Sunday, August 21, 2005

Shaven and Horney, Again

What is it about shaving my pussy that gets me so hot?
Now mind you, I'm not totally clean shaven, that can get too uncomfortable for me, my skin is so sensitive. I have dark brown hair, and my pussy is/was hairy.
I really didn't get into shaving until this year. When Summer would roll around I did what I had to, to be able to wear a swimsuit, but that was about it.
Later I decided to give it a try...basically I trim.
I started off this afternoon with scissors. It had been a few weeks and I wanted to get the hair I wanted to shave shorter.
Then it was into the shower.
I shave close on the mound above my clit, then the hair on the outer lips are trimmed.
I don't know if it's the friction of the razor, or the pressure, or the tugging of my hair, or just the lack of the hair making me more sensitive, but it does turn me on.
Once I'm out of the shower and dried off I exam my work. I put two fingers on either lips and slightly spread my lips open. Oh yes, the pussy is prettier some how. It is more like the flower of pleasure that I want to present to my lover. She is pinker, my clit still slightly hiding. I can see more of her.
So I start thinking.....thinking that my lover can see more too. Since I especially like oral (giving and receiving) I think of him caressing and nibbling my clit and lips with his mouth.
So it maybe a combination of things that turn me on when I shave, bottom line is how my more sensitive pussy helps me turn on in bed.


HadesAndPersephone said...

I agree - partly. I love when Persephone has trimmed because it gives me more access to her pussy while I am devouring her. I hate hair getting stuck in my teeth, and its easier for me to lick her in all the right places when there is more skin bared. Shaven bald? Not for me - I need some hair for scent. I love her animal scent and musky flavor.

afp763389 said...

great prose :)

Rob Newbold said...

Hi Debbie! Penny told me that she agrees.. she gets turned on when she shaves too.

Anonymous said...

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