Saturday, September 19, 2009

All Good Things...

Greetings to all.

As you all know my world changed on the Summer Solstice (June 21st) this year. My mother passed away and the event sent me, after the major grieving, into a wonderful world of contemplation and discovery. For the most part it's all been good. It seems as though CJ and have been closer and more in tune.

I had my 50th birthday last month. More time for learning, contemplation, enjoyment, celebration, and love. For sorting out truths and lies, reality and fantasy,importance and worthlessness.

So as we move from the Solstice to the Equinox and have decided to end this. It ends on a high note!
The journey was exciting, fun, and different. I had never done anything like this before.
Thank you everyone.
Don't misunderstand me, lovemaking is still as important and fun as ever! That will never change.

I won't be taking down the site, I am still getting comments from people reading stories from a year ago! So people can still enjoy all the pics and stories.
And please keep visiting all the great sites on my blogroll. Each one has it's own special offering.

So I quote:
Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.
~Garrison Keillor

Footnote: My mom died of Stage 4 small cell metastatic lung cancer after being a smoker for 60 years.
If you need help quitting check out: the Smoke Free website.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


After reading many comments on my last entry I wanted to let all my readers how much I've appreciated the thoughts and how kind they were.

My mother, like any good mom, helped teach me to enjoy life. She helped me to stand up for myself. As I stumbled throughout life to find myself she was always there and I was a late bloomer so there was a lot work for her.
I'm going through many different emotions now. It's not like when my father passed away.
I'm working through a variety of unfamiliar emotions.

I know that my mother wouldn't want my life and passions to die with her.
If I do come back to this blog I will try to remember that.

Again, let me thank my readers not only in sending their thoughts and encouragement. It was nice to know that Dirty Debbie is a real person who's passion is not limited to those of a sexual nature.

Keep enjoying. Breathe.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


There is no good way to start this post. I am about to become more real to my readers than I ever have before. Please indulge me while I expose my soft underbelly.

A catastrophic event has occur ed in my life. My mother has become terminal ill with lung cancer. It's to the point where I will have to be making some very difficult decisions in the coming weeks and months ahead. I am at home only about 3 days a week now, spending the rest of the time 100 miles away to be at the hospital.

Another difficulty I have right now is thinking much about myself, let alone my sexual self. Therefore I am stopping posting. Dirty Debbie is not one of those failed idle blogs, quite the contrary. These are circumstances that no one could foresee.

The wheel of life turns and there is a possibility that this diary will start a new book down the road next year. I'm hoping that I'll be able to do that. I'm going to keep a list of readers that would like to be notified if the site starts up again. If you'd like to be put on that list. Email me here. Or click on one of the links on the sidebar.

My hope for everyone is to keep loving each other, keep enjoying each other, and remember that every day needs to be savored.

See you in the blogsphere....debbie

#116 CBW Faithfully Submit

HH has always been a faithful submitter, happily giving me pictures of his stiff cock. Spring has sprung and HH has a cock that is straining to spring for me again.
Thanks again HH.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

#115 CBW Fresh and Foreign

I believe this is one of our first submissions from Europe (Belgium). He sent 7 pictures to choose from and that was one more thing that was hard in the submission. I chose one eventually, it was fun. I call this one "a dick at dawn".
What a wonderful, fresh, yummy cock.

Thanks L. for sending this over and keep enjoying.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

EOM Sensual Art #2 - Springtime

May ends and we welcome June, springtime continues and it's lovely.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

CBW #114 - Photo Session

Mr Blue was kind enough to send along a pic from a session of cock photography. As he put it "Not a bad looking cock....and I like the jeans"
Exactly why you're now a part of Debbie's CBW.

There's never enough CBW, so send me your special pic for Dirty Debbie to feature.
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CBW Submission

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CBW #113 - To The Point

Mr. A. made this CBW easy and straight to the point by just saying in his email,
"Hope you enjoy it"
Mr. A. I don't think you ever have to worry about that with Dirty Debbie and her readers. Thanks for a great pic of your happy cock. Keep enjoying.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CBW #112 Ahh The Internet

Mr J wrote to me to tell me that he had never posted his cock on the Internet, but the thought of it "makes me want to cum all over"
Hope you explode with this post Mr J.

I for one, really liked the perspective the picture was taken from.

There's never enough CBW, so send me your special pic for Dirty Debbie to feature.
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CBW Submission

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Love Yourself !

Spring blooms in May, so why don't you? It's National Masturbation Month. Take some part of this month to learn to love yourself more.
A large part of my sex life is loving myself. Some people may find it lonely or desperate, but it is fun and can be a way great way to discover yourself.For the gals there's all sorts of fun toys and instructions:
Jamye Waxman's "Getting Off"
Babeland is my favorite toy store and some of their new toys are described on the Babeland blog.

For men, women, and couples has a lot of articles to choose from here.

Finally if you need a little more help click for Fleshbot's Flesh Flicks.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Stranger Could Be Fun

It has now been a year since CJ and I have been on a vacation. Our last one was to New Orleans and is described here, Second Honeymoon.

Our next adventure has been planned and it is something neither of us has done before. We have planned a cruise to the Western Caribbean. I won’t go onto all the details here. Suffice to say that it looks like one of the most sensational and fun vacations I’ve seen in a while. We may hit a bit of a snag though. Our cruise is visiting Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Mexico. As of now there is no change, but we don’t know what the status of swine flu will be by the end of June and it’s impact, if any, on our Mexican port of call.

The other night, while doing my best to fall asleep, I starting thinking about fun on a gigantic cruise ship with a casino, spa, restaurants, bars, clubs, theaters, etc.
What I started to think about was “What if we just had to spend an extra day on the ship?”
This is assuming that we just didn’t disembark at our Mexican port of call. Below is what I came up with, it’s not totally formulated, but it’s a beginning. The more I thought about it, the more I realized we could do it no matter what our circumstances end up being.
Let me know your feelings, ideas, and comments on this. In fact this post will probably the first time CJ is hearing about it.
CJ and I have already spent money on formal wear for some of the dinner seating’s. I have a wonderful dress and CJ now owns (he isn’t renting) a tuxedo. That will add to the fun.

One of my favorite songs by Billy Joel is The Stranger. Those who know
the song may recall this line:
They're the faces of the stranger, but we love to try them on

Wouldn’t it be fun? It’s almost a turn on if, for a least a couple of days, CJ and I portrayed a couple different from our true selves. None us truly expose our entire selves. We show splinters. I am one person at work. One person at home. One person here on my blog. They are all true, but different. The same would be just as legitimate on the cruise. We wouldn’t know any of those 4000 passengers and crewmembers we’ll see and meet.

They won’t know us either. In fact who’s to say that some couple isn’t doing the same? The more I’m writing, the more exciting the whole prospect is becoming to me. Of course, I have to have a willing partner for it to work. If CJ doesn’t want to play I could always play alone (masturbate my personality) as long he supports me and doesn’t give me away. I would start with the basics, my profession; my age; my travels; level of promiscuity; the status of my marriage, it could really get interesting. As I said earlier, this is very much in the conception stage, but “the wheels are turning”.

More to come?
Don't forget it'll be fodder for plenty of posts in July.

EOM Sensual Art #1 - Mother Nature

As announced on April 18th, Dirty Debbie will be ending every month with a piece of art for enjoyment and inspiration.
This month in celebration of Earth Day I present several examples of mother nature and her beauty.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

CBW #111 - Undercover Lover

This fan, Mr W., sent me few pictures to choose from. I liked how he put it though,
I took a few shots to reveal my manhood.
I decided on the one that reveled it best. Thanks again W.

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CBW Submission

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reform Blogger !

Below is a part of an email I received today. I'm sure that many of my fellow sex bloggers that read this blog got it also. I like the ideas presented here. Please look over those ideas at the links and make your choices. I hope that you go with 'Yes' to remove the forced warning page that is now imposed on blogs like mine.

Using Google's new Product Ideas service, I'd like to work with you and other bloggers to reform Blogger's flawed content warning interstitial. As you may know, the forced warning page placed on "objectionable" blogs has caused a great deal of frustration for many users and possibly to yourself.
More info on these issues can be found here.

I ask that you consider voting "Yes" to:
"Make Content Warning optional. Remove flagged blogs from Blogger's Listings (Next Blog, etc), instead of forcing a splash page on 'objectionable' blogs (ex: nude art blogs). The warning page causes more problems than it solves and limits expression."

Vote Here To: Reform the Content Warning

Thanks for helping out.

Friday, April 17, 2009

BBF #3 - We're Off!

I was so glad to get this, the second submission for Dirty Debbie's BBF (Beautiful Bra Friday), I hope the trend continues.
This is a wickedly black lacy bra from the Naughty Nympho.
In her email she wrote: Here you go! I like the way her bra is saying the same thing.

Ladies don't forget to help boost the morale of our troops by contributing to:

There is a vast number of breasts and beautiful lingerie to adorn them with.
Share them here.
Click below to send me your submission

BBF Submission

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CBW #110 Juicy and Sweet

J wrote:
My plans for the night fell through. So instead I took a picture of my dick. Enjoy.

I don't think it's too bad being the gal that a guy thinks of when plans fall through. Looks nice, juicy and tasty. And with those toys, looks like you're ready to play.
Thanks for thinking of me.
There's never enough CBW, so send me your special pic for Dirty Debbie to feature.
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CBW Submission

Monday, April 13, 2009

All Talk and No Action

Hey folks, a Debbie quickie this time.
I was thinking about something my mother told me years ago the other day.
She told me that if someone was talking a lot about sex it meant that in reality they weren't actually involved in any sexual encounters at all.
If this is true what does that say about the sex blogging community?
Do you think this theory is true?
Vote in my newest poll and let me know....we'll talk later.

When it comes to sex, does all talk mean no action?
Maybe/Don't Know
Free polls from

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Passion - Part II

Enjoy Part One first, then come and enjoy Debbie at her best.

I released your breast from my mouth and began a trail with my tongue over your abdomen, dipping into your navel for quick taste. I knew from our on line experience how much oral turned you on. I moved my body between your legs little by little until my mouth reached the top of your beautifully natural pussy.
I paused there, closed my eyes and inhaled deeply of your wondrous scent. Gently, I put one leg on the back of the sofa and assisted the other foot to the floor, opening you up to me. Oh, you were gorgeous! You had the most beautiful and sexy pussy that I had ever seen. I opened your lips to expose your glistening womanhood. Noticing a drop of your juice was about to spill onto the sofa, I dipped my head to lap it up with my tongue. I couldn't stop there. My tongue moved as if it had a will of it's own. Making wide circles around your clitoris and along the inside of your lips, and reaching the bottom, came up the middle to gently tease your clit.

Your hands were still on the back of my head, rubbing and caressing my curly hair. Your moans were very audible, spurring me on. I sucked you into my mouth, again creating a vacuum with my mouth, and licked your clit as it swelled to rock hardness inside my mouth. My fingers moved to your opening and I easily slid one finger inside, you were so wet! I found your cervix and began lightly rubbing it with my fingertip.
Your “oohs” and moans telling me you loved what I was doing, my finger became more demanding in its assault on your cervix, flicking and rolling my finger around it. You felt so good in there. I dreamed my whole self being inside you. From the amount of moisture beginning to generate from inside you, I knew your orgasm was imminent.

I was enjoying this far too much to allow this to happen just yet, so I slowed my pace just a little. I was not successful; your orgasm came full force. You pressed my face hard against your clitoris, bucking your hips, crying, “Please don't stop... please, please don't stop!”

Your wish was my command. My finger moved in and out of you faster and faster, stroking your cervix, my mouth sucking and licking your clitoris. My own orgasm being suspended while I continued pleasuring you.
“Come on, my darling, cum for me.” I whispered.
“Feed me, my sweet Debs.”

As you reached your peak, your hips were high in the air, off the sofa and my fingers became stiff inside you. Our moans and cries mixing in harmony. As the wave of pleasure passed us both, I pulled my mouth from your clitoris, and slowly removed my finger from inside you. I lay my head on your bush, revealing in the feel of you against my cheek. You pulled me up to lie on top of you and kissed me, tasting your juices on my mouth and sucking it from my moustache. I pulled back and looked into your intense deep eyes then lay on your chest.
“You hungry, babe?” you asked smoothly, nuzzling my hair.
“Not overly, just ate,” I replied with a grin.
“I mean for real food, silly,” you laughed.
Hummm... does that mean we have to get up?” I groaned.
“Well, we could order in.” you said.

Reluctantly, I stood up and helped you to your feet. I didn't realize just how hungry I was until we placed the order. Waiting for the food to arrive, we showered. When it finally arrived, we sat in the middle of the floor... rather lounged in the middle of the floor, with the food and glasses of Chardonnay wine between us. We let our towels drop from our bodies reveling on our nakedness–lying on our sides, braced on our hands, now naked, enjoying the fare.
At first, we made small talk. Leaning over to kiss each other once in awhile. The food tasted so much better on your lips than my own. Your kiss was electrifying. The food only half finished, I rolled over on my back and looked at the ceiling. Not wanting to miss the opportunity presented, you came over to me and lay on me. You started kissing me and caressing my body with your own.
We got off the floor and put the food away. Then you took my hand and led me to the bed where we explored our bodies all over again.
What seemed to be a few minutes of intense lovemaking were actually several hours. I hadn't slept so well in a very long time. I began slowly rising out of my peaceful slumber. I opened my eyes, wondering what woke me up. Then I realized you were gone. A moment of panic burst into my head, then I heard you moving around in the bathroom. Ummm, you’re making coffee. I lay there on the bed, naked, on my stomach, listening to your movements. The activities of the night mulling around in my mind. What a night it was! I never dreamed I'd ever meet anyone as fulfilling as you were... much less falling in love with that person. My eyes were closed, with a smile on my face, when you came back to the bed.

“I see that grin,” you said laughing, “What are you thinking about?”
“Nothing, just remembering, Debs, sweetheart...” I said as I let my voice trail off.

You lay your body on top of my back, and I could feel your pubic mound on my buttocks pressing against me. I've always been a ‘morning' person. Really having the desire to have sex as soon as I woke up. I found myself very aroused at just the touch of you. You began moving against me, bracing your arms on either side of me on the bed, thrusting your pelvis into my backside. I arched my back to meet your thrusts. I got up on my knees, as did you. It was like you were making love to me from behind. You held my hips and began rocking me back and forth against you. I could tell from your moans, which you were as excited as I was. You sat back on your heels, and ran your hand along my manhood, feeling its hardness. Your fingers stroked my throbbing manhood, sending sparks of excitement throughout my body.

“More my sweet, Debs,” I said pleadingly.
“Please give me more darling.”

You mounted me and began making love to me with your warm, lubricating love nest. The feeling was fantastic. I wanted all of me inside you.
“More... please, Debs?” I cried.
“Johnny, honey, are you sure?” you asked, concern showing in your voice. “Yes... please?” I begged.

You moved back to your position and gently began gyrating your pelvis, driving me deeper inside of you. You clamped your vaginal muscles, the pressure becoming intense as you began humping me. Your weight on my pelvis began to intensify. You rotated and gently pressed, moving in and out, up and down. You increased the tempo and I slid my whole rod inside you. The immediate rush of pleasure made me cry out. My gasp made you stop.

“Are you ok?” concern evident in your voice. “You feel wonderful, please don't stop.”
You began rotating pelvis wildly as I pushed forward to drive myself far inside of you.
“You feel so good in there!” Johnny,” you cried.
“I love being inside you, darling” I said.
I thrust my cock in and out as you made love to me with your pelvis, rocking your hips back and forth with every stroke. You sensed I was close to orgasm and increased your rhythmic pace.
“I'm gonna cum, baby; fuck me; oh, please fuck me. Oh, God I'm cumming”, I screamed.
“Cum for me, Debs baby, I feel it”
“I'm cumming... oohhhhhhh Baby FUCK ME!”
”Come on, yeah... ummmm... feels good...”, you said as you fucked me deep and hard.
“I'm cumming inside of you, baby, cummin' cummin' cummin'” all the words jumbled together as wave after wave washed over me.

When my body took all it could stand, we both stopped moving. I stopped to catch my breath and feel me inside you, and you stopped to bask in the overwhelming feel of my being hard inside of you. Neither of us wanted me to withdraw, but we knew it had to be done. Slowly, I began pulling my manhood out and instinctively, your vaginal muscles once again closed in around my still throbbing penis. With a gentle tug, I was out. That moment was almost depressing. I was no longer inside you. I felt so empty. I missed you already. I would keep you in there always, if I could.
You lay down beside me and cuddled me in your arms, but both of us spent with no energy for anything. You told me you had never done anything like that before.
You kissed me and breathed a deep sigh. I whispered, “My darling Debs, I guess we are spent, having quenched each other with our passions.”
Kisses from Johnny

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

CBW #109 A Literary Man

What's better than a cock escaping, rock hard and pointed towards you?
That wonderful view behind him...
Books! My second favorite item a man has.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Passion - Part I

I want to pay homage to an anonymous admirer. For a quick easy sharpening of both my erotic writing skills and inspiration I go to a group chat room on I often ask for an email from a person who wants to chat, showing me his/her writing skills. I must admit it was flattering to get this story after just looking at my pictures.
It was a bit long so I am breaking it up into two parts.

We decided to rendezvous at a motel halfway between us. You agreed to meet me at the motel and I waited for you to arrive. As you knocked and I let you into the room, I admired your piercing eyes and desirable figure. You were much more striking than I had imagined from your profile on Looking into your sexy eyes and seeing your beautiful hair made me feel that this rendezvous wasn’t our first. What was it about you that made me feel we had met before? I thought. But, it wouldn’t come. We arrived at the motel and I opened the door to let you in first. I moved inside and was standing by the table admiring your breasts.
You walked up behind me and touched the inside of my upper thigh. I turned to look at you with puppy eyes. We were overcome with passion and couldn’t help but French kiss. I kissed you hard and pushed my tongue deeply into your mouth. Feeling your tongue in my mouth made me palpate so erotically. We exchanged lots of body fluids--I love deep wet kisses. That's when I reached between your legs. You grabbed my hand and lead me to the sofa.

We sat on the sofa. I sat at one end, as you lounged at the other, one foot on the floor and the other tucked under your knee. I wanted to touch you so badly I ached. Instead, I reached out and took the tucked foot and put it on my lap. Rubbing your ankle, I got gutsy and took your shoe off. I could feel the stress and tension in your foot as I began massaging it. The sock came next. I peeled off the garment and resumed rubbing, all the while studying your toes, gently curving arch, perfectly shaped toenails, and soft skin. Oh my Heavens, even your feet turned me on! Slowly, methodically I soothed away the stress in this foot. You were talking. What were you saying? I have no idea; I was totally engrossed and enamored by the foot in my hands. So I gave you the noncommittal “Uh huh,” as if I were listening.

You lifted your other foot to my lap. Oh, God, I'm in Heaven, both feet at my disposal. I took the other shoe and sock off and let them fall to the floor with the others. I turned to face you, this new foot in my hands. I know the look I gave you was pure passion. To be honored by massaging such masterpieces was beyond anything I have ever encountered. Your feet were so perfect! With my fingers on the top of your foot, and my thumbs on the underside, I gently massaged the stress away from the ball of your foot and between your toes. Studying and concentrating on the silky smoothness of your skin, my eyes followed my hands as they moved up to your ankle and began rubbing around it, I rubbed your Achilles tendon, then slowly moved up to your calf. One hand in front of the other, palm open, I rubbed the muscle with my fingers, as my thumbs rubbed the sides of your calf. Your skin was wonderfully erotic and so smooth!

You began to relax under my fingers and a soft sigh escaped your lips. My hands reached up to your thigh, thumbs pressing into the muscle, as my fingers gently pulled and rubbed the muscle. My heart was pounding in my chest as I felt the heat emitting from the center of your body. My hands moved from one leg to the other, repeating the same movements as before, and slid them down your thigh, over your knee, stopping to concentrate on your calf, then down to your ankle. I raised myself to my knees as I began moving my hands back upward on the inside of your legs. I looked into your eyes for a sign that you wanted me to continue. What I saw almost startled me. Your eyes were dark with passion, and your breathing was labored.
It was as if you were begging me to continue. “Please don't stop Johnny,” was all you said.

I slid my hands over the top of your upper thigh and over your groin to your hips and continued upward, over the fabric, then over your shirt. My body hovered over yours. I looked into your eyes, and then allowed my eyes to roam over your face, stopping at the sight of your soft and inviting lips. I leaned down to kiss you. Oh how wonderful...what a kiss. The moment our lips touched, the fire raged out of control. Our tongues entwined, as if they were wrestling. I sucked your tongue into my mouth, feeling its texture with my own. I became intoxicated with the taste of you. My hands found the soft mounds of your magnificent breasts and began caressing them through your blouse. Now you would learn that I’m no boy scout.

I released your tongue from my mouth, kissed your lips, and began kissing and gently sucking on your chin, working my mouth down your neck. You raised your head to expose more of your neck to my hungry mouth. Finding the buttons on your blouse, I began unbuttoning them. When my fingers released the last button, I sat upright as my hands exposed the beauty before me. I drew a ragged breath, and my hands cupped the rising beauties before me.

I put both hands around the left breast, leaving the nipple uncovered as my head dipped toward it. As my mouth was about to devour this luscious morsel, my tongue stretched out to meet your nipple. Barely touching, my tongue traced tiny circles around the large aureole, and moving in the same circular pattern, moved to the tip. Opening my mouth wide, I sucked your breast into my mouth, creating a vacuum with my mouth, and teased your nipple with my tongue. Your moans of delight exciting me even more. My left hand moved to cup your other breast and rolled it between my thumb and forefinger. As I sucked your breast, your hands moved to the back of my head, rubbing my hair and pressing me into you. Your moans became more intense. I sucked you deep inside my mouth, until your nipple rested at the back of my throat. And in doing so, my tongue caressed the underside wanting more. The nipple between my fingers was rock hard... almost begging for the same treatment.

Slowly, I released the pressure on the left breast and pulled my mouth off, only to move to your right side and repeat the process. As I sucked your breast into my mouth, your moans became louder and you arched your back in obvious pleasure. My hands moved down your sides to the top of your pants, and around to the front, unbuttoning your fly. With your breast still in my mouth, my hands moved to your waistband and began gently tugging downwards. You raised two hips to accomplish this feat. As the pants moved down to your knees, I brought my foot up to assist in their continued descent. My hands caressed your now naked hips and around to your buttocks, squeezing and kneading them under my hands and lifting you up to me.

Sounds like fun has just begun…

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

CBW #108 - Computing

No,this is not an April Fool''s very real.
This self described fan sent me a couple of pictures of his fine cock. Being the blogger that I am I just had to choose the one with the computer in the background. It's great to think of that cock pointing at Dirty Debbie's blog and getting a good "work out".

There's never enough CBW, so send me your special pic for Dirty Debbie to feature. Just click on the button on the sidebar that looks like this:


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CBW #107 Simple Enjoyment

As a thanks from a reader that reports he is enjoying the writing and post. His pic got me on a couple of levels: the cock framed by a jeans zipper, nice succulent balls, plus they're shaved. Very yummy Kev.
Keep saying hello to Dirty Debbie.

There's never enough CBW, so send me your special pic for Dirty Debbie to feature. Just click on the button on the sidebar that looks like this:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good and Bad

We all go through experiences involving love,lust,hurt,rejection,etc.
I believe that when two people interact there is always some form of chemistry moving back and forth from the one to the other.
I also think that it varies, and not so much by whether you know the person or not, but more by surroundings,moods and atmosphere.
I think that this chemical movement can vary from being very pleasurable to very sad.

I found a horrible way to get my creative juices flowing. I don't recommend it and surely I will find an alternative. CJ and I had a fight last night. It was stupid, as most are, but all of a sudden I felt like the walls were closing in on me. I packed up and left. I checked into a nice hotel and I will return in a couple days. The thing is that since I've been here I have been writing for both my blog and my personal journal, working with ideas for the blog, and learn some things about advanced HTML coding. I don't know what triggered it.
I am confident that I will be welcomed with open arms, as will he by me.
A brief period of time will be spent on our issue and we'll move on. We learned the hard way last time around what happens if we don't do that.
I doubt it will warrant make up sex, but we will be close again.
I think the quote above explains it all, especially describing CJ and I.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Come On Gals....

Show us your bras. Readers may have noticed that we went another Friday without any BBF (Beautiful Bras Friday). I figured it would be boring to have it only featuring me. The poll showed me it would be received with all the joy it deserves.

To remind everyone about the wonders of a bra, see my religion below. When you're done smiling send on a picture of a woman in her beautiful bra.

What Religion is Your Bra?

A man walked into the ladies department of a Macy 'and shyly walked up to the woman behind the counter and said, 'I'd like to buy a bra for my wife. '
' What type of bra?' asked the clerk.
' Type?' inquires the man, 'There's more than one type?'
' Look around,' said the saleslady, as she showed a sea of bras in every shape, size, color and material imaginable.
'Actually, even with all of this variety, there are really only four types of bras to choose from .' Relieved, the man asked about the types.
The saleslady replied:
'There are the Catholic, the Salvation Army, the Presbyterian, and the Baptist types.

Which one would you prefer?'
Now totally befuddled, the man asked about the differences between them.
The Saleslady responded, 'It is all really quite simple....

The Catholic type supports the masses;
The Salvation Army type lifts the fallen;
The Presbyterian type keeps them staunch and upright; and
The Baptist type makes mountains out of mole hills.'

Have you ever wondered why A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, G, and H are the letters used to define bra sizes?
If you have wondered why, but couldn't figure out what the letters stood for, it is about time you became informed!

{A} Almost Boobs...
{B} Barely there...
{C} Can't Complain!...
{D} Dang!...
{DD} Double dang!...
{E} Enormous...
{F} Fake...
{G} Get a Reduction...
{H} Help me, I've fallen...

and I can't get up!...

I've never met anyone, male or female, that doesn't love 'em all. Be my next BBF!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

CBW #106 Inspiration

This CBW came along with a DDU .

Apparently Leo found out how hot it is to write erotica. After his fantasy he wrote:
I've totally turned myself on writing that!

Pictured above is evidence of what Dirty Debbie likes to do to a guy

( You'll be reading his story in Debbie Does You #4 )

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cyber-The Experience

When I finished my last story, The Unlocked Door , I wanted to write about cybersex in an informative way.

Cybersex is defined as:
A virtual sex encounter in which two or more persons connected remotely via a computer network send one another sexually explicit messages describing a sexual experience. It is a form of role-playing in which the participants pretend they are having actual sexual relations. In one iteration, this fantasy sex is accomplished by the participants describing their actions and responding to their chat partners in a mostly written form designed to stimulate their own sexual feelings and fantasies.
"Pretty self-explanatory and dry wouldn’t you say?"

The quality of a cybersex encounter typically depends upon the participants' abilities to evoke a vivid, visceral mental picture in the minds of their partners. Imagination and suspension of disbelief are also critically important.
"This is what helps me practice my writing and gives more insight into what people’s fantasies consist of, it’s a wonderful buffet!"

There are always two sides to a story:
Advantages to ‘cybering’ include:
Cybersex can satisfy some sexual desires without the risk of sexually transmitted disease or pregnancy, it is a physically safe way for young people to experiment with sexual thoughts and emotions. Additionally, people with long-term ailments (including HIV) can engage in cybersex as a way to safely achieve sexual gratification without putting their partners at risk.
Cybersex allows "real-life" partners who are physically separated to continue to be sexually intimate. It can function to sustain the sexual dimension of a relationship in which the partners see each other only infrequently face to face.
Cybersex has also been used in therapy to help those who are too shy or are unsure of how to (re)enter the dating and sexual scene. For example, some therapists have clients practice flirting skills and rehearse how to ask for what they want sexually in chat rooms.

Disadvantages to ‘cybering’ include:
While it does not involve physical contact, critics claim that the powerful emotions involved can cause marital stress, especially when cybersex culminates in an Internet romance. In several known cases Internet adultery became the grounds for which a couple divorced. Therapists report a growing number of patients addicted to this activity[, a form of both Internet addiction and sexual addiction, with the standard problems associated with addictive behavior.

I started ‘cybering’ more than 10 years ago (I got my first computer in 1995). I’ve been smart enough to not get into any trouble with it. I have met a couple of men via my cybering, including two relationships that lasted over 2 years. As I moved onto blogging about 4 years ago I included it as part of writing repertoire. I’m very interested in hearing from my readers about any experiences that you want to share or any opinions you have, positive or negative, about the whole idea. I’m absolutely fascinated by the whole phenomena.
If you’d like to read more of my stories inspired by cybersex see the links below.
There is much more, be sure to use the search blog feature and type in cybersex

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CBW #105 It's All Good

This submission was good all around

JC (no not CJ) said the following in his email:

Been reading your site for a while.
So glad you're enjoying and sticking with DD

Finally decided to send something in.
Glad you did

Here are two photos of me.
Both of which are yummy

I want to see if I my goods are enough to make it onto your site.
Love the goods and the package that's holding them ;)

And guys, you know that DD will always believe a hard man is good to find

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Monday, March 9, 2009

The Unlocked Door - The Finale

Please read Part Two (The Unlocked Door) before enjoying this story.

I heard an audible gasp as CJ walked into the living room. He stood there like a deer caught in the headlights. I turned my head and smiled, but I felt my cop’s cock stop in mid-stroke.

I immediately began to practically beg for mercy and my apologies rapidly fell from my mouth.
“I’m so sorry. I couldn’t help it. Please try to understand and forgive me.”, I pleaded.
My cop partner wasn’t saying a word; he was just scrambling to find his pants.
CJ shouted at the cop to stop what he was doing.
I had no idea what he was going to do next and I was worried because there was a gun in the house now. There was a pair of handcuffs still on the floor. They could be used for purposes other than fun.

All I could say was “I knew I should have locked the door”

CJ didn’t seem to agree with me. He went and quickly got his digital video camera and set it up.
“I know how you like this Deb.”, he said as he set the camera on a tripod.
I was worried that this is something that was going to be used against me down the road.

The cop and I remained where we were, stark naked, with no idea of what would happen next. It was up to CJ to make the next move and he did without any fuss. CJ started to strip out of the black pants and white shirt that were his work clothes. Soon we were both welcomed by CJ’s semi-hard dick.

CJ made sure that the video camera was recording all three of us when he started his interrogation:
“Debbie, you’re a damn whore aren’t you”, CJ started
I was familiar with his tone and immediately became more dutiful.
“Yes sir, I’m a whore”, I replied.
“You like to fuck bitches like this hard fucker?”, CJ asked the cop.
“Damn straight”, was the only reply.
“Deb, you’re not just any whore are you? You’re a cocksucking whore, right?”, CJ asked.
“Yes, I like to suck off and taste dick”, I admitted what CJ already knew.
“And did you suck this cop’s dick”, he asked.

I explained the situation, what happened, and that a blowjob wasn’t part of the script.

CJ explained to the both of us that he believed in the idea of the more the merrier when I was there with other men. Now it was CJ that dropped to his hands and knees. He set us up the way he wanted. He told me to get behind him and insisted that the cop get on his knees in front of him.

“Debbie I know you know what to do”, he said as he turned his head back towards me.
He said he couldn’t wait to get all this recorded to watch and show to me over and over. He even said that he planned on playing it for me and making me play with myself when he did. He told me he would let me know, in no uncertain terms, what a slut I was as I watched.

Then he looked straight at the cop and asked him if he liked his cock sucked on. Of course, he answered in the affirmative.
“Good”, CJ said. “Because I like to suck cock as much as Debbie does”.
I watched as the cop’s cock twitched and CJ sucked his cockhead between his lips.

I began to knead his ass as I moved in close enough to lick his balls. CJ got harder and I could hear his slurping as he enjoyed eating and sucking on our cop. I gently sucked at CJ’s nuts and moved my hands to his side. One hand moved to grasp his now rock hard cock and began to stroke while lapping at his balls. The other hand moved him down on the cop’s cock. As I shoved him onto the cock filling his mouth, the cop moaned out. I stroked at CJ’s cock faster as I moved him into a perfect face fuck tempo. Now I could hear both men moaning. One filled the room with sounds of pleasure. The other was muffled, slurping, sucking.

I was becoming jealous. I spread CJ’s legs wider so I could slip underneath him to get a taste of the most delicious hard dick I knew. His precum had already been spread over his cock from my jerking and tugging. I was on my back when I flicked my tongue at his slightly swaying hard meat. As I nibbled and licked at CJ’s meat it seemed to inspire him to suck at the cop even more. I could hear our cop’s breathing quicken and his moans were almost constant. I knew he was about to feed CJ his hot milk. It was then that I took CJ’s cock into my mouth, took him hard, deep, and started sucking immediately.
CJ moaned onto the thick meat in his mouth, the cop moaned out, “Fuck you, swallow me!”
and emptied his balls into CJ’s face.

Then it was CJ’s turn, he started to fuck my face hard. It was so deep his balls were resting on my chin and I had to work at not gagging.
CJ was encouraged by the cop saying, “Cum on the damn slut’s face”.
Listening and agreeing, CJ pulled out of my mouth as he started to cum and painted my face with his goo, spurting and groaning.

By now the cop had started to get his uniform back on and picked up his handcuffs.
I crawled out from underneath CJ.
CJ got up and turned off the camera.
By the time I got my panties on the cop was walking to the door. He turned, thanked us almost indifferently and left.

I looked at CJ, smiled, and said, “Maybe I’ll keep that door unlocked next time too”.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

For The Love of a Leo

I found the following information about the sexuality of a Female Leo at Sex Astrology and just had to add it to my blog. Once you read it, you'll know why.

She is beautiful, sexy, lazy and very proud of herself. Want to gain her attention? Adore her, pay compliments to her, say how beautiful she is and let her know how much you love her. She will never get tired of your praise, as she considers herself to be the best woman in the world.

Keep in mind that she always needs admiration if you want to get in her bed. Have you become her lover? Always remember that no tricks in bed will be appreciated more than sincere compliments and other displays of admiration.

Being eager to hear compliments she cares much about appearance. She does like beautiful sexy lingerie. Let her know you like the way she looks.

Sometimes her desire to dominate acquires quite unusual forms. For instance some women Leos like role reversal.

She does like oral sex (cunnilingus) especially feeling of the tongue in the vagina. Most women who love oral sex prefer being caressed with fingers, but women who were born under the sign of Leo want only lips and tongue. Most of them feel like real queens when enjoying oral sex.

The desire to dominate makes her pay attention to young boys as they are more likely to be obedient and adoring. In return she teaches them the art of love.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

CBW #104 Double Pleasure

I think this is the first CBW I've gotten like this. I always like to trying new things!

Our submitter write:
Hi, love your blog, I can read it for hours.
Had to send in a photo of my cock for your pleasure, it's a mirror image, double the pleasure ;-D


Thank you...thank you

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Winter Storm

This week, as most people living along the I-95 corridor know, we had a big Winter Storm. It started the night before and continued through the next day. March definitely came in like a lion here. March’s lion wasn’t the only I was experiencing that day. I got a phone call from my boss at 5:45 in the morning to let me know that work was closed and to take a “snow day”. I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep for a few more hours. CJ got the same type of call, so we got to spend the day together. Something we enjoy, especially during the week, and experience it only once a week at best. With CJ and I many times it’s the seemingly little things that add to our intimacy. The morning began with each of us having a hot breakfast together, rather than cold cereal, separately. We watched the snow continue through the morning, sipping on hot coffee, and having the conversations that I delight in.

We lit the fireplace and settled in for the day. As I sat in my chair doing my cross-stitch, watching the movie we had chosen for the day, CJ moved behind me and kissed me on the back of the neck. I softly giggled and went back to what I was doing. CJ didn’t stop there though, his soft little kisses continued. I put down the project I was working on, leaned back and enjoyed the warm feeling. His kisses now turning into nips and bites. His lips are always warm and wet. He advanced to my cheek, and then came around to smile at me at kiss my mouth. I returned not only his smile, but every motion, and picked up on every signal.

As often times in the past, our foreplay seems to start wherever we are. This time was no different. We were entwined, kissing, and gently fell to the Oriental rug between the bedroom and the living room. The warmth from CJ’s body was a nice addition to the fireplace. My hands slipped under his pajamas giving me a chance to massage his bare skin and brush against his now hardening cock. CJ easily peeled off my clothing. It seemed to me that once he had done that, rather than taking his time exploring my body, he went straight to my tits, and stayed there. Of course he knows I like that, but it’s only a part of our foreplay. He squeezed my breasts, one in each hand as he bit my nipples, one at time, and pulled on them with his teeth.
“Come to the bedroom babe. I have an idea”, he said in a way that was very alluring to me.
When we got to the bedroom he opened my “toy drawer”. After rummaging around he found what he wanted, my nipple jewelry (for a picture of this toy in use see: A Night With Mr. W.) Since this is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry, CJ knew how to put it on me quickly. Still only rubbing the other parts of my body, he changed his form and lightly lapped at my nipples now. My sighs turned to moans, especially when he stopped and pulled off the bottoms of those PJ’s. No matter how good of a writer I become, I will never find words to describe how handsome his cock is when it’s at attention for me.

He whispered in my ear “I have something even better planned”.
I had no idea what he meant.
He continued teasing me, with words this time, “I know that you like it a bit kinky sometimes”, he said as he smiled and dove onto my tits again.
My pussy was wet now and my moans louder. My nipples had become more sensitive than I think I had ever felt them before. I was at the point where I wanted to touch him anywhere I could. In the mean time I was curious about what the last comment he made meant.
“I don’t want to fuck you on the bed”, he said to continue his tease.
“Well what do you want?”, I said in my most dutiful voice.

CJ then took matters into his own hands. I could tell this was a well planned out setting. Our bedroom has a large glass door to the patio that is covered with wide vertical blinds. CJ opened the blinds and moved them all to the far right. It really was beautiful outside, snow always seems to make things more quiet and serene. CJ stood sideways in front of the door. I could see his cock jutting out from between his thighs, but I just kept staring at him.
“Come on over here babe and join me”, CJ asked.
I quickly moved towards him and when I was about to embrace him, he stopped me and pushed me to my knees. I moved my mouth to his cockhead, but again he stopped me.
“Not this time Deb”, he told me.
As he continued smiling and speaking to me softly he said all I was allowed to do was lick his balls. He didn’t even want me to touch his cock. He lifted his hard-on so it rested on my face as I tilted it upwards and I flicked my tongue over his sacs. I could tell by those special moans of his that he was enjoying my tongue play.
He gasped between his moans to say “Long licks on ‘em now babe”.
I flattened my tongue and as I rolled his nuts over my tongue I could feel his cock twitch and harden on my face.

When I could feel the heat of his cock and could smell that man essence that I know is CJ I wanted to taste more of him, have more of him. He wouldn’t allow it and I realized this was just his way to extend my torture. It started with the obscure whispers, moved onto the play that only seemed to be focused on my tits and nipples, now my tongue is being kept from his meat.
There was a final moan before he lifted me up by the shoulders so we were face to face again. He pulled on the chain that was attached to my nips and again sucked them like a hungry baby. As I was delighting in the sensation and the fact that my cunt was dripping, you know, when all you seem to be experiencing is a oneness with the sensations your body is sending you. All of a sudden I wasn’t only spinning from the sensual experience, but because CJ was quickly turning me towards the door and pushing me against it.
What a sensation! The ice cold feeling of smooth polished glass was hitting my already very erect nipples, it was painful and pleasurable at the same time, almost like the sensation I love of being spanked. My abdomen was pressing against the glass also, my pussy tingled in a way I had never felt, and it was an adventure. All these different feelings were joining with a favorite kink, my exhibitionism. CJ held me pressed against the glass as his cock pushed on my ass cheeks. He pushed my knees apart and tilted my hips so he could enter into my very ready slippery cunt. I moaned out as he did so and saw my hot breath vaporize on the glass. I was hot and cold at the same time. Heat from my hips down and cold from my waist up.
CJ drove into me with his heat as he tugged on my nipple chain at the time, whispering in my ear, “Does it burn babe? I want to make you burn.”
He was surely succeeding at that.

As CJ and I rocked against each other, I began to survey the view I had. The parking lot was basically empty. Not even the dog walkers in the neighborhood seemed to be out. Rather than being discouraged by this, it was the possibility that I could be seen at any moment still turned me on. There were the passing salt trucks and plows that would go down the street every so often, but that was the only sign of life. CJ just would fuck me harder when he saw that a car or truck was going by. Just as he said when we first got to the bedroom, he does know how to do me kinky, and I love him for it. He really was stirring my pussy now. As we moved together, the warmer I got, the more the double intensity struck my body, the more our moans filled the air, and I got closer to cumming.

CJ was getting closer to exploding too. I could feel his hot breath on my neck and shoulders as my hot breath would just hit the glass, causing more clouds. Sometimes he would drive so hard, fast, and deep that just the top of my clit would hit the cold door. I could feel my cunt pucker and pull tight on his cock when it happened. Then it happened, perfection! I saw a salt truck slow down as he drove up our street. In fact he came to a full halt.
CJ slowed down a bit and whispered in my ear, “Do you like that honey?”
“Oh yes! Fuck me harder, show him how I get fucked”.
He waited a moment and when the driver turned his head, obviously watching, he pounded my pussy with a perfect vigor. As he did, he tugged on my nipples and I pictured the driver pulling his hard cock out of his pants and jacking off. I lifted my arms above my head and pushed my hands on the glass, staring at the guy in the truck, I grasped CJ’s cock with my kink filled pussy as we came together. Oh god, it was wonderful! I crumpled onto the floor with my eyes still on the salt truck. He was already driving off and I sighed. I turned around, looked up at CJ and said, “I do like to be kept warm on a cold winter’s day”.

I was rejuvenated the next day, ready to go to work. As I turned onto our street in the morning for some strange reason I had to drive around a large pile of road salt.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

BBF #2 Ze-bra

Sorry folks I'm a day late with Beautiful Bras Friday, but I think it's worth the wait.

Our first independent BBF was anonymously through a Blackberry. What a beautiful silk demi.
I don't know who you are, but thanks for the kick off!

Ladies don't forget to help boost the morale of our troops by contributing to:

There is a vast number of breasts and beautiful lingerie to adorn them with.
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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Unlocked Door-Part 2

Please read Part One (The Unlocked Door) before enjoying this story.

So there I sat, the cop sitting across from me continuing the script from my Talk Dirty To Me chat room. I didn’t mind being reminded….
These words became a lot more real that I ever thought they would. My cop started doing his part, almost immediately. It was his hands that I felt running into my wet pussy. It was his teeth that bit down on my nipples. He was firmly telling me what a slut I was as he kept reading the chat. It was perfection, my pussy being played with at the same my tits are being nibbled, and I’m being told what a damn slut I am.

[Dirty Debbie note: for easier reading of Debbie's chat click on the pictures of the screen]

He got about this far when he stopped to unbuckle his belt and unzip his fly. I could easily see his stiff bulging dick. He kicked his shoes off and took off his pants. His cock was a lot more comfortable, at attention and his one eye starring at my pussy. He put the laptop on the table as he moved close enough tease my wet slit with his cockhead. He kept reading from the script I had seemed to have written for him.

I may not to have been able to move much, but I sure could feel his slippery, hot, rock hardness filling up my tight cunt and stirring me up from the inside. He got it all back from me too, my velvety wet pussy hugged him with each thrust.
I didn’t need the script to tell me when to moan, I knew exactly when to.
He would thrust a few times, teasing me by stopping to read some more to me, then he’d shove his hot rock hard cock into me again. A few more thrusts and then a few more lines from the script. It was becoming fucking agonizing.

At that point neither of us could take the fact I was firmly fastened to a dining room chair. The cop positioned me to his liking and so he could follow the script:

I heard the door open again. This time it was different, the sound of a key turning in a lock prefaced the steps walking down the hall.
I knew who it was, and I knew how he would find me, my ass in the air moaning as a complete stranger, a cop no less, fucks my slut brains out.

As before, that’s another story.