Sunday, September 30, 2007

An Outline

Sure, it happens every so often. We've all read the excuses that bloggers write about their lack of recent writing.
I make no apologies or excuses. There are other things going on in my life other than my blog.

Here's some things that have happened over the past couple of weeks to me.
  • I've starting working out at Curves.
  • CJ almost made me late for work by waking me up with a hard-on.
  • I had a make over done with my boss.
  • Been to the company picnic to serve food and volleyballs.
  • Been to a brunch to thank the team I work on for all their hard work.
  • Got a phone call on the way to that brunch because the kid was in an accident in the New York subway, falling between the platform and the doors of the train. We're just thankful it wasn't worse.
  • Got a new car for CJ, a Cadillac Catera.
  • Planned the annual trip to AC with mom for next week.
  • Went to a great concert/laser show by Several Species, a Pink Floyd tribute band.
  • Had some great seminar in trauma training.
  • Have been re-certified in CPR.
  • Have been just plain weary and spent lately, but I am still working on re-charging, between CJ and my workouts I think it's working.
  • Haven't written much in the blog or to the people I owe e-mails.
No worries the cheating story will continue. I know what I want to write, I just haven't put it to paper yet.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Got The Message

After only about a day and a half of voting it seems to be a runaway.
I will finish up the story in more than three installments for the first time on my blog, and I hope you enjoy them. I will putting pen to paper, as it were, this weekend hopefully.
Thanks for the feedback everyone, and keep enjoying.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

What Do You Want?

To My Readers:
Just like in bed folks, if you don't let me know what you want I can't give it to you.
I haven't had much feedback on the last three installments of my story, "Does This Describe You?"
So let me know what you need.
Along with voting, please make additional comment on anything you'd like to see or read.
Thank you all for reading and understanding I just want to make it good for you. It's never been all about me.

Do I continue with the cheating story?
Yes, but wrap it up quickly..
Yes, take as many installments as you need.
No, I don't like the subject matter.
Free polls from

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

CBW #63 - I Like!

This was a perfect submission from my new friend GF.
He's at attention and popping out of his fly....YUMMY!
GF included in his email "Hope it's to your liking"
Trust me it is!

Now guys, this is my last submission from actual readers. I have other pictures from the web, but I'd rather see Dirty Debbie's readers.
So please email me (it's on my profile) with a picture of your cock in my favorite position: stiff and escaping from your pants.
I look forward to seeing who rises to the occasion.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Does This Describe You? (Appreciation I)

Be sure to read Part II first

When James came home that evening I again had to push some of the realities of my life into the dark corners of my heart. I was lying by omission and I had my own secret, the more I thought about it the more I thought I should tell James or leave.
I did neither and held onto my life.

Over the next couple of months James seemed to loose more and more interest in me. Things were merely cordial sometimes, as though we were nothing but friendly roommates. I think it was because of this that my correspondence with Mark became more frequent. He had written me, describing himself in many of the same ways I did. He sent along a picture as promised. He was obviously on vacation at the beach, in a Panama hat, Hawaiian shirt, and a big inviting grin on his face.

Each of his emails would make me more and more curious. After about a month we agreed to start chatting online. We were able to learn more about each other, ask questions, speak of daily events, and tease each other. I felt at ease and I believe that he did too. It never went any further than that. Although he asked, I wouldn’t even speak to him on the phone.

Then something happened that exacerbated the whole situation. I heard news from a neighbor. He told me that he had seen James with another woman, someone that he didn’t recognize in a local restaurant. From what he told me, these were on days that James had told me that he was at work or out of town.
I remained unshaken and stoic. I did not confront James, it wasn’t time yet.

At least I had a friend that I could share my feelings with. I wrote to Mark immediately. In the email I enclosed my first pictures of myself in more alluring poses. One was of me in a satin nightshirt, unbuttoned; it showed off my hard nipples and trimmed pussy quite nicely. The other was a picture of me on all fours on my bed, wearing only my black thigh high stockings. I was bold in what I told Mark I wanted in returned. I wanted to know that I still made a man hard, even want me. I explained what I had learned about James and I was at the point where I almost didn’t care anymore. It was the fact he would make a fool out of me that was bothering me the most.

Mark’s reply was sympathetic and calming. He assured me, and told me to remain calm and not do anything in anger. Then he told more of the things I really needed to hear. He told me how much both his mind and his cock delighted in the pictures I had sent. He spoke of his cock twitching for me, wanting me. He continued by telling me in detail the things he would do to my body to make me beg for him inside me. Just the descriptions of the different kisses had my entire body in heat. Passionate kisses on my mouth and lips, lighter kisses on my ears, nibbling kisses on my neck, suckling kisses on my tits, almost airy kisses on my stomach and arms, quick kisses on my thighs, and of course, the special gentle kisses used to explore my pussy.
Just the descriptions of his kisses made me want to spread myself naked on my bed for him and allow him anything he wanted. I would give him anything he needed. I told him so in my reply.
I finished off on a philosophical, rather than carnal note:
I'm tired of denials.
I'm tired of mind games I'm playing with myself.

I’m tired of starting sentences with 'forgive
 me'...all of that is

I'm not telling you many things you don't already know, now am I?
I know what I wanted to do next, but I wanted to be sure, I wanted to hear the same from Mark. This time I waited, patient as always.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Does This Describe You? (Reply II)

Don't forget to check out Part I first

James returned from his uneventful business trip the next evening. Everything was seemingly the same. There was no way that he could tell I was experiencing a moral dilemma. The fight with my demons was kept well hidden, deep inside me.
Every chance I could, usually once in the morning and once at night, I was searching for a reply. I didn’t know if his reply would be public, on the bulletin board, I had hoped not, or private, in my own inbox.
Both remained vacant. After a couple of days I figured that it was karma. I was being shown that the whole thing was a bad idea and I started to check less often.

I was having my coffee on a sunny day as I perused my inbox when I saw something that sent shivers down my back, not to mention other places:

AdamsMark01 Intrigued

Dear Debbie

Of the few replies I received to my ad, yours seemed to be the most real, the most human, and I was intrigued.
I respect that you don’t want to cheat on your husband, but are free enough to perhaps chat and trade some pictures.
I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want to. What do you think of the idea of trading regular pictures (nothing in the nude) and you tell me more about yourself like what kind of things please you in bed. What newness and attention do you need?
I truly look forward to hearing from you.
Enjoy your day

Once I finished reading the email, and rereading it, I slammed down the lid off my laptop. I sat at my sunny breakfast table in shock. He actually chose to write back to me! My mind was racing with what I would write in my reply. I took a deep breath, got another cup of coffee, and opened the lid of my laptop. I chose a recent picture of myself in a little black dress. I then proceeded to write a long reply. Something in me just let loose, it’s as though I had to let someone know about my fetishes, my fantasies, and my needs. First, I told him of my philosophy regarding adult consensual sex. I explained the natural view I have about sex, that it invigorates me and makes me feel younger. The passion and attention that I show my lover and at the same time expect.

I moved on to my special fetishes, my preferences, some of the things I really enjoy in my favorite playground, my bed. The feel of natural fibers against my skin, silk to leather. That I like to collect nice lingerie and panties. I was proud of that collection and enjoyed showing it off. I liked a man who took his time and as we explored and worship every part of each other’s bodies. I felt as though I should move onto my fondness of kinkier things like bondage and discipline, my ability to get submissive, and role-play as a start. Other little things I included were the way talking dirty turned me on, my toy drawer and its contents, that I was bi-curious, and longed to write erotica. I finished up with the fact that just writing the reply had me turned on and I was going to get my waterproof rabbit vibrator and jerk off in the shower.
I let Mark know that I was anxious to hear back from him and hit the Send button.

I stripped, got my rabbit out of my toy drawer, and got into the shower. The little rabbit ears tickled my clit perfectly as I pumped my pussy on the purple life like shaft. I came easily and exploded, again moaning in an empty house.

Again, I was waiting, but this time I knew an adventure was on it’s way.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Does This Describe You? (Reply I)

Are you Married and Not Getting What you Deserve? - m4w - 38 Hi, does your husband not appreciate all that you do for him? Does he not tell you how beautiful you are every morning? Does he just roll over when you want to have some sexy fun? Does he not listen when you want to tell him about your hopes and dreams? And, most importantly, is he not a giving lover who knows how to please you?

I know some women out there must fit that description. I'm a 38 year old professional, educated, attractive (5'9", in shape), black hair, hazel eyed guy who is happily married but who misses that exciting feeling of being with someone new. You know, the first time someone new leans forward for a kiss. The first time that person goes down on you, and vice versa. And the hot kinky fun that can be had of being with someone when the main purpose is sexual fulfillment.

If you know what I'm talking about, then you definitely should write. I will gladly trade pics and we can see what happens. Talk to you (those of you who are looking for adventure :) ) soon.
I was living in a small town when I first read this on a personal bulletin board on the Internet. Whoever wrote these few paragraphs was good. He had my attention at the first line and each sentence drew me in further.
I was so ashamed. Could I actually be thinking about cheating on my husband?
I loved my husband very much. Over the past 20 something years we had what I would consider a typical marriage, not boring, we had interesting lives on our own and a wonderful shared life.
There was just one problem. The problem was described in the personal posting with one sentence: Does he just roll over when you want to have some sexy fun?
I liked sexy fun. My husband, James, used to like it, but lately hasn’t been very attentive in that department. The children were out of the house now, we were empty nesters and I had pictured a revival of our sex life, but it didn’t happen.
I had even started to entertain the idea that he was cheating on me. I hoped it wasn’t true, but I was running out of reasons. Occasionally he would try to assure me, or we would fight about it, but nothing ever seemed resolved. Nothing ever changed. I know that being a couple is more than having sex. I do know that being a couple does and should involve intimacy, the bringing together and sharing of two lives. I just wasn’t feeling it. I wasn’t feeling wanted in that special way.
I kept rereading the post a few times over the course of a week.
Cheating was wrong. Getting fucked, feeling good wasn’t worth what I’d lose.
I forgot about it and didn’t do anything.
The following week I was again alone, James was on an overnight business trip, and I was looking over the bulletin board again. And again, that mystery writer appeared. I assumed he hadn’t gotten an answer yet.
This time it was a different sentence that I kept rereading: If you know what I'm talking about, then you definitely should write. I will gladly trade pics and we can see what happens.
I thought, “That’s not physically cheating”. It was then I started on a roller coaster ride I had never expected.
I replied to his email address with the following:

Dear Sir:

I don’t fit all of the things you describe, but enough of them that I was moved to reply.
I don’t remember the last time I was told I was sexy and beautiful. He does more than just roll over; he falls asleep without a word. I know he has the ability to be a giving lover and please, I just haven’t seen that side of him in a couple of years.
I don’t want to cheat on him, but I would like to trade pics with you and have someone who will understand.
I’m not a lunatic. I’m not bringing any baggage along.
Let me know if your interested and I’ll send some pictures.

After that, I walked away from the computer and went to the living room. I relaxed down on the couch and sort of meditated on what I just did. The more I thought, the hornier I got. James was gone so let my hand wander under my light cotton bikini briefs and to my needy pussy. I thought of my mystery man showing me a world sexual adventure. A man that would pleasure me in a dozen ways. My first two fingers spread my pussy lips and I began to rub my clit. I softly moaned as thoughts of my wet pussy being eaten by this man, thoughts of his mouth exploring my entire body, my ears, neck, breasts, nipples, elbows, knees, thighs, toes, and back again. I got wetter and slipped two fingers into my pussy as my thumb stayed on my clit. I thought of this man showing me his thick throbbing cock. I slowly fucked my own fingers as in my mind he begged me to taste him. I was so relaxed; this was a good jerking off session. Then I imagined he teased me with his cock at the entrance of my aching pussy. I played with my pussy deftly as I thought of being fucked like a whore by this person and soaked my fingers as I grunted and moaned out in an empty room.
The reality was that the only feeling of skin against skin was my own.

For now, I just have to wait and see what happens.

CBW #62 - All Dressed UP

Some guys just look great in a tuxedo, don't you think.
James seems to be one of those men, delicious and elegant at the same time.

Monday, September 3, 2007

The Yearning

I am writing this early Sunday evening. I am visiting both my mother and my daughter, but CJ is not with me. I do not have a private area to bring out the Dirty Debbie in me, but I wanted to put keyboard to screen as it were and get some feelings out.
The separations has happened before
Whether a weekend or years it’s the same
An incompleteness
This time, reason unknown, I ache more
This morning
The cool air hardened my nipples
Was the breeze CJ, I wished that it were.

That’s it, put the shortest way I know.
Maybe the fact that I can’t express it as well as I’d like is something in and of itself. Maybe that makes the readers think to themselves, yes I know.
So it’s not such a bad thing, I know this time tomorrow I will be on my way home in more ways than one.