Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Things I'd Love To Do To You

Oh, the things I'd love to do to you.
The things, feelings, expressions we can share.
I think about it often.
I think of the things we have already shared. The power you inject into me.
Yes, you help me to be the goddess.

[I made written notes for this entry on July 14th and I'm now getting around to posting, it took me a while to find a good blog site]

I'm alone in the office today, so those thoughts creep into my nympho brain, my pussy is damp, and my thoughts of 'him' are dirty.
I think of the way he kisses me, I love the way he pushes his tongue down on mine. It starts out so usual, so normal, then it reaches that point when I can feel his tongue straight down through me to my pussy. I warm up and I want to fall into him.
I wonder what it would be like if he and I had 'cybered'. I don't think he had a lot of experience with that and how freeing it is. It's a terrific way to act out fantasies 'safely'.
It made me curious.
It made me more comfortable in bed.
It made me kinkier.
I experimented more, learned I enjoyed spanking, mild bondage, playing the sub, anilingus, talking dirty, really dirty, among other things.
What kind of fantasy would that be like to play out once he got his own computer, perhaps set up in his upstairs office, while mine is downstairs in my office?
Most importantly cybering taught me how to express what I wanted in bed. I learned to ask for what I wanted and I would usually get it, making the entire experience more fulfilling for both me and my partner.
Conversely, I learned to give what was asked for. It so damn freeing, so exciting. It's trust.
I want to give him all he wants and take in everything he wants to give me.
The cybering also made me better at and helped me to enjoy phone sex...a real treat if you're missing someone and it's done right.
I get so turned on by talking or typing dirty !.....yummy
It can be such a good tease.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Intro and Bio

I Need An Outlet

I started this blog just because I have an active imagination and I needed an outlet.
I enjoy sex, have a wonderful loving partner that is my soulmate, and my dirty little mind is going to be on these pages. Some things are just fantasy, others facts, others ideas and even current events that may apply.

I studied Psychology and Biology in college to be a Sex Therapist, although I do work in the mental health field, that dream never came into being.
Instead I married, had a wonderful daughter, who is now in art school, got divorced, dated a little, and reunited with my ex after 17 years of not being in touch at all.

I am free in my expressions through my body, sex and love-making are forms of art to me.
I hope you feel just as free here to let me know what you enjoy right along with with me.