Saturday, April 4, 2009

Passion - Part I

I want to pay homage to an anonymous admirer. For a quick easy sharpening of both my erotic writing skills and inspiration I go to a group chat room on I often ask for an email from a person who wants to chat, showing me his/her writing skills. I must admit it was flattering to get this story after just looking at my pictures.
It was a bit long so I am breaking it up into two parts.

We decided to rendezvous at a motel halfway between us. You agreed to meet me at the motel and I waited for you to arrive. As you knocked and I let you into the room, I admired your piercing eyes and desirable figure. You were much more striking than I had imagined from your profile on Looking into your sexy eyes and seeing your beautiful hair made me feel that this rendezvous wasn’t our first. What was it about you that made me feel we had met before? I thought. But, it wouldn’t come. We arrived at the motel and I opened the door to let you in first. I moved inside and was standing by the table admiring your breasts.
You walked up behind me and touched the inside of my upper thigh. I turned to look at you with puppy eyes. We were overcome with passion and couldn’t help but French kiss. I kissed you hard and pushed my tongue deeply into your mouth. Feeling your tongue in my mouth made me palpate so erotically. We exchanged lots of body fluids--I love deep wet kisses. That's when I reached between your legs. You grabbed my hand and lead me to the sofa.

We sat on the sofa. I sat at one end, as you lounged at the other, one foot on the floor and the other tucked under your knee. I wanted to touch you so badly I ached. Instead, I reached out and took the tucked foot and put it on my lap. Rubbing your ankle, I got gutsy and took your shoe off. I could feel the stress and tension in your foot as I began massaging it. The sock came next. I peeled off the garment and resumed rubbing, all the while studying your toes, gently curving arch, perfectly shaped toenails, and soft skin. Oh my Heavens, even your feet turned me on! Slowly, methodically I soothed away the stress in this foot. You were talking. What were you saying? I have no idea; I was totally engrossed and enamored by the foot in my hands. So I gave you the noncommittal “Uh huh,” as if I were listening.

You lifted your other foot to my lap. Oh, God, I'm in Heaven, both feet at my disposal. I took the other shoe and sock off and let them fall to the floor with the others. I turned to face you, this new foot in my hands. I know the look I gave you was pure passion. To be honored by massaging such masterpieces was beyond anything I have ever encountered. Your feet were so perfect! With my fingers on the top of your foot, and my thumbs on the underside, I gently massaged the stress away from the ball of your foot and between your toes. Studying and concentrating on the silky smoothness of your skin, my eyes followed my hands as they moved up to your ankle and began rubbing around it, I rubbed your Achilles tendon, then slowly moved up to your calf. One hand in front of the other, palm open, I rubbed the muscle with my fingers, as my thumbs rubbed the sides of your calf. Your skin was wonderfully erotic and so smooth!

You began to relax under my fingers and a soft sigh escaped your lips. My hands reached up to your thigh, thumbs pressing into the muscle, as my fingers gently pulled and rubbed the muscle. My heart was pounding in my chest as I felt the heat emitting from the center of your body. My hands moved from one leg to the other, repeating the same movements as before, and slid them down your thigh, over your knee, stopping to concentrate on your calf, then down to your ankle. I raised myself to my knees as I began moving my hands back upward on the inside of your legs. I looked into your eyes for a sign that you wanted me to continue. What I saw almost startled me. Your eyes were dark with passion, and your breathing was labored.
It was as if you were begging me to continue. “Please don't stop Johnny,” was all you said.

I slid my hands over the top of your upper thigh and over your groin to your hips and continued upward, over the fabric, then over your shirt. My body hovered over yours. I looked into your eyes, and then allowed my eyes to roam over your face, stopping at the sight of your soft and inviting lips. I leaned down to kiss you. Oh how wonderful...what a kiss. The moment our lips touched, the fire raged out of control. Our tongues entwined, as if they were wrestling. I sucked your tongue into my mouth, feeling its texture with my own. I became intoxicated with the taste of you. My hands found the soft mounds of your magnificent breasts and began caressing them through your blouse. Now you would learn that I’m no boy scout.

I released your tongue from my mouth, kissed your lips, and began kissing and gently sucking on your chin, working my mouth down your neck. You raised your head to expose more of your neck to my hungry mouth. Finding the buttons on your blouse, I began unbuttoning them. When my fingers released the last button, I sat upright as my hands exposed the beauty before me. I drew a ragged breath, and my hands cupped the rising beauties before me.

I put both hands around the left breast, leaving the nipple uncovered as my head dipped toward it. As my mouth was about to devour this luscious morsel, my tongue stretched out to meet your nipple. Barely touching, my tongue traced tiny circles around the large aureole, and moving in the same circular pattern, moved to the tip. Opening my mouth wide, I sucked your breast into my mouth, creating a vacuum with my mouth, and teased your nipple with my tongue. Your moans of delight exciting me even more. My left hand moved to cup your other breast and rolled it between my thumb and forefinger. As I sucked your breast, your hands moved to the back of my head, rubbing my hair and pressing me into you. Your moans became more intense. I sucked you deep inside my mouth, until your nipple rested at the back of my throat. And in doing so, my tongue caressed the underside wanting more. The nipple between my fingers was rock hard... almost begging for the same treatment.

Slowly, I released the pressure on the left breast and pulled my mouth off, only to move to your right side and repeat the process. As I sucked your breast into my mouth, your moans became louder and you arched your back in obvious pleasure. My hands moved down your sides to the top of your pants, and around to the front, unbuttoning your fly. With your breast still in my mouth, my hands moved to your waistband and began gently tugging downwards. You raised two hips to accomplish this feat. As the pants moved down to your knees, I brought my foot up to assist in their continued descent. My hands caressed your now naked hips and around to your buttocks, squeezing and kneading them under my hands and lifting you up to me.

Sounds like fun has just begun…


bdenied said...

very hot....I should send you a photo of what it did to me...LOL....

Anonymous said...

You definetly should send that photo. It's a major reason I do what I do what I do. That's why I love to get pics from guys and gals that are enjoying my alter ego, Dirty Debbie.

woody said...

Is it fair to say you sucked me in? Well you did. See you soon with my one eye.