Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I Like To Watch

The day has slowed down here at work, that doesn't happen often anymore.So what do I start doing?I start surfing through the Blogger sites, hitting that Next Blog >> button over and over again.I started to think about it and realize that I just enjoy watching....I like to watch, and of course then I started to think about my sexuality.I do like to watch. I just bought a telescope for my birthday.I'm one of the few women I know that likes pornography, pictures and movies.I also like the sound of the sex, whether it's in a motel room next to mine, or in the movies I watch.I've very verbal in bed and it turns me on to hear him moan and tell me what he wants.I'm a little picky about what porn I do like, or at least prefer, and most of it is probably because I picture myself in their place therefore:
  • Oral, always oral. A chick going crazy as a guy eats her. The sounds and sights of a naked girl giving good head....yummy!
  • Anything going on in my favorite position:doggy. Sometimes I almost want to say to the screen "Fuck that bitch"
  • The girl involved has got to have big tits, and the guy has got to pay plenty of attention to them, from caressing, to sucking and kissing, to fucking them....just worship those tits.
  • A threesome is always fun, and I don't care which way MMF or FFM, as long as looks and feels good.
Yep, I like to watch....and then cum myself.
So now, let me know what you think...

So Do You Like Porno too?

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brewhaha said...

What do I think? I think Debbie is a nasty girl...hehe thats why I keep coming back here :) Seriously, my wife and I enjoy porn a lot, we usualy don't make it through the entire movie before going at it hot and heavy.
One word about big tits...YES, I am so much a tit man, but they must be sensative big tits, the kind that by hot breath or a couple of licks will invoke a moan or quicken breathing.
My wife enjoys a vibrator on her nipples,and gentle bitting.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you back I alwys say: 'keep on cumming'...LOL
Your wife and I are kindered spirits it sounds like we like some of the same things...
Yep, we never get through the whole movie. I think the n=only people who do are the ones watching it alone.
I have big tits and I'm with a tit man. My nipples are extremely sensitive, he knows if he sucks and bites my nipples I'll beg to suck his cock in no time.
As for the vibrator, I'm surprised I haven't thought of that...I'll have to try it next time...

bedroomdancer said...

Debbie, don't think you are the only woman that loves porn, I think more do than let on. Just afraid to admit it. I don't watch a lot, but it definatley gets me ready.

Anonymous said...
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