Sunday, August 21, 2005

So Dirty Debbie, What *Is* Yummy?

In this blog you'll often see the word yummy ! used.
I've used it for a long time to describe any event, feeling, or sensation that is not only good, but in some ways go above and beyond the call of duty.
So for example, in my entry "Love Me, Love My Toes" the toe sucking was yummy because it was a new experience and I enjoyed it thoroughly. My lover is yummy because he's a soulmate, he's handsome, sexy, and best of all someone who keeps me on my toes (so to speak) whether it's in bed or going through everyday life.
So some of my yummies are:
  • The way my lover plants ideas in my spirit
  • The flow of the magic between us
  • The cosmic WOW
  • His moans when we make love, especially when I suck him. Oh yes! his cock is yummy
  • Strange, witty, weirdness
  • The sound of my nipples being sucked, in fact the sound of anything being sucked does it for me, toes, cocks, nipples, lips, clits, anything.
  • Surprises and spontaneity
  • Being teased in bed by someone who knows how to
  • Those aftershocks I get after I've cum...they're weird, without any stimulation sometimes I get these tiny orgasms I call aftershocks.
  • favorite fetish: stockings, panties, bras
Well, those are just a few things to start with.
I'm really curious to find out what you think is yummy, let me know...I'd love to talk about it.


HadesAndPersephone said...

I like when you use words like "spirit" and "magic" to describe sexual experiences. It seems like so many people have forgotten that sexual union was the First Magic, the First Sacred Rite...ever. The Hieros Gamos: the sacred marriage.

So...maybe I missed it, but what is the whole story of your romance with this guy? You mentioned having been apart for a very long time. What happened? What was your life like during the between time? Marriage? Children?

The Underworld wants to know more.

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy your visits, I love your insights...I want to say to you 'Yes!, that's it, you get it!'
As for our relationship:
We were together for a total of 7 years between 1979 and 1986, 5 of which we were married and had a daughter (she's wonderful I call her the star-child)
After the divorce, he disappeared, no support...neither I nor my daughter saw him. There was a lot of hurt and anger in me.
In January of last year, he starting looking for his daughter, in finding her he found me. We spoke again for the first time in 17 years. The spark was still there, with much wiser people. The physical attraction was still there too, even though all we were doing was speaking over the phone.
Long story short, over the course of last year: we finally met face to face, left the people we were seeing at the time, decided to get back together, found a place in Baltimore MD (where the star-child goes to art school)to live, and have been there for 8 months now.
So far, so good.
We are soul mates.

Anonymous said...
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