Monday, August 15, 2005

Worn Out

He's one of the only men who has ever worn me out in bed.
With my passion, that's not an easy task.
It started with small kisses good-night.
They are so wonderful, so delicious, so yummy...I wanted more, I needed more.
Our tongues dancing together. I sucked on his lips and tongue, wanting his cock.
My fingertips ran over his body as his hands caressed mine, squeezing my thighs.
My legs always spread for him so naturally, that even the feeling of my spread legs and bent knees turns me on.
His hands then found my pussy, already damp, he slightly spread my lips and caressed and played me, finding my clit, the sensation was almost overwhelming.
Then...oh one of my favorite things, something I will never get tired of: squeezing my tits (40D's, thank you very much), tweaking my nipples and finishing off by sucking on my extremely hard nipples. His moustache brushes against that tender skin and tickles me more. I watch him, play with his hair, fall more and more into our love-making at this point. I watch him, he looks terrific, manly, with my tits smothering his face and the suckling noises filling the room.
I can tell he knows how I like this, and knows what it does to me, probably because I yell out things like "OH god how you make my pussy ache" And playing and sucking on my tits does one other thing, more than anything it turns me into his cock-sucking whore.
So another thing that was a great turn was that after some extended kissing, fondling, tit playing, etc, he kneeled on the bed. His handsome stiff cock at attention for me. My face just fell on it. He tastes better than any four star dinner I've had. I swirled my tongue around that shaft, sucking lightly as he fucked my face. Along with his taste the feeling of him gliding in and out is just one more thing to get me wetter, aching more for him. Then, at the right moment he rolled me onto my back. I pulled him towards me.
I love him. I need him. I want him. I want him inside me.
I can't even describe how that first thrust feels. How that automatic way my pussy hugs his hard stiff cock. How I can actually feel heat from him. We fall into our rhythm. That rhythm that is only ours. The way he moves on me rubs my clit too and the waves of ecstasy soon start and move through me. He keeps going and keeps me going. Next he lets me ride him. I love to sit straight up on him, impaled by his man-meat, I run my hands up my body, squeeze my tits, and moan out. It makes me feel like the goddess herself. Then I fuck him harder.
Finally we end up in one of my favorite positions, doggy.
He fucks me so hard that I can feel his nice smooth big balls slap my pussy.
By now I've lost count of many times I've cum.
We eventually just collapse on the bed.
Our skins warm and damp.
Me, worn out....blissfully worn out.
Him, forever glad to please me.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm. sounds quite yummy like you said!
40DD's! Damn Girl! I'd love to shove my 8 inches of man meat in you and fuck you until you come all over MY balls!
Keep it up (so to speak)

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Gillian said...

Debbie this is exceptional, I love that you write so well and so enjoy your lovemaking. I also love that you got back with your partner after such a gap, thats particularly nice.

All the best.

Anonymous said...
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