Monday, April 13, 2009

All Talk and No Action

Hey folks, a Debbie quickie this time.
I was thinking about something my mother told me years ago the other day.
She told me that if someone was talking a lot about sex it meant that in reality they weren't actually involved in any sexual encounters at all.
If this is true what does that say about the sex blogging community?
Do you think this theory is true?
Vote in my newest poll and let me know....we'll talk later.

When it comes to sex, does all talk mean no action?
Maybe/Don't Know
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Alfie said...

The converse is certainly not true. Not to talk about it doesn't mean that you don't get it. Could be you're too busy getting it to waste time talking about it.

Anonymous said...

you should have a sometimes on the poll... because it's sometimes true.

Leesa said...

I would also say it depends. For me, when I was having lots of sex (and torid affairs), I would talk about it with a girlfriend. And she was similarly occupied with lots of sex.

Now that I am again only sexually available with my husband, I have a heck of a lot more time to write erotica. Did I say that out loud?

Anonymous said...

I usually thought that talking/writing about sex was a way to celebrate it and it looks like so far my readers agree.
Guess it's time for me to correct my mom? ;)

SSC said...

Sounds like my mother!