shower.
I shave close on the mound above my clit, then the hair on the outer lips are trimmed.
I don't know if it's the friction of the razor, or the pressure, or the tugging of my hair, or just the lack of the hair making me more sensitive, but it does turn me on.
Once I'm out of the shower and dried off I exam my work. I put two fingers on either lips and slightly spread my lips open. Oh yes, the pussy is prettier some how. It is more like the flower of pleasure that I want to present to my lover. She is pinker, my clit still slightly hiding. I can see more of her.
So I start thinking.....thinking that my lover can see more too. Since I especially like oral (giving and receiving) I think of him caressing and nibbling my clit and lips with his mouth.
So it maybe a combination of things that turn me on when I shave, bottom line is how my more sensitive pussy helps me turn on in bed.

So Dirty Debbie, What *Is* Yummy?

In this blog you'll often see the word yummy ! used.
I've used it for a long time to describe any event, feeling, or sensation that is not only good, but in some ways go above and beyond the call of duty.
So for example, in my entry "Love Me, Love My Toes" the toe sucking was yummy because it was a new experience and I enjoyed it thoroughly. My lover is yummy because he's a soulmate, he's handsome, sexy, and best of all someone who keeps me on my toes (so to speak) whether it's in bed or going through everyday life.
So some of my yummies are:
  • The way my lover plants ideas in my spirit
  • The flow of the magic between us
  • The cosmic WOW
  • His moans when we make love, especially when I suck him. Oh yes! his cock is yummy
  • Strange, witty, weirdness
  • The sound of my nipples being sucked, in fact the sound of anything being sucked does it for me, toes, cocks, nipples, lips, clits, anything.
  • Surprises and spontaneity
  • Being teased in bed by someone who knows how to
  • Those aftershocks I get after I've cum...they're weird, without any stimulation sometimes I get these tiny orgasms I call aftershocks.
  • favorite fetish: stockings, panties, bras
Well, those are just a few things to start with.
I'm really curious to find out what you think is yummy, let me know...I'd love to talk about it.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Worn Out

He's one of the only men who has ever worn me out in bed.
With my passion, that's not an easy task.
It started with small kisses good-night.
They are so wonderful, so delicious, so yummy...I wanted more, I needed more.
Our tongues dancing together. I sucked on his lips and tongue, wanting his cock.
My fingertips ran over his body as his hands caressed mine, squeezing my thighs.
My legs always spread for him so naturally, that even the feeling of my spread legs and bent knees turns me on.
His hands then found my pussy, already damp, he slightly spread my lips and caressed and played me, finding my clit, the sensation was almost overwhelming.
Then...oh one of my favorite things, something I will never get tired of: squeezing my tits (40D's, thank you very much), tweaking my nipples and finishing off by sucking on my extremely hard nipples. His moustache brushes against that tender skin and tickles me more. I watch him, play with his hair, fall more and more into our love-making at this point. I watch him, he looks terrific, manly, with my tits smothering his face and the suckling noises filling the room.
I can tell he knows how I like this, and knows what it does to me, probably because I yell out things like "OH god how you make my pussy ache" And playing and sucking on my tits does one other thing, more than anything it turns me into his cock-sucking whore.
So another thing that was a great turn was that after some extended kissing, fondling, tit playing, etc, he kneeled on the bed. His handsome stiff cock at attention for me. My face just fell on it. He tastes better than any four star dinner I've had. I swirled my tongue around that shaft, sucking lightly as he fucked my face. Along with his taste the feeling of him gliding in and out is just one more thing to get me wetter, aching more for him. Then, at the right moment he rolled me onto my back. I pulled him towards me.
I love him. I need him. I want him. I want him inside me.
I can't even describe how that first thrust feels. How that automatic way my pussy hugs his hard stiff cock. How I can actually feel heat from him. We fall into our rhythm. That rhythm that is only ours. The way he moves on me rubs my clit too and the waves of ecstasy soon start and move through me. He keeps going and keeps me going. Next he lets me ride him. I love to sit straight up on him, impaled by his man-meat, I run my hands up my body, squeeze my tits, and moan out. It makes me feel like the goddess herself. Then I fuck him harder.
Finally we end up in one of my favorite positions, doggy.
He fucks me so hard that I can feel his nice smooth big balls slap my pussy.
By now I've lost count of many times I've cum.
We eventually just collapse on the bed.
Our skins warm and damp.
Me, worn out....blissfully worn out.
Him, forever glad to please me.

Monday, August 8, 2005

Love Me...Love My Toes

Although I've known a lot of different tactile feelings in bed, last night I experienced something wonderfully delicious on the couch.
He sucked my toes ! No warning, he just did it!
yummy !
I've never had that done before, it's a very different feeling and I suggest it to anyone.
I asked him if this is what it was like when his cock was in my mouth. The answer was a resounding yes. I totally understood the draw of the blow job in a flash. The warm wet feeling in a small place. The feeling of the tongue my toes. It didn't tickle it was just a gentle stimulation.
I told my lover to definitely add that to his regular love-making repertoire.
It seemed so loving to me.
So as long as he gets blow jobs from me, I'll be wanting toe jobs from him. In fact next time I will give it a try in giving to see if he enjoys it as much.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Lovemaking vs. Hot Monkey Sex

I have had both with my soul mate. I enjoy both on different levels. Since we have gotten back together I think I needed to perform at a higher level. It has been 17 years since were last in bed together. My tastes have become more refined, some have changed, my horizons have broadened.
As with many things, when your in love, we want to share things. I wanted to share all this with him. I think I was worried he'd get bored, it was one of the causes of the break-up.
Last night made love, wonderful, perfect love. It was spontaneous, beautiful, gentle, and inspiring.
From this I realized some things - to just be me again in bed, to just love my partner the best way I know how. I don't need to go over the top every time. We need that bond that lovemaking gives us.
On the other hand-the hot monkey sex is fun too and we that every so often. It's more like play and we need to play, have fun, and be uninhibited in bed. It helps the relationship by building trust. Think about it, getting naked in front of someone takes trust, but to move onto being naked on all fours saying "spank me, I've been bad" takes even more trust, along with love.
So in the and analysis it has to be fun, non-humiliating, true and real, and feel good and right.
This all may seem like a simple insight and conclusion, but I guess I couldn't see the forest for the trees there for a while.
So honey make me bark like a dog tonight, but let me become one body with you the next.
Keep on loving.....

This Week's Declaration

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Please speak the following series of declarations at least once a day in the coming week:
"I want to drink in the brilliance of someone's beautiful eyes today.
I want to dream of the kind of intimacy I will someday be worthy of.
I want to learn to enjoy everything that I do and everything that happens to me, even if it's not what I expected or thought I needed.
I want the end of every story to be quickly followed by the beginning of the next story.
I want to go home to a home I have never known."

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Masturbation and Threesomes

These entries may not seem to follow any order, but I write about what is popping in and out of my head at any given time.
First, jerking off. It's enjoyable and even though I have a current lover I still do it. It relaxes me, is a tension reliever, helps me to get in touch with my body so I can tell my lover exactly what I want, and it feels so damn good !
I have heard him do it once. I love the sound of a guy beating on his own meat, at the time it really turned me on.
I have a couple masturbation fantasies I'd like to become real with him, this is just one:
  • I would have a fully shaved pussy, something I haven't done yet, but I'm working on it. Then put a pair of plastic pants (he has introduced me to his adult diaper kink, they feel great). Then jerk off in my normal easy way-grinding my clit onto the floor or the bed, with my hard nipples rubbing against the surface...I'd tug at them every so often, until I cum. It's all so infantile if you think about it, and I'd make him watch me every step of the way. I wonder if his cock would be dripping by the time I was done.
The second thought of the day, threesomes, something I've experienced in different combinations in my younger days. Now with more experience and less inhibitions in bed I'd like to do it again. I think he still has issues with another man pleasing me. We experienced that years ago and jealousy set in. I've thought about two women and him, but I'm not certain who the other woman might be. Since it's a fantasy (for now) I think it would be interesting if it were he and his ex-wife. I'm actually the first ex-wife, but he has another. I haven't met her, but she sounds fascinating. I'm bi-curious and would enjoy it with him. I picture him fucking me like a dog, forcing my face into her waiting warm, juicy slit. My tongue flicking and sucking on her lips and clit. The faster he fucks me, the more I eat her. When he thrusts into me hard to empty his balls, my tongue gets pushed deep inside her wet hot hole. The moans of three people fill the room and intermingle. I hear their moans become louder as they cum, all becuse of me. Finally my waves of an intense orgasm build up and my moans are muffled in her cunt.
I would enjoy a threesome of the traditional "Debbie Sandwich" too.
I do love good cock. My guy's is so good, it absolutely handsome and I tell him so. But to have two at attention, just for me, well that just fucking yummy. They could take me any way they wanted.
I'd love to have my guy sitting on my face, fucking hard, feeling those beatiful smooth balls of his slop against my chin while at the same time my legs are in the air, another cock drilling into my pussy and those balls slapping my ass.
I love being a woman that's treated right.
I love being a woman, being able to cum over and over again.