Monday, August 8, 2005

Love Me...Love My Toes

Although I've known a lot of different tactile feelings in bed, last night I experienced something wonderfully delicious on the couch.
He sucked my toes ! No warning, he just did it!
yummy !
I've never had that done before, it's a very different feeling and I suggest it to anyone.
I asked him if this is what it was like when his cock was in my mouth. The answer was a resounding yes. I totally understood the draw of the blow job in a flash. The warm wet feeling in a small place. The feeling of the tongue my toes. It didn't tickle it was just a gentle stimulation.
I told my lover to definitely add that to his regular love-making repertoire.
It seemed so loving to me.
So as long as he gets blow jobs from me, I'll be wanting toe jobs from him. In fact next time I will give it a try in giving to see if he enjoys it as much.


Anonymous said...

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HadesAndPersephone said...

I have only ever known one woman that enjoyed her toes being sucked. It tickles Persephone, although I think she has the most adorable feet in the world! Now, fingers? Delicious! I love it when I am making love to Persephone and she slides one of her fingers into my mouth...or when she sucks on one of my fingers while I am stroking her.

Anonymous said...

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