Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Does This Describe You? (Reply I)

Are you Married and Not Getting What you Deserve? - m4w - 38 Hi, does your husband not appreciate all that you do for him? Does he not tell you how beautiful you are every morning? Does he just roll over when you want to have some sexy fun? Does he not listen when you want to tell him about your hopes and dreams? And, most importantly, is he not a giving lover who knows how to please you?

I know some women out there must fit that description. I'm a 38 year old professional, educated, attractive (5'9", in shape), black hair, hazel eyed guy who is happily married but who misses that exciting feeling of being with someone new. You know, the first time someone new leans forward for a kiss. The first time that person goes down on you, and vice versa. And the hot kinky fun that can be had of being with someone when the main purpose is sexual fulfillment.

If you know what I'm talking about, then you definitely should write. I will gladly trade pics and we can see what happens. Talk to you (those of you who are looking for adventure :) ) soon.
I was living in a small town when I first read this on a personal bulletin board on the Internet. Whoever wrote these few paragraphs was good. He had my attention at the first line and each sentence drew me in further.
I was so ashamed. Could I actually be thinking about cheating on my husband?
I loved my husband very much. Over the past 20 something years we had what I would consider a typical marriage, not boring, we had interesting lives on our own and a wonderful shared life.
There was just one problem. The problem was described in the personal posting with one sentence: Does he just roll over when you want to have some sexy fun?
I liked sexy fun. My husband, James, used to like it, but lately hasn’t been very attentive in that department. The children were out of the house now, we were empty nesters and I had pictured a revival of our sex life, but it didn’t happen.
I had even started to entertain the idea that he was cheating on me. I hoped it wasn’t true, but I was running out of reasons. Occasionally he would try to assure me, or we would fight about it, but nothing ever seemed resolved. Nothing ever changed. I know that being a couple is more than having sex. I do know that being a couple does and should involve intimacy, the bringing together and sharing of two lives. I just wasn’t feeling it. I wasn’t feeling wanted in that special way.
I kept rereading the post a few times over the course of a week.
Cheating was wrong. Getting fucked, feeling good wasn’t worth what I’d lose.
I forgot about it and didn’t do anything.
The following week I was again alone, James was on an overnight business trip, and I was looking over the bulletin board again. And again, that mystery writer appeared. I assumed he hadn’t gotten an answer yet.
This time it was a different sentence that I kept rereading: If you know what I'm talking about, then you definitely should write. I will gladly trade pics and we can see what happens.
I thought, “That’s not physically cheating”. It was then I started on a roller coaster ride I had never expected.
I replied to his email address with the following:

Dear Sir:

I don’t fit all of the things you describe, but enough of them that I was moved to reply.
I don’t remember the last time I was told I was sexy and beautiful. He does more than just roll over; he falls asleep without a word. I know he has the ability to be a giving lover and please, I just haven’t seen that side of him in a couple of years.
I don’t want to cheat on him, but I would like to trade pics with you and have someone who will understand.
I’m not a lunatic. I’m not bringing any baggage along.
Let me know if your interested and I’ll send some pictures.

After that, I walked away from the computer and went to the living room. I relaxed down on the couch and sort of meditated on what I just did. The more I thought, the hornier I got. James was gone so let my hand wander under my light cotton bikini briefs and to my needy pussy. I thought of my mystery man showing me a world sexual adventure. A man that would pleasure me in a dozen ways. My first two fingers spread my pussy lips and I began to rub my clit. I softly moaned as thoughts of my wet pussy being eaten by this man, thoughts of his mouth exploring my entire body, my ears, neck, breasts, nipples, elbows, knees, thighs, toes, and back again. I got wetter and slipped two fingers into my pussy as my thumb stayed on my clit. I thought of this man showing me his thick throbbing cock. I slowly fucked my own fingers as in my mind he begged me to taste him. I was so relaxed; this was a good jerking off session. Then I imagined he teased me with his cock at the entrance of my aching pussy. I played with my pussy deftly as I thought of being fucked like a whore by this person and soaked my fingers as I grunted and moaned out in an empty room.
The reality was that the only feeling of skin against skin was my own.

For now, I just have to wait and see what happens.


Alfie said...

That is so sexy!

Bunny said...

Oh, I love mystery man fantasies! This is fabulous and very sexy!

Dirty Debbie said...

Got to love the mystery men fantasies...hold on there's a lot more to this mystery....yummy!