Friday, September 7, 2007

Does This Describe You? (Reply II)

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James returned from his uneventful business trip the next evening. Everything was seemingly the same. There was no way that he could tell I was experiencing a moral dilemma. The fight with my demons was kept well hidden, deep inside me.
Every chance I could, usually once in the morning and once at night, I was searching for a reply. I didn’t know if his reply would be public, on the bulletin board, I had hoped not, or private, in my own inbox.
Both remained vacant. After a couple of days I figured that it was karma. I was being shown that the whole thing was a bad idea and I started to check less often.

I was having my coffee on a sunny day as I perused my inbox when I saw something that sent shivers down my back, not to mention other places:

AdamsMark01 Intrigued

Dear Debbie

Of the few replies I received to my ad, yours seemed to be the most real, the most human, and I was intrigued.
I respect that you don’t want to cheat on your husband, but are free enough to perhaps chat and trade some pictures.
I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want to. What do you think of the idea of trading regular pictures (nothing in the nude) and you tell me more about yourself like what kind of things please you in bed. What newness and attention do you need?
I truly look forward to hearing from you.
Enjoy your day

Once I finished reading the email, and rereading it, I slammed down the lid off my laptop. I sat at my sunny breakfast table in shock. He actually chose to write back to me! My mind was racing with what I would write in my reply. I took a deep breath, got another cup of coffee, and opened the lid of my laptop. I chose a recent picture of myself in a little black dress. I then proceeded to write a long reply. Something in me just let loose, it’s as though I had to let someone know about my fetishes, my fantasies, and my needs. First, I told him of my philosophy regarding adult consensual sex. I explained the natural view I have about sex, that it invigorates me and makes me feel younger. The passion and attention that I show my lover and at the same time expect.

I moved on to my special fetishes, my preferences, some of the things I really enjoy in my favorite playground, my bed. The feel of natural fibers against my skin, silk to leather. That I like to collect nice lingerie and panties. I was proud of that collection and enjoyed showing it off. I liked a man who took his time and as we explored and worship every part of each other’s bodies. I felt as though I should move onto my fondness of kinkier things like bondage and discipline, my ability to get submissive, and role-play as a start. Other little things I included were the way talking dirty turned me on, my toy drawer and its contents, that I was bi-curious, and longed to write erotica. I finished up with the fact that just writing the reply had me turned on and I was going to get my waterproof rabbit vibrator and jerk off in the shower.
I let Mark know that I was anxious to hear back from him and hit the Send button.

I stripped, got my rabbit out of my toy drawer, and got into the shower. The little rabbit ears tickled my clit perfectly as I pumped my pussy on the purple life like shaft. I came easily and exploded, again moaning in an empty house.

Again, I was waiting, but this time I knew an adventure was on it’s way.

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